Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


In Season: Sprummer  

As Tim Entwisle's habit of inventing new seasons continues, Matthew Crawford helps him chart a future for the world's largest urban elm forest while asking how Australia can adapt to stronger cyclones.

Iconic Buildings Rotterdam Market Hall  

Market halls in Europe have a history of being innovative buildings that showcased the engineering possibilities.

Virtual travel- where would you go?  

Virtual reality technology is taking armchair travel to a whole new level.

Natives versus exotics: the future of garden design  

What does the Australian garden of the future look like?

Sense of Place: Richard Roxburgh on Torricella Peligna  

High in the mountains of Abruzzo, actor Richard Roxburgh understood what meant to be Italian.

Sense of Place Holly Throsby on Saddleback Mountain, NSW  

Holly explains why place is important in recording and writing.

The 'masculine' and 'feminine' in architecture  

Can you tell the gender of an architect by looking at the design of a building?

The shaping of contemporary Australian gardens  

Who are the leaders in Australian garden design and contemporary thinking?

Celebrating Australian seafood  

What you need to know about what to buy and how to cook seafood.

Vibrator design has come a long way  

The colourful history of the "personal massager".

Urban design and reimagining city centres  

What is the future of cities as urban renewal projects and high density developments take precedence over traditional suburban sprawl?

The truth about kombucha  

Kombucha devotees say the fermented tea has all sorts of health benefits and promotes healthy gut function. But do the claims stack up?

World's greatest surfing holidays  

Where do you go to catch that perfect wave?

Iconic Buildings: Sirius Building  

With views of Circular Quay and roof top gardens Sirius was an ideal place to live. It was built 1980 as a public housing complex and was one of Sydney's few brutalist buildings.

Tips and Tricks: Clafoutis  

How to perfect this favourite French dessert.

All power to the bicycle: rise of the e-bike  

New research out of Norway, a country of dead-keen bike riders as it is, has found that electric bikes or e-bikes have got more people riding and for longer distances. We take one for a spin to find out are they worth the outlay.

Catch up on your sleep (pod)  

Where can you go when the urge to nap strikes?

Rebooting your body clock with jet lag goggles  

Jet lag is one of the downsides of travel but now it may be simply a matter of donning glasses.

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