Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


The rich heritage of Indian Jews  

We share a meal with Ken and Esther Daniels, an Indian Jewish couple who now call Australia home.

Sense of Place: Hannah Gadsby on Tasmania  

Why comedian Hannah Gadsby will once again call Tasmania home.

The Sparrows of Southbank  

Have you ever been at a café and noticed a number of small brown birds nabbing the odd crumb while you’re not looking?

Design Icons: Kikkoman soy sauce  

Colin Bisset sings the praises of the humble soy sauce bottle.

Figorama uncovered  

Figorama, a celebration of the world's sexiest fruit?

Latin for garden lovers  

How well do you know your Latin? We're here to help.

Celebrating Australian design and innovation  

How do we create a culture of innovation in Australia?

Sense of Place: Malachy Tallack on Fair Isle, Scotland  

Author and musician Malachy Tallack takes is to a remote island off the Scottish coast.

Tips and tricks: earthworms  

Author and avid gardener Amy Stewart shares her love for the wiggly creatures in our garden.

Food, art and life at Hill End  

We head to the artists haven of Hill End, NSW, to discuss life and food with two artists who live there.

Has the lawn outlived its purpose?  

Once a symbol of wealth and class the lawn has come under fire from environmentalists but is it deserved?

Reaching for the clouds, with wood  

Could our CBD towers soon be made from sustainable timber?

The drunken botanist  

Through thirst, ingenuity and desperation, humans have tried all manner of plants to produce a tipple- or two.

Tales of love, lust, death and dark webs  

A 25-year-old spider the size of a dinner plate? They exist, right here in Australia.

What makes design intuitive, or not?  

Why are light switches are designed differently in the northern and southern hemispheres?

Sense of Place Alison Whyte  

How green is her valley! Actor Alison Whyte's home is a haven from the city bustle.

Tips and Tricks: carving  

Author Tim Hayward gives us his best tips on how to be a master carver.

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