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Donald Miller's 7 memoirs have collectively spent more than a year on the New York Times best-sellers list. But recently he's found a new passion; helping other people tell the story of what they are passionate about. Through his company StoryBrand, he has helped over a thousand businesses, non-profits and personal brands clarify their message to create better websites, email blasts and marketing material. He's convinced most people and brands have NO IDEA how to talk about themselves. Every episode is designed to help you think and communicate clearly so you can have a greater impact. Season 1 includes conversations with Dave Ramsey, Scott Hamilton, Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Michael Hyatt, and many others.


#21: Amy Porterfield—4 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing  

If you’re trying to run and grow a business, you know you’re going to need smart marketing tactics to get you to the next level of success.

The trouble is, there is SO MUCH information out there. And not all of it can be trusted to actually work for you.

So I’m thrilled to have Amy Porterfield joining me on the Building a StoryBrand podcast this week. She’s an actual expert on all things digital marketing, and she has four ways you can dramatically improve your online marketing strategy, no matter what level you’re at today. Give it a listen!

#20: Miles Adcox—6 Characteristics that Will Make You an Emotionally Strong Leader  

Can we be real with each other? Leading a business packs a big emotional punch. The stress of the day-to-day. The immense pressure to succeed. The isolation at the top. The strangeness of managing an image.

It’s a heavy burden to carry around -- and it takes a toll on us.

That’s why it’s critical to care for your inner life and develop your emotional intelligence. If you do, you can forge a great home life and company culture. If you don’t, you can destroy it all.

I’m thrilled to have Miles Adcox joining me for this week's episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast. He’s the CEO of the therapeutic retreat center Onsite, and he’s been helping leaders with this unique burden for over a decade.

Miles has a six-part guiding framework that can help you create and sustain emotional fitness as a leader. It will change your company culture -- but more importantly, it will change people’s lives, including your own.

We talk a lot at StoryBrand about growing your business, but you can’t do that without growing yourself, too. Start with this week's podcast!

#19: Nicole Walters—4 Surprising Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Better at Selling  

Entrepreneurs, listen up. If you want to bust through that revenue plateau, you’ve got to get good at selling -- even if you don’t think of yourself as a salesperson.

We’re pleased to have Nicole Walters of The Monetized Life joining us on this episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast. She quit her job as a top-selling corporate exec and built a million-dollar lifestyle business in a year. (Whoa.)

Listen and discover four surprising strategies that we as entrepreneurs can use to dramatically improve the way we approach selling.

If you’re ready to take a more disciplined, intentional approach to sales and finally move the needle for your business, don’t miss this episode!

#18: Jon Gordon—4 Inspiring Principles to Develop More Grit  

As business leaders, we throw the word “grit” around a lot.

It’s hard work, resilience, and toughness all rolled into one.

But where does grit come from? And how can we tap into it to improve our companies and our lives?

In this episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast, I sat down with Jon Gordon to talk about it. He shared four principles with me to help us develop more grit.

And this guy knows his stuff. His principles of motivation and success have been tested and proven by pro sports teams and Fortune 500 companies. I really want him to go help out my Seahawks, but I digress.

Give this episode a listen today. I know you’re going to discover something about yourself that’ll make you and your business more successful.

#17: Ryan Deiss—4 Simple Ways to Make Your Marketing More Persuasive  

What do you offer your customers?

Sure, you’ve got a product or service.

But really, you offer your customers some kind of transformation. And when you fully understand this “before” and “after” journey of your customers, you can reach them on a whole new level.

In this episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast, we learn exactly how to map out our customers’ transformation. Donald Miller talks with Ryan Deiss, the mastermind behind Digital Marketer, to talk about a simple four-part process you can do in an afternoon to make your marketing exponentially more persuasive.

#16: Rory Vaden—5 Revolutionary Strategies That Will Maximize Your Time  

Did you wake up this morning and ask, “What am I going to get done today?”

Or did you say, "How can I use my time today in a way that makes tomorrow better?"

If we really want to accomplish our big goals while keeping our priorities straight, we need to be asking the second question -- and working toward it every day.

