Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N

Cape Breton's Information Morning from CBC Radio N


CBC Radio's Information Morning Cape Breton helps listeners better understand and explore the challenges in our island's future, remember their past and celebrate their neighbours' accomplishments.


Minister of Education and NSTU President  

Some say it's an olive branch, others say she's poking a stick. But the Minister of Education's offer to teachers to create "the partnership on systemic working conditions" has been accepted. Karen Casey and Liette Doucet talk about that.

Breakfast Biographies - Lindsay Marshall  

The next guest in our series "The Breakfast Biographies", is Lindsay Marshall. He has been a leader in his community, and that leadership has taken a number of forms. He's been a poet, a politician, a band councilor, and Chief of Potlotek First Nation.

Flood - NS Department of Environment  

Inspectors from the Environment Department are in the CBRM checking out the flooded areas. We ask Adrian Fuller, Executive Director of Compliance for the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, what they're doing, and what they're finding.

Craft Brewing Industry in NS  

Jeremy White, the owner of Cape Breton's Big Spruce Brewing, says the province is unfair to microbreweries like his. Randy Delorey is Nova Scotia's Minister of Finance, the department responsible for the NSLC, responds.

Jim St. Clair - Mi'kmaq Birth Story  

On "Then and Now", community historian Jim St. Clair has the story of 2 families of different ethnic backgrounds united by the birth of a child, in honour of "Mi'kmaq History Month".

United Way Flood Fund  

We get an update from Lynn McCarron, executive director of The United Way of Cape Breton, about its fundraising efforts for flood victims and the distribution of the money collected, including the 500,000 dollars in Provincial emergency aid.

Disaster Financial Assistance Fund  

The Disaster Financial Assistance Program is run through the NS EMO and it helps homeowners, small businesses, farmers and not-for-profit organizations recover from emergencies. Paul MacNeil, Manager of the DFA program, explains how it works.

Rankin MacSween Responds  

In our conversation yesterday, Cecil Clarke, the re-elected Mayor of the CBRM, raised the claim that his opponent's campaign was the most negative he'd ever been associated with. This morning, his challenger Rankin MacSween responds.

Insurance Questions - Amanda Dean  

Many questions about "what is and what is NOT" covered by insurance are being asked this week, after last week's flood and wind storm. Amanda Dean, Vice President Atlantic for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, answers some of those questions.

Cecil Clarke Re-elected CBRM Mayor  

After the polls closed on Saturday and the ballots counted, incumbent Cecil Clarke had edged challenger Rankin MacSween by over 1300 votes. CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke reflects on his re-election... and his decision not to re-offer in 2020.

Flood "Earth Angel"  

He didn't do it for a job. But when an unemployed man in Sydney offers to pitch in and volunteer with clean-up after the flood, he's offered a job with a restoration company. Reporter Stephanie vanKampen has the story of Christopher Lee.

Flood Clean-up Advice  

Restoration and disaster relief companies have been overwhelmed with calls from homeowners. Reporter Holly Conners spoke with Troy MacDonald, a project manager with MECO Construction Disaster Kleenup in Glace Bay, to get advice on cleaning up.

Flood Health Concerns  

Many buildings and homes in the CBRM were left sodden, smelly and utterly destroyed after the recent flood. Furnace oil, sewage and garbage has seeped into buildings and surrounding areas. Dr. Ryan Sommers addresses some of the health hazards.

CBRM Heavy Garbage Special Pick-up  

The CBRM Solid Waste Department is starting a special heavy garbage pick-up to collect materials over the next several weeks that have been damaged or destroyed by the storm. Francis Campbell, CBRM Solid Waste, has details of the special pick-up.

NSP Restoration Update  

Being Kept In the Dark. With so many still without power, we contact Nova Scotia Power again for an update on when electricity might be turned back on. NSP spokesperson Bev Ware explains the latest on outages and restoration concerns.

Big Spruce Brewing Open Letter  

Why does Big Spruce Brewing in Nyanza, near Middle River, have a bitter taste in its mouth? Owner Jeremy White explains his 'open letter' and the 10 reasons why Nova Scotia is making it difficult for microbreweries to succeed in our province.

Storm Recovery Update  

Yesterday, the Premier toured the worst of the storm damage in the CBRM. Now, his Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Glace Bay MLA, Geoff MacLellan, along with municipal and federal officials must come up with a recovery plan.

For Your Information 1  

As residents continue to battle flooding and other issues resulting from Monday's storm, we check in with CBRM Public Works to ask what lies ahead for work crews, and check-up on the hospitals now that they're offering more than emergency services.

For Your Information 2  

As we recover from the record rainfall and high winds, Nova Scotia Power, the NS Department of Transportation and CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke offer updates from around the CBRM. Also, an update on where things stand now with EMO operations in the area.

For Your Information 3  

FYI... more updates on who's been comforted by the various Comfort Centres set-up to aid residents, learn why school's out for awhile for students at Brookland Elementary, and hear how Eskasoni First Nation is fairing since Monday's storm.

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