Blueprint for Living - Full program podcast

Blueprint for Living - Full program podcast


Blueprint for Living is a weekly rummage through the essential cultural ingredients - design, food, travel, gardens, fashion - for a good life.


Food delivery apps, a serotonin cafe, the history of the tomato, designing space for therapy  

The food disruption that is eating our restaurants. You say tomato, I say tomato. Sense of Place: Chris Turney on Antarctica. Happy tripping on tryptophan at Serotonin cafe . The architecture of therapy. If we could talk to trees.

The politics of architecture, urban activism, new wave pizza and walking the Red Centre  

The politics of architecture. Designing safer parks. The art of the sommelier. Buildings or people? The view from the street. Tips and tricks: chicken stock. Songlines and Fault Lines. New wave pizza.

The colourful world of Marion Hall Best, Vanna Venturi, Scotch Whisky, the dark side of the Australian beach  

Marion Hall Best: Interiors. Celebrating Scotch Whisky. The world's biggest trees. On the Wagon: a sober literary pilgrimage. Iconic Designs: Vanna Venturi. The dark side of the Australian beach. Creating liveable megacities, what we can learn from Asia.

Death of the forever house, street food in Morocco, biomimicry and food trends  

The end of the forever house. Street food in Morocco. Reviving the memory of Kokoda. Tips and tricks: aglio olio. Biomimicry in architecture. Matt Preston and Janne Apelgren on food trends in 2017. A delicious bunch.

Measuring deliciousness, European modernism in Australia, the vending machine and undressing fashion  

Accounting for taste. Iconic designs: the vending machine. The Moderns. Micropia. The secret behind the world’s most durable concrete. Tips and Tricks: the healthy loaf. Undressing fashion. Sense of Place: Stefano de Pieri, Santa Maria dei Frari church, Venice.

Outback travel tips, in praise of the side dish, 1930s design and the zippo lighter  

Grey nomads in the outback. On the side. 1930s Australia: A brave new world. Patio Festival. Harvest markets. Great Australian baking. Iconic designs: Zippo lighter. Sense of Place: Professor Jim Macbeth, the sea.

Getting sued for food reviews; growing kava in the backyard; native food register  

Reviewer beware. Designing cities around driverless cars. Iconic Designs: Joseph Hudson. Australia's food revolution. Replacing plastic with beeswax. Kava: a legal high to treat anxiety? Sense of Place: Paul Fleming on Tasmania.

Tombstone tourism, the village feast, food and travel, the life of bees  

Dangerous holidays. Are our cities making us sick? The life of bees in The Hive. Ethics, food and travel: a cultural dilemma. Iconic Designs: Boeing 747. Tombstone tourism. The economies of the village feast.

Refugees and food, the perfect crumpet, virtual reality and diversity, the art of packing, the ancestry of food  

The art of packing. Free to feed: in celebration of refugee cooking. Virtual reality and designing for diversity. Tips and Tricks: the perfect crumpet. In defence of weeds. Ancestry of food. Sense of Place: Julie Shiels in the now.

Worldly sweets, a rise in menswear, emotions and wine, best composting, Rob Schmitz on Shanghai  

Wine and the emotional language of labels. Sense of Place: Rob Schmitz on Shanghai. 'Menaissance' and the boom in menswear. A sweet, sweet world. Would You Rent Your Clothes? Tips and Tricks: the best garden compost. Iconic Designs: Nakagin Capsule Hotel.

Innovative ciders, smashed avo takes Paris, history of the vacuum flask, making playful cities  

Making our cities more playful places to be. Understory: a life with trees. Aussie breakfasts in Paris. Sense of Place: Roanna Gonsalves on Goa. Flood resistant ferry terminals take top honours at Good Design Awards. Hitting the Tassie cider trail . Iconic Designs: vacuum flask.

Emotional clothes, a Spanish garden, in praise of table manners, Desi Anwar on Jakarta, an edible backyard  

What do table manners say about us. Tips and tricks: know your onions. Good Design Awards. Garden designer Eduardo Mencos on creating beauty on his Spanish farm. Iconic Designs: Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong. Sense of Place: Desi Anwar on Jakarta. Making your backyard uber-productive.

Toasting success of natural wines, meatonomics, the hunt for the disappearing, fashion Australian style, Elizabeth Kostova  

Bucket list travel for the disappearing. What is Australian style? The true cost of cheap meat. Sense of Place: Elizabeth Kostova on Bulgaria. Tips and tricks: perfect pie crust. Architectural solutions to housing affordability. Less is more for natural wines.

The songs of trees, street art, open source architecture, Liam Pieper's Prague, the perfect pizza  

Could open source architecture be the answer to housing affordability? The little Aussie shopping bag replacing plastic in the war on waste. Listening to the songs of trees. Tips and Tricks: Dan Lepard on the perfect pizza. Street art and urban renewal. Sense of Place: Liam Pieper on Prague. Living on the edge: in praise of mangroves. Iconic designs: the Land Rover.

Aquacities, planting perennials, dumpster diving, Greedy Italian Antonio Carluccio, world's best golf courses  

From St Andrews to King Island how to design a world-best golf course. Chef's tributes to their mums. Thomas Woltz and reimagining landscape. Tips and Tricks: Penny Woodward on dividing perennials. The shared cuisine of the Mediterranean coast. Could Dutch 'aquatecture' be a viable solution for affordable housing in Australia? Fighting food waste by dumpster diving.

Island life, a garden friendship, affordability and tiny homes, Turkish bazaars, Anjum Anand's India  

Are tiny houses a solution for the housing affordability crisis? From Zanzibar to The Scilly Isles, the islander life. Diary of a garden at Cruden Farm. Turkish bazaars and the fabric of city design. Iconic places: Portobello Markets, London. Sense of Place: India and its food with British chef Anjum Anand. Maggie Beer and her rethink of aged care food.

Slow fashion, plants and their meaning, vitamin D and fungi, Jay Rayner, luxurious design  

Designing luxury. Paella Festival. Sense of Place: Katherine Boland on Brogo, NSW. Jay Rayner's 10 Food Commandments. Seeing the beauty in decay. A revolution in slow fashion. Fungi fight the winter blues. Design icons: the Filofax.

The rise and fall of the cronut, befriending spiders, growing up in Tanzania, designer chairs, community building through mushrooms  

Chairs and the cultivation of design. Tips and tricks: harnessing the benefits of ants and spiders. Sense of Place Katherine Scholes. Chido Govera on food and hope. The godfather of Tasmanian whisky. The power of a well-cut uniform. Cronuts, cookie dough, dude food, what are we thinking? Design Icons: Philippe Starck.

Top tandoori, maths in design, home-grown gin, sustainable high rise, secrets of the perfect cuppa  

Building for comfort in the sky. From mother's ruin to hipster heaven. The bathroom through time. The golden ratio in design. Tips and Tricks: Anjum Anand's tandoori. Design icons: the thong. Sense of Place: Ashley Hay on the Brisbane River. The crusade for the perfect cuppa.

Sampling sake, death of the sleeper train, succulents, safe cities, Steiner HQ  

Cities and harassment. Sense of Place: Laila El-Haddad on Gaza Strip. A French affair with lingerie. A garden of succulents. Design Icons: Goetheanum. The romance of the sleeper train. For the love of sake.

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