Case Closed! (old time radio)

Case Closed! (old time radio)


Crime stories from the golden age. Old Time Radio is filled with cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear these great stories again!


Philip Marlowe and WHItehall-1212  

The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe opens this week’s Case Closed.  From it we’ll hear the September 10, 1949 story, The Rustin Hickory.  Then, it’s The Case Of Arthur Freeman from WHItehall-1212.  That story aired February 10, 1952. Download CaseClosed507

Dragnet and The Line-Up  

This week on Case Closed, Dragnet is up first with its October 11, 1951 story, The Big Shoplift.  Then, The Line-Up brings us The Syncopic Sweazy Sweat-Out, its episode from July 5, 1951. Download CaseClosed506

Crime Classics and It’s A Crime, Mr. Collins  

Crime Classics opens this week’s episode of Case Closed.  We hear the March 10, 1954 story, The Tiger And Brad Ferguson.  After that, It’s A Crime, Mr. Collins brings us The Chrome-Yellow Death, their episode from April 15, 1957. Download CaseClosed505

Night Beat and Broadway Is My Beat  

This week on Case Closed, we begin with Night Beat and its story from July 17, 1950, Molly Keller.  After that, Broadway Is My Beat comes in with The Lou Martin Murder Case, a story originally heard November 20, 1953. Download CaseClosed504

Sherlock Holmes and Boston Blackie  

Sherlock Holmes opens this week’s Case Closed with his story from 1949 titled, The Adventure Of The Red Death.  Then, Boston Blackie brings us, Old 86 Is Missing.  That episode was first heard September 24, 1947. Download CaseClosed503

Mr. And Mrs. North and Adventures Of Sam Spade  

Mr. And Mrs. North are up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear their story from December 15, 1953, Too Late To Die.  Then, it’s Sam And Psyche, from The Adventures Of Sam Spade.  That episode originally aired August 2, 1946. Download CaseClosed502

Mr. Keen and Rogue’s Gallery  

This week on Case Closed, Mr. Keen Tracer Of Lost Persons opens the show with its episode from June 15, 1950, The Skull And Crossbones Murder Case.  After that, we’ll hear Latin Type, from Rogue’s Gallery.  That story originally aired May 23, 1946. Download CaseClosed501

This Is Your FBI and Nero Wolfe  

This time on Case Closed, This Is Your FBI is up first with, The Sinister Souvenir.  That story originally aired February 1, 1946.  After that, we’ll hear The Phantom Fingers, from The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe.  That episode was first heard January 26, 1951. Download CaseClosed500

Philip Marlowe and Nick Carter  

This week on Case Closed, The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe is up first with his story, The Uneasy Head.  That one aired June 6, 1950.  Then, it’s The Case Of The Crystal Prophecy, from Nick Carter, Master Detective. Download CaseClosed499

Stand By For Crime and Ellery Queen  

Stand By For Crime is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear their story from 1953 titled, Death On The Tracks.  Ellery Queen follows with his story, The Adventure Of Dead Man’s Cavern.  That episode aired April 15, 1944. Download CaseClosed498

Johnny Dollar and The Line-Up  

This week’s hour of radio crime begins with Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, and his story titled, The Cuban Jewel Matter.  That one first aired September 19, 1951.  After that, we join The Line-Up for its September 10, 1951 episode titled, The Jane Doe Case. Download CaseClosed497

Dragnet and The Crime Club  

This week on Case Closed, Dragnet is up first with, The Big False Move.  That story aired May 17, 1953.  Then, it’s Sentence Of Death, from The Crime Club.  That episode originally aired October 9, 1947. Download CaseClosed496

New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe and Richard Diamond  

This week on Case Closed, The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe starts things off with, The Beautiful Archer, his story from November 24, 1950.  Then, Richard Diamond, Private Detective brings us The Evans Farmer Case.  That episode originally aired August 23, 1950. Download CaseClosed495

Box 13 and T-Man  

Case Closed opens with Box 13 this week.  We’ll hear Round Robin, a story from August 14, 1949.  That’s followed by The Case Of The Bleeding Gold, the April 29, 1950, episode from T-Man. Download CaseClosed494

Broadway Is My Beat and Let George Do It  

This week on Case Closed, Broadway Is My Beat starts us off with The Elaine Hill Murder Case, an episode from April 21, 1950.  Then, it’s A School Of Sharks, on Let George Do It.  That episode aired January 7, 1952. Download CaseClosed493

Philip Marlowe and Michael Shayne  

This week on Case Closed, we begin with The Hard Way Out, the Novebmer 28, 1948, episode from The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe.  The Adventures Of Michael Shayne follows with his story The Ghost Of Moccasin Hill, an episode from April 9, 1945. Download CaseClosed492

Barrie Craig and Johnny Dollar  

This time on Case Closed, Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator takes us to Death’s Bargain Basement, an episode from August 10, 1954.  Then, it’s The Shayne Bombing Matter, from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.  That story first aired July 14, 1953. Download CaseClosed491

Jeff Regan, Investigator and Dragnet  

A double dose of Jack Webb on this week’s episode of Case Closed.  We begin with The Lady With No Name, from Jeff Regan, Investigator.  That story aired September 25, 1948.  Then, it’s The Big 38, the October 5, 1950, episode from Dragnet. Download CaseClosed490

The Casebook Of Gregory Hood and The Saint  

This week on Case Closed, we begin with The Double Diamond, from The Casebook Of Gregory Hood.  That story aired August 5, 1946.  Then, The Saint shares his episode from November 19, 1950, No Hiding Place. Download CaseClosed489

Richard Diamond and This Is Your FBI  

Case Closed begins with Richard Diamond, Private Detective this week.  From that series we’ll hear the episode from February 1, 1952, The Garrabaldi Case.  After that, we hear The Perilous Secret, from This Is Your FBI.  That episode originally aired April 14, 1950. Download CaseClosed488

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