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Career Tools is a weekly podcast focused on specific actions you can take to grow and enhance your career, whether you are a manager or not. Career Tools won the Podcast Awards Best Business podcast in 2010 and was nominated every other year it has been eligible. Whether you are interested in jump-starting a stalled career, or sharpening your edge, Career Tools is the podcast for you. Go to to read what others are saying about the impact Career Tools has had on their careers and lives.


Meetings And High D's  

Our guidance on meetings, for High D's in the DiSC model.

Presentation Interviews  

Our guidance on presentation interviews, when you have no advance warning of the topic, time, and so on.

Phone Screens - Part 2  

Part 2 of our guidance on excelling at phone screen.

Phone Screens - Part 1  

Part 1 of our guidance on excelling at phone screen.

How To Connect People  

Our guidance on connecting people within your network.

Task Management for High I's  

Our guidance for High I's on managing their tasks.

Special Edition - The Wall Street Journal Features Manager Tools  

In this bonus podcast, Mark comments on the recent Wall Street Journal article that featured Manager Tools.

Status On Demand  

Our guidance on being able to give a Status on Demand (SoD) and the content of an SoD briefing.

Preparing for Your Review - HOF  

Our Hall of Fame guidance on how to prepare for your review.

Military Resumes  

Our guidance on your resume if you've been in the military.

What To Say When Someone Crosses The Line  

Our guidance on what to do when people don't 'get the hint', or don't change behaviors after repeated conversations.

How To Analyze Your Job Search - Quantity  

Our guidance on how to analyze your job search.

Time (Priority) Management - Part 2 - HOF  

Part 2 of our Hall of Fame guidance on time management.

Time (Priority) Management - Part 1 - HOF  

Time management is a fallacy, we like to say. Time doesn't need you to "manage" it - it's been getting along just fine without you for billions of years. We can't manage time. But what we CAN manage is what we do with that time.

At College - Build Relationships  

Our guidance on building relationships in college.

Creativity Basics  

Our guidance on brainstorms and other situations which require creativity.

Relationship Errors - Giving Too Many Favors  

Our guidance on balancing give and take in business relationships.

Task Management and the High D  

Our guidance on how High Ds can manage tasks successfully.

Job Search Tracking  

Our guidance on keeping track of information during your job search - and why it is important.

Creating a Good BLUF - Part 2  

Part 2 of our guidance on writing a good BLUF

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