Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast

Blueprint for Living - Separate stories podcast


The whole program cut up into separate stories - allows easy skipping from one story to the next so you can pick and choose.


Design Icons: Philippe Starck  

What can you make of a designer who says that everything he's designed is absolutely unnecessary?

Cronuts, cookie dough, dude food, what are we thinking?  

Is being a faddie better or worse than being a foodie?

The power of a well-cut uniform  

Who doesn't love a good uniform? We look back at some of the Australian classics.

The godfather of Tasmanian whisky  

Hand-crafted Tasmanian whiskies are taking the world by storm and Bill Lark was the man who started it all.

Chido Govera on food and hope  

What role can food play in the fight against poverty?

Sense of Place Katherine Scholes  

Australian author Katherine Scholes' childhood was one most of us could only read about. Born in Tanzania, she spent most school holidays on safari as her medico father treated the local lepers. She tells how the African childhood and the loss of her homeland as 10 year old inspired her to become a writer.

Tips and tricks: harnessing the benefits of ants and spiders  

Penny Woodward explains the important role spiders and ants play in your garden.

Chairs and the cultivation of design  

What is it about the chair that continues to inspire designers?

The crusade for the perfect cuppa  

Tea is now hip and speciality tea shops are popping up faster than you can say oolong. We go in search of the perfect cuppa and hear some fascinating facts along the way - did you know for example that, like wine, tea has terroir?

Sense of Place: Ashley Hay on the Brisbane River  

Writer Ashley Hay takes us to the banks of the river that winds its way through her city.

Design icons: the thong  

The story behind the unofficial star of Australia's national costume.

Tips and Tricks: Anjum Anand's tandoori  

British food writer Anjum Anand shares her tips for getting tandoori just right.

The golden ratio in design  

The golden ratio or divine proportion is a ratio that defines a recurring relationship between a larger element and a smaller subset of that element.

The bathroom through time  

In our latest instalment on the history of the modern home, Georgina Downey delves into the design evolution of the bathroom.

From mother's ruin to hipster heaven  

Tasmania's gin scene is producing world-class winners.

Building for comfort in the sky  

As we increasingly build skywards in both our residential and commercial buildings, how do we build in 'comfort' into our building codes?

For the love of sake  

There's more to sake than tea-warm rocket fuel: it's a world of subtlety.

The romance of the sleeper train  

Author Andrew Martin takes us on a tour of the golden age of the sleeper.

Design Icons: Goetheanum  

Rudolph Steiner's foray into architecture, his headquarters the Goetheanum

A garden of succulents  

We head out to a garden where succulents rule supreme.

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