EP 46: Can I interest you in a glass of champagne?  
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It is one week until Christmas and the year is nearly over. Grab a glass of champagne and some snacks and join Crabb and Sales a they discuss the best of 2016. (Hang on! How long is this episode!?)

SHOWNOTESWhen I Get a Minute – ABC iViewThe Book of Mormon – the MusicalHamilton – the MusicalWeiner – the DocumentarySpotlight – Featuring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdamsRevenant - Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio The Force Awakens - Star Wars: Episode VII Veep – 2016 Season 4The Americans - Featuring Keri Russell and Matthew RhysBloodline - Featuring: Kyle Chandler and Ben MendelsohnCatastrophe - Fearturing: Sharon Horgan, Katering Show – ABC iViewYou Can’t Ask That – ABC iViewSlate Podcasts Bowraville Podcast – via the AustralianPhoebe’s Fall – via the Age‘A horrific thing': the death of the Manrique-Lutz family -  by Ava Benny-Morrison  (SMH Good Weekend - Dec 17 2016)My Dad Wrote a Porno – PodcastThe Dollop - Podcast [Special mention: Fed Ex Fight 705 episode & The Rube episode] Revisionist History - Podcast  [Special mention: The Big Man Can’t Shoot episode]The Cook's Companion - by Stephanie Alexander The Cook’s Table - by Stephanie Alexander

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Sincerely apologetic about the audio quality from the last episode, Crabb and Sales lock themselves away in a silent office to talk of recent adventures at Parliament House and how great it was to see Helen Garner featured in the New Yorker.  Although it is nice and quiet, there is plenty of clanging going on. JD Vance’s book is discussed, plus what politicians say they will be reading over summer.

SHOWNOTESInside the Commons - BBCJames McGrath Al desko with Annabel Crabb Series 1 Ep 2Royal Menus - Jake Smith’s private collection of historic royal menu cardsLabor in the Kitchen (Note: this is not held in single Australian library, but for anyone super keen, there is one 2nd hand copy for sale in Bendigo!)Deutschland 83 - German-language spy drama (Sundance)Helen Garner's Savage Self-Scrutiny - By James Wood - The New Yorker (12 Dec, 2016)The Spare Room - by Helen GarnerCarpool Karaoke (via YouTube)Crowded House on reuniting after 20 years - Interviewed by Leigh Sales (via ABC 7.30)Timberlake on Trolls, embracing failure and coming to terms with his career - Interviewed by Leigh Sales (via ABC 7.30)Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis - by J. D. VanceRevisionist History - a podcast from Malcolm GladwellReading lists corral politicians’ interests, values, ambitions - Troy Bramston - The Australian (6 Dec 2016) (Note: pay wall restricted access)The Cook’s Table - by Stephanie Alexander100 Tweets That Made British People Piss Themselves in 2016 - BuzzFeedReflections on True Friendship - by Andrew O’Hagan - NYT (23 Nov, 2016)Please Like Me - featuring Josh Thomas (via ABC)

Sales takes Crabb to a new café but tells her the incorrect name of the place – mistaking the band 'Something for Kate' for the café 'Something for Jess'. The bad news is Crabb will never be able to find it again. The good news is there’s something for everyone in this episode, from American politics to raspberry mousse. (*with apologies from the bumbling Sales to the lovely people at 'Something for Jess')

Something for Jess – Café in ChippendaleFaith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush – by Ron Suskind via NYT Magazine (17 Oct 2004)2016 Election exit polls – Washington Post The 13 most amazing findings in the 2016 exit poll - Washington PostMore from Neighbourhood by Hetty McKinnonIsraeli Couscous / Ptitim - Wikipedia Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale's Demented Double Act on 'Veep’ - by Sam Ansderson via NYT Magazine (9 Apr 2015)Veep - featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony HaleThe Office box set Gareth Keenan from the Office - WikipediaRosehaven - featuring Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola Please Like Me – featuring Josh Thomas and a cast of favourites Sewing teddy bears for sick kids - meet 12 year old Campbell – via The Feed (SBS)   Chat 10 Looks 3 RSS
Ep 43: Bury a liver under the roots  
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Defiantly avoiding the Melbourne Cup, Crabb and Sales hide themselves away to discuss recent developments in the US Election. Sales is proud to announce that she has had great success growing sweetpeas. New podcasts plus a couple of recent books written by colleagues are discussed. Crabb is horrified to learn Sales' theory that contacts who stick around for many years may well be undercover operatives.

