Big Ideas - Full program podcast

Big Ideas - Full program podcast


ABC Radio National presents material from Big Ideas web and TV to bring you the best public talks, debates and lectures from Australia and around the world. One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.


Education overcomes disadvantage  

Two educators describe their programs for improving education for the poor and disadvantaged.

How the International Criminal Court can render justice  

Gloria Atiba Davies explains the how the ICC works and the challenges the court faces.

Preventing Genocide  

How can we strengthen individual protections and prevent mass atrocity crimes?

The future of work  

What does the future of work look like and how prepared are we?

Governments, technology and inequality  

The five technology-driven challenges for government and government's role in reducing inequality

Living ethically  

A panel of experts looks at the challenges and conundrums of what constitutes an ethical life.


How do you become a celebrity? A special talent or skill is no longer a prerequisite.

A treaty to ban nuclear weapons  

Ramesh Thakur says that the boycott on the US ban the bomb conference was an open act of defiance and disrespect of a multilateral mandated disarmament process.

Thailand’s Triple Threat  

Thailand faces a “triple threat”: A new king, separatist violence in the South and the consolidation of  military rule.

Disrupting democracy  

The risks and opportunities of digitally disrupted democracy

Ethical machines  

Can we make machines more ethical? Can there be responsible machines?

Crime stories from Scandinavia  

Scandinavian crime books, movies and TV series are winning international audiences.

Being creative in the digital age  

Digital technology is disrupting traditional models of creative industry and artists must explore new ways of distribution and audience engagement.

The Millennial generation  

A panel of 'millennials' discuss their aspirations and how the view the Australia they are growing up in.

Boris Johnson: Brexit and the ties that bind  

Britain's Foreign Secretary calms fears about Brexit and welcomes the strong connection with Australia.

Is the refugee convention out of date?  

With millions of displaced people in the world, is the refugee convention meeting their needs or should it be revised or replaced?

BBC Reith Lecture 5: Adaptation  

How to make history leap from the pages of a novel on to stage and screen.

Medically assisted dying  

Both Victoria and NSW are considering new proposals for medically assisted dying

Democracy as human value  

Lenart Škof reflects on the ethical and spiritual foundations of the idea of democracy.

Mission songs  

The history of indigenous missions and reserves told through folk songs and why we need indigenous recognition in the constitution

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