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Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N


CBC Radio's Information Morning Cape Breton helps listeners better understand and explore the challenges in our island's future, remember their past and celebrate their neighbours' accomplishments.


CBRM Budget Talk  

Police Chief Peter McIsaac, Mayor Cecil Clarke and Councillors Ray Paruch, Amanda McDougall and Kendra Coombes discussed at length the capital and operating budgets of the CBRM, both of which have been passed for 2017/2018.

Law on Bill 75  

Strike One. As Nova Scotia teachers strike for the first time in the province's history, we spoke with Mel Norton to discuss the legality of the Liberal's Bill 75 that aims to end the teachers' work to rule.

Mi' Kmaq Pardon  

Righting a wrong. Today the province will pardon the late Mi'kmaq Grand Chief Gabriel Sylliboy, who was convicted of trapping out of season in 1927. We spoke with Grand Keptin Andrew Denny regarding his thoughts on his great great grandfather.

DOT / CBRM Storm Update  

The Department of Transportation and CBRM Public Works Department speak about how road crews are dealing with the snow we already received and how they are preparing for more today. We spoke with officials from respective departments.

Inverness Housing  

Homing In On Houses. Inverness County continues to struggle with a shortage of lots, housing, rental units and places for seniors who want to downsize. Joan Weeks spoke with Councillor Jim Mustard and Conrad Taves on these housing issues

NS Government Debate  

It was a long night at Province House, after the NS Liberal government introduced legislation to impose a new four-year contract on the province's teachers. Second reading of Bill 75 was at 4:30 am and Reporter Michael Gorman was there.

Jim St. Clair - Little Johnnie's Chair  

As we celebrate the sesquicentennial, museums and lovers of history are considering what was going on 150 years ago, remembering people, events and objects that have a connection with Confederation. Jim St. Clair looks at a chair made in CB in 1867.

US-CAN Meeting - Annette Verschuren  

North Sydney's Annette Verschuren was one of the powerful women who took part in a roundtable discussion presented by the Canada-US Council for Advancement of Women Entrepeneurs and Business Leaders, during Trudeau's visit with Trump.

Work-To-Rule and Bill 148  

When is an end to work-to-rule NOT an end to work-to-rule? NS Premier Stephen McNeil believes bringing in legislation to impose a contract on teachers will mean extra-curricular activities will return. But is that necessarily so? We examine the issue.

Loran Scholarship Award  

She is one of 33 students across the country to receive the prestigious Loran Scholarship - an award that recognizes not just academic achievement, but the values of service and community spirit. We introduce you to Janine Lock of West Bay.

Popcorn Interview - Janine Lock  

Janine Lock of West Bay is a Grade 12 student from SAERC, she is a recipient of the Loran Scholarship Award worth 100 thousand dollars. Before our feature interview with Cape Breton's newest Loran scholar, she takes our patented Popcorn Interview.

Inclusive Classrooms  

The challenge posed by inclusion is something teachers want addressed in any new contract with the province. Carla DiGiorgio, an assistant professor of education at CBU, reflects on the current set-up and how to improve it for everyone involved.

NS Premier on Teacher Legislation  

The NS Legislature re-opens for an emergency session to begin the process of imposing a contract on teachers. Premier Stephen McNeil explains how legislation will "bring an end" to the standoff between the province and its public school teachers.

NS Teachers and Government Standoff  

A winter storm is unfolding, and at Province House a political storm is about to unfold. Reporter Michael Gorman talks about the process of passing legislation to impose a contract on teachers by Stephen McNeil and his Liberal government.

NSTU Vote NO  

Strike Three? For the third consecutive time, Nova Scotia teachers have rejected a deal from the province that had been endorsed by their leadership. Liette Doucet, President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, talks about what happens next.

Gender Sexuality Alliance Clubs  

We ask three students - Aiden Lynk, Sefin Stefura and Anna MacLean - what Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs mean to them here in Cape Breton... and what the work-to-rule campaign by Nova Scotia teachers has meant to their GSA clubs.

Video Surveillance Survey  

Smile, You're On Camera... We ask Catherine Tully, the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia, why the department is concerned about findings in an informal survey of video surveillance throughout the province.

Brookland Elementary Update  

Brookland Elementary has been closed since October when it suffered severe damage from the Thanksgiving Day flood. Paul Oldford, Director of Operational Services for the CB-VRSB, offers an update on when students and staff will be able to get back in.

Medical Marijuana - Abel Stuart  

Reporter Holly Conners spoke to Abel Stuart of Sydney, he suffers severe and uncontrolled epileptic seizures. He is fighting for the province to cover the cost of his medical marijuana as a special need under the Disability Supports Program.

NEW Youth Centres Proposed  

Meetings are planned to discuss creating new youth centres in New Waterford and Dominion based on the Whitney Pier Boys and Girls Club model. CBRM councillor Kendra Coombes and Cape Breton Centre MLA David Wilton support the idea.

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