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Bill Handel on Demand

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Bill Handel is heard live Monday-Friday from 5-9 a.m. on KFI AM 640. His syndicated show, Handel on the Law, airs every Saturday from 6-11 a.m.


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Latest from Manchester Attack and O.C. Supervisor Wants Attorney General to Take Over O.C. DA's Office  

Universal Healthcare Cost in California. Latest on Flynn and James Comey. Suicide Bomber with Bryan Suits.

POTUS in Israel today and Crucial Healthcare Deadline is today  

Russia Investigation update. Military Monday with Bryan Suits. HOTN Late Edition. Graduates walk out on Mike Pence during commencement speech. Bye bye, Botts Dots.

Trump Overseas and Commencement Speeches  

Flynn won't make good on his promises, Google making more tech waves and Trump is going abroad.

Death and Avocados  

Roger Ailes has died, mom of missing child makes a public plea, major Trump changes a foot and several ways to love avocados.

Vacations and Wall Street  

How to get the most out of your vacations, what's new on wall street and more on LAPD helping "shield" illegal immigrants.

Alleged Trump Leak and Orange County Housing  

Travel Ban Update. Medical News with Dr. Jim Keany. OxyTocin Report with Wayne Resnick.

Ransomware and North Korea's Missiles  

Ransomware attacks, new budgets for Los Angeles and North Korea has been playing with new toys.

Probation and Fallout  

Baca's sentence, fallout from Comey and Session's is making it harder to be a drug dealer these days.

Good Causes vs. Wholesale  

A panel is fighting homelessness in LA, freestanding ERs and awesome burger places.

Comey Fired and LAUSD Sanctuary Schools  

Wall St News with Charles Payne. Home with Dean Sharp.

Tougher Stance on Hazing and Russia Hacks Another Election  

Gavin Newsom Wants To Be Your Governor. Yates/Clapper Testimony. Oxytocin Report with Wayne Resnick.

French Election and How To Prepare for a North Korea Nuke  

Police Shooting in San Diego, How to Survive a Nuclear Attack, Military Monday with Bryan Suits, Sally Yates Testifies, Jared Kushners Wife.

Health Care Changes and What it Means  

The new healthcare changes and what they mean, why are airlines hassling their passengers and this week in Trump world.

Too Poor for the OC  

Comey's testimony, Success from Scratch, new definition of low income in Orange County and Do They Have a Case

Tech News and Police Shootings  

T-Mobile's new war on scams, Apple may buy Disney and what happened when a Dallas officer shot a an unarmed teen.

It Would Be An Honor For You To Listen  

Top Overtime Earners in California. Obama Lunch Guidelines Rolled Back. Terrorist Love Story. Oxytocin Report With Wayne Resnick.

New Perspectives on the LA Riots  

Bill talks about his first hand experience during the LA Riots along with Bryan Suits.

LA Riots and Flying Cars  

Trump on NAFTA, we look back at the LA Riots, flying cars may actually exist and This Week in Trump World.

Tax Plans and Totchos  

United Airlines changes its policies, the government is making new tax plans and do they have a case

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