Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast

Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories: Join Michael Cathcart and Sarah Kanowski for ABC Radio National's Books and Arts: Australia's only national broadcast devoted to literature and the arts. Published Mondays to Saturdays.


150 years of the Victorian College of the Arts  

In celebration of its 150 years, we broadcast from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, to find out what it's like to go to art school today.

Right Wrongs: Flora and fauna  

Aboriginal people did not have basic human rights. 

Story arcs in fiction according to artificial intelligence  

Computers can't write novels yet, but they have been used to classify the most common story arcs in fiction. Lewis Mitchell is a mathematician from Adelaide University who's been involved in this research.

Australian fantasy writer Margo Lanagan on Singing My Sister Down  

Australian novelist Margo Lanagan talks about her collection of short stories Singing My Sister Down which draws on the macabre, fairy tale tradition.

Paul Capsis stars in Cabaret  

Acclaimed Australian performer Paul Capsis stars as the menacing and charismatic emcee of the hit musical, Cabaret.

The Life and Times of Martin Sharp  

'While we all loved Martin, he was world's worst houseguest': Joyce Morgan's biography of psychedelic artist Martin Sharp.

Gwen: a fictional biography of artist Gwen John  

"For Gwen there was nothing besides her art...she was unbelievably single minded in her focus": Goldie Goldbloom on her fictional biography of early 20th century Welsh artist Gwen John.

Robert Dessaix on The Pleasures of Leisure  

Robert Dessaix on the charms of leisure; of doing nothing and something at the same time.

Claire Fuller's novel Swimming Lessons  

Claire Fuller’s novel Swimming Lessons follows the tides of four lives, with delicacy and mystery.

Obit: the art of writing a life  

The documentary Obit takes viewers behind the scenes at the New York Times obituary department.

The rise of Australian books in China  

In 2016, China became the top overseas market for Australian book rights deals. What opportunities are there for Australian authors in the Chinese market?

Yewande Omotoso's novel of post-Apartheid South Africa  

The Woman Next Door is set in post-Apartheid South Africa and is about two 80 year old women, one black, one white, both rich and both very grumpy.

Michèle Roberts' novel of South London  

In The Walworth Beauty, novelist Michèle Roberts slips between the street's of London's poor in the 1850s, and present day South London.

The Justin Art House Museum  

Meet the couple who share their Melbourne home and their taste in art with the public.

Can white people sing black gospel?  

African American gospel has influenced just about every genre of contemporary music, but should white people be messing with it?

Art for art's sake at the 57th Venice Biennale  

It's Venice Biennale time and the theme Viva Arte Viva shouts art for art's sake.

Arrernte stories shine bright at NT Writers’ Festival  

The Northern Territory Writers' Festival, which brings together writers from Central Australia, across Australia and internationally, is just about to open in Alice Springs.

Subverting stereotypes through poetry  

Omar Sakr, a bi-sexual Arab Australian poet, challenges negative stereotypes of Arab Australians in his debut collection of poetry, These Wild Houses.

Top Shelf: Joanna Murray-Smith  

Acclaimed Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith with her Top Shelf favourites.

Women in Pop; a new magazine about female-fronted music  

This month a new Australian music magazine Women In Pop is hitting magazine stands.

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