SHOWNOTESLeigh Sales interviews Michelle and Stevie Payne on 7.30 - via ABCLeigh Sales interviews Richie McCaw on 7.30 - via ABCWho is Johnny Eales!? - via WikipediaA handy explainer on the Clinton emails and Anthony Weiner - via New York TimesWeiner - the filmWho's Up, Who's Down (Leigh Sales review of 'Weiner') - The MonthlyEven though Crabb later discovers that Kaz Cooke does not specifically know about research on gardens and satisfaction, she does have a good book with lots of other stuff about what makes women satisfied! Women's Stuff - Kaz CookeThe Smug Bundt (photo)Leigh's Sweetpea photos:
- Sweetpeas growing:  First, Second, Third
- The First Flower
- Sweetpea Victory
- The First BunchPhoebe’s Fall - podcastPatton Oswalt: 'I'll Never Be at 100 Percent Again' by Jason Zimoman - via New York TimesThe Berlin Patient - podcastVictoria - by Julia BairdLight and Shadow - by Mark Colvin
EP 42: The Glancing Torchlight Across the Arse of the Tuna  

Even though it has not rained for days, Crabb still manages to get drenched by passing traffic – very ‘sitcom’ don’t you think? Detailed discussion ensues on a range of topics: new TV shows, perfect roast potatoes, glorious salads, women in law, ‘The Boss’ and whether you can ever look at too many piles of rice and fish without getting to eat them.  Does Crabb stop this recording just as Sales is launching into a song!?

SHOWNOTESDivorce - starring Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the CityKitchen Cabinet - S1 Ep4 with Julie BishopCatastrophe (Season 2)Neighbourhood (Salads, Sweets and Stories from Home and Abroad) - by Hetty McKinnonSpecial Delivery – by Annabel CrabbThe Party Room (Podcast) – presented by Patricia Karvelas and Fran KellyWomen in Law Breakfast: Elizabeth EvattPeg Lusink and Josephine Maxwell Viktor & Rolf Exhibition - National Gallery of VictoriaThe First Monday in May - DocumentaryFight Like a Girl - by Clementine FordBorn to Run - by Bruce SpringsteenWe Are Alive: Bruce Springsteen at 62 - David Remnick (New Yorker, 30 July 2012) Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Documentary Chat 10 Looks 3 RSS
EP 41: Pussy Riot  

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Crabb and Sales analyse the 2nd US presidential debate, then briefly ponder why there is a Pokemon on Sales' desk. Discussion switches to unsympathetic main characters, Ben Mendelsohn's chin, a couple of new podcasts and the value of political satire.

ShownotesThe Second 2016 US Presidential Debate - via PBSPokemon - via Pokemon.comLeigh Sales with Pokemon head zubat - via TwitterPokemon Go has let me enter my son's world - by Julia Baird (via SMH)The Girl on the Train - by Paula HawkinsLolita - Vladimir NabokovSopranos - DVDBloodline - DVD Team Effort - Podcast by Ed KavaleeSlate's Political Gabfest - PodcastSlate's Trumpcast - PodcastThe Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the “Alt-Right” - by Jon RonsonAlec Baldwin as Trump on SNL - via Guadian (SNL official site geoblocked in Australia)Ep 10. The Satire Paradox - Revisionist History PodcastProud to Stand With You - Mike Pence Twitter Comment
Ep 40: It's debatable  
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Crabb and Sales watch the first Clinton and Trump presidential debate in a secret tropical location. 48 hours later, while drinking cocktails, they assess the debate. Discussion then switches to holiday reading. 

SHOWNOTESThe first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - via PBSThe Tropical Holiday Selfie - via TwitterAnna Karenina - by Leo TolstoyMiddlemarch - by George EliotVanity Fair - by William Makepeace ThackerayThe Beautiful Lie - DVDWhere the Suckers Moon: the life and death of an advertising campaign - by Randall RothenbergDonoghue v Stevenson - via WikipediaThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - by Rebecca SklootRed Sparrow - by Jason MatthewsThe Americans - DVDThe Dry - by Jane HarperAn Isolated Incident - by Emily MaquireOur Souls at Night - by Kent HarufThe Girl on the Train - by Paula HawkinsBeside Myself - by Ann Morgan
Ep 39: Home dental extraction  
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Canberra Writers' Festival. Recorded in a bathroom. Without microphones.



