Why Are There So Many Different Kinds of Milk?  

Christian explains the difference between common types of milk, looking at calories, fat and the rest of their composition.

What Happens When You Get Ringing In Your Ears?  

Tinnitus is what makes your ears ring after a loud noise. And it's really annoying.

Why Do We Get Brain Freeze?  

We all know what an ice cream headache feels like. Christian's here to explain why they happen. It involves temperature (duh), nerves and lots of blood.

What is Synesthesia?  

It’s true – some people hear colors, or taste words. But what produces synesthesia?

Why Is It So Difficult To Chug A Gallon of Milk?  

It's one of the strangest - and potentially grossest - challenges out there. But what happens when you drink milk? Why does it make you throw up?

How Does Vocal Fry Work?  

You’ve probably heard people complaining about vocal fry, and you’ve certainly heard it used in conversation, but what causes it? Christian explains the science of fry and creak in this episode of BrainStuff.

How Does Aspirin Work?  

How does aspirin target your pain? The plants that aspirin were derived from have been used as medicine for about 6000 years, we finally discovered how it works in 1971, and Christian explains it to you now.

How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The World?  

Christian explains what goes into calculating how long it would take to traverse the globe on foot, and tells us about some intrepid explorers who've tried to do it.

How Does Déjà vu Work?  

Ever gotten the strange feeling that you’re repeating an experience? Researchers have over 40 theories about what’s going on in the brain during déjà vu, and Christian is here to explain the most popular ones.

How Does Crooke's Radiometer Work?  

Christian explains the science behind this seemingly magical gizmo.

What the Heck is GDP?  

GDP, GNP – what does it all mean? Jonathan explains what economists mean when they bring up these common economic indicators.

What Determines Your Hair Color?  

There's a lot of natural variation in the color of human hair. What's the physical explanation for the difference?

Why Is Bacon Considered A Breakfast Food?  

Sure, everyone knows that bacon and eggs are a traditional breakfast - but why? Listen in to learn how Freud's nephew invented PR and changed the way America eats breakfast.

What Are Brain Orgasms And ASMR Whisperers?  

Christian delves into the euphoric sensations of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and reveals what triggers it and how science has responded so far.

The Way We Think About Sugar Is Going To Change  

The FDA recently changed their Nutrition Facts label to include added sugars. But why?

How Do Erasers Erase?  

Erasers lift our mistakes right off the page, but it's not magic - it's the microscopic physics of stickiness.

Why Do Some People Faint At The Sight of Blood?  

Christian explains the science of why people faint at the sight of blood.

Do Crosswalk and "Close Door" Buttons Really Do Anything?  

Are the buttons we push to cross streets, close elevator doors, and nudge the office thermostat really connected to anything? Some aren’t! Learn how these placebo buttons (don’t) work.

How Is An Autopsy Performed?  

When you need someone to exam a corpse to determine a cause of death, how do they conduct the autopsy?

Why Do Helicopter Blades Look Weird On Video?  

Helicopter blades and other fast spinning objects often produce strange effects on camera. Christian explains why.

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