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Courage, Integrity, and After-Care Respect (Podcast)  

Episode 48: Courage, Integrity, and After-Care Respect (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. Many people just don’t know how to respond when someone comes out and says they’ve been assaulted. They fall into what culture has shown us, unfortunately for the victim, that culture is a rape culture. Learn how to […]

Responsible Community Response (Podcast)  

Episode 47: Responsible Community Response (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. Many people just don’t know how to respond when someone comes out and says they’ve been assaulted. They fall into what culture has shown us, unfortunately for the victim, that culture is a rape culture. Learn how to appropriately and […]

The Power of Responsibility (Podcast)  

Episode 46: The Power of Responsibility (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. To take responsibility for one’s own actions, to be able to say “I fucked up, and I’m sorry,” is very healing and compassionate. It speaks to a loving person with great self-awareness and courage to do so, and the […]

A Fate Worse Than Death… (Podcast)  

Episode 45: A Fate Worse Than Death… (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. It is often described as a “fate worse than death,” and, it is. In many ways. This podcast mostly focuses on what is known as “the rape culture,” what that means, and how very prevalent it is. Thank […]

Exposing Predditors (Podcast)  

Episode 44: Exposing Predditors (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. Exposing perverts like Violentacrez (aka Michael Brutsch) and other Reddit users to post to such subreddits like CreepShots, RapingWomen, and Jailbait. Name and shame, that’s the only way to effectively deal with predators and rapists until the laws catch up and […]

Positively Sex-Positive (Podcast)  

Episode 43: Positively Sex-Positive (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault & rape. Sex-Positive is a trendy term meaning, again, different things to different people, but it mostly means that sex isn’t something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. It’s about enjoying sex. Seeing it as a beautiful, natural expression of love […]

Poly vs. Amory (Podcast)  

Episode 42: Poly vs. Amory (Podcast). **Trigger Warnings** This podcast discusses sexual assault and rape. Welcome back, once again, to the Polyamory Podcast. It has been several months since I recorded a podcast, but I’m very happy to be back. This installment talks about the word “polyamory” and how it is being used and misused, […]

Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast)  

Episode 41: Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast). The best advice I can give you is the same advice I’ve been given again and again, and have promptly ignored because I was swept up in passion. Take your time. Protect yourself. Open your heart to love, but keep your eyes open as well. Building a Romantic […]

The Joy of Sex (Podcast)  

Episode 40: The Joy of Sex (Podcast). Welcome back to the Poly Podcast! This week! The Joy of Sex, and what a joy it can be. Remember, it’s a gift you give yourself and your lover. It’s sacred. It’s beautiful. It can be utterly profound. Treat it as such. Never use sex to punish or […]

Gaslighting (Podcast)  

Episode 39: Gaslighting (Podcast). One of the most insidious forms of emotional abuse… Named after the film¬†Gaslight, it subtly and slowly makes the target question his/her reality, deferring to the abuser. After weeks, months, or years of this, the target no longer knows what’s real and has completely lost their sense of self, but the […]

Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast)  

Episode 38: Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast). Compersion is a word coined for the polyamorous lifestyle meaning to find happiness when your partner is happy or experiencing joy rather than feeling jealous about it. It is indeed a choice. Jealousy does not just go away on its own, as it was taught to us in society, […]

Insidious Lies (Podcast)  

Episode 37: Insidious Lies (Podcast). The most insidious lies are the ones we want to hear…or sometimes the ones we tell ourselves. Learn some of the lies predators tell to get your trust, and please learn to recognize the signs early and protect yourself from heartbreak and betrayal. Insidious Lies (Podcast) Original Blog Post He’s […]

Lucky, Lucky Poly People (Podcast)  

Episode 36: Lucky, Lucky Poly People (Podcast). Luck has nothing to do with it. So many people look at those in open or non-monogamous relationships and think we are so lucky to have fallen into such a fulfilling lifestyle! Sex! Lots of hot sex! Or so they think. Let’s address these misconceptions, shall we? Lucky, […]

Yes Means Yes (Podcast)  

Episode 35: Yes Means Yes (Podcast). Enthusiastic Consent. Wait for it. There is nothing sexier than your partner meeting you enthusiastically as you proceed through the sexual dance. If they’re not enthusiastic, STOP. Slow down. Check in. Something. Sex is a gift you give to each other. It is not something you take for yourself. […]

Emotional & Sexual Predators (Podcast)  

Episode 34: Emotional & Sexual Predators (Podcast). Please, please, please check out this list of warning signs to see if you’ve encountered an emotional or sexual predator. They usually seem charming and sweet, especially at first, so protect your heart against these parasites. All too often, they themselves have no idea they are predators, so […]

Emotional Vampires (Podcast)  

Episode 33: Emotional Vampires (Podcast). Emotional Vampires are sometimes hard to spot, but we discuss some warning signs that you ¬†might have encountered an emotional vampire. If you’re in an intimate relationship with one, it can be extremely exhausting and damaging. Beware. Emotional Vampires (Podcast) Original Blog PostFiled under: Podcasts Tagged: author, broken heart, emotional […]

Please Release Me (Podcast)  

Episode 32: Please Release Me (Podcast). Sexual release through masturbation, starting with treatment for “Hysteria” in the Victorian Era. From misogyny to sexual freedom among women… Also, I’ll answer a reader’s concern on the podcast. Please call in with your relationship issue to 512.943.2271 to record your question or write to me with your concerns. […]

Everybody Lies (Podcast)  

Episode 31: Everybody Lies (Podcast). Everybody lies…or do they? Unfortunately, too many people lie or deceive out of fear or laziness. Sometimes just because they have no integrity. If you’re a good, honest person, approach new relationships with a healthy dose of skepticism, but don’t let them turn you into a liar. Keep honest and […]

Human Touch (Podcast)  

Episode 30: Human Touch (Podcast). The touch of another human being can be a powerful source of healing, not only for what’s going on inside your own heart and mind, but for your relationship as a whole. The gesture of a loving touch given freely and frequently throughout your days can transform your relationship from […]

Sharing Your Lifestyle (Podcast)  

Episode 29: Sharing Your Lifestyle (Podcast). If your sexual preference or lifestyle is “controversial” by society’s terms, you might find yourself questioning whether or not to share it with your family and friends. For those who are GLBT, the answer is increasingly yes, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Society is *slowly* moving past tolerance […]

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