Blueprint for Living - Full program podcast

Blueprint for Living - Full program podcast


Blueprint for Living is a weekly rummage through the essential cultural ingredients - design, food, travel, gardens, fashion - for a good life.


Rome's secret churches, designing for dementia, Karen Martini's Xmas lunch hacks and utopian food.  

Utopian Appetites. Rome's Secret Churches. Dementia 'club' a life saver for home carers. Tips and Tricks Karen Martini's Xmas salad. Poetry, plants and cultivating creativity. Imagining the future of food. Sense of Place Richard Gill. Iconic Buildings: Bosco Verticale, Milan.

State of food writing, world's best music destinations and Graeme Simsion's France  

Airbnb and discrimination in the global community. The golden era of Australian advertising. World's most interesting music destinations. Food for thought. Iconic Buildings Guggenheim Bilbao. Graeme Simsion on a village near Cluny, France. Demolished Sydney.

Greatest country gardens, Amazonian waterlillies, long live Polaroid, ethical carnivore, tips and tricks of dehydrating  

An ethical and carnivorous life. The magic of polaroid. Giant waterlillies. Sense of Place: Maxine Beneba Clarke on Tottenham, London. Tips and tricks: how to dehydrate. Paul Bangay on the world's best country gardens. The life, and recipes, of Margaret Preston.

Secret foodie spots, architectural photography, why the fuss about GM food, how burglars see buildings, Indigenous fermentation  

GM food, why the controversy? Sense of Place: Don Watson on the Australian bush. A Burglar's Guide to the City. The rich history of fermentation in Indigenous cultures. The world's greatest foodie destinations. Getting the right angle.

Bee friendly gardens, Scandinavian design, Layne Beachley's Hawaii, is paper history?, Greek desserts  

Ageing, dementia and the value of streetscapes. A sweet, Greek life. In celebration of Vicke Lindstrand and Swedish design. Sense of Place: Layne Beachley on Hawaii. The history of paper (and why we will never be without it). Creating a bee-friendly garden. Iconic Buildings: Tolou, Fujian province.

Wabi-sabi in the home, declutter addiction, Australia's wildest treasures, perfect kimchi  

A year of practical living. Tips and tricks: kimchi. An imperfect beauty - the art of wabi-sabi. Plants for pest control. Sinking ships of culture: the cult of tidiness. Growing heirloom apples . Australia's wildest, oldest and most beautiful places. The wild and wilful beauty of disobedient gardens.

Richard Roxburgh, the impossible burger, Rotterdam Market Hall, virtual travel  

Looks like a beef burger, bleeds like a beef burger, but not a beef burger. Sense of Place: Richard Roxburgh on Torricella Peligna. Natives versus exotics: the future of garden design. Virtual travel- where would you go? Iconic Buildings Rotterdam Market Hall. In Season: Sprummer.

Holly Throsby on writing, sex toy history, new city hubs, great glasshouses  

Urban design and reimagining city centres. Vibrator design has come a long way. Celebrating Australian seafood. The shaping of contemporary Australian gardens. The 'masculine' and 'feminine' in architecture. World's greatest glasshouses where botany and design meet. Sense of Place Holly Throsby on Saddleback Mountain, NSW.

Sleep pods, jet lag goggles, greatest surf spots, Sirius, kombucha  

Eating for a healthy life. Rebooting your body clock with jet lag goggles. Catch up on your sleep (pod). All power to the bicycle: rise of the e-bike . Tips and Tricks: Clafoutis. Iconic Buildings: Sirius Building. World's greatest surfing holidays. The truth about kombucha.

Living without money, gardens after fire, flat pack tiny homes, the perfect quiche, Vale Bill Mollison  

The dreamers who made Australian cities our own. A journey to the world's most unusual corners. Tips and Tricks Quiche Lorraine. Tiny houses show small is beautiful, and flat. Farewell to the father of the global permaculture movement. A flower-powered economy . Recovery and new growth for a bushfire ravaged garden. Iconic Buildings: Horta museum.

