Are Stupid People More Confident?  

We've all heard about the supposed relationship between confidence and knowledge - but is it true? Two researchers think they've found the answer.

How Does Saliva Work?  

Your saliva makes things taste great while killing bacteria and helping digestion.

What Causes Red Eye In Photos?  

How can a camera's flash make your eyes glow red? Tune in to learn how it works -- and how to prevent it.

Why Do Men Have Deeper Voices?  

Christian explains why male humans' voices generally get lower than female humans' during puberty.

Why Are Honey Bees Disappearing?  

Honey bees are vanishing? But why?

How Do TV Ratings Work?  

The future of your favorite TV shows hinges on their ratings – but what is a rating, and where does it come from?

How Do Car Horns Work?  

The next time you honk your car horn at that jerk who cut you off, you’ll understand how it uses physics to get the job done.

What is Russia's "Dead Hand?"  

We’ve all seen movies with supervillains building catastrophic Doomsday devices – but has anyone ever built a real one? Join Christian to learn how the Cold War led to the most dangerous nuclear system in history: Russia’s legendary – and terrifying – Dead Hand.

What Causes the Northern Lights?  

There are many misconceptions about what causes the Aurora Borealis when it really requires solar winds, magnetic fields and excited atmospheric gases.

What Is White Noise?  

Christian defines what white noise actually is and how it's used to mask other annoying sounds.

Do Supplemental Vitamins Actually Work?  

A vitamin a day keeps you healthy to play. Or does it?

How Does Night Vision Work?  

For the vast majority of international travelers, a passport is a necessity. But why?

Why Do I Need A Passport To Travel?  

For the vast majority of international travelers, a passport is a necessity. But why?

How Do Bed Bugs Work?  

These insects live in your bedroom, drink your blood and stain your sheets. How do you get rid of them?

What If The Moon Disappeared?  

Without the moon, how would Earth's environment be affected? Would we survive?

What is "Ranch" Flavor?  

A plumber in Alaska invented a bizarre condiment that launched a multimillion dollar industry, and today ranch is the most popular salad dressing in the US. But what exactly is this stuff?

What Is Fracking?  

You’ve heard of fracking, and you’re pretty sure lots of people don’t like it, but do you know how it actually works?

The Science of Glow Sticks  

What do fireflies, TVs, neon signs, and glowsticks have in common?

Does Your Name Determine Your Future?  

How much does your name actually matter? Are some names going to make you rich, while others make you poor?

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