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CBS Sports Eye On Basketball Podcast

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The experts at discuss the latest NBA news, rumors and other storylines around the league. Picks, predictions, bold statements, heated arguments ... it's all here in the Basketball Podcast.


12/7 Basketball Podcast: Klay Thompson did what now?  

Ben Golliver of stops by to talk about Klay Thompson's 60-point performance and preview Warriors-Clippers. Then Tim Cato of gives a look at where the Mavericks are and how the Southwest Division looks this season.

12/6 Basketball Podcast: It's going down, I'm yelling Kemba  

​On this edition of the CBS Sports Basketball Podcast, Adam Mares of Vice and joins the show to talk about the Nuggets' failures and how Kemba Walker ​keeps getting so open in what has been absolutely thrilling season for him. Then James Herbert comes on to discuss Draymond Green kicking people and more around the NBA.

12/1 Basketball Podcast: Are the Warriors overrated or underrated?  

James Herbert joins Matt Moore to discuss the Wolves' woes, the Clippers' jump off a cliff, and whether the Warriors are better or worse than their stats.

11/22 Basketball Podcast: Raptors drama and can the Clippers beat the Warriors?  

James Herbert joins Matt Moore to talk the Raptors' frustrating loss to the Kings on a clock review, and the Chicago Bulls keep surprising everyone, especially James. Then Ben Golliver of joins the show and talks about the Clippers and whether they're really ready to challenge the Warriors.

11/19 Basketball Podcast: Mavs Drama and Hot Take Cannon  

Pro Basketball Writers Association head Josh Robbins joins to talk about the Mavericks' decision to ban certain reporters, then James Herbert talks Blazers, Lakers, and more in this week's Hot Take Cannon.

11/15 Basketball Podcast: Phil comments on LeBron  

Ethan Skolnick and James Herbert join Matt Moore to talk about the Bulls and their state of affairs, whether the Warriors should seriously consider trading Thompson, and Phil Jackson's comments about LeBron James.

11/12 Basketball Podcast: Mid-range Steph  

James Herbert joins the show for another edition of the Hot-Take Cannon with Matt Moore

11/10 Basketball Podcast: Clippers clipping  

James Herbert joins Matt Moore as they talk Steph Curry's record breaking night, the Clippers' strong start, and answer reader questions.

11/07 Basketball Podcast: Whither the Wizards and Stranger Things  

Washington Post reporter Candace Buckner from the Washington Post joins the show to talk about the Wizards, Bradley Beal's emergence, the struggle to find a plan, and life on the beat. Then Rob Mahoney from stops by for Stranger Things as he and Matt Moore discuss weird events in the NBA and Overwatch.

11/04 Basketball Podcast: Heat, Cousins, and Hot Take Cannons  

CBS Sports NBA senior writer Ethan Skolnick joins the show to talk about the Heat, whether the Kings should trade DeMarcus Cousins, and how much we really get to know NBA players. Then James Herbert comes on for the weekly Hot Take Cannon segment.

11/03 Basketball Podcast: Early season surprises and disappointments  

James Herbert and Brad Botkin join the show to talk about early season surprises and disappointments from the early season, including the Warriors, Bulls, and Anthony Davis.

11/01 Basketball Podcast: Checking in the Celtics and Mutombo's own words  

On today's episode, Jay King of joins the show to talk about the Celtics' start to the season, the ups, downs and the future, plus, does Brad Stevens ever get mad? Then Matt brings you some words of wisdom from Dikeme Mutombo from his press conference following the retirement of his jersey with the Denver Nuggets.

10/28 Basketball Podcast: How the Warriors adjust  

Anthony Slater of the San Jose Mercury News joins Matt Moore to talk about the Warriors' 0-1 hole, how the team is going to respond, what the real issues are for the team going forward, and if he misses covering the Thunder.

CBS Basketball Podcast: Prepare the Hot-Take Cannon  

Matt Moore brings on James Herbert and tests how hot the takes he can stand are. They talk Anthony Davis' monster night (in a loss), Giannis Antetokounmpo's huge stat line (in a loss), and whether the Warriors (0-1) are doomed.

10/26 Basketball Podcast: Wait, the Warriors lost?  

Matt Moore tries to make sense of the Warriors' opening night beatdown from the Spurs with CBS Sports Digital NBA Editor Brad Botkin and CBS Sports Digital NBA Senior Writer Ethan Skolnick, and previews Wednesday night's lines with CBS writer Robby Kalland.

10/24 Basketball Podcast: NBA tips with Warriors, Cavaliers  

Matt Moore talks the Cavaliers with Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal and whether LeBron James is ready for another run at MVP. Moore also checks in on the Golden State Warriors' circus in the Bay with the Washington Post's Tim Bontemps, and wonders what we'll be able to say about the super-team as it romps through the regular season. And we preview the opening night lines with CBS Sports' Jared Dubin.

09/29: Western Conference Over/Under Predictions  

Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the over/under odds for the West including the Jazz vs. the Clippers, the Warriors vs. history, and the tough Southwest division.

09/29: Eastern Conference Over/Under Predictions  

Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the over/under odds for the East including Boston vs. Toronto, Charlotte vs. Atlanta, and Cleveland on top.

09/28: Lonely Superstars and Wade's Bulls Takes  

Zach Harper and James Herbert discuss his article on lonely superstars, Dwyane Wade's thoughts about the Bulls, and mustaches on coaches.

09/27: Chris Bosh on Hold, KG Retired  

Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss Chris Bosh's health issue, Kevin Garnett retiring, and quick hit some Media Day tidbits.

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