Bizarre States

Bizarre States

United States

Join Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser as they lift the veil and showcase the hauntings, urban myths, unsolved murders and general oddities that everyone has experienced but no one wants to talk about.


Bowser's Backyard Special  

This week's episode was recorded in Bowser's actual backyard! Jessica demonstrates how to make a sigil!

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Live from The LA Podcast Festival!  

Its a special Live episode from the LA Podcast Pestival with Jonny Loquasto!

Natures Gross with Elizabeth De Razzo  

Elizabeth De Razzo (The Greasy Strangler, Eastbound & Down) joins Jess and Bowser to talk abour her experience at The Stanley Hotel, clown update, the Winchester discovery and listener mail!

Atlas Obscura's Dylan Thuras  

Bowser and Jessica are joined by a very special guest, Dylan Thuras! Dylan is a founder of Atlas Obscura and one of the writers of Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders.

Mostly Murder with Josh Gates!  

Bowser and Jess are back with a special guest! Josh Gates of Expedition Unknown! They talk about the most recent clown news, mothman vs goatman and Josh's hunt for the Yeti!

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Jonny Loquasto Returns!  

Thats right! Jonny Loquasto is back on the show to talk about his trip to Iraq, Bowser talks about some hometown clowns and Jess gives some book recommendations!

Ouija Ouija Ouija  

Bowser and ChoBLOOD are back to talk about a haunted ouija board, fecal vomiting, Jess' clown picture and Listener Stories!

The 100th Episode!  

ITS HERE! 100 episodes of Bizarre States! Join Bowser and Jess as they talk about a stolen ghost, a group of clowns and a mysterious package!

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Beware The Dogman with Jin Kelley  

Chobot is flying Bowser-less this week but is joined by special guest, Jin Kelley. They dive into the world of the Michigan Dogman!

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Juicing Out  

A strange object found near Jupiter, mysticore, frogmen. All this and more on this episode of Bizarre States!

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Pregnant Bowser?  

Bowser and Jess talk some Weird of The Week, Skype with author Rob Gutro and Bowser has some EPIC Backyard News!

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In this special bonus episode, Bowser sits down with Gus Krieger, the writer/director of The Binding and its two stars Amy Gumenick and Josh Heisler!

You can buy The Binding on BluRay now!

Haunted AF  

Bizarre States' first live stream on Twitch! Jess and Bowser went live to talk about Michigan's Pompeii, the Belair mansion and some listener stories!

Island of Death  

Bowser is sick this week so Jess flys solo to tell us some Weird of The Week, listener stories and Aristotle briefly talks about his trip to LACMA's Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit.

Live from SDCC with Nick Groff  

Jess and Bowser are joined by Nick Groff on this special live episode from SDCC16!

The Matrix Rave  

This week Jessica and Bowser talk about smoking human brain, the NASA live stream and listener mail!

Gloomy Sunday  

Jess and Bowser are back this week to talk about a massive telescope in China, Pokemon Go, Gloomy Sunday and listener mail!

A Load of Chaz  

This week Bowser and Jess are joined by Nerdist coworker Jason Nguyen to tell us a strange tale about his friend Chaz!

Browser The Cat & The Translucent Frogs!  

Jess is solo this week (kind of, Aristotle is there!) to talk about translucent frogs, Browser the cat, Roanoke colonist and lots of listener mail!

The Enfield Poltergeist!  

Jess is back from E3! She and Bowser talk about The Conjuring 2 and the true story behind it! They also have Backyard News, Weird of The Week and listener stories! 

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