Chapter 2 - Divorce Recovery

Chapter 2 - Divorce Recovery

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Real Divorce Stories. Real Divorce Recovery. The mission for the show is supporting others going through a divorce by letting them know they are not alone


Describing her comprehensive divorce with Nancy Yeend  

Nancy Neal Yeend is a mediator who handles contract, real estate, employment and ADA cases. Her career choice was influenced by her divorce, where she learned the art of collaborative problem solving. She is a partner at Silicon Valley Mediation Group in Los Altos, CA; mediates trial and appellate cases; and is faculty at the National Judicial College.

Describing his enlightening divorce with Dan Burley  

Dan Burley Founder of is helping the divorce community by allow people who are contemplating divorce to see the possible outcome before they even start the divorce process. Dan has created a divorce website that brings everyone effected by divorce to together. Family, friends, step-parents and divorce industry professionals all come to share information that helps to make divorce life more enlightening.     

Describing his expensive divorce with Jason Yormack  

Jason is a father of 2 young boys, and a few weeks removed from surviving divorce. Jason is long time digital marketing professional based out of the Seattle area. Jason's story is not that far removed from what many men experience with divorce, but nonetheless, there are things to be learned that can possibly help others from making similar mistakes.

Describing her catastrophic divorce with Celine Zabel  

Celine Zabel has not only survived a divorce in which she lost both of her children, but she has propelled herself forward by authorship of a book and becoming a Mediator in the State of Colorado. Her book is called: Lives Shattered: One Mother's Loss at the Hands of the Legal System and can be found through her website: Both her book and her Mediation career provide an outlet for Celine to help others avoid the same mistakes she made using the divorce court for her divorce.

Describing her successful divorce with Mariella Pechero  

Mariella have been a family law attorney and mediator for about 19+ years.  She came up with, because she believes in the mediation process and has seen the positive outcomes it produces.  She set up her business to be after hours because life is difficult enough and she wanted to be accessible to the working person’s hours of availability.    

Describing her educating divorce with Joan Rogliano  

Joan became a real estate professional in 1981. During the ensuing years, through her personal experience of divorce and as a professional Realtor who has counseled women going through divorce, she became committed to helping women and families successfully navigate this often difficult transition. In 2010 she created the non profit, Wildflower Women’s Foundation, to assist women with financial, legal and education needs, while providing a strong community of support. For more information, to donate, apply for a scholarship, or to volunteer, please visit

Describing his high conflict divorce with Mike Miller  

Mike experienced a painful high conflict divorce after a 32 year marriage.  He says it took him 20 years to ultimately decide his marriage must end.  The opportunities that have opened up for him as a result of his divorce experience are something he never expected.  Today at age 60, he is rediscovering his identity which he says he lost or at least took a back seat during his marriage.

Describing her sad divorce with Shawna Garcia  

Shawna Garcia, home business mentor and family advocate, will join us to discuss how she empowers those emerging from divorce to live the life they dream of living!  Shawna shows people a home-based income opportunity, as well as a personal leadership development product-line, that is producing extraordinary life results and self-reliance in families across the globe.  Most of us dream of spending more time together as a family, and having the money to live a more fun, adventurous life together.  This opportunity really can make that dream a reality. Her website is

Describing her liberating divorce with Tara Eisenhard  

Tara Eisenhard is the author of the book, The D-Word:  Divorce Through a Child's Eyes.  An ex-wife and daughter of cooperatively divorced parents, she believes that a marriage shouldn't survive at the expense of its participants, and that divorce is about evolution, not dissolution.  Tara blogs at and tweets @Relativevolutns.

Describing her angry divorce with Teri Steinberg  

Teri Steinberg has been a consultant for over 25 years, working one-on-one with thousands of clients.  She started out by helping people find the jobs that they love and deserve. For the past 5 years, Teri has been helping people of all levels of ability, and disability, to plan a better quality of life, through a grant from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.  Using a tool called a *PATH.  Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope, a job that tends to lead to “Hey, can you do this for me too?” from their families and friends. Her website is  

Describing his amicable divorce with Roy Martin  

Roys Martin is a twice divorced divorce attorney and mediator who has been doing collaborative work since 2001. His first divorce was extremely ugly and had everything to do with him becoming a divorce attorney. The second divorce was equally amicable. He raised two children himself. It was a tough road (for all of us). His life is about helping people turn their hearts back to love, to the truth of who they really are.   Roy's website is  