This week on the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Rory Vaden, the NYT bestselling author and cofounder of Southwestern Consulting, to talk about the five strategies we can use to make smarter decisions with our time.

Spoiler alert: these aren’t technology tools and hacks. These are revolutionary ways of thinking that will help you transform your productivity from the inside out.

#15: Christy Wright—5 Ways Entrepreneurial Women Can Thrive and Win Big  

Starting a business comes with plenty of challenges. And women face a unique set of them as they become entrepreneurs.

To help, Donald Miller sat down with Christy Wright, founder of Business Boutique. And we’re kicking off the third season of the Building a Story Brand podcast by discussing 5 game-changing insights for entrepreneurial women.

Christy sees the most common struggles women face in business. And she’s helped guide the success of thousands of female entrepreneurs through her wildly popular seminars. In this podcast, she shares five powerful insights women can use to develop as entrepreneurs.

If you’re dreaming about starting a business, trying to get one off the ground, or building an empire, don’t miss this episode.

Minisode: How to Use Processes that Scale Your Business Big Time  

Are key tasks falling through the cracks as your business grows? It's a common problem for entrepreneurs as they scale up their business. And it's very fixable with the help of today's mini-episode of the StoryBrand podcast.

We’re talking about processes — regular, linked tasks that help your business accomplish key goals. Donald Miller and StoryBrand CEO Nigel Green unpack the three areas of your business that need established processes. Plus, they share ideas for processes that will make an immediate impact in how you run your business.

You wouldn't want to board a plane if the pilot didn't have processes in place, would you? Your customers feel the same way about your business. Set up these processes today to make your business more efficient.

Minisode: 7 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Working  

Is your website like Teflon or Velcro?

In other words, when someone visits your site, do they get confused and slide right off? Or do they find plenty of hooks and stick around?

In today’s mini-episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Nigel Green and J.J. Peterson to discuss 7 reasons websites fail to engage visitors and create sales. This checklist will help you quickly spot parts of your site that visitors find unclear, unconvincing, or just plain boring.

Listen today and discover the small (but mighty!) tweaks you can make this week to address these common mistakes. We know you’ll see a substantial lift in your website’s performance when you do.

Minisode: The Problem with Multiple Revenue Streams (And How to Fix It)  

If you’ve been in business awhile, you’ve probably got a variety of revenue streams from multiple products or services. How can you connect the dots so existing customers who bought one thing from you understand all the other ways you can help them?

In this “minisode” of the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller, J.J. Peterson and Nigel Green talk about one simple idea to unite all your revenue streams in such a way that your customers easily understand everything you offer. Try this and you can turn a single purchase into a lifetime of value.

30 Proven Ways to Make Any Product More Valuable  

A $10 Timex and a $10,000 Rolex do the same thing -- tell time. But there’s a vast difference in their perceived values.

That’s what Donald Miller and his team are talking about in today’s minisode of the Building a Story Brand podcast.

When you increase your product’s perceived value, you create more loyal customers and eliminate the need to slash prices. To help us, the wonderful eggheads over at Harvard Business Review have organized 30 aspects of “value” into The Elements of Value Pyramid.

It’s one of the most useful business tools we’ve seen in years.

Listen today and start using this powerful resource to write stronger sales copy, launch a new product, or pass up the competition.

Minisode: What Strong Leaders Do When Emotions Run High  

Most of us don’t like to admit it or show it, but the workplace is an emotional place. We’re mixing people, performance, and money together -- what could go wrong?!

In this “minisode” of the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Miles Adcox of Onsite, a therapeutic retreat center, to talk about emotional fitness in the workplace.

Miles shares a quick and practical strategy you can use when emotions run high at work (or anywhere, really). It’s called an “emotional body scan,” and it helps you plug into what’s really going on in an emotional or stressful situation so you can respond with composure and grace.

Minisode: 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Hiring a Sales Rep  

If you’re an entrepreneur and you haven’t hired a salesperson yet, this “minisode” of the Building a Story Brand podcast is for you. Donald Miller and Nigel Green are going to help you avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make in the sales department.

