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Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N


CBC Radio's Information Morning Cape Breton helps listeners better understand and explore the challenges in our island's future, remember their past and celebrate their neighbours' accomplishments.


Parenting at Anti-bullying Meeting  

About 100 people attended a meeting in Sydney to offer suggestions on what needs to be done about bullying. Youth mental health expert Dr. Stan Kutcher was there to hear their thoughts. A couple of parents shared two of the most personal stories.

Phoenix Pay System - Response  

Some civil servants are frustrated and continue to have problems with the federal Phoenix Pay System. Liberal MP Steven MacKinnon is handling questions on the troubled payroll system, he explains how the Trudeau government plans on fixing it.

Jim St. Clair - Orchids  

Floral and hardy... Community historian Jim St. Clair says it with flowers in today's edition of "Then and Now". Jim takes time to smell the lovely Orchids that announce the arrival of summer.

Dr. Stan Kutcher - Bullying Meeting Pt. 1  

Getting Bullies to Back Down... a meeting on bullying and suicide was organized by concerned citizens in North Sydney last evening. Dr. Stan Kutcher is a psychiatrist, and an expert on youth mental health. He spoke to the grieving community.

Joe Townsend - Bullying Meeting Pt. 2  

Hear from Joe Townsend of North Sydney who helped organize last night's meeting on bullying and mental health issues in North Sydney. He told the gathering of his issues and his despair last year. After the meeting, he spoke with Reporter Wendy Martin.

Songwriting Workshop @ CBU  

Songs and Stories of Immigration and Encounter - Hear about an unusual songwriting workshop bringing together young people with elders and recent immigrants to share stories. Marcia Ostashewski and Brian Cherwick describe the unique project.

Urban Chicken Defender  

In defense of the chicken... Nicole Dixon of New Waterford speaks out in response to our story last week on a dispute between neighbours about unruly roosters, and on behalf of urban chicken keepers. She says there's a benefit to keeping backyard birds.

Bullying Meeting - Shaelene LaFosse  

Battling the Bullies... by banding together. We have an interview with Shaelene Lafosse, a grandmother in North Sydney, who's organizing a public meeting at the North Sydney Fireman's Club to discuss what the community can do to stop bullying.

Alzheimer's Graphic Novel  

Drawing On Personal Experience... Artist Alison Uhma is creating a graphic novel based on her mother's struggle with early on-set Alzheimer's Disease. She talks about her project, called "From the Other One", that is funded through Arts Nova Scotia.


Ramadan wraps up tomorrow. Members of Cape Breton's Ahmadiyya Muslim community tell us what they will be doing to mark the end of their fast. Umran Bhatti, imam for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at in Cape Breton, and Dr. Momin Khalifa join us.

Suicide Reporting  

How to talk "smart" about suicide. Dr. Stan Kutcher is a psychiatrist, and the Sun-Life Chair in Adolescent Mental Health at the IWK and Dalhousie University. He discusses the benefits and potential pitfalls of reporting on suicides.

Middle East Market  

From fast to feast... Reporter Holly Conners drops by a Middle Eastern market in Sydney to see what it's got cooking in preparation for the Eid feast. Big Kahuna Sub and Middle Eastern Grocery on Grand Lake Road owner is Hussain Ftil.

CBU's Board of Governors Chair  

Cape Breton University is in the midst of challenging times, its searching for a new President to replace David Wheeler. And now, CBU's Board of Governors has a new chair - Robert Sampson. We ask him about the challenges ahead for the university.

Kids Help Phone  

With the awful news of a third suicide by a young person in Cape Breton this week, there's no question there are young people in our community in need of help. Shelley Richardson is Director, Atlantic with the Kids Help Phone - a 24/7 service.

Grandmother on Bullying  

A Cape Breton grandmother speaks out about the bullying her grandson has endured, and her failure and frustration to find anyone to help. Jackie Dixon says the recent suicides of three young people have prompted her to talk about the bullying crisis.

Jim St. Clair - Carriage Maker  

From carriages to coffee and muffins...On Then and Now, Jim St. Clair takes advantage of this sesquicentenial year to explore the history of one long-standing building in Mabou. It was once the site of the Pushie carriage business, now it's a bakery.

The Phoenix Pay System  

The Cheque is NOT in the mail. The Phoenix Pay System continues to cause problems for federal employees waiting to get paid. Cindy Pearo, a Cape Breton worker, staged a protest outside MP Mark Eyking's office to highlight her frustrations.

Treaty Phrase Declaration  

Acknowledging an important part of our history - why Halifax school children may soon hear a phrase each morning that reminds them they're on Mi'kmaq land. Reporter Preston Mulligan has the story of the new declaration and what it really means.

Fowl Neighbours  

Backyard fowl have run afoul of some folks in New Waterford... hear complaints about a fowl odour, a lot of noise and rats next door to one family whose neighbours are keeping backyard poultry, Reporter Wendy Martin has the story.

Nova Scotia's Accessibility Directorate  

Meet the first executive director of Nova Scotia's Accessibility Directorate. Gerry Post has gone from being a government critic on accessibility - to being the one in charge of implementing that legislation, we ask him what his goals are.

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