Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

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Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider (Hotwives Of Las Vegas) couldnt be more excited for the latest season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and theyre going to share that excitement with you in their new podcast Bitch Sesh! Theyll dish on the seasons wildest moments, answer all your burning Housewives questions, drink Housewives-branded wine, and bring on special guests like June Diane Raphael. Dont be tardy to the party!


65 Big Buddha Brawl  

This week Casey shares some exciting news and Danielle opens up about a painful, ill-gotten injury. The girls discuss Atlanta, Richard Simmons, Big Little Lies and the EXPLOSIVE episode of Beverly Hills that had Danielle feeling for Eileen and Casey calling for Dorit and PK to be publicly lit on fire and burned. The bough finally breaks- and bough = Erika Jayne.This episode is brought to you by Psychic Source ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Boss Bitch, Today Tix ( code: HOUSEWIVES), and Dirty Lemon (

64 Hong Kong Fireworks (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Adam Pally)  

On today's podcast Casey and Danielle are joined by President and Founder of the Real Housewives institute Brian J. Moylan to discuss junk boats and junk humans. They also try to get to the bottom of Phaedras vacation wear and Erica Jaynes expensive hanger onsPlus Adam Pally leaves a message to discuss his pajama clad appearance on watch what happens live.This episode is brought to you by Psychic Source ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Today Tix ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Texture (, and DirtyLemon (

63 Sweet Georgia Jayne (w/ Deanna Cheng)  

Casey and Danielle are joined by fan favorite Deanna Cheng to discuss some "grotesque" artwork that has made them doubt all they know to be true. They also talk Porsha's carpet munching, Phaedra's restoration and Bob's breasts.The ladies also seriously deliberate about which of them Erica Jayne would want to befriend. This episode is brought to you by Today Tix ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Home Chef (, and ( code: HOUSEWIVES).

62 Cake Therapy  

Casey and Danielle go as guestless as Eileen went braless at Carnie Wilson's dessert party. Casey discusses her fathers overly caffeinated emails, Danielle likens the Oscar mishap to the end of World War 2 and the girls reenact the now famous scene between Kandi and Porshia. Toodles, Bitch! This episode is brought to you by Lyft ( and Kapulet.

61 Feeding a Need (w/ Cate Freedman, Paul Scheer)  

On this weeks episode Casey and Danielle are joined by the adorable, housewives fluent Cate Freedman (Teachers on TV Land) to talk what might be the best episode of Real Housewives in the history of time ("She wanted to lick me down" need we say more?).  They break down what makes the ladies of Atlanta so mean yet loving to each other, what caused Eileen's pink eye, and what it's like to be an elderly girl scout.Plus Paul Scheer chimes in to bring us a recap of The Bachelor hometown visits and Casey forced Danielle to watch Britney Ever After.This episode is brought to you by Home Chef and Texture.

60 Backed Into a Corner (w/ Dan O'Brien)  

Casey and Danielle delve into Hotlanta, the force of nature that is Marlo and Sheree's looming yeast infection. Then they head down south Punta Mita way for an hour long advertisement for The Agency that finds Rinna in the hot seat and Eileen in the diarrhea seat. They are joined for a special segment by poet and playwright Dan O'Brien who unpacks a few famous scenes and enlightens the girls on Danielle Staub’s (long) sex tape. This episode is brought to you by The Skimm (

59 Live at the Bell House in Brooklyn (w/ Anthony Atamanuik)  

We have an extra MONDAY episode of Bitch Sesh live from New York City!! In the city that gave us The Countess and The Regency, the ladies talk about Casey's harrowing flu nightmare, Danielle's Hamilton thoughts, and an Angel in the form of a Crystal. Plus, a very surprising guest joins the ladies to talk about pussy grabbing and housewives, and pussy grabbing of housewives.  This episode is brought to you by Home Chef (

58 Harry's Meat and Gatsby's Fete (w/ Clare Mukherjee)  

Casey and Danielle are joined by stylist to the stars, and real lady of London Clare Mukherjee and she has something to say about all the housewives fashion (and Casey and Danielle's too). They talk Sheree's paltry pre-camping spread, Kim's awkward decent down the stairs, and having to sit through another Great Gatsby party. Wasn't there one last year?!Plus June Diane Raphael makes an announcement that will change peoples lives and minds.This episode is brought to you by Third Love ( and Texture (

57 Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills: Live from Largo (w/ Matt Besser, Leslie Grossman)  

Danielle and Casey are live at Largo with special guests Leslie Grossman (who brings us up to speed on Vanderpump and is not embarrassed to be watching Summer House) and Matt Besser (who brings us up to speed on his and Danielle's daughter Syd). As usual Casey and Danielle close with a musical number that IS about Tom.This episode is brought to you by Home Chef ( ).