ShownotesThe AmericansBlink by Malcolm GladwellRevisionist History a podcast by Malcolm GladwellRube podcast by DollopFed Ex podcast by DollopMy Dad Wrote a Porno podcastDrunk HistoryCommonwealth by Ann PatchettThe Cement Garden by Ian McEwanBel Canto by Ann PatchettTruly, Madly, Guilty by Liane MoriartyCatastrophe via iViewThe Night Manager starring Hugh Laurie, Tom HiddlestonBlack Mirror directed by Charlie BrookerWhy Am I So Fat by Sara BenincasaBridget Jones Baby starring Renee Zellweger
Ep 38: Carlos Danger  

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This week Crabb and Sales discuss coincidences, John Grisham novels, mountain climbing, Mormons and what it's like to get an early, sneak peek at a feature-length Weiner (the documentary on former New York senator and Mayoral candidate: Anthony Weiner).

Ask yourself this: in order to keep your place in a borrowed book, do you:
a) insert a bookmark; or
b) dog-ear the page

Crabb and Sales reveal all on this episode.

ShownotesBeyond Coincidence: Amazing Stories of Coincidence and the Mystery and Mathematics Behind Them by Martin Plimmer and Brian KingCommonwealth by Ann PatchettBel Canto by Ann PatchettThe Street Lawyer by John GrishamThe Firm by John GrishamSherpa: Trouble on EverestDead Lucky: Life After Death on Mount Everest by Lincoln HallInto Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt Everest Disaster by Jon KrakauerThree Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way by Jon KrakauerUnder the Banner of Heaven by Jon KrakauerWeiner directed by Josh Kriegman & Elyse SteinbergCarlos Danger theme song via The Daily Show
Ep 37: Medium white t-shirts  
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The election is over. We may even have a Prime Minister (at least for the next few months or so). Crabb and Sales reflect on what it's like being chained to a desk for nearly seven hours with Scott Morrison and Penny Wong. Crabb gets her hands on Antony Green's (software) package and Sales has been spending a lot of time at home curled up with a variety of good books. Plus: What does Obama do after dark? Let's find out.

ShownotesPortable Curiosities by Julie KohThe One Who Got Away by Caroline OveringtonThe Twisted Knot by J M PeaceThe Healing Party by Micheline LeeGotham by Nick EarlsVenice by Nick EarlsVancouver by Nick EarlsJuneau by Nick EarlsWasted: A Story of Alcohol, Grief and a Death in Brisbane by Elspeth MuirHigh Sobriety: My Year Without Booze by Jill StarkMan's Search For Meaning by Viktor FranklI Saw A Man by Owen SheersTruly Madly Guilty by Liane MoriartyObama After Dark by Michael D Shear via The New Yorker
Ep 36: Fifty shades of coughing  
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The election campaign is taking its toll. Crabb and Sales are both sick, but the upside of spending so much time on flights with politicians is that you get a chance to read books, watch movies and binge-watch television. Grab the Vicks Vaporub and a box of tissues and enjoy this episode.

ShownotesChat 10 Looks 3: Fifty Shades of Giggling starring Annabel Crabb and Leigh SalesTwo Grumpy Hacks podcast by Dennis Atkins and Malcolm FarrThe Dressmaker starring Kate Winslet and Judy DavisSisters starring Tina Fey and Amy PoehlerJodie Foster interview with Monique Schafter via ABC 7.30Money Monster starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, directed by Jodie FosterThe First Monday in May directed by Andrew RossiDog Day Afternoon starring Al PacinoThe King of Comedy starring Robert de Niro and Jerry LewisMisery starring Kathy Bates and James CannDie Hard starring Bruce Willis and Alan RickmanThe Girl on the Train by Paula HawkinsTruly, Madly, Guilty by Liane MoriartyThe One Who Got Away by Caroline OveringtonThe Unlikely Warrior by Caroline OveringtonThe Killing Season: Uncut by Patricia Dunn and Sarah FergusonNothing to Be Frightened Of by Julian BarnesThe Noise of Time by Julian Barnes
Ep 35: Backstage at the Sydney Writers Festival  
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Recorded merely moments before they appeared on-stage before an audience of 2000 punters, Crabb and Sales recall some of their investigations into political drama which is based largely on real-life events. Plus, who was Australia's weirdest Prime Minister? You might be surprised who they come up with.

ShownotesEverywhere I Look by Helen GarnerBowraville Podcast by Dan BoxThe Marmalade Files by Steve Lewis and Chris UhlmannThe Mandarin Code by Steve Lewis and Chris UhlmannStop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull by Annabel CrabbThe Pilgrim's Progress by John BunyanCommunity: Salad Recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen by Hetty McKinnon
Ep 34: Isabella Blow  

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Join Crabb and Sales at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum where they visit the Isabella Blow exhibition, plus a whole list of new podcasts to listen to.

