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Bad Guy Inc present Beyond the Fight. Your weekly source for insider info and insight from some of the mixed martial arts most iconic personalities.


I thought I was going to fight Fedor on Saturday night.  

Matt Mitrione came down with a sudden case on kidney stones less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to face Fedor at Bellator 172. Here's what happened next... #BeyondtheFight #BadGuyInc

Special guest - Laila Ali  

Laila Ali joins Chael Sonnen on this episode of Beyond the Fight and talks Celebrity Apprentice, her desire to (not) return to boxing and plans to train with Chris Cyborg. #BeyondtheFight #badguyinc

My night at King of the Cage with Joel  

Chael and Joel spend their Saturday night at King of the Cage in Oregon. #BeyondtheFight

Jon Jones is back - will he face Rumble or DC?  

After a long layoff Jon Jones is back with a guaranteed title shot against the winner of Anthony Johnson vs Daniel Cormier at UFC 210. Does he deserve an immediate title shot? Who will he face? Rumble or DC? #BeyondtheFight

The biggest scumbags in sports history run boxing...  

The biggest scumbags in sports history run boxing - do we really want to copy their business model? #beyondthefight

What exactly is the Ali Act?  

There is a lot of talk about expanding the Ali Act to cover mixed martial arts - but how does this actually work and is it a good thing? For two free Bad Guy Inc tees and $50 visit, sign-up with the promo code BADGUY and deposit $50 to activate this promotion. Questions? email info@badguyinc . com #BeyondtheFight

BJ has a place...but he needs the right matchups. #BeyondtheFight  

At one time BJ Penn was the number one ranked pound for pound fighter in the world. While there is a window in every athletes career, BJ still has options if he decides to fight again. #BadGuyInc #BeyondtheFight

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy - I like it  

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy - I like it. Wouldn’t mind seeing Brown get his ass kicked. #BeyondtheFight

Did you credit coach Edmund when Ronda was on top?  

Re: Ronda’s coach Edmund - fighters win fights, not coaches. Listen now for Chael's take on Ronda Rousey's coach Edmund Tarverydan. #badguyinc #beyondthefight @chaelsonnen

The greatest UFC story never told involves Mike Goldberg  

In 2005, the UFC heavyweight Champion was paid $18,000 to show and $18,00p to win. Chael was paid $2,000. Vince McMahon called Mike Goldberg $100,000 to no-show the event to sabotage the UFC. Here's what happened next.

The Ronda Rousey story has not been told accurately  

The Ronda Rousey fixation was a media creation, it wasn’t based on skills. This is a success story. #BeyondtheFight

UFC 207 breakdown, predictions and betting odds  

Ronda Rousey returns at UFC 207. Listen now as Chael breaks down the card and gives his predictions and betting odds with #BeyondtheFight

Ronda is incentivized on the backend to do media - Less exposure = Less money  

There are lot's of media reports about Ronda Rousey refusing to do media for her comeback fight at UFC 207. Listen here for Chael's take on the situation. #BeyondtheFight #BadGuyInc

Who is WADA and why are they making things so difficult?  

Here's the background - – Cyborg receives offer in November for a title fight 8 weeks away at 145lbs. She turns it down saying not enough time to make weight. – Cyborg receives offer to fight in Brooklyn, 11 weeks before the proposed event date and turns that down as well, again citing weight cut reasons. – Cyborg is randomly drug tested by USADA on 12/5 – Cyborg confirms via social media she had turned down fights, and says she told UFC to wait for March and she will fight. – Cyborg is then offered another fight (opponent and date unknown) which she just flat out turned down, no reason cited. – Public is notified on 12/22 that Cyborg has been flagged by USADA for potential doping reason. – Cyborg comes out and says USADA violation is due to Doctor prescribed “spironolactone”, a banned substance.

Fairplay, unethical or just plain wrong?  

Winning is one thing, but did this wrestling coach go too far? #beyondthefight

Urijah Faber retires - we all owe him a thank you.  

Future hall of fame fighter Urijah Faber ends his career on his own terms - and we all owe him. #BeyondtheFight #BadGuyInc

Jeff in Seattle - no dummy, MMA isn’t dying  

Media Dumb Dumb’s - if I do an interview and you don’t put it out.... I will. Beyond the Fight

You wanna know what Kelvin is good at? WINNING  

Kelvin Gastelum vs the most underrated fighter in the middleweight division Tim Kennedy. If Kelvin is good at one thing, it's winning. Who do you have? Let Chael know @chaelsonnen #beyondthefight #badguyinc

You can’t kick a downed opponent  

You can’t kick a downed opponent. The Brazilian commission is out of line saying the kick didn’t land. Am I wrong? #beyondthefight #badguyinc

Misha Tate was the Queen of MMA 4 months ago - now she’s done?  

The women's bantamweight in the UFC is the fastest changing division in the organization. Just four short months ago Miesha Tate was Champion and now she's gone. How will Ronda Rousey fare when she returns? #beyondthefight #badguyinc

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