Hiring a salesperson can feel scary. But after you listen to this, you’ll have a clear roadmap to get the right person on board at the right time and exponentially grow your business.

Minisode: How to Tell People What You Do in 3 Easy Steps  

When someone asks you what you do, do you have a clear, concise "one-liner" to explain it? Or do you talk in circles and confuse the heck out of whatever poor soul asked you?

In this “minisode” of the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller, J.J. Peterson and Nigel Green talk about the 3 aspects of writing a one-liner that will help others easily understand what you do. With this in hand, you’ll be able to unify your team, amplify your marketing, and grow your business much faster.

#14: Jeff Walker—Secrets of a Successful Product Launch  

You can launch a product online with hope. Or you can launch it with a plan.

In the Season 2 finale of the Building a Story Brand podcast, Donald Miller talks with Jeff Walker, digital marketing pioneer and creator of the wildly successful Product Launch Formula. Jeff shows us how to make our marketing more successful by treating it like a can't-miss event. Listen in and discover the strategies that have earned Jeff's students an estimated 400 million dollars and counting. If you're starting a business or struggling to make sales online, don't miss this episode!

#13: Brian Clark—How to Win Big With Content Marketing  

Would you propose on a first date?   Of course not, but that's how many businesses approach marketing. You get a lead and immediately start asking for the sale.   In this episode of Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller talks with Brian Clark of Copyblogger about a better way to approach sales — with a strong content marketing strategy.   He'll show you exactly how to understand your customer, forge a relationship, and build trust — all by sharing your expertise for free.   Best of all? We get into the specifics of how to transform that trust into sales over time.   If you know it's time to start or improve your content marketing, but you're not sure what to do next, this episode will take all the mystery out of it so you can build a stronger business with content marketing.

#12: Ben Crane—5 Habits of People Who Win Big (Even Under Pressure)  

If we approached our jobs the way professional golfers approach theirs, we'd all be millionaires.   Meet Ben Crane, a PGA Tour golf pro consistently ranked among the world's best. Behind every stroke, he's packed countless hours of discipline, planning, intention, and sheer grit. When the pressure is on, he knows how to deliver.   Thing is, the five habits Ben employs to excel at golf don't only work for golfers. They'll help you win big in any area of your life. Listen and discover how to hit your loftiest goals, whether they're for your business, your health, or your personal life.

#11: Ken Blanchard—How to Cast a Vision So People Listen  

We have mantra at StoryBrand: ​if you confuse, you'll lose.​   We say it in reference to customers, but it's also true for your team. Businesses don't just falter because they lack a vision. They falter because the employees don't truly understand what that vision is.   As a leader, your job is to make sure everyone on your staff knows where your company is going and how they can help it get there.   In this episode of Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller sits down with Ken Blanchard, the legendary leadership expert and author of ​The One Minute Manager, to talk about how to lead so people listen.   He shares a three-part approach to crafting, sharing, and maintaining a powerful vision for your entire company. He'll inspire you to start communicating differently with your team, and you'll have a more mobilized, effective, and unified staff to show for it.

#10: Toi Sweeney—Is Your Professional Wardrobe Hurting Your Business?  

Like it or not, we all judge each other by our appearances. What you wear makes an instant impression on your customers. It's up to you to define what that impression is.   In this episode of Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller sits down with Toi Sweeney, an award-winning image and style consultant. She shares the must-have pieces men and women need in their wardrobes to communicate success. You'll discover how to use color, fit, and style — on any budget — so your clothes always work for you, not against you.   With her advice, you can makeover your professional wardrobe in a few hours, feel more confident, and stand out for all the right reasons.

#9: David Salyers—3 Ways to Deliver Value and Delight Your Customers  

Ever struggled to keep your customers coming back? Donald Miller talks with Chick-fil-A's VP of Brand Activation, David Salyers, to discuss how the beloved fast-food chain has built a multi-billion-dollar business by dazzling its customers.   In this episode of Building a Story Brand, you'll discover how to put Chick-fil-A's powerful customer-centric principles to work in your own business. And when you do, you'll have more repeat business, better word of mouth, and lower advertising costs. If you're serious about customer service, don't miss this episode!

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