Big Ideas - Full program podcast

Big Ideas - Full program podcast


ABC Radio National presents material from Big Ideas web and TV to bring you the best public talks, debates and lectures from Australia and around the world. One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.


DNA manipulation and doping  

The same science that’s so promising in fighting deadly diseases will cause a nightmare for anti-doping organisations.

How immigration shaped Australia  

Australia is a nation shaped by immigration. From the first fleet onwards, people from all over the world have arrived here and made a new life for themselves, and their families. In the post war, ‘populate or perish’, era, migrants came from Italy, Greece, and other parts of Europe. Then, following the Vietnam War, Asian immigration dramatically increased. Modern Australia is a multicultural country. Paul Barclay speaks with a panel of guests about the impact of immigration on Australia.

Make it your business to do good  

Business with a social purpose tackles inequality.

Global corruption  

Australia is ‘the Cayman Islands of the South Pacific' - a safe haven for money coming into the country through international corruption.

Fuzzy thinking won't save the planet  

We can't solve the world's problems without evidence and expertise.

Utopian thinking  

In an age of pragmatism, do need Utopian thinkers?

A brief history of tomorrow  

Will the working class become the useless class as technology destroys millions of jobs?

Has political correctness failed?  

Is political correctness a force for good or the enemy of free speech?

Disadvantaged remote Australia  

Mothers and families could bring down the Indigenous incarceration rate and help break the vicious circle of violence and drug abuse in Indigenous communities.

Dating, divorce, and capitalism, according to Helen Razer  

Helen Razer is known for her biting political and cultural commentary and for having a soft spot for Marxism. But when she was wrought with sadness and heartbreak, following the disintegration of a long term same sex relationship, she decided the way out was to re-enter the dating fray. And to write a book about it. Helen spoke to Paul Barclay about "divorce" and the experience of modern dating. Predictably, it wasn’t long before the discussion was steered towards money, class and economics.

Diet and mental health  

Eat well to boost your brainpower and reduce your risk of depression.

Why do you need a digital identity?  

Estonia is a digital pioneer offering e-identity and e-citizenships as well as a whole range of the digitalised government, education and public services.

Hidden hazards  

Fragrance is just one of the hidden hazards in the household products we use.

Feminist Lindy West talks Twitter, trolls and Trump  

A conversation with writer Lindy West about her memoir, "Shrill".

The liberalism of fear  

How should liberal criminal justice respond to community demands for increased penalties and protection?

Guilty Pleasures  

Should we embrace pleasure, or is too much self gratification bad for us?

From time travel to micro-recycling  

If we could time travel, would it be desirable to dabble with our past? And could we reducing electronic waste through micro-recycling of precious elements in micro-factories?

The future of journalism  

Why does journalism matter?

Preparing for climate change  

How life will change with the climate.

Life as a refugee  

The challenges of living in the world’s biggest refugee camp in Northern Kenya… and then adjusting to a completely foreign life in Australia.

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