Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Iconic Buildings: Bosco Verticale, Milan  

Stefano Boeri's design offers us a glimpse at the future of our skylines.

Sense of Place Richard Gill  

This European city looks almost too perfect to be real.

Imagining the future of food  

Sustainability, innovation and deliciousness in a utopian food future.

Poetry, plants and cultivating creativity  

The New Shoots Poetry Prize announces its winner for 2016.

Tips and Tricks Karen Martini's Xmas salad  

Something a little different to add colour to your Xmas lunch.

Dementia 'club' a life saver for home carers  

In Adelaide a seaside respite centre has been carefully designed to give those with dementia a holiday and their stressed out home carers a break.

Rome's Secret Churches  

Freelance travel writer Ute Junker takes us into her Rome, a place of Byzantine mosaics and skeletons underfoot.

Utopian Appetites  

A literary history of utopian visions of food and consumption.

Demolished Sydney  

The story of creative destruction in an ever-changing city.

Graeme Simsion on a village near Cluny, France  

The pocket of rural France that stole Graeme Simsion's heart.

Iconic Buildings Guggenheim Bilbao  

The gleaming and audacious Gehry building in northern Spain is an exercise in chutzpah.

Food for thought  

Darra Goldstein on food writing, cultural history and the pleasures of food.

World's most interesting music destinations  

Bucket list guide for lovers of classical music and travel.

The golden era of Australian advertising  

How did the advent of TV advertising change the way we perceive images and words?

Airbnb and discrimination in the global community  

Are Airbnb guests being rejected by hosts who don't like their race, religion or sexual orientation?

The life, and recipes, of Margaret Preston  

What can you glean from a person's life from their recipes?

Paul Bangay on the world's best country gardens  

One of Australia's most feted garden designers, Paul Bangay, shares his top country gardens.

Sense of Place: Maxine Beneba Clarke on Tottenham, London  

We head to the Caribbean heartland of London- Tottenham.

Giant waterlillies  

Nature's feat of engineering, the prehistoric-looking Amazon waterlily.

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