Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast

Books and Arts - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories: Join Michael Cathcart and Sarah Kanowski for ABC Radio National's Books and Arts: Australia's only national broadcast devoted to literature and the arts. Published Mondays to Saturdays.


Book to film adaptation: Silence  

Martin Scorsese's latest film Silence is based on a book by the Japanese author Shusaku Endo. How does the adaptation compare to the book?

Cartoonist Eaten Fish ends hunger strike  

Iranian asylum seeker and cartoonist Eaten Fish, who is currently being held in immigration detention on Manus Island, ends his 19 day hunger strike.

Queen of the felt-tipped marker  

For more than 20 years, the Australian artist TextaQueen has used the humble felt-tipped pen to create her playful artworks about race, gender, sexuality and identity.

Cotter by Richard Begbie  

Richard Begbie is an Australian author and farmer. His book tells the story of an Irishman named Garrett Cotter who arrives in Sydney as a convict and forms an unlikely friendship with an Aboriginal leader.

The Vinyl Frontier: Vocal Groups  

James Lee and Michael Munson delve into the ABC Sound Library in search of the very best works that feature vocal groups!

Triple treat: Jasper Jones comes to the big screen  

The 2009 bestselling novel Jasper Jones is now a film starring Toni Collette and Hugo Weaving.

Viet Thanh Nguyen The Refugees  

What could be more timely than thoughtful fiction about what it means to be a refugee in America?

The beguiling life of a concert pianist, Edward Cahill  

Australian concert pianist Edward Cahill grew up in a Queensland country pub and made a life for himself as a classical pianist entertaining the wealthy and artistocratic elite of England and Europe. Music historian Michael Moran is Cahill's grand-nephew. Moran shares rare recordings of Cahill playing Chopin and tells us they reveal that the Australian was a master performer.

Kathryn Heyman's novel Storm and Grace  

How long can you hold your breath, how deep can you dive, how far will you go in a relationship?

Mr Takahashi (and other falling secrets): a play about the 1942 bombing of Darwin  

A chorus of girls onstage chant out the names of lost businesses and families and lives from the Darwin of seventy-five years ago.

Heard This and Thought of You:  Michael Leunig  

Heard This and Thought of You is a collaboration between two musicians and nine writers, which celebrates the evocative power of music.

The Gabriels: Election year in the life of one family  

The trilogy of plays charts one family's story during the US election campaign.

Exhibition showcases homeless artists  

Between the Lines is an art exhibition by homeless artists in Melbourne.

Jaipur Literature Festival in Melbourne  

The Jaipur Literature Festival, one of the biggest writers festivals in the world, lands in Melbourne.

Born to Run  

Bruce Springsteen is been one of the biggest names in rock music. What keeps him - and his fans - so enthusiastic?

Single Asian Females on stage  

Single Asian Female, the first play written by writer Michelle Law, is a comedy about a Chinese-Australian mother living on the Sunshine Coast and her two daughters.

Supercell Dance Festival  

A new dance festival takes its inspiration from the intensity and rejuvenation of a tropical storm.

China's One-Child Policy told in powerful new play  

A new play at the Malthouse Theatre, called Little Emperors, explores the emotional fallout of China's One-Child Policy.

Linda Neil's memoir in songs  

All is Given is a memoir about the role of travel and music in the life of Australian writer Linda Neil.

Fiction in the post-truth era  

In the era of 'alternative facts' and 'post-truth', what is the role of fiction: the lie that tells the truth?

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