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Donald Miller's 7 memoirs have collectively spent more than a year on the New York Times best-sellers list. But recently he's found a new passion; helping other people tell the story of what they are passionate about. Through his company StoryBrand, he has helped over a thousand businesses, non-profits and personal brands clarify their message to create better websites, email blasts and marketing material. He's convinced most people and brands have NO IDEA how to talk about themselves. Every episode is designed to help you think and communicate clearly so you can have a greater impact. Season 1 includes conversations with Dave Ramsey, Scott Hamilton, Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Michael Hyatt, and many others.


#58: Craig Ross—What Happens When Your Team Takes These 7 Simple Steps? Big Things!  

Do you and your team members suffer from DSD — Distracted, Stressed, and Disconnected? 

Sure, you believe in what your team is doing. And you believe in the people on your team. But it feels like no matter how hard you all work, the results keep eluding you.

Worse, you go home exhausted and give your family the only thing you’ve got … leftovers. You’d love to find a way to turn your team around, but how?

On the podcast this week, Donald Miller interviews Craig Ross, one of the authors of Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact.  

Craig is wanting teams to get big results without losing their souls. He’ll take you through 7 essential steps teams must execute to do extraordinary things while making DSD a thing of the past. When your team has heart, you’ll not only get the job done, you’ll become legendary within your company and your family.

#57: Anthony Iannarino—Energize Your Sales Abilities With These 7 Expert Tips  

Are you in a sales slump? What if I told you the reason for your lagging sales isn’t the fluctuating market. Neither is it your product or company. It’s not even the competition. Top sellers across various industries and companies prove that sales performance isn’t situational.

The key to sales success is you.

This is good news because you can start making money right away with some key adjustments to how you sell. By learning the behaviors, attitudes and a few vital skills of the aces in the industry, your revenue stream will skyrocket.

Sales expert Anthony Iannarino joins Donald Miller this week on the Building a StoryBrand podcast. As author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, Anthony is going to reveal the secrets of star salespeople who consistently outperform their peers.

If you’re tired of wasting time at the office and are ready to become a true sales pro, listen to this episode and take your sales abilities to the next level.

#56: David Covey and Stephan Mardyks—7 Traps That Can Tank Your Success (And How to Avoid Them)  

Running a company can sometimes feel like a treacherous journey.

A bad financial decision will cost you a ton of money. If you don’t give enough attention to your relationships, you might lose your family. And a lack of focus sucks away precious time.

It’d be so much simpler if you had a map to guide you through it. Some sort of blueprint to show you where you might fall so you can avoid the hassle of trying to dig your way out.

That’s why I’m thrilled about this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast with David Covey and Stephan Mardyks, co-authors of Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success. In this episode, they highlight the major traps business leaders slip into and show you how to steer clear of them.

Listen now so you can avoid these common pitfalls and save time, money and your relationships.

#55: Seth Godin—5 Huge Paradigm Shifts that Will Change the Way You Do Marketing  

This week, we’re honored to welcome Seth Godin to the Building a StoryBrand podcast. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last fifteen years, you recognize Seth Godin as a preeminent influencer in the marketing world.

And in an industry that can be so noisy, cheesy, and in-your-face, Seth’s thinking stands out. It’s deep and it’s well-reasoned. And it’s humanistic, affirming at its core that marketing is ultimately about people and the relationships we build with them.

In this conversation, Donald Miller and Seth Godin cover a lot of ground, including:

*How to ship your projects quickly without sacrificing quality
*Why the old models of marketing are failing and what it takes to succeed today
*The psychology behind why people buy (most of us miss it)
*The perils of not understanding the world we’re marketing in
*Why now is an ideal time to be a creative person

At every point in the conversation, Seth challenges us to think differently about marketing. And when we do, we’ll find a massive opportunity to set our businesses apart and make more meaningful connections with our customers. Listen now!

#54: The Best of 2017 (So Far), Part 2  

If you want to grow your business, of course you’ve got to get the everyday stuff right: product quality, customer satisfaction, marketing, personnel, logistics, etc.

But there’s more to success than those elements. To see the right kind of growth in our business, we also need to focus on our personal growth.

That’s why this week’s episode is designed to give you a moment of reflection this summer. In our second of two podcasts featuring The Best of 2017 (So Far), we’ve compiled the most powerful advice from our podcast guests for staying balanced and healthy while your business grows.

This week, listen to Part 2 of The Best of 2017 (So Far) as we highlight 5 key ways you can move forward professionally while staying balanced personally.

#53: The Best of 2017 (So Far), Part 1—5 Important Ideas Requiring Your Focus This Summer  

For these next two episodes, we’ve selected several excellent clips for you to revisit or catch up on what you may have missed. Summer is a time for recreation, rest and reflection. Because we’ve covered so much great content, we wanted to take some time to think back on what we’ve learned. Whether you’re on a vacation or staycation, mull over the highlights of what we’ve covered in 2017 and evaluate whether you’ve incorporated them into your business and your life.

