British Council - LearnEnglish - Elementary Podcas

British Council - LearnEnglish - Elementary Podcas


LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts are for learners at Elementary level or who are who are trying reach CEF Level A2 (Council of Europe Framework of Reference).


Podcast 01  

Elementary Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess and Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new.

Podcast 10  

This episode sees Gordon return from an adventurous break making a documentary about whales. In 'Your turn' the question this week is about superheroes and superpowers. Catch up with Carolina as she heads home for the holidays and top it all off with some tips from Tom the teacher who's talking about strong adjectives.

Podcast 09  

This episode, Ravi is thinking about giving up his Spanish lessons, Pete talks about his grandfather's watch, Carolina goes out for a meal and Ravi tells a joke about a cure for hiccups. Tom the teacher talks about question tags, useful phrases connected to travel and... "wow!"... interjections.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 8  

This episode, Ravi is planning his holiday, Tim talks about fell running, Carolina has a problem...

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 7  

Talking about a bad day, Bath, computers and computing, the biggest problem facing humanity, Carolina goes away with some friends, joke, 'rather', 'oops' and 'about'.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 6  

Persuading people to do things, Zaha Hadid, comparing things, complaining about bad service,...

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 5  

Reacting to good news, Formula One, ball games, telling the truth, Carolina takes a jacket back to a shop, joke, 'everybody' and 'nobody', 'actually'.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 4  

Being sympathetic, chocolate, places in a city, ways of wasting time, Carolina has lunch with Jamie's parents, joke, present continuous, 'portmanteau' words.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 3  

Asking for and giving advice, meditation, things and places in airports, space exploration, Carolina meets Jamie's parents, joke, 'too' and 'very'.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 2  

Talking about restaurants, Einstein, verb collocations, shopping, Carolina speaks to her tutor, joke, 'say' and 'tell'.

Learn English Elementary Series 2 - Episode 1  

The second series of the Elementary Podcasts is now live with a great new look and a user-friendly design.Users will be happy to know that the characters Tess and Ravi, Carolina and Tom the Teacher from the first series are back. Carolina will be blogging regularly on the site and you can follow Tess and Ravi in Facebook and on Twitter.

Learn English Elementary Podcast 9  

Making plans for the weekend, Matt Groening; phrases that go with different verbs, the Indian film industry, the perfect holiday, Carolina makes dinner for her friends, 'make' vs 'do', 'yourself'

Learn English Elementary Podcast 8  

Asking for a favour, David Attenborough, numbers quiz, Christmas in Prague, best and worst things on TV, Carolina in the pub, time prepositions, British measurements

Learn English Elementary Podcast 7  

Talking about family, Dr. Muhammed Yunus, quiz, taxis in Cairo, "What's the best way to travel?", in the chemist, 'look' vs 'sound', false friends

Learn English Elementary Podcast 6  

Talking about travel problems, Frida Kahlo, Think of a word beginning with '...', Kazakhstan, 'How green are you?, the word 'like', neutral and informal words

Learn English Elementary Podcast 5  

Talking about pets, Didier Drogba, Think of a word beginning with '...', New Zealand, cats or dogs, joke, regular and irregular verb forms

Learn English Elementary Podcast 4  

Talking about how people are feeling, Bob Marley, Hot Seat, Bun Festival in Cheung Chau, books vs films, British money, joke, etc.

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