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What voters want as 2016 race wraps up  

A new poll shows a majority of likely voters believe the country is more divided now than it used to be. On Wednesday, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke out Wednesday about the divisions, urging supporters to vote. CBS News contributor and Republican consultant Frank Luntz joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss voter frustrations and the lack of focus on policies in this year's campaigns.

Trump goes to battle over U.S. military strategy; Clinton campaigns with Michelle Obama; John Heilemann breaks it down  

Donald Trump goes to battle with a retired Army Colonel over U.S. military strategy. Hillary Clinton campaigns with Michelle Obama, as leaked e-mails show a link between her family's foundation and Bill Clinton's speaking fees. A Delta connection pilot in South Dakota is accused of trying to fly drunk. Passengers react after he was arrested on his way to the cockpit. That and much more on the CBS This Morning Podcast.

Comedian Joel McHale on his new TV show, ridiculous aspects of celebrity,  and hosting the White House Correspondents' Dinner.  

Only on the CBS This Morning Podcast, an extended version of CBS News Correspondent Jamie Wax's conversation with Comedian Joel McHale. They talk about his new show "The Great Indoors," his experience on "The Soup," and what he calls the ridiculous aspects of being a celebrity.

Lithgow and Foy on new royal drama,  

John Lithgow is a five-time Emmy winner who is now taking on the role of Winston Churchill in the new Netflix series, "The Crown." The star plays opposite Claire Foy who plays Queen Elizabeth II. Lithgow and Foy join "CBS This Morning" to give an inside look at the new series.

Donald Trump takes aim at Obamacare; Clinton reaches out to Hispanic voters; Kellyanne Conway interview  

Donald Trump takes aim at Obamacare, saying price hikes will only get worse under Hillary Clinton. She reaches out to Hispanic voters in an unusual television appearance. We'll talk with trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Holly Williams covers the Mosul fight. That and much more on the Podcast of CBS This Morning.

2 weeks until Election Day; double murder suspect on the run in Oklahoma; a deadly accident at an Australian theme park  

Two weeks until Election Day. Hillary Clinton shifts her strategy to focus on women while Donald Trump launches his own nightly web show. A double murder suspect posts live videos while on the run; we are in Oklahoma with the manhunt. An accident on a river rafting ride in Australia kills 4. That and much more on the Podcast of CBS This Morning.

Correspondent Holly Williams on covering the battle for Mosul and what it is like to report from a war zone.  

Only on the CBS This Morning Podcast, CBS News Foreign Correspondent Holly Williams and her team on the ground in Northern Iraq explain what it is like to report from a battlefield. They detail what they have seen so far in the battle for the City of Mosul, what drives their desire to report from war zones, and what leaving a family at home to travel to a dangerous location is like.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on Watson,  

Last week "60 Minutes" showed how IBM's technology named "Watson" is helping fight cancer. Watson's cognitive computing will now be available nationwide for the first time. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Watson and what its implementation means for the future.

Bus crash in the California Desert. Clinton holds double digit lead. AT and T and Time Warner plan to merge.  

Investigators search for answers after a horrifying casino bus crash in the California desert. 13 people died when the bus plowed into the back of an 18-wheeler. The newest Presidential poll gives Hillary Clinton a double-digit lead. Donald Trump heads to Florida, telling voters not to believe the polls. The huge planned merger between AT and T and Time Warner is drawing criticism from both sides of the political aisle. Melody Hobson breaks it down. That and much more on the podcast of CBS This Morning.

Cold caps help breast cancer patients keep hair  

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. A new therapy can help reduce one of the most visible side effects: hair loss. Barry Petersen reports on the science behind cold caps.

Matt LeBlanc on new show,  

Matt LeBlanc is best known for his role as the lovable but clueless Joey Tribbiani on "Friends." After the show's 10-season run, he starred in "Episodes," which won him a Golden Globe. Now, LeBlanc is coming to CBS with the new comedy, "Man with a Plan," playing a dad who spends more time with his kids when his wife goes back to work. LeBlanc, a father himself and also the executive producer of the series, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the inspiration behind the new sitcom and the enduring legacy of "Friends."

Lynda Carter on U.N. honoring  

In 1975, actress Lynda Carter first brought "Wonder Woman" to American TV screens. This year, the superhero turns 75 and earns one more distinction as a United Nations Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Before the official ceremony at the U.N. headquarters, Carter joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the character's lasting impact and responded to pushback from those suggesting that the icon sends the "wrong message" about female empowerment.

Al Smith Dinner brings Trump and Clinton together; John Heilemann?s analysis; The Mosul Offensive continues  

A campaign tradition brings Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump together. The awkward political roast drew laughter and boos. The Clinton campaign sends surrogates across the country. John Heilemann joins the table to talk about the election and Holly Williams reports from the front lines of Mosul. That and much more on the Podcast of CBS This Morning

Tiger Woods on his comeback and his one regret  

Golf great Tiger Woods sat down for a rare one-on-one interview with Charlie Rose on Rose's PBS program, as the Tiger Woods Foundation turns 20. Woods spoke about his struggle to come back after a series of injuries, the fallout from controversies he endured in 2009, and the one decision that remains his single biggest regret.

Fallout from the final debate; Tim Kaine interview; John Dickerson analysis  

A hard-hitting final presidential debate produces a stunning remark. Norah and Gayle are in Las Vegas. Donald Trump refuses to say he'll accept the election results and he accuses Hillary Clinton of weakening border security. Clinton says Trump would be the Russian President's puppet. Our poll of voters in battleground states reveals who they think won the debate. We ask Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine about all of it. That and much more on the Podcast of CBS this morning.

A Michelin Guide inspector on analyzing a restaurant  and living a life of anonymity  

Only on the CBS This Morning Podcast, an extended interview with an anonymous Michelin Guide inspector. She tells CBS News Correspondent Jan Crawford what an inspector looks for in a restaurant, how they keep their ratings objective, what sets them apart from a normal food critic, and how being an inspector is "like being in the CIA but with much better food."

Issues That Matter: Gov. Kasich on economy, international trade and TPP  

Ohio governor and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich recently visited the White House to push Congress to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Promoting the economy was a key focus for Kasich on the campaign trail. When he became governor, unemployment in Ohio was 9.2 percent. Now it is 4.7 percent. Kasich joins "CBS This Morning" from Columbus for our elections series, Issues That Matter.

Presidential Candidates prep for the debate; Russian hacker arrested; the final Obama State dinner  

The Presidential Candidates prepare to confront each other in tonight's final debate. It's their first meeting since multiple women accused Trump of sexual assault and WikiLeaks exposed damaging Clinton campaign e-mails. The FBI tracks down an alleged Russian hacker in the Czech Republic. He's suspected of attacking cyber-targets inside the US. The Obama's host their final state dinner. That and much more on the Podcast of CBS This Morning.

New FBI documents reveal an alleged breach of protocol while Clinton was Secretary of State; Melania Trump breaks her silence  

New FBI documents reveal an alleged breach of protocol during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State. And Melania Trump breaks her silence, saying her husband was "egged on" to make lewd comments about women. Holly Williams reports from the front lines of the war on Mosul Iraq. That and much more on the CBS This Morning Podcast.

Singer Mike Posner on the drive behind his music, the struggle with fame, and what sets his new album apart.  

Only on the CBS This Morning Podcast, Gayle King's extended interview with Mike Posner. They talk about the genesis of his biggest hits, how he evaluates what actually makes him happy, and why his new album is exactly how he wants it to be.

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