Some principles are so essential, they need repetition and time to sink in. This is our way of making space for that to happen. Listen to this week’s episode as we recap the most important ideas from 5 of our most popular interviews.

#52: David Horsager—The 8 Pillars of Trust that Will Make or Break Your Business  

Why does trust matter so much in business?

In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we’re going to show you how to build trust in your company. Donald Miller interviews David Horsager, leadership speaker and author of The Trust Edge. David tells us that loss of trust costs us a lot, bringing skepticism, frustration, low productivity, lost sales, and turnover into our business.

Trust affects a leader’s impact and the company’s bottom line more than any other single thing. The good news is you can earn trust over time by building and maintaining these eight key pillars. Listen to this episode, learn how to form a trusting relationship with your team and your customers, and watch your bottom line increase.

#51: Molly Fletcher—6 Strategies that Will Help You Run Your Business Fearlessly  

What do elite athletes have that business leaders need? A fearless mindset. In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Molly Fletcher, a former sports agent who has taken what she’s learned from leaders in the world of sports to leaders in the workplace. Representing elite athletes during their sports careers has given Molly an insider view of what drives them to surpass the rest. She reveals that the best-of-the-best athletes have a fearless mindset. Listen to this episode and put some of these same fundamental habits to work for you in your business so you can achieve your maximum potential.

#50: Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz—How to Create a Mutually Beneficial Mentoring Relationship  

How did you get to where you are now in your business?

I’m sure you could list a lot of factors. But every successful business leader will always point to specific people in their lives who mentored them along the way.

Books and classes are powerful, but nothing can replace actual people stepping into your life to guide you.

In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz join Donald Miller to talk about mentorship. They share a process for mentoring that will help you begin a strong mentoring relationship, whether you need a mentor or want to become one.

The six elements they outline in their process (forming the acronym MENTOR) will show you how to begin a mentoring relationship that could make all the difference in another person’s life -- and in your own.


#49: Francis Jones—Are You Making These 8 Beginner Email Marketing Mistakes?  

If you haven’t gotten serious about email marketing, it’s time.

In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we’re going to take away the confusion behind getting started with email marketing. Donald Miller sits down with Francis Jones of Infusionsoft. Francis shares eight common email mistakes he sees beginners make when they start email marketing -- plus what to do instead. Listen to this episode and schedule an hour of time to implement even one of these ideas, and you’ll make a dramatic impact on your business.

#48: Caitlin Crosby—3 Powerful Lessons for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs  

Imagine you see a homeless couple on the side of the road holding a sign that says “Ugly, Broke, and Hungry.”

You stop to hear their story and take them out to dinner.

And before the last course is served, you’ve invited them to be your business partners.

That’s the story of Caitlin Crosby, the founder and creative visionary behind the company The Giving Keys and this week’s guest on the Building a StoryBrand podcast.

The Giving Keys employs people who are trying to transition out of homelessness to engrave keys with different inspiring words. You buy a key and wear it for awhile, and then you look for a chance to pass it on and pay it forward to somebody you feel needs the message on that key more than you do.

Caitlin’s story is remarkable for so many reasons, not the least of which is that she never set out to be a social entrepreneur. If you’re a creative person running a business or believe in the power of entrepreneurship to make a difference in the causes we care about, don’t miss this inspiring interview.

#47: Chris Anderson—6 Ways To Make Your Next Speech Absolutely Unforgettable  

Go on, admit it. If you’re a business leader, you’ve stayed up late binge-watching -- no, not Game of Thrones -- but TED talks.

And it’s totally understandable. TED talks take complex topics and present them in a way that everybody understands. There’s something about making things clear, regardless of what you're talking about, that the human mind engages. That’s the magic of TED.

This week on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Chris Anderson, the CEO of TED. Chris shares six principles that make a TED talk successful. If you need to communicate any big idea to a large group of people, whether it’s in a speech or a board meeting or a lecture, you’re going to find his advice invaluable.

#46: Luke Laird—An Inspiring Look at a Hit Songwriter’s Creative Process  

Can you be both a disciplined, focused business leader and a deeply creative person?

For us here at StoryBrand, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the worlds of creatives and business leaders overlap more than we might assume.

If you’re leading a business, you need to embrace your creativity. When you do, you’ll unlock levels of innovation and inspiration in your work that will give you a competitive advantage. And anyone who does creative work needs to focus and master their industry so their work gets the attention it deserves.

To help us as business leaders understand the creative process better, Donald Miller invited Luke Laird to join this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast. He’s a Grammy-award-winning producer and songwriter who’s penned 23 number-one hits for major country artists like Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, and Tim McGraw.

