Bunker Buddies with Andie and Travis

Bunker Buddies with Andie and Travis


Join Andie and Travis every Wednesday as they take on every single Apocalypse scenario they (and you the listener!) can think of! They're not preppers, they're comedians so it'll probably get pretty silly. So, hunker in their bunker and let's survive this thing together! If you have thoughts on episode topics, want to give feedback or just want to be friends: Follow us on twitter @TravisandAndie! The Intro/Outro music is courtesy of Brentalfloss (www.brentalfloss.com). Our artwork is by the amazing Justin Russo!


Being Australian! w/ Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd  

Hello Buddies! How ya doin'? Doin' good? We sure hope so! We have a great episode for you this week! First, a very smelly Would You Rather! Then, Travis and Andie go over some holiday gift ideas for the pepper in your life! After the events at OSU earlier this week, we go over so Active Shooter basics. We are joined by Buddy in the Bunker Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd to discuss the benefits of being Australian and our ever changing Bug Out plans! Enjoy and don't forget to share with a friend!

Apocalypse Bar! w/ Stuart Wellington  

Hello Buddies! Welcome to a brand new episode! We talk a LOT about Thanksgiving survival. Tough conversations and family time can get us all down, but we've got your back! In WYP, hunger or thirst? You decide! We talk about "Ask For Angela" an inventive idea to help people stuck in a difficult situation. (Warning: this portion of the conversation includes discussions of rape and abuse) Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is Stuart Wellington, one of the co-hosts of the Flophouse! Stuart talks with us about bartending in the apocalypse and lessons you can learn from RPGs!. Enjoy Buddies, and don't forget to share!

Visas! w/ Kate Leth  

Hello Buddies! Welcome to a brand new episode of Bunker Buddies! First, a dadly update! We talk politics for awhile, be warned! Nothing too intense though! In WYR, stuck in space or stuck at the bottom of the ocean? Is there much difference?  Travis runs through some baby essentials for your go bag. Andie reviews a survival flashlight and a Batman survival tool. Our buddy in the bunker this week is Kate Leth. Kate gives us some insight on what it takes to get a visa and what Buffy can teach us about survival! Enjoy and remember to share, buddies!

New Dad! w/ Renee Colvert  

Hello Friends! So, Travis just has a newborn baby! He tells us the story as well as sharing some new parent survival wisdom! Renee Colvert joins Andie as the special guest host of the second half of the episode! They talk WYR: Leader or Follower? and Andie decides she just needs hugs too much! They talk scheduling, helper/hero dogs and high school memories. They also try a new freeze dried meal but never quite get round to reviewing it. Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Mud Hut! w/ Travis and Andie  

Hello Buddies! Travis is coming to you live from Porkopolis (CIncinnati!) and Andie is live from… well, her bedroom. But still, fun! In Would You Rather: Would you change the past? And as a BONUS Would You Rather: Would you take an amazing vacation that you wouldn’t remember? We have a second installment of Jerky Talk with Travis! We check out some Go Bag Swag in the form of The Pocket Stove! Join us as we view the Primitive Technology Youtube channel! Who is the Buddy in the Bunker this week? Why, it’s Travis and Andie! Join us as we talk pregnancy and motorcycles!

Beef Jerky! w/ Teresa McElroy  

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another great episode, we made it just for YOU! We sure do hope you like it! In this week's Would You Rather, what would you do if you got bit by a zombie? We have info for you regarding the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and how to prepare yourself for the next hurricane. Travis engages in a beef jerky taste test and reports all the scientific results to YOU! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is one of our FAVORITES! She's a smash hit podcaster, an amazing person and coincidentally Travis' wife! It's Teresa McElroy! She joins us to talk cannibalism, fashion and a lot more! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Potato Soup! w/ Ben Siemon  

Hello Buddies! We're back and we brought you a present from our travels: A REALLY GREAT EPISODE! First, in Would You Rather?, a discussion about the grossest meat! Also, Andie tells Travis all about CreepLA and ask the important question: Would You Do It? Then, Travis tries a cheddar potato soup mix made 4Patriots in this week's Snackpocalypse. Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Ben Siemon who joins us to talk horror movies and general scary stuff! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Dehydrated Eggs! w/ Sanden Totten  

Hello Buddies! It's a brand new episode, just for you! And YOU! And also YOU!!! It's for all of you! In this week's Would You Rather, car or bicycle? We try out some new Bunker Food: Dehydrated Eggs and Bacon! Also, we discuss zombie themed puzzle rooms in Would You Do It? Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is science correspondent Sanden Totten! Sanden shares the very real risks of apocalypse that could happen at any time! Enjoy and don't forget to share with a friend!

Solar Energy! w/ Tybee Diskin  

Oh Buddies! You are in for a real treat! We've got a great Would You Rather this week all about apocalypse pets! We also do a quick Q&A! But the real treat is when solar expert Lee Barats stops by to answer all our Solar Power questions! Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is our friend Tybee Diskin! It's a really great episode and we're happy to share it with you! Would you mind returning the favor and sharing it with your friends?

