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Geneva Roadshow editor's picks  

As we say Au Revoir to the 2016 Geneva motor show, the gang at Roadshow took one last look on the show floor to pick their favorites

Concepts at Detroit: Can I be a real car?  

Concept cars come and go, but some become production cars. Which concepts at the Detroit auto show will make it from design studio to dealer lot?

Gorilla Glass windshield is lighter, thinner and hail-proof  

Corning demonstrates the strength of the Ford GT's Gorilla Glass windshield by firing a solid ball of ice at my face at 50mph.

New Mercedes-Benz dashboard lets you choose the gauges  

While Mercedes-Benz won't show its new E-Class until next week in Detroit, we get a look at its new dashboard electronics at CES 2016.

Lacking mirrors, BMW i8 gives clear rear views  

At CES 2016, BMW demonstrated the i8 Mirrorless, which replaces mirrors with cameras in a system that could see production in the near future

Hitting the road in Chevy's $30k, 200-mile Bolt EV  

The Chevrolet Bolt could be the first EV to make a major impact on the market when it goes into production at the end of the year. We got a chance to drive it early in Las Vegas.

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4: Pavement is a necessary evil  

While the pavement is not the Tacoma's natural habitat, it does just fine getting you to the fun of the dirt.

2016 Toyota Corolla S  

Don't be fooled by the Corolla's aggressive style. This compact sedan is about as milquetoast as it gets.

The 2015 Fiat 500e makes going green chic and easy  

With a range of 87 miles and plenty of pep from its electric motor, the Fiat 500e is a nimble little city dweller.

Dramatic and dynamic: Mercedes-AMG GT S  

With an imposing silhouette and a thunderous exhaust note, Mercedes-AMG's new halo GT car doesn't need gullwings to be dramatic.

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