Big Ideas - Full program podcast

Big Ideas - Full program podcast


ABC Radio National presents material from Big Ideas web and TV to bring you the best public talks, debates and lectures from Australia and around the world. One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.


Modern slavery  

Slavery was officially abolished in the nineteenth century but is alive and well in the modern world. Criminal gangs force people into sweatshop labour to pay off debts, exploit child labour and organize sex slavery.  Many of the products we use in the developed world are made by workers subject to these conditions. A global effort in policing and development is needed to reduce modern slavery.

A fair price for a degree  

With increased fees and debt, will the cost of a university education outweigh the benefit?

Picnic at Hanging Rock  

Picnic at Hanging Rock – it’s been 50 years since Jane Lindsay wrote this famous novel of Valentine’s Day school picnic gone wrong.

Civil war and protecting civilians  

Civil wars are some of our most destructive conflicts with civilians living on the frontline.

Mabo Day indigenous forum  

Will the Uluru Statement translate into genuine progress for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?

Global risks and opportunities  

The winners and losers of globalization

Imprisoned by technology  

The use of technology as an alternative to prison walls.

Susan Faludi on gender, identity and her father’s sex change  

Writer and journalist, Susan Faludi, penned a feminist classic with "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women". Her current book, though, deals with matters closer to home. It is a personal story about reconnecting with her long estranged father, the brutal ‘household despot’ of her childhood, after she has undergone gender reassignment surgery late in life. For someone with an interest in gender and identity it is too good a story not to tell.  It is also an opportunity to make peace with a father she never really understood. Susan Faludi is in conversation with Paul Barclay.

How to talk about science  

Do science communicators have to do a better job in getting their message across?

A tax on meat  

David Simon asks for a meat tax to cover the hidden costs relating to animal suffering, damage to the environment and healthcare.

Missiles testing the peace in Korea  

The risk of direct conflict grows as North Korea continues to fire missiles.

New weapons in the battle against invasive pests  

How is new technology changing the face of invasive pest animal control?

Delicious Darkness  

  It's time to dim the lights and reclaim the night.

How your memory works  

The time travelling brain.

The moral maze of refugees and migration  

Open the door or build a wall. How should we respond to millions of displaced people?

T-Rex 101  

T-Rex is one of the best researched dinosaurs of them all. But much of what scientists have found out about him will surprise you.

The '67 referendum: a defining moment in Australian history  

It is fifty years since the ‘yes’ vote in Australia's iconic 1967 constitutional referendum

Learning and teaching  

Free access to knowledge and inspired teaching.

The coming war with China?  

What circumstances could lead to a war with China in the Pacific?

Extremists in our midst  

Author, John Safran, has been hanging out with Australia's "deplorables" - a disparate bunch of political outliers and extremists. What has he learnt?

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