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Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N


CBC Radio's Information Morning Cape Breton helps listeners better understand and explore the challenges in our island's future, remember their past and celebrate their neighbours' accomplishments.


Fr. Archie Memories  

Composing a portrait of a modern day saint. Inverness Oran columnist Bonny MacIsaac is looking for your stories and memories about Fr. Peter Archibald MacLellan, better known as Fr. Archie, he served in Inverness for almost 30 years.

Jane Paul Mi'kmaq Women's Resource Centre  

We get a window into the life of a woman from Eskasoni First Nation who has known drug addiction and who has worked the streets in Sydney, but who has found help and comfort at the Jane Paul Mi'kmaq Woman's Resource Centre in Sydney.

Cuff on Coal Bowl Cancellation  

Our sports columnist Charlie Cuff reflects on the cancellation of the 36th edition of the Coal Bowl National High School Basketball Classic due to the current work-to-rule stalemate between the NSTU and the provincial government.

Autism Service Dog  

A Boy And His Dog... Raising a child with autism has challenges. We meet Jen Halliday from Southside Boularderie who now has help... from a service dog named Dana... that they're training to work with her 9 year old son, Ciaran.

Grounded Tanker Arca 1 Removed  

The grounded tanker Arca 1 off Little Pond was removed and towed to Sydport. To learn what happened yesterday and what's next for Arca 1, we ask Chris Kirby, salvage master for McKeil Marine, and Keith Laidlaw, senior response officer with the Coast Guard

Grounded Tanker Arca 1 - Mac MacKay  

With the grounding of the Arca 1 off Little Pond, Mac MacKay, an industry watcher and well-known blogger about the shipping industry in Nova Scotia, says officials need to take more responsibility for keeping ships--and communities--safe.

Transition House and Housing  

Reporter Joan Weeks has more on the new challenge facing Transition House in Sydney and the women it serves. With housing options in CB limited, some women are staying at Transition House longer or returning to violent relationships out of necessity.

Leonard Cohen Talk @ McConnell Library  

Delving into the last disc by Leonard Cohen... Retired Professor Richard Keshen from CBU invites you to join him tonight at the McConnell Library in Sydney to discuss 3 specific tunes from Cohen's last album. Professor Keshen offers a preview.

Tanker MV Arca 1 Aground  

A steady stream of people ventured to the cliff's edge on Beachview Drive in Little Pond to see for themselves, the small bunkering tanker, MV Arca 1 that had run aground. We hear from the Canadian Coast Guard, and from one of the curious.

CBU Contract Talks  

Contract discussions between Cape Breton University's faculty and administration have broken off, meaning professors could soon be on the picket line. First up, the Faculty Association's Andrew Reynolds, and then, CBU's Interim President Dale Keefe.

Port Development - Jim Wooder  

Some councillors have suggested they were pressured at a recent meeting regarding port development. One of the businessmen who attended the December 19th meeting is Port expert Jim Wooder, he offers his thoughts on the deal.

Year-Ender 2016 - Brenda Chisholm-Beaton  

Our series of year-end interviews continues... Billy Joe MacLean loomed large over Port Hawkesbury during his time as Mayor, today, we chat with NEW Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton about how she hopes to grow into the role.

Jim St. Clair - Nova Scotia's First Lieutenant Governor  

As the country looks ahead to the 150th anniversary of Confederation, our community historian Jim St. Clair looks back to Confederation and recalls the story of Nova Scotia's first Lieutenant Governor in this edition of "Then and Now".

Cape Breton Credit Union  

Banking on a merger... The Steel Centre Credit Union in Sydney and the Coady Credit Union in Glace Bay have now officially opened as the new Cape Breton Credit Union. CEO Gary Forsey talks about why the 2 entities have teamed up.

Year-Ender 2016 - Strait Area Chamber of Commerce  

Taking Care of Business... The Executive Director of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, Amanda Mombourquette, talks about how she and her members saw 2016 and what they hope for in 2017, in our year-end interview series.

Year-Ender 2016 - CBRPS Chief Peter McIsaac  

Hail To The Chief... Peter J. McIsaac is Chief of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service. As part of our series of Year-End interviews, Chief McIsaac reflects on the year that was for his police force in the CBRM.

Sock Monkeys and More  

Toying with Success in New Waterford. Meet Dale and Sherrie Kearney, owners of "" -- makers of original, handmade sock monkeys -- who have big plans for Canada's 150th birthday and the Canada 150 logo on their products.

Year-Ender 2016 - Poverty In CB  

In our series of year-end interviews with the kind of people who influence the public dialogue in this community, meet two people who work with, or have experienced, homelessness. Peggy Vassallo of CB Community Housing, and Davin Lee who's been homeless.

Year-Ender 2016 - Sydney and Area Chamber  

We examine the year behind us and look ahead a little bit in our series of year-end interviews with some of the people who influence public discussion and decisions. Today, Rob Matheson, President of the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce.

Impaired Driving  

This time of year, police roadside checks for impaired drivers are common. Driving under the influence is socially unacceptable, but the Regional Police say they see it almost daily. Reporter Holly Conners experiences a mock impaired driving arrest.

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