Bug Food! w/ Dave Neal  

Hello Buddies and welcome back for another great episode! In this week's Would You Rather: Jerry Can versus water bottles, which do you prefer? We've got a hand cranked phone charger and a solar panel charger and ask the all important question... Is It Worth It?! Join us for the Snackpocalypse as we try treats made with cricket powder and bars made with meat! Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is Dave Neal and he is NOT on board with eating stuff with exoskeletons! Enjoy the episode and don't forget to share with all your friends (that you want to survive the apocalypse!)

Resource Management! w/ Joseph Scrimshaw  

Hello Buddies! First, we wanted to make this clear: we LOVE the apocalypse. Like, we LIKE like the apocalypse. You can tell, because we do a whole show about it! In this week's Would You Rather, WYR square off against a werewolf or a vampire? In This Or That/Swagnarock/Is It Worth It? (we really need to nail down a segment title...) we test out and compare higher end and budget headlamps! In this week's Would You Do It, check out ZombieFunNearYou.org and the Nerd Out app! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Joseph Scrimshaw. Joseph joins us to chat Stranger Things, Zombie resource management and childhood survival! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Audition Apocalypse! w/ Lucky Yates  

Hello Buddies! Welcome to the Bunker! Enjoy the first from our MARATHON 5 EPISODE RECORDING DAY! This was a good one to start with folks, you're gonna love it! In Would You Rather, human but stupid mutants or animalistic mutants with a pack mentality? We try out a kid's 5-in-1 survival tool in the newly named Unboxalypse segment! You sent in your Q's and we give you some A's in this week's Audience Q&A! Also, you could attend this year's "Walker Stalker" cruise! We are joined this week by the amazing Lucky Yates (Archer, Good Eats) and it's amazingly fun! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Conspiracy Theories! w/ Katelyn Hempstead  

Oh, hello again! Come in, come in! Welcome back to the bunker! This week, Would You Rather be 5 degrees too hot or too cold at all times? We Field Test an emergency whistle, but we need YOUR HELP! We found a Zombie encounter event called The Mall in the UK that we think you should check out! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Katelyn Hempstead! Kathleen hosts an amazing conspiracy theory podcast and she shares some super interesting theories with us. Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Cheddar Larva! w/ Laurelly  

Buddies, we have got such a fun one fore you this week! First, we try out some cheddar dusted larva called "Larvits" and give you our review! This week's Would You Rather, trapped on  space station or underground? We research some new stuff For Your Go Bag including a solar hat, a multi purpose water bottle and a smart towel! Our Buddies this week are the smash hit improv team Laurelly made up of Lauren Pritchard and Kelly Vrooman. They tell us all about times they've been robbed, situational awareness and a scary date they went on! It's a great time! Enjoy and remember to share with friends!

New Format! w/ Jessica Zollman  

Hello Buddies! We have a surprise for you: A brand new format! We've got segments galore! We have Would You Rather: Red Dwarf edition! Trying Stuff Out: Zombie Tinder Candle! Go Bag Products: LED Matchbook Flashlights! Training Courses: Zombie Survival camp! And featuring Special Guest: Jessica Zollman! Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think of the new format!

Barter and Trade!  

Hello Buddies! We've got a new episode for you, but it's cost ya! One pack of waterproof matches and a bar of soap and we'll call it a deal! You see, after the apocalypse, money won't be worth the paper it's printed on! We'll need to trade and barter items that we actually use and need. Duct Tape? Ammunition? Water? Start stockpiling now so you can trade in the future! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Mailbag! (pt. 6)  

Hello Buddies! Hope everything is good on your end! Did you get a good night's sleep? We woke up nice and early to bring you all the answers to some of your questions! Would you rather deal with 100 Zombies or one Werewolf? Who do you eat first if you resort to cannibalism? What celeb would you want to survive with? What canned food is best? All these answers and more! Enjoy and don't forget to share.

Fireworks! w/ Charley Feldman and Abby Bolt  

Hello Buddies and Happy (Belated) Birthday America! Yes, it was the Fourth of July this week and that means one thing: FIREWORKS! Awesome Internet person Charley Feldman joins us to discuss the bombastic bangers! Fireworks can be beautiful, but they can also be very useful in the apocalypse! Useful or beautiful, they are also very dangerous. Every year, there are wildfire and injuries related to fireworks. We're joined once again by Andie's sister and wildland fire expert Abby Bolt to discuss the risks. Abby also gives us an update on the wild fires that occurred in the Bolt's home town. Take a listen and be sure to share!

Shark Attack! w/ Paul Sabourin  

Hey Buddies! There's something about this that just feels GOOD! We have no idea what it is, and we're probably imagining it! We're so excited this week to be joined by the hilarious and wonderful Paul Sabourin (of Paul & Storm) to discuss SHARK ATTACKS! They are not nearly as wide spread as pop culture would have us believe. In fact, if you follow some handy tips you can significantly decrease the risk! That said, attacks do happen and you'll need to know how to survive! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Extreme Heat! w/ Jimmy Wong  

Oh boy Buddies, it's soon hot out there! How hot is it?! ...really hot? We're not very good at those kinds of jokes. We're joined by actor and awesome person Jimmy Wong to talk about surviving EXTREME HEAT! Listen as Andie recounts a harrowing tale of sun poisoning! We also give some quick sun screen tips! Find out who is most susceptible to heat, what to do to avoid heat illness and what to do if you find yourself suffering! Also, why don't all theme parks have designated nap areas? Even more heat safety tips and Travis admits his love of electrolytes! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

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