Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Kate Grenville on the 'scent' of place  

Author Kate Grenville takes us inside her world of olfactory overload.

Beers with no peer  

What's in a beer? Whatever you like.

Iconic Designs: the Tatra Car  

The story behind the little-known inspiration for the VW Beetle.

A passion for potted pets  

Hang on to your macramé pot hangers, indoor plants are back, and they are BIG.

The juggernaut of superfoods  

What motivates consumers to buy superfoods and are they getting what they pay for?

The ceremony of clothes  

Costume designer Bill Haycock on designing the High Court robes.

The politics of women's work wear  

President Trump's call for female staff to "dress like women" has set Twitter aflutter.

Sense of Place: Joshua Jelly-Schapiro on Cuba  

Author Joshua Jelly-Schapiro takes us to the Caribbean for this week's Sense of Place.

Citizen of nowhere  

Is it possible to travel as a stateless, curious bystander?

Plant identification apps, do they work?  

Our resident botanist weeds through a few plant identification apps.

Designing an education for future generations  

Changing curriculum and teaching methods need new approaches to school design, does this mean a return to open plan?

Tips and tricks: knife sharpening  

Food writer, broadcaster and author Tim Hayward gives us his tips for a good, sharp knife.

Farewell to my garden  

When you move house, you not only say goodbye to a home, but often to a garden as well.

The good knife  

We explore the intricate world of the cooking knife with British author Tim Hayward.

Science and the megacities of the future  

Powered by poo and pedestrians? Design meets science in our future cities.

On the snail trail  

How do you rid your gardens of those pesky creatures- the common garden snail?

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