ShownotesIsabella Blow Exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts and SciencesRed Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography by Rupert EverettVanished Years by Rupert EverettIsabella Blow and Alexander McQueen photos via Vanity FairThe Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie BenjaminIn Cold Blood by Truman CapoteComedy Showdown via ABC iViewHere's the Thing a podcast by Alec BaldwinSlate's Political Gabfest podcastTwo Grumpy Hacks podcast by Dennis Atkins and Malcolm FarrBowraville podcast by Dan BoxThe Party Room podcast by Patricia Karvelas and Fran KellyMoranthology by Caitlin MoranMy Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
Ep 33: The Silence of the fritters  
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It's budget time! Crabb and Sales are sequestered within locked rooms in Canberra to analyse the Australian national budget, and yet they find time to eat a terrible breakfast and have a terrific conversation.

ShownotesThe Hunter by Julia LeighThe Avalanche: A Love Story by Julia LeeFarewell to the Father by Timothy ElliottGotham: Wisdom Tree by Nick EarlsWhen I Get a Minute via iView
Ep 32: Live from the Wheeler Centre  
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This week sees Crabb and Sales broadcasting live from the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne and although they are very tempted to turn their show into a contemporary performance art piece, they resist and instead talk about bundts and books and bears. Oh my!

Ep 31: When I get a minute  
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Crabb and Sales launch their latest project: When I Get A Minute. It's the TV show about culture for the chronically time-poor. Exclusive to ABC iView. Watch it now.

ShownotesThe Cook and the Baker by Tass Tauroa and Cherie BevanSpecial Delivery by Annabel CrabbHelen Garner wins the Windham Campbell prizeGrand Days by Frank MoorhouseI was Russell Crowe's Stooge by Jack Marx
Ep 30: Strobe cream part deux  
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It's time to put on makeup. It's time to dress up right. It's time to get things started in Canberra tonight. Join the bunglers in front of the mirror as they get ready for the ABC Showcase. Plus prepare yourself for the next instalment of Flora's Fancies where the story really gets meta.

ShownotesFlesh Wounds by Richard GloverThe Family Law by Benjamin LawThe Family Law via SBS TVMaking of a Murderer via NetflixThe Making of Making of a Murderer via Here's The Thing by Alec BaldwinWhat Errol Morris Thinks of Making a Murderer via SlateMidnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John BerendtIn Cold Blood by Truman CapoteFatal Vision by Joe McGinnissThe Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm

Ep 29: When the strudel hits the floor  
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The bunglers are back for 2016 and Crabb is clanging like a bell after an encounter with celebrity cook Nigella Lawson. Sales finally gives Crabb her Christmas present and makes her eat cherry strudel that's been dropped on the floor. Warning: possibly the worst audio and level of interruptions ever and that's saying something.

ShownotesNigella Lawson and Annabel Crabb in conversationAn Evening with Annabel Crabb at the Adelaide Fringe FestivalA Little Life by Hanya YanagiharaThe Stand by Stephen KingDestination Sydney exhibition at the S H Erving galleryThe Making of a Murderer via NetflixThe StaircaseBloodlines via NetflixGuillame: Food for Family containing the raspberry and pistachio trifle recipeJames Cordon Carpool KaraokeSimply Nigella: Feel Good Food by Nigella Lawson
Ep 28: Christmas 2015  

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Christmas is here, so it's time for Crabb and Sales to tell us what they thought of the year. Find out their picks for best movies, television, recipes, books and articles. Plus Crabb may have just found the ultimate way to prevent Sales from throwing out her Christmas gift.

ShownotesCrabb and Sales predict the future on Episode 25 of Chat 10 Looks 3Dior and I documentaryPrêt-à-Porter (also released as Ready to Wear)The September Issue starring Anna WintourIris documentaryBirdman directed by Alejandro IñárrituThe Revenant by Michael Punke soon to be a movie directed by Alejandro IñárrituOpen Water - the movie based on the Lonergan's stranded in the oceanOlive Kitteridge starring Francis McDormandThe Americans starring Keri RussellJackson and Lawler interview by Caro Meldrum-Hanna via Four CornersMaster of None starring Aziz AnsariVeep starring Julia Louis-DreyfusSpecial Delivery by Annabel CrabbJerusalem by Yotam OttolenghiThe Cook and Baker by Cherie Bevan and Tass TauroaSimply Nigella: Feel Good Food by Nigella LawsonMix and Bake by Belinda JeffreyLucky Us by Amy BloomReckoning: A Memoir