Books and Authors

Books and Authors

United Kingdom

This podcast features Open Book and A Good Read. In Open Book Mariella Frostrup talks to authors about their work. In A Good Read Harriett Gilbert discusses favourite books.


Gail Honeyman and Nell Stevens  

Gail Honeyman, Nell Stevens and Angie Thomas on the Book She'd Never Lend

Writers' memoirs, the libraries of Timbuktu and George Eliot  

Richard Beard and Bella Pollen discuss their memoirs and a discussion on George Eliot.

Paula Hawkins and F. Scott Fitzgerald  

The Girl on the Train writer Paula Hawkins talks about her new novel Into The Water

Lisa McInerney, regional writing and a postcard from Cuba  

Lisa McInerney on her new novel, Blood Miracles and a discussion on regional writing

Luiza Sauma and Easter reading  

Luiza Sauma on her book Flesh and Bone and Water and books for Easter.

A Good Read 28 March 2017: Will Self & Rachel Johnson  

Will Self and Rachel Johnson talk about their favourite books with Harriett Gilbert.

Balli Kaur Jaswal, Alison Macleod and Ra Page  

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows and Elan Mastai on literary soothsaying.

A Good Read 21 March 2017: Chris & Xand Van Tulleken  

Doctor twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken talk to Harriett Gilbert about favourite books.

George Saunders discusses his new book Lincoln in the Bardo  

George Saunders, Nina Lorez Collins, Harper Collins archives and favourite books

A Good Read 14 March 2017: Harriet Harman & Pete Paphides  

Harriet Harman and Pete Paphides champion their favourite books with Harriett Gilbert.

Helen Dunmore and Fiona Kidman on the Book I'd Never Lend  

Helen Dunmore discusses her new book, Birdcage Walk.

A Good Read 7 March 2017: Tony Robinson & Andi Oliver  

Tony Robinson and Andi Oliver recommend great books to presenter Harriett Gilbert.

A Good Read 28 February 2017: Craig Brown & Pippa Evans  

Harriett Gilbert talks great books with Craig Brown and Pippa Evans.

Mohsin Hamid, North Korean literature and Editor's Pick  

Mohsin Hamid discusses his new book, Exit West and North Korean short stories

A Good Read 21 February: Murray Lachlan Young & Deborah Frances-Wood  

Harriett Gilbert talks to Murray Lachlan Young & Deborah Frances-White about good reads.

Dorthe Nors, Nadiya Hussain, age gap relationships and vampires  

Nadiya Hussain discusses the book she'd never lend.

A Good Read 14 February 2017: Lionel Shriver & Mae Martin  

Lionel Shriver, author, and Mae Martin, comedian, talk books with Harriett Gilbert.

Joanna Trollope, literature from the Mid West and African romance fiction.  

Joanna Trollope discusses her new novel, City of Friends.

A Good Read 7 February 2017: Victor Adebowale & Rachel Unthank  

Lord Victor Adebowale and musician Rachel Unthank join Harriett Gilbert to talk books.

A Good Read 31 January 2017: Alan Carr & Melanie Sykes  

Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes talk with Harriett Gilbert about the books they love.

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