Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast

Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories: Join Michael Cathcart and Sarah Kanowski for ABC Radio National's Books and Arts: Australia's only national broadcast devoted to literature and the arts. Published Mondays to Saturdays.


Latin American Book Club: Juan Gabriel Vásquez, The Sound of Things Falling  

Planes, bombs, civil society and relationships: many things fall in this complex Colombian novel.

Why is this work a self-portrait?  

This shimmering work by Indigenous artist Tjungkara Ken is a finalist in this year's Archibald Portrait Prize. What makes it a self-portrait?

MIFF: There Will Be Blood soundtrack  

Hugh Brunt conducts the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in a live performance of the game-changing soundtrack to acclaimed film There Will Be Blood.

The Omega Project  

In Melbourne, an abandoned weatherboard house has been transformed into a beautiful piece of art work, just before it gets bulldozed to make way for a new housing development.

H(A)PPY by Nicola Barker  

In her latest novel, English novelist Nicola Barker takes us to a future where everyone is so plugged into the digital information stream they have become its mindlessly cheery tools. All except a girl called Mira A. She just can't get with the program.

Book to Film: A Monster Calls  

A Monster Calls by young adult author Patrick Ness has been adapted to the screen by director JA Bayona. How do the film and the novel compare?

Arena Theatre Company's Trapper  

Trapper, a new theatre work for young adults, pits four performers against each other and asks: are we in control or are we being controlled?

Vale Dr G Yunupingu  

We discuss the life and work of Dr G Yunupingu, one of Australia's greatest musicians, who has died aged 46.

Hokusai, creator of the iconic Great Wave image at the NGV  

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by the 19th century Japanese artist Hokusai is an image that appears on just about everything from emojis to tattoos to place mats and it's now on display at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The 2017 Helpmann Awards  

Everyone's a winner, babe. A wrap of the Helpmann Awards.

An eight year old listener responds  

We heard from an eight year old who heard one of her favourite authors on the show

Between life and death: the strange, funny world of Coma Land  

A new play by Will O'Mahony tells a story of fathers, daughters, a party-planner and a panda - all trapped in a world between life and death.

Improvisational jazz and spoken word poetry project: Daydreamer Wolf  

Afghani refugee, visual artist, and poet, Elyas Alavi will debut an improvisational jazz/spoken word poetry project Daydreamer Wolf for Music SA's Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.

Anna Spargo-Ryan's new novel, The Gulf  

Somewhere on the coast of South Australia, the gulf between these characters looms large. But Skye and her little brother Ben stick together.

Why is the art from the APY lands so good?  

We travel to remote communities in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands of South Australia to find out these tiny art centres are producing such phenomenal contemporary art.

Colum McCann's Letters to a Young Writer  

Don’t be a dick: this is not a conventional self-help book, author Colum McCann with his tips for new writers.

Sera Waters' ghostly embroideries  

Adelaide artist Sera Waters' delicate but dark embroideries investigate the role that women played in the colonisation of South Australia.

Salvador Dali remains exhumed  

The remains of celebrated surrealist painter Salvador Dali are being exhumed to test the paternity claims of Spanish woman Pilar Abel.

Hanif Kureishi's 'The Nothing'  

Hanif Kureishi's latest novel, The Nothing, asks what is left of us when youth, beauty and power are gone.

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