Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


If we could talk to trees  

Science is slowly revealing the language of plants. It’s intricate, sophisticated and might change the way we see the world.

The architecture of therapy  

How does the design of counselling workspaces affect their function and the relationship between therapist and patient?

Happy tripping on tryptophan at Serotonin cafe  

Could a medicinal Mexican waffle or a plant-powered pizza improve your mood and make you happier?

Sense of Place: Chris Turney on Antarctica  

The curious lure of the most alien place on earth.

You say tomato, I say tomato  

We delve deep into the botanical, cultural and culinary history of the tomato.

The food disruption that is eating our restaurants  

What impact are online delivery services having on the restaurant industry?

New wave pizza  

Are we entering a new era in the world's most popular fast food?

Songlines and Fault Lines  

Retracing the stories and journeys though the Red Centre that have shaped Australia.

Tips and tricks: chicken stock  

Stefano de Pieri's tips for a perfect, aromatic chicken stock to keep you warm in winter.

Buildings or people? The view from the street  

Take a Jane's Walk and see the city with new eyes.

The art of the sommelier  

There's more to wine that meets the eye, and the nose.

The politics of architecture  

Why has modernist architecture become such a powerful political symbol?

Creating liveable megacities, what we can learn from Asia  

Multiple ground levels spread throughout a skyscraper with the accompanying amenities like parks or libraries, is one of the solutions proposed by Singapore-based architect Richard Hassell to make such density more liveable. His public housing project in Singapore features a rooftop terrace and park with a 400m jogging track and an urban plaza, located along a public linear park, providing a supermarket, coffee shop and retail spaces. But could it work in Australia?

The dark side of the Australian beach  

An exploration of the dark history that lies beneath representations of the idyllic Australian beach.

Iconic Designs: Vanna Venturi  

The witty beginnings of post-modernist design.

On the Wagon: a sober literary pilgrimage  

Retracing Jack Kerouac's trans-American road trip...sober.

The world's biggest trees  

Big trees and tall trees: what's the difference? how are they measured? and why does size matter?

Celebrating Scotch Whisky  

Test-driving well-known Scotch-fuelled cocktails with a twist

Marion Hall Best: Interiors  

The enduring legacy of one of Australia's most influential designers.

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