Describing her divorce journey with Jeanine Lee  

Divorced after 30 years of marriage, Jeannine knows first hand the trauma of divorce. She also knows how beautiful life can be on the other side. Jeannine holds triple certifications in life, relationship and grief recovery coaching. She has over 1,000 hours of formal training and thousands of hours in personal study and client work. As a certified co-active coach Jeannine brings over 10 years of formal coaching and a lifetime of informal coaching experience to her work.  Most importantly, Jeannine understands the heart of the divorcing person. Jeanine’s website is

Describing her volatile divorce with Tracy Taylor  

Tracy Taylor is the founder of My Turn Your Turn, an online co-parenting tool that helps organize parents who share a child with a co-parent due to divorce or separation.The website makes it easy to add, track and organize their children visitation schedules, shared expenses, journal entries, contact information, court documents, photos and more in one central location. For only $8.99 a month parents can also share their account with an unlimited # of co-parents, attorneys and/or extended family at no additional charge. Get a free one month trial at

Describing the Mediation Process with Mediation Panel  

The following panel discusses their experience as divorce mediators and how to help, educate and empower individuals at various stages of the divorce process: Mediator Barb North of Win Win Training and Mediation has been mediating for over 20 years and has a particular expertise in conflict management training and mediation in sensitive areas, including divorce mediation.  Her website is Beth Esrey is a private mediator working with families in conflict who want to resolve differences respectfully, privately and effectively.  Her website is  Jennifer Safian has a private practice as a divorce and family mediator in NYC. In addition to working with people going through divorce, Jennifer mediates  trial separations, separations, pre nups and post nups, post divorce as well as other family conflicts.  Her website is   

Describing her life expanding divorce with Adina Laver  

Adina Laver is an Empowerment Coach, founder of Empowerment Book Circles for Women, and is passionate about inspiring women to live with purpose and strength.  Her commitment to supporting women emerged out of her own life experience - discovering she was gay 17 years into her marriage.  Adina works with women in transition to help them access the parts of themselves that have been buried or hidden so they can live fuller, more authentic lives.  Using a framework based on 7 levels of energy, she helps women understand ways in which they have been held back by anger and fear, and guides them in identifying their dreams, and experiencing their potential. In addition to individual coaching, Empowerment Book Circles are opportunities for women to draw support and strength from one another while exploring a book that teaches and inspires.  

Describing her unfinished divorce with Judith Conte  

Judith Conte has worked as an Attorney for thirty-two years. Since 1993, she also worked as a Mediator and in 2008, became a Collaborative Attorney.   Judith works closely with divorcing clients to assist them in (a) identifying their needs and interests and articulating them to their soon-to-be-ex; (b) developing parenting skills for their children of divorce; and (c) pursuing a healthy and respectful divorce.

Describing her divorce evolution with Laura Campbell  

Laura is the CEO and founder of The D Spot,, dedicated to helping women regroup, renew and reinvent themselves before, during and after divorce.  She is a Divorce Strategist and Love Intentionalist;, and the author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete, Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Legal, Financial, and Personal Divorce. Her passion and true life purpose is to support women on their journey to revitalize and reclaim the life that they envision and deserve.  Her unique model is a combination of her M.B.A. in strategic planning, her Certification as a Life and Career Coach, her training through the Anthony Robbins Institute, her experience and her personality.  She is a strategist; and is driven to empower women to make daily progress towards creating all that they want.

Describing her disorienting divorce with Beth Karassik  

Beth Karassik is a psychologist who works in the collaborative divorce process.  She is associated with Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C., a full-service independent group neuropsychological practice, offering examination, diagnosis, treatment, consulting, and forensic services for persons confronted with a broad range of emotional, behavioral and brain related issues. With offices throughout Connecticut, CNS serves individuals, schools and businesses statewide. Our consultation and litigation support services are available nationwide.

Describing the control of his divorce with James Cotter  

James is a former research scientist, attended law school and completed divorce mediation as a tool for his divorce. He utilizes these skills to help people through their stipulated divorce. He is an appointed member of WI Supreme Court Bar Examiner and runs a pro bono legal clinic for stipulated divorces.  His website is  

Describing his scarring divorce with Carlos Phillips  

Carlos Phillips is the co-founder and president of Healed Without Scars Ministries. HWS is dedicated to marriage enrichment, divorce recovery and healthy dating. Carlos is also the author of the divorce recovery book "Healed Without Scars". He and his wife Clarissa have been married for 5 years and reside in Dallas, TX.

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