Where does fat go?, Hypersonic travel, perfect scramble, Mozambique, food deserts  

Navigating the law of design. The science of weight loss. Hypersonic travel. Grow your own movement combats food deserts. Sense of Place: Bob Poole on Mozambique. Tips 'n tricks: Adam Liaw's perfect scrambled eggs. Iconic Buildings: Florence Station (Santa Maria Novella station).

Green walls and gravity, Meg Rosoff's London, perfect jam, the real Chinese cuisine, Vale Carl Nielsen  

Death of a designer: Vale Carl Nielsen. The delicate diversity of Chinese cuisine. Iconic Buildings: The Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest. Gravity, plants and wonder in the garden. Tips n' tricks: Perfect jam. Sense of Place: Meg Rosoff on London. Do you have a blueprint for death?

Fenders like thighs, perfect Coq au Vin, what's artificial really?, green housing, Australian garden history, surpassed beauty  

'Beautiful Obsolescence' and the celebration of design. Sense of Place: Stephen Page on Uluru. Planting Dreams: the history of the Australian garden. Tips and tricks: Coq au Vin. Designing homes with sustainability in mind. Iconic Buildings: Twisting Torso, Malmo. Human thighs and sharks inspire top car designer. Rethinking 'artificial' food.

Punk fashion, pickling mastery, ancient botanical medicines, Nick Earls, tricky tastes, gray381, Eero Saarinen  

Judging a book by its cover: the art of cover design. Sense of Place: Nick Earls on New York City. The sordid and surprising history of punk fashion. Tips and tricks: fennel pickle. Food, taste and consumer perception. Secret remedies from books that pre-date modern medicine. Iconic Buildings: TWA Terminal, New York.

How travel inspires empathy, top fly fishing spots, single serve cooking, why raw milk cheese, bar coding plants, public resistance to GM food  

Where to for GM foods? Sense of Place - Tim Costello. Cooking for one. The power of plant DNA . Iconic Buildings Ideal Palace (Palais Ideal). World's best fly fishing destinations. The big cheese.

Deaf cafe, shipping containers, postcards history, designing for the aged, Kim Mahood on the Tanami, aquafaba  

Designing for an ageing population. A quiet revolution in education. The history of postcards. Iconic Buildings: Habitat 67, Montreal . The shipping container and its role in design. Tips and tricks: Matt Stone's perfect chicken broth. Sense of Place: Kim Mahood on the Tanami Desert, NT. Aquafaba: a vegan miracle.

Perfect Asian salad, a thoroughly modern Mosque, a celebration of the veg, bookish gardens, sound of place  

The sweet sounds of home. A year without meat and other food choices. Great literary gardens of the world. Architecture and faith. Tips and tricks: Adam Liaw's Asian salad. Sense of Place: Alick Tipoti on Badu Island. The artist and botanical collector. Iconic Buildings: Einstein Tower.

Rio 2016 Special: sports nutrition, celebrating the food of Brazil, Olympic buildings after the Games  

Olympic aftermath. Sense of Place: Adriana Lisboa on Rio de Janeiro. Cooking like a Cariocas, the tastes of Rio . Creating art in the landscape. Eat like an athlete. In Season: Sprinter.

The Wonder Trail, Shane Gould life after swimming, Olympic uniforms, heritage architecture, Somali cuisine, Laos Gardens  

World's largest fashion parade: the Olympic Games. On the Wonder Trail. Cooking up the past: stories of asylum. Challenges of heritage architecture. Iconic Buildings: Roxy Theatre, New York. Sense of Place: Shane Gould on Redgate Beach, Western Australia. A botanical gardens for Laos.

Trees reducing crime, self-drive car safety, cookbooks vs blogs, authentic design, Viceroy House, Adam Liaw's stir fry tips  

Beating replicas with authentic design. Cookbooks in an online world. Planting trees for crime reduction. World's greatest cycling destinations. Tips and tricks: Adam Liaw on the perfect stir fry. Self-drive cars, a safer option or accident waiting to happen? Science behind the healthiest fruits. Iconic buildings: Viceroy House, Delhi .

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