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Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N


CBC Radio's Information Morning Cape Breton helps listeners better understand and explore the challenges in our island's future, remember their past and celebrate their neighbours' accomplishments.


NSP Performance Review  

Nova Scotia's consumer advocate, John Merrick, discusses the upcoming assessment of Nova Scotia Power, and how the utility's performance will come under scrutiny by the UARB and what penalties the company may incur if it doesn't meet expectations.

Vital Awards 4 - Frances Burton  

Another VITAL Cape Bretoner has been recognized by the CB Partnership for making a difference in their community. Meet Frances Burton who co-ordinates volunteers for the Youth Peer Project, part of the non-profit Educational Program Innovations Charity.

Farmer's Daughter Update  

When the Farmer's Daughter put out its unique offer of land to entice new workers to Whycocomagh, the owners wondered if they'd get any response. They continue to get several hundred e-mails a day, 100,000 so far. Co-owner Heather Coulombe updates us.

Vital Awards 3 - Gail Christmas  

Another VITAL member of society is Gail Christmas of Membertou First Nation. She is another of the recent recipients of a VITAL Award, the Cape Breton Partnership's effort to recognize young people making a significant difference in their community.

Issue Panel 1201  

Every second week we convene a rotating roster of talkative and opinionated Cape Bretoners on the Information Morning Issue Panel to give us their take on the stories of the week. Panelists are: Candee McCarthy, Darren McFadgen and Michele Stephens.

NS Auditor General's Fall Report  

If the province were a student, the Auditor General would be the prinicipal. And he's had to chastise his provincial pupil over issues of daycares, schools, and infrastructure. Nova Scotia's AG is Michael Pickup and we discuss his Fall Report.

Jim St. Clair - Shipwreck Hike  

On "Then and Now" with community historian Jim St. Clair, we take a hike... a horrible hike... with some shipwrecked passengers forced to plod through the forests of our Island in the 1700s.

Vital Awards 2 - Sarabeth Drover and Caitlyn Purcell  

Another VITAL segment... we meet 2 more women under 40 who have been recognized by the CB Partnership for making a difference in their communities. Sarabeth Drover and Caitlyn Purcell are owners of Salty Rose's and the Periwinkle Cafe in Ingonish.

Teachers Strike - Ontario Experience  

Lessons from Ontario... in 2015 teachers in two Ontario unions worked to rule for months at a time. We find out what affect that had on families and on the political scene from Mike Crawley, he's the CBC's provincial affairs reporter in Toronto.

Vital Awards 1 - Lori Burke  

The Cape Breton Partnership has recognized 7 individuals under the age of 40 who are making a difference in their community. Lori Burke was one of them, she's the Executive Director of the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Sydney.

Nursing Co-op - Tanas Sylliboy  

If you're considering a career in nursing, the co-op program at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital can help you decide. We learn why when we speak with Tanas Sylliboy of Eskasoni First Nation about his experience in the program.

Highland Hemp Update  

The first crop of hemp seed has been harvested in Cape Breton. And it's been processed into oil, bottled and ready for sale. For an update on the hemp seed oil operation, Highland Hemp, Reporter Holly Conners spoke to CEO Parker Rudderham.

Simulated Learning Program  

Medical Job Swap... In an effort to create better health care for all of us, Neil's Harbour played host to an innovative health project, where nurses and paramedics learned from each other for the first time.

Eskasoni Child Poverty  

Few residents of Eskasoni First Nation would comment on a new statistic showing 75 percent of children in their community are living in poverty. A prominent member of Eskasoni, Elizabeth Marshall, tells us what she's seen first hand.

United Way Flood Funds Update  

Since the Thanksgiving Day flood in the CBRM, the United Way of Cape Breton has been gratefully accepting financial donations. We ask United Way Executive Director Lynn McCarron how the group's been dispersing the funds to those affected.

Flood Fundraiser In Ottawa  

The Thanksgiving Day flood water has dried up, but help continues to pour in for its victims. Emma Liska, a 17 year old from Ottawa who spends summers and holidays on the Island with family, wanted to help as well, so, she's organized a fundraiser.

CBU SU vs. CFS  

CBU and the Canadian Federation of Students finally reached a deal in the Spring but that truce may be short lived. Roy Karam, President of CBU's Students Union recently attended the annual general meeting of the CFS and he came back with many concerns.

Jim St. Clair - British Politician in CB  

Harbour development, the future of gypsum, and free trade. These are modern day Cape Breton concerns. And, as community historian Jim St. Clair tells us on this edition of "Then and Now"... they were concerns 180 years ago, too.

Flood Mould Worries  

It's been a month and a half since the Thanksgiving Day storm. And while the water's long gone, mould remains a health threat for many. Reporter Holly Conners has the story of why some homeowners are hesitant to start cleaning-up.

Federal Coal Plan  

The federal government has announced a plan to phase out coal fired generating plants by 2030, but makes an exception for Nova Scotia. Michel Samson is Nova Scotia's Energy Minister, he tells us more about the plan.

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