56 It's Expensive to Be Me (w/ Deanna Cheng, Matt McConkey)  

This week the nook is graced by TWO members of the Bitch Sesh FAMBLY,  Deanna Cheng and Matt McConkey and they don't hold back one bit. From Rinna's wig to Sheree's straws to Mauricio's post coital whispers, nothing goes untouched. Also, the "Lighthouse" Shira Caspe Weiss calls in with some important advice for one desperate listener and Casey shares a lovely moment with a topless fan.This episode is brought to you by Home Chef (, Throwing Shade on TV Land, The Skimm (, and Third Love (

55 Compromising Positions (w/ Michael Rapaport)  

Join Casey and Danielle in the nook with a verrrrry special yet somewhat unlikely housewives fanatic Michael Rapaport. He enlightens us on why Meryl Streep couldn't handle the role of Ramona Singer and why Mariah needs to give up on the leotards. Danielle shares some tough feedback from her high school days as a passionate/loud/manic songstress.This episode is brought to you by NatureBox (, Third Love (, and Texture (

54 Bosom Buddies/Pantygate/Mariah Being Mariah  

Casey and Danielle are back from hiatus and it couldn't be soon enough what with Kenya pulling a gun on trespassers, the debut of that nasty Dorito and Mariah just...being Mariah. Plus Casey has a new years resolution involving unprescribed pills and Danielle fights the real enemy...Jiggy. It's an extra long episode because they cover it all, except Erica Jayne's vag, that's still bare and beautiful.This episode is brought to you Box of Style ( ), The Skimm ( ), Third Love ( ), and Texture ( ).

53 Bonus Holiday Potpourri Episode!  

Bonus Holiday Potpourri Episode! The ladies do a Holiday wine tasting so you don't show up to parties empty handed or with Whispering Angel! Casey provides musings on Mariah's World, The Ladies of London and the return of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Danielle drops a professionally mastered and remixed version of the soon to be holiday classic "Christmas in the Berkshires: I Made it Nice." Happy Holidays! See you January 4th! Thanks to all our fans for a great year! To 2017!This episode is brought to you by Kopari ( ), Box of Style ( code: BITCHSESH), Lyft ( ), Mack Weldon ( code: HOUSEWIVES).

52 One Year Anniversary (w/ Andy Cohen)  

Casey and Danielle celebrate the one year anniversary of Bitch Sesh with a VERY special guest - THE boot on the ground himself: Saint Andy Cohen. This episode is brought to you by Madison Reed ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Adam and Eve ( code: BITCH), Third Love ( ), and Kopari ( ).

51 OC Pilot: Live from EW Popfest (w/ Elisha Cuthbert)  

Casey and Danielle join the gorgeous and hilarious Elisha Cuthbert and take it back. Way the F back. To the OG OC. They revisit the pilot episode of Orange County- where it alllllll began. In a sleet private gated community called Coto de Cazo. The...

50 Reunion Part Two (w/ Jess Lamour)  

Casey and Danielle are joined by hilarious writer and self proclaimed  "down low" expert Jess Lamour  to talk about what you say when you encounter your husband's mistress at a USC football game. Danielle makes a shocking statement...

49 House of Shade and Dust/Reunion Part One  

Danielle and Casey are back in the nook after what has been a week. The one bright spot is Atlanta's return, the blossoming friendship between Phaedra and Portia and Ace's nautical outfit. In Orange County the women are back on the couch...

Rock Bottom with Matt McConkey Episode 4  

An exciting finale event to celebrate the almost-exciting finale of Finding Prince Charming! The “winner” of FPC himself, Eric Leonardos, joins us for the interview and maybe-almost-kind-of makes Matt cry. Plus: dating tips from gay deities Ronna...

48 Live from San Francisco (w/ Greg Bennett)  

Casey and Danielle take San Francisco! Join them as they discuss OC and Jersey and Casey finally gets to live out her dreams with Drunk Drag Broadway! Also favorite return guest Greg Bennett delivers a moving poem on behalf of "Old Lou" that...

Rock Bottom with Matt McConkey Episode 3  

In the third installment of ROCK BOTTOM, Matt chats with Jonny McGovern (Hey Qween!) and Bravolebrities Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard. Hollywood Correspondent Stephen Guarino breezes through en route to set, and Matt grills Alec Mapa on baby...

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