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Episode 6 - What Ghosts Leave Behind  

Episode 6 takes a look at the case as a whole, things we might have missed, and we talked to someone who may offer us the missing link as to what happened to Cole Atkins. The season finale looks to answer the questions posed in the first episode; the who, the what, the when, the where, the why, and of course, the how.

Episode 5 - Dimensions  

Episode 5 takes a closer look at Cole’s obsession with a certain popular novelist and how that may have played a part in his disappearance. We hear the final part of the Sylvester Woods interview where I try to figure out what was really going on at Revolver.

Episode 4 - The Woods  

This episode takes a closer look at Cole's co-worker at Revolver Industries, Sylvester Woods. We take a look at his family, their secrets, and how this relates to his relationship with Cole Atkins.

Episode 3 - Conspiracy Theories  

Episode 3 takes a look into the possible theories surrounding the disappearance of Cole Atkins. We hear from those closest to him, including someone who worked with him at Revolver, someone who may hold the key to unlocking everything.

Episode 2 - The Disappearance  

Episode 2 takes an in depth look into the disappearance of Cole Atkins, his family, his place of work, and the detectives involved in the case. Where did they go wrong and could they have done more?

Episode 1 - The 5 W's  

Edmonton, Alberta, 1997. A devoted family man goes missing while working for a upstart research company named Revolver industries. Despite a thorough investigation, no evidence was ever found. We talk to his friends, his family, and past co-workers to help give us some insight into what might have happened, where he went, why people might have wanted to harm him, and what the company he worked for really up to?

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