Box of Neutrals

Box of Neutrals


Michael Lamonato, Rob James, and Peter McGinley valiantly attempt to create 30 minutes of approximately F1 radio that is both vaguely informative and mildly amusing, often failing spectacularly on both counts. Heard on ABC Grandstand and Phuket LIVE 89.5.


BoN 2016/35 — United States GP Preview & Murray Walker  

With Murray Walker. This episode requires no further description.

Hear the full Murray Walker interview by subscribing to ABC's Motor Mouth podcast, featuring Box of Neutrals's own Michael Lamonato alongside Yassmin Abdel-Magied —

BoN 2016/34 — Japanese GP Review feat. Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. Mercedes wins the world championship, Lewis Hamilton escalates his Snapchat addiction, and staff members at Dieter Rencken's hotel are forced to listen to a conversation about Formula One in the lobby.

BoN 2016/33 — Malaysian GP Preview & Japanese GP Review  

Peter McGinley delivers Lewis Hamilton a championship pep talk, Michael consider the advertising value of tattoos on Formula One drivers, and Rob makes branding changes to the programme without ABC consultation.

BoN 2016/32 — Malaysian GP Preview  

Not much happens ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix, so Formula One gets excited about slight changes to the camber of a racetrack and Peter McGinley tells a slanderous story to liven the mood.

BoN 2016/31 — Singapore GP Review  

Peter McGinley rediscovers his love for the not-V8 Supercars while Michael and Rob engage in some Small Conversation™. Formula One is referenced on several occasions in this episode.

BoN 2016/30 — Singapore GP Preview  

We display our embarrassing lack of music knowledge, Peter McGinley writes off his chances of earning a superlicence, and the ABC inaugurates the exciting new radio game 'Moustache or nose hair?'.

BoN 2016/29 — Italian GP Review & Commercial Rights Sale feat. Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. In order of importance: Peter McGinley is back; CVC Capital Partners sells Formula One's commercial rights to Liberty Media, about which we ask Dieter what he Renckens.

BoN 2016/28 — Belgian GP Review & Italian GP Preview  

Peter McGinley goes on his midseason break, bankrupting Felipe Massa of confidence and sending him into retirement. Michael and Rob discuss the effect of football hooliganism on motor racing, but the Herald Sun doesn't buy it. 

BoN 2016/27 — Belgian GP Preview  

With the return of racing for the Belgian Grand Prix upon us after the F1 midseason break, we ask the question no-one else will: is Lewis Hamilton a weather god?

BoN 2016/26 — Midseason Break Pt II  

Michael returns from his trip to find Peter has become a QC and Rob has forgotten the names of some Formula One drivers despite Box of Neutrals being a largely F1-based programme. Nothing else of interest happens.

BoN 2016/25 — Midseason Break Pt I feat. Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. Peter McGinley finds a new theme, Rob James talks about his dry lips, and Michael Lamonato asks Dieter what he Renckens about European trucking logistics.

BoN 2016/24 — German GP Review  

Rob is accused of hijacking his own show, Peter is accused of panelling without a licence, and Michael is accused of disrespecting the boot.

BoN 2016/23 — Hungarian GP Review & German GP Preview feat. Craig Scarborough  

With Craig Scarborough. Michael interviews respected technical expert Craig Scarborough to Budapest's most glamorous F1 hot spot, Peter talks about soiled pants, and Rob reminisces about radio news themes of eras past.

BoN 2016/22 — Hungarian GP Preview  

Rob makes more references to radio personalities from other stations than is probably reasonable, Peter McGinley makes more references to Neighbours, and Michael makes reference to Fernando Alonso's marital status.

BoN 2016/21 — British GP Review feat. Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. Michael is mistaken for Peter by a Dutchman, Peter makes some political jokes, and Rob makes an unsolicited reference to the Beatles, but none of this matters because this is a radio show and therefore probably banned by the FIA.

BoN 2016/20 — Austrian GP Review & British GP Preview  

Peter returns from Macau, where he tells us there's a famous race sometimes held; Michael travels to a UK fish and chips shop to attempt to reverse Brexit, or, failing that, for the grand prix; and Rob gets his fix of Lyndsay Buckingham for the season.

BoN 2016/19 — Austrian GP Preview  

Peter McGinley is replaced by the Peter McGinley 1000™, Michael and Rob argue about what Europe is, and we revisit what Dieter Renckened about the Brexit effect on Formula One.

BoN 2016/18 — European GP Review  

Formula One pre-empts Brexit by hosting a European Grand Prix outside Europe, Michael and Rob pre-empt the boring race review by talking about Le Mans, and Peter McGinley pre-empts going home by trying to wrap up #AskMcGinley before it starts.

BoN 2016/17 — Canadian GP Review & European GP Preview  

Peter thanks Rob and Michael for allowing his to tweet the Canadian Grand Prix, we trial an intra-show honesty system, and this week's Ask McGinley concerns the price of beef.

BoN 2016/16 — Canadian GP Preview feat. Dieter Rencken  

With Dieter Rencken. Peter McGinley voluntarily signs up to run the #ABCF1 twitter commentary for the Canadian Grand Prix. We ask Dieter what he Renckens about Rengines, which will make marginally more sense after listening.

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