Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville debuts as host of her own podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. Glanville interviews star guests, dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip! She also gives listeners behind the scenes access to Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Want to listen on your mobile device? Users with Android-based phones can download the free PodcastOne app via the Google Play Store - & - iPhone users can download the free app directly from the iTunes App Store. Just search for the PodcastOne app.


Courtney Stodden  

Model and actress Courtney Stodden and Brandi talk about getting married at 16, separating from her husband, her upcoming book Blonde and Blue, and what the future holds.

Somaya Reece and Lady Luck  

Somaya Reece and Lady Luck from Bravos First Family of Hip Hop join Brandi to talk about their show, making sure you own your own content, how Somaya started and expanded her business, and their recording work together.

Jamie Lee  

Actress and Comedian Jamie Lee joins us in studio to talk about her new book Weddiculous. Why are weddings so ridiculous? Learn how to chill the heck out when you get married and take things in stride.

Dorothy Wang  

Rich Kids of Beverly Kills star Dorothy Wang joins Brandi in studio and they discuss her diet and fitness, her time on the show, joining Famously Single season 2, what her family thinks of her being on the shows, and if Brandi would go back to Housewives.

Katherine Ryan  

Comedian Katherine Ryan and Brandi talk about her new stand up special Katherine Ryan: In Trouble, her move from Canada to the UK, the spreading of fake news, dating comedians, and the common ground of reality TV.

Sibley Scoles  

E!'s Sibley Scoles joins Brandi in studio to talk about her new show The Battle of the Ex Besties, how she got started, and her background in broadcast journalism. Plus, they recap the Grammys and their favorite moments.

Sabrina Soto  

HGTV's Sabrina Soto joins Brandi in studio to chat about her baby Olivia, having her line at Target, the glory of removable wallpaper, debating on having a second kid, her work on TV, and whether or not they should marry again.

Parents Just Don't Understand  

Brandi's parents are visiting and they join her in studio to talk about not playing favorites, what it was like growing up with Brandi, bailing her out of being arrested, her style choices, and moving out at 16.

Carrie Keagan  

Brandi and guest Carrie Keagan talk about her new book, how she started her business, her time on the new Celebrity Apprentice, reading your own audio book, and what it means to be a free, stand alone woman.

Marissa Hermer  

Laides of London star Marissa Hermer joins Brandi to talk about her new daughter, handling her co-stars, why she came to LA, and how the show will continue while shes away from London. Plus, Brandi and Will go over Donald Trumps inauguration.

Dean Sheremet - Episode 126  

Brandi and cooking partner Dean Sheremet give you a taste of what's in store on their new show My Kitchen Rules. There's plenty in store for audiences, including possible inappropriate touching, arguments in the kitchen, and how they worked together. Plus, Dean's upcoming projects.

Holiday Recap and a New Show - Episode 125  

Brandi and Will recap their holidays. Brandi has a broken hand, growing children, and a new show coming to Fox!

Laurel House - Episode 124  

Dynamite Dating coach Laurel House joins Brandi in studio to talk about their time on Famously Single, how to embrace your true self in the dating world, getting around our damage and mental blocks, why it's great to date single parents, and overcoming our pasts.

Sophie Simmons  - 123  

Sophie Simmons joins Brandi in studio and chats about Sophie's Place, her work for child abuse prevention, embracing your body type, her time in reality TV, being the kid of famous parents, and writing music for others and for herself.

Adrienne Janic  - 122  

Brandi and her bestie Adrienne Janic chat about her show Competition Ready, her knowledge of cars, their friendship, and how she's stayed happily married for 15 years. Plus, Brandi's Holiday plans and a Christmas gift for Will.

Ladies of London  - 121  

Ladies of London Juliet Angus and Caroline Stanbury join Brandi on the phone. They talk to her about their time on the show, being best friends, and being more sophisticated than Housewives. Plus, Brandi's wild weekend in Vegas!

Anjelah Johnson - 120  

Comedian Anjelah Johnson joins Brandi in studio. They talk about her new Christmas EP, Christmas sweaters, being an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader, getting started in LA, Plus, a Thanksgiving recap and clearing the air over an Instagram post.

Lisa Ann Walter and Rosa Blasi - 119  

Brandi is joined by hosts of the Chick Show podcast Rosa Blasi and Lisa Ann Walter. They talk about the recent election, how porn is poorly affecting the younger generation, their divorces, talking about sex with our kids, and their new podcast.

Catching Kelce's Lauren and Veronica PLUS Comedian Zane Lamprey - 118  

Brandi with Lauren and Veronica, two more ladies from E!'s Catching Kelce, chat about their times on the show, their relationships with Travis, and living in the house with all the other girls. Then she talks to comedian Zane Lamprey about his drinking show Three Sheets, his Adventure Hoodie, and his Rum company.

BGU - Derek Parker - 117  

Gay Porn star Derek Parker and his husband Lee join Brandi in studio and nothing is off the table. They talk about how he got into the industry, being married, what he plans to do in the future, and how to stay safe in the business.

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