Borders Radio

Borders Radio

United States

Audio stories about borders by the people who cross them.


Yazmin and Paco  

When Yazmin was six years old, she crossed the border from Mexico into Texas with her mom for fear of their lives. Time after time, they wonder if that decision was the right one.


Go with Nicole on her journey along the border between the known and the unknown.

Pillow Fight  

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I thought it wouldn't be that different. I was wrong.

The Journey  

Jen and Nate decide to hike the Appalachian Trail together, but what they imagine it will be like doesn't match the reality.

Parents Don't Have Roommates  

Megan is excited to go on her class field trip to the county courthouse. But while she's there, she finds something that she's tried hard to keep secret.

Charme's Transition  

Charme churns through the rough St. Louis Public Schools while she is going through her gender transition.

Lucy Puts Friede to Rest  

Lucy plans and leads pet funeral ceremonies. When her dog Friede dies, she leads her ceremony.

Christine's First  

Christine navigates love and romance as she grows up.

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