Whether you’re a business leader trying to embrace your creativity or an aspiring artist trying to make it, here are three takeaways from Luke Laird about the creative process. He also brought his guitar along to showcase some of his work, so make sure you give this episode a listen!

#45: Auntie Anne Beiler—4 Ingredients You Need to Grow a Successful, Purpose-Filled Business  

If you’ve ever smelled that warm and buttery smell in the mall, and minutes later, had an Auntie Anne’s pretzel in your hand, you’re not alone.

Auntie Anne’s has 2,000 locations in 26 countries. They’ve made 1.8 billion pretzels -- enough to go around the Earth 50 times. And their success is about a lot more than just that amazing smell.

Auntie Anne’s founder, Anne Beiler, is an incredible leader with a unique backstory. She joins Donald Miller on this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast to share the lessons she’s learned growing this company. Her story will inspire you in so many ways, especially if you’re passionate about personal growth and building a company with a greater purpose.

For a blog post summary of the episode with practical takeaways, visit

#44: Ernie Johnson—3 Life Lessons That Will Inspire You to Slow Down and Live Differently  

Is it possible to live a life of service and sacrifice even while pursuing a career that matters deeply?

When you look at the life of sportscasting legend Ernie Johnson, Jr., you can’t help but say yes.

On this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller sits down with Ernie Johnson. They share a heartfelt conversation about leading a life of significance and making room to help others, even while we pursue our careers.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode. The life lessons here are rich and hard and absolutely worth your time.

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your life and business.

#43: David McKeown—How to Predict Whether or Not Your Business Will Succeed  

What if there were a roadmap that showed you all the major milestones your business was going to hit as it grows? Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s coming next and how to navigate well?

That framework exists, and we’re going to explore it in depth on this week’s episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast. Donald Miller sits down with David McKeown of He and his father Les have developed this framework over decades, and they’ve seen it prove out in countless companies, regardless of their size or industry.

When you understand these seven stages, you’ll understand how to strike a perfect balance between innovation and processes. And when that happens, the success of your business becomes a lot more predictable.

Listen now and take the guesswork out of growing your small business.

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your business.

#42: Ian Cron—Can the Enneagram Make You a More Effective Leader?  

The better we understand people, the better leaders we’ll be.

And one of the best tools for understanding yourself and those around you is the Enneagram.

If you haven’t encountered it before, the Enneagram is simply an ancient personality framework. There are nine core types, and we tend to gravitate toward one of them in our youth as a way of coping with the world.

This week on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller talks with Enneagram expert Ian Cron about how to use this powerful framework to make both yourself and your business healthier.

They unpack each of nine personality types and then discuss how understanding the Enneagram can help you become a stronger, more empathetic leader.

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your business.

#41: Allan Heinberg—3 Powerful Takeaways Marketers Can Learn from a Master Storyteller  

What’s the most powerful tool in the world for captivating the human brain?

It’s storytelling.

As business leaders, sometimes we struggle to keep our audience’s attention for a few seconds. But storytellers have figured out how to keep an audience’s attention for hours. If we want to captivate our customers, we need to understand the art of storytelling.

So today on the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller talks with Allan Heinberg, one of the world’s most accomplished storytellers. He’s written for Grey’s Anatomy and Sex and the City and is currently the showrunner for Shonda Rhimes’ show The Catch.

In this episode, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom for how to captivate your audience of prospective customers. (There’s also a fair amount of geeking out about character development and the creative process!)

PLUS! Don’t miss the BONUS SEGMENT with musician Drew Holcomb. Drew stopped by our office to talk about the business of music and to play a couple of songs for us. Listen now!

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your business.

#40: Juliet Funt—The Brutal Cost of Overload and How to Reclaim the Rest You Need  

Most of us business leaders are glued to our phones. Work can feel all-consuming. We end each day fatigued and overloaded, and everything suffers as a result.

But life isn't supposed to look like this. We need what Juliet Funt calls “white space” -- strategic rests and pauses between our busy-ness.

This week, Juliet joins Donald Miller on the Building a Story Brand podcast, and she helps us understand the importance of these pauses for our work, the four big reasons we struggle with it, and what we can do to reclaim our rest and thoughtfulness.

This is an inspiring conversation, and the wisdom Juliet shares has the potential to give us better quality of work at the office and better presence with our loved ones at home. Don’t miss it!

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your business.

#39: Chris Zook—How to Turbocharge Your Company’s Growth with "The Founder’s Mentality"  

Why do some companies stay young, agile, and competitive, while others get bogged down and decline?

That’s the big question that this week's guest, Chris Zook, set out to answer. After years of research, he and his team at Bain Insights found three key elements that showed up in successful companies, and they called them “The Founder’s Mentality.” On this episode, Donald Miller sits down with Chris to understand how these three elements make a company healthy on the inside and create more profit and more impact on the world.

Listen now!

Get the worksheet that goes along with this episode at to help you apply what you learned in the interview to your business.

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