Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Iconic designs: the Land Rover  

Colin Bisset sings the praises of one of the enduring cars of our time.

Living on the edge: in praise of mangroves  

We head to the tropics with artist Deidre Bean to sing the praises of mangroves.

Sense of Place: Liam Pieper on Prague  

Author Liam Pieper takes us to Prague for his Sense of Place.

Street art and urban renewal  

We enter the vibrant world of street art to talk to practitioners about the power of a painted wall.

Listening to the songs of trees  

What soundtrack do trees give to our world?

The little Aussie shopping bag replacing plastic in the war on waste  

Boomerang Bags is an Australian solution to plastic pollution that's gone global.

Could open source architecture be the answer to housing affordability?  

Could better, and cheaper, houses be built if we all just shared our design and building knowledge?

Fighting food waste by dumpster diving  

The lengths some people go to for cheap eats! Sydney dumpster divers take us on their rounds in search of dinner. Much of the fresh food is perfectly edible once washed, and the more expensive the suburb, the more chance these intrepid foragers will discover something 'high end' when it comes to food.

Could Dutch 'aquatecture' be a viable solution for affordable housing in Australia?  

Architects in the UK, US and The Netherlands are experimenting in floating, water-based buildings as a solution to increasing urbanisation. Can we expect to see this in the future of Australia's cities? And what affect might that have on our public waterways?

Tips and Tricks: Penny Woodward on dividing perennials  

It's autumn and it's time to get out into the garden.

Thomas Woltz and reimagining landscape  

Looking to the past to reinterpret modern landscape design.

Chef's tributes to their mums  

So much of our attitude to life is absorbed by our experiences in the home and one of the strongest influences mothers have is our attitude to food.

From St Andrews to King Island how to design a world-best golf course  

There's a steady-growing global interest in well-designed golf courses, and Australia is gaining an international reputation as a go to destination amongst golf tourists.

Turkish bazaars and the fabric of city design  

What can other cities around the world learn from Turkey's street markets?

Diary of a garden at Cruden Farm  

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's gardener, friend and confidant Michael Morrison reveals the special bond the two shared during his 40 years at Cruden Farm.

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