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Bad Guy Inc present Beyond the Fight. Your weekly source for insider info and insight from some of the mixed martial arts most iconic personalities.


Not sure who’s tougher - Henderson or Bisping  

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Bisping’s been pissed off for 7 years - Henderson doesn’t care  

Henderson's looking to go out on a high note, Bisping's looking for revenge. #beyondthefight

Kim Kardashian needs Ken Shamrock  

Kim Kardashian needs Ken Shamrock by Chael Sonnen

UFC one time, ALDO five times  

UFC one time, ALDO five times

You can NEVER touch a referee  

You can NEVER touch a referee by Chael Sonnen

Al Iaquinta doesn’t give a F#@k  

Al is not happy with his contract and is now out of UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden.

Overeem did not lie and Rogan was right  

Chael recaps Stipe Miocic's title defense and Fabricio Werdum's performance vs Travis Brown. Subscribe now!

There’s no telling how far Cowboy Cerrone can go at 170 lbs.  

Facing Lawler will let us know.There’s no telling how far Cowboy Cerrone can go at 170 lbs. Facing Lawler will let us know. Subscribe to Beyond the Fight

Who wins this one?  

If you think you know, put your money where your mouth is at BetDSI. Use coupon code BADGUY and get $50 plus two free tees.

DANIEL CORMIER: I made him, I will destroy him!  

Jokes don't often translate via text message. It happened yesterday between Chael and Daniel Cormier. Listen and subscribe here.

Joe Silva was much more than just a matchmaker  

The original UFC matchmaker retires. Listen to Beyond the Fight for Chael's take. Subscribe now!

Connor joins the exclusive 5 round club  

If there were any doubts about Conor McGregor, they were left in the cage Saturday night as he overcame adversity to win a five round war with Nate Diaz. Listen here for Chael's take.

Conor worked the workers  

Connor outworked the workers, out thought the thinkers & out wrestled the wrestlers.

Sure thing Olympic bet - Simone Biles  

Chael is excited for the Olympics to start - but since the athletes are not being paid, can we get them a full size bed?

Playing by the rules does not = gaming the system  

Chael discuses the latest recommendation from the Association of Boxing Commissions.

Brock should be kicked out of the WWE? Gimme a break.  

Chael weighs in on Brock Lesnar's failed USADA drug. Listen here.

Does the power of Lawler beat the speed of Woodley? I have no idea.  

UFC 201 Main Event - Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley - Chael has no idea who wins. Tweet him your picks at @sonnench

Yes, I'm a (retired) thug and more questions answered here.  

Alvarez wants Conor, I’m a (retired) thug, Jones hiding under the octagon, should Anderson retire? Two free tees + $50

Fan Q&A  

Crunchy or smooth, my toughest fight, PED's, pound for pound best, dream fight, WWE, GSP return, fighter pay, my first UFC fight and more.

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