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Sit down with Jarred Taylor and Evan Hafer, entrepreneurs and founders of the popular brands; Article 15 Clothing, BlackRifle Coffee and Leadslingers Whiskey. Listen to them discuss current events, politics, and their extremely BLACK sense of humor as they have their morning cup of BRCC coffee.


Brent & Aaron From SOFLETE  

JT and Evan sit down with Brent and Aaron from SOFLETE.

Episode 038 - Emily Hayden and Mat from Condition One  

JT sits down and talks with fitness professional Emily Hayden on content creation and creating her personality in the fitness space.  Additionally Mat from condition one talks about going into business in the food product industry. 

Episode 037 - Talking Non Profits w/ Sean Lake  

JT, Evan and Daniel sit down with non profit board member of the Glen Doherty Foundation, Sean Lake.

Episode 036 - Starting a Small Food Business with Nick Hawks  

JT and new reoccurring co-host Daniel Halloway sit down with the founder of “Paleo Treats” Nick Hawks.

Episode 035 - Fight the Noise with Silencer Co CEO Josh Waldron  

JT, Mat, and Evan sit down with Josh Waldron and discuss what it is like to expand from a single machine garage operation, to a 80K+ square foot manufacturing plant.

Episode 034 - Creating a TV Network w/ Donney O’Malley  

JT and Mat Best sit down with Author, Stand up Comic and Entrepreneur Donny O’malley as he discusses his movement with VET TV. 

Episode 033 - Talking Guns with Mike Aland CEO of Noveske  

JT, Evan, and Mat sit down with Mike Aland and discuss his transition from playing a vital role in DC Shoes to marketing inside the fair arms industry.

Episode 032 - Dirk Durham with Night Force  

Evan sits down with his cousin Dirk Durham, and Donny Drake of Night Force.

Episode 031 - Hunting is life w/ Aron Snyder

JT, Evan and Baker sit down with Aron Snyder and Brian from Gritty Bowmen.

Episode 030 - Establishing a product in a new Market Space  

JT, Evan and Baker sit down with Casey and Jordan from MTN OPS.

Episode 029 - Deliberate Dynamics w/ Jim Staley  

JT, Evan and Mat sit down with Jim and Aaron from Deliberate Dynamics.

Episode 028 - Big Business Insight w/ Jayson Orvis  

JT, Evan and Mat sit down with serial entrepreneur Jayson Orvis.

Episode 027 - History of Task And Purpose w/ Zach  

JT, Evan and Mat sit down with Zach and Pat from Task and Purpose.

Episode 26 - Success In Motorsports w/ Ian From Cobb  

JT sits down with Brandon Despain and Ian Armstrong from Cobb.

Episode 25 - You Will Get Screwed w/ Nick Palmisciano  

Jt, Evan and Mat sit down with Nick Palmisciano.

Episode 024 - Talking with Tank Machine Round 2  

JT, Evan and Mat sit down with Marine Gunner Sgt "Tank Machine".

Episode 023 - Making a Personality a Brand w/ Jonathan Kite  

JT and Bull Adams sit down with comedian Jonathan Kite.

Episode 022 - IP Protection w/Frank Proctor & Strike Force  

Evan and Baker sit down with Frank Proctor and Sean Matson.

Episode 021 - Start Multiple Businesses w/Matt Tandy  

JT and Evan talk with Matt Tandy about multiple sources of income.  

Episode 020 - Combat Mindset w/Matt Graham  

JT and Evan sit down with shooting instructor Matt Grahm.

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