Big picture politics

Big picture politics


Join Lenore Taylor, Guardian Australia's politics editor, in discussion with key political figures as they explore aspects of state and federal government to reveal both the detail and the big picture


Does Australia have a workable climate change policy? – podcast  

As the Abbott government gets set to unveil Australia's new target for greenhouse gas reductions after 2020, Lenore Taylor asks Professor Ross Garnaut and Frontier Economics managing director Danny Price: how do we intend to reach the target?

Lenore Taylor's fantasy budget cabinet – podcast  

Guardian Australia's political editor, Lenore Taylor, is joined in the studio and on the line by three experts in Australia's budgetary options. Together they pretend to be the budget cabinet, answering the big question: in Australia's current social and economic circumstances, what would a good budget look like?

Is reform dead in Australia? – podcast  

Lenore Taylor is joined by Labor's deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek, and former Liberal leader John Hewson to discuss whether major reform is likely anytime soon. This is the first episode of big picture politics, a podcast series exploring key aspects of state and federal government, to reveal both the big picture and the hidden detail behind it

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