Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville debuts as host of her own podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. Glanville interviews star guests, dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip! She also gives listeners behind the scenes access to Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Want to listen on your mobile device? Users with Android-based phones can download the free PodcastOne app via the Google Play Store - & - iPhone users can download the free app directly from the iTunes App Store. Just search for the PodcastOne app.


Marissa Hermer  

Laides of London star Marissa Hermer joins Brandi to talk about her new daughter, handling her co-stars, why she came to LA, and how the show will continue while shes away from London. Plus, Brandi and Will go over Donald Trumps inauguration.

Dean Sheremet - Episode 126  

Brandi and cooking partner Dean Sheremet give you a taste of what's in store on their new show My Kitchen Rules. There's plenty in store for audiences, including possible inappropriate touching, arguments in the kitchen, and how they worked together. Plus, Dean's upcoming projects.

Holiday Recap and a New Show - Episode 125  

Brandi and Will recap their holidays. Brandi has a broken hand, growing children, and a new show coming to Fox!

Laurel House - Episode 124  

Dynamite Dating coach Laurel House joins Brandi in studio to talk about their time on Famously Single, how to embrace your true self in the dating world, getting around our damage and mental blocks, why it's great to date single parents, and overcoming our pasts.

Sophie Simmons  - 123  

Sophie Simmons joins Brandi in studio and chats about Sophie's Place, her work for child abuse prevention, embracing your body type, her time in reality TV, being the kid of famous parents, and writing music for others and for herself.

Adrienne Janic  - 122  

Brandi and her bestie Adrienne Janic chat about her show Competition Ready, her knowledge of cars, their friendship, and how she's stayed happily married for 15 years. Plus, Brandi's Holiday plans and a Christmas gift for Will.

Ladies of London  - 121  

Ladies of London Juliet Angus and Caroline Stanbury join Brandi on the phone. They talk to her about their time on the show, being best friends, and being more sophisticated than Housewives. Plus, Brandi's wild weekend in Vegas!

Anjelah Johnson - 120  

Comedian Anjelah Johnson joins Brandi in studio. They talk about her new Christmas EP, Christmas sweaters, being an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader, getting started in LA, Plus, a Thanksgiving recap and clearing the air over an Instagram post.

Lisa Ann Walter and Rosa Blasi - 119  

Brandi is joined by hosts of the Chick Show podcast Rosa Blasi and Lisa Ann Walter. They talk about the recent election, how porn is poorly affecting the younger generation, their divorces, talking about sex with our kids, and their new podcast.

Catching Kelce's Lauren and Veronica PLUS Comedian Zane Lamprey - 118  

Brandi with Lauren and Veronica, two more ladies from E!'s Catching Kelce, chat about their times on the show, their relationships with Travis, and living in the house with all the other girls. Then she talks to comedian Zane Lamprey about his drinking show Three Sheets, his Adventure Hoodie, and his Rum company.

BGU - Derek Parker - 117  

Gay Porn star Derek Parker and his husband Lee join Brandi in studio and nothing is off the table. They talk about how he got into the industry, being married, what he plans to do in the future, and how to stay safe in the business.

BGU - Lala Kent - 116  

Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules joins Brandi to talk about her time on the show. They also talk about the hypocrites on reality TV, drinking and doing TV going hand in hand, and her latest projects going on after the show.

BGU - Siggy Flicker  PLUS Anika Reitman and Avery Schlereth - 115  

Brandi chats with Anika Reitman and Avery Schlereth from E!'s Catching Kelce. They talk about their experiences on the show, not starting drama, what Kelce is like, and working with the other girls. Plus, we get a call in from Real Housewives of New Jersey's Siggy Flicker. She talks about being a loving and calm cast member, how she gets along with the other housewives, how to live your life to the fullest, and avoiding toxic people.

BGU - Dr. Chris Donaghue - 114  

Doctor of Clinical Sexology and Human Sexuality Chris Donaghue joins Brandi in studio! He talks about taking over Loveline with Amber Rose, whether or not to reuse sex toys, and working with couples as a sex therapist. Also learn why he feels there is no such thing as sex addiction and the kind of pushback he receives for recommending sex as therapy.

BGU - Jessimae Peluso - 113  

Brandi welcomes comedian Jessimae Peluso to the studio. They talk about the comedy of our current political situation, making funerals funny, her comedy tour, Bill Clinton's boob grabbing, and getting rid of True Religion clothing.

BGU - Amy Phillips - 112  

Brandi and actress/comedian Amy Phillips about making a job out of watching reality TV, the housewife happenings today, her Sirius radio show, and Brandi on the Beverly Hills reunion.

BGU - Karrine Steffans - 111  

Brandi and guest Karrine StefFans talks about an alleged affair which never happened, the dangers of slut shaming, and being open to sex and love. Plus, Brandi's exciting Bel Air Hotel experience.

BGU - Talking...It's Like Therapy - 110  

Brandi and Will clear the air and catch up, using talking as therapy. Watching people throw up, making up fake stories for real people, teaching your kids how not to go to jail, everything is on the table!

BGU - Jackie Schimmel - 109  

Brandi and Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible chat about how she started her blog, Jackie's favorite TV shows, celebrity reactions to her writing, love for Britney Spears, being rejected by dating apps, and bad experiences with Uber drivers.

BGU - Dr. Darcy Sterling - 108  

Dr. Darcy Sterling calls in to the show to talk about the importance of relationship therapy and how it can help keep us from falling apart. They also go over her course, the Relationship Boot Camp. Plus, Brandi's wine safari adventure!

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