Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Ancestry of food  

The benefits of eating what our ancestors did.

In defence of weeds  

We tackle those weeds in your garden in a unique way.

Tips and Tricks: the perfect crumpet  

Baker extraordinaire Dan Lepard gives us his top tips for the perfect winter crumpet.

Virtual reality and designing for diversity  

How can we all embrace difference in the workplace, and benefit as a result?

Free to feed: in celebration of refugee cooking  

We break bread with Nayran Tabiei, a Syrian asylum seeker who now calls Australia home.

The art of packing  

What's the best way to pack a suitcase?

Iconic Designs: Nakagin Capsule Hotel  

This 70s experiment in pod hotel rooms was an early experiment in pre-fabrication.

Tips and Tricks: the best garden compost  

Let's talk about the health of your compost.

A sweet, sweet world  

Did you know Danish pastries are not, in fact, Danish?

'Menaissance' and the boom in menswear  

What is fuelling the boom in men’s fashion and grooming?

Sense of Place: Rob Schmitz on Shanghai  

Shanghai correspondent for NPR and author Rob Schmitz takes us to his neighbourhood in Shanghai.

Wine and the emotional language of labels  

Do you choose wine from the descriptions on the bottle? They have more sway than you think.

Iconic Designs: vacuum flask  

From hot chocolate to human organ transfer the vacuum flask has never lost its value.

Hitting the Tassie cider trail  

The first apples were planted in Tasmania on Bruny Island in 1788 and it didn't take long for locals to start making cider. These days traditional techniques have been spiced up by new methods, a bit of science, a dash of innovation and a twist of experimentation.

Flood resistant ferry terminals take top honours at Good Design Awards  

Brisbane ferry terminals took the top gong at the Australian Good Design Awards.

Sense of Place: Roanna Gonsalves on Goa  

Author Roanna Gonsalves takes us to Goa in India.

Aussie breakfasts in Paris  

For years the world has looked to France to learn how to cook and eat. But what can Australians teach the French about food?

Understory: a life with trees  

Writer Inga Simpson recounts experiences of a tree change to the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

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