Canada Reads from CBC Radio

Canada Reads from CBC Radio


In this annual title fight, five celebrity panelists defend their favourite work of Canadian fiction. One by one, books are voted off the list, until one panelist triumphs with the book for Canada to read this year.


Canada Reads 2016: Finale  

A rousing final debate ends with a nail-biting vote. Who will be declared winner of Canada Reads 2016?

Canada Reads 2016: Day Three  

Another novel was voted off the #CanadaReads bookshelf on Day 3, as panellists delve into prose, plot and character.

Canada Reads 2016: Day Two  

Sparks fly on day two, as panellists debate whether a Canada Reads book should be set in Canada.

Canada Reads 2016: Day One  

Day One of CBC's annual battle of the books kicks off!

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