Box of Neutrals

Box of Neutrals


Michael Lamonato, Rob James, and Peter McGinley valiantly attempt to create 30 minutes of approximately F1 radio that is both vaguely informative and mildly amusing, often failing spectacularly on both counts. Heard on ABC Grandstand and Phuket LIVE 89.5.


BoN 2017/25 — Midseason Break Pt 2  

We look back at the good, bad, and IndyCar of the 2017 Formula One season, after which Peter McGinley reflects on his brief career in community journalism and his new haircut.

BoN 2017/24 — Midseason Break Pt 1 with Dieter Rencken and Trent Price  

We bring in the first week of the enforced midseason shutdown with Dieter Rencken and Trent Price in a discussion about the seismic movements in the broader motorsport world while Peter McGinley talks about Pringles.

BoN 2017/23 — Hungarian GP Review  

We speculate about Paul di Resta’s rapid rise back to F1 after some people became ill, Robert Kubica's single-day test becomes more noteworthy than an entire grand prix, and we ask McGinley what he thinks about halo.

BoN 2017/22 — Hungarian GP Preview  

Box of Neutrals gets Kubica fever ahead of his first modern F1 car test, Rob asks Peter more about his digestive system than you'll ever need to know, and Michael goes to Magyarország for the nagydíj.

BoN 2017/21 — British GP Review  

Peter says he's allergic to work, Michael makes the show's first reference to Jerome d’Ambrosio's in many years, and Rob catastrophically attempts to pronounce Magyar Nagydij.

BoN 2017/20 — Austrian GP Review & British GP Preview with Dieter Rencken  

Feat Dieter Rencken. Peter gets excited about schnitzels, Rob eschews the radio microphone for your common or garden-variety mobile telephone, Michael is still in Europe — but he's not in Mykonos — and Dieter renckens McLaren-Honda might not be over yet.

BoN 2017/19 — Austrian GP Preview  

Sebastian Vettel's visit to the FIA this week has been all the rage, so naturally we spend most of our time talking about Jolyon Palmer and Robert Kubica, at least one of whom isn't a Formula One driver. We don’t confuse Austria for Australia.

Box of Neutrals 2017/18 — Azerbaijan GP Review  

Michael makes travel plans based on the wrong calendar, Rob learns to spell Azerbajian (sic) and Peter confesses to a concerning story about his conduct at a 60th birthday party — and none of them sideswipes a car in the process.

BoN 2017/17 — Azerbaijan GP Preview  

In a week of the letter K, we wade through Monisha Kaltenborn's split with Sauber, the race in Baku and the 2018 F1 Kalendar, and Peter McGinley tells a very boring story to prepare for a probably boring Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

BoN 2017/16 — Canadian GP Review  

In perhaps our least relevant episode of the year Peter is obliged to respond to a barrage of your #AskMcGinley questions. Michael and Rob, who did actually watch the race, ask whether McLaren-Honda is cooked, and we don’t talk about Jacques Villeneuve.

BoN 2017/15 — Canadian GP Preview with Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. We preview the Canadian Grand Prix — or, for Australian fans, the disgusting breakfast diet grand prix. We have an unusually optimistic chat with Dieter Rencken for Whadaya Rencken, and Peter tries his hand at hardware sales.

BoN 2017/14 — Monaco GP Review  

We wonder whether Kimi Räikkönen inherited Lewis Hamilton's tag of most #robbed driver in the Monaco Grand Prix before discussion devolves into nostalgia about suburban bread factories.

BoN 2017/13 — Monaco GP Preview  

BoN13: unlucky for some? Rob catches a cold, Michael gets 1996 and 2004 confused, and Peter still doesn't have his licence. We try to talk about the Indianapolis 500 but end up talking about fast food instead.

BoN 2017/12 — Spanish GP Review  

The Spanish Grand Prix overperforms, Red Bull Racing underperforms, and Peter McGinley refuses to perform — unless there's a bazooka-fired T-shirt in it for him. We pay credit to a classic TV show soundtrack.

BoN 2017/11 — Spanish GP Preview with Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. We talk fake bribes, Jenson Button's fake motivation, and fake improvements to F1 car liveries, plus the elusive 'KFC Zinger Replay' also makes a fleeting cameo for no real reason.

BoN 2017/10 — Russian GP Review with Trent Price  

Trent Price from eRacing Magazine stands in for Rob James to review a Russian Grand Prix that can only be described as 'a race', and Peter McGinley considers the need for electrified fences in Formula One.

BoN 2017/09 — Russian GP Preview  

We commemorate the one-year anniversary of Daniil Kvyat's survival in the face of Helmut Marko, and Peter requires gratuitous use of the censor tone while butchering your selected excerpts from famous scripts.

Once you've heard Peter's renditions, visit the website to review the original in all their obviously inferior glory (and uncensored swearing).

BoN 2017/08 — Bahrain GP Review  

Peter discovers a sound effect called 'sound effect' in the database, so we revive an age-old and deeply outdated radio game to name it, and we buy a personal supply of Fernando Alonso tin hats after his third successive DNF.

BoN 2017/07 — Chinese GP Review & Bahrain GP Preview  

With Dieter Rencken. Peter McGinley brings back an Irish gift for Michael and Rob, who are shocked he managed to smuggle it through customs. Dieter Rencken lays into Honda in our monthly political segment Whadaya Rencken.

BoN 2017/06 — Chinese GP Preview with Trent Price  

Michael flies to China, where he isn't arrested for associating with Peter McGinley; Pete flies to Ireland, where there is no grand prix; and Trent Price joins Rob for the Chinese GP preview, where he is subjected to obscure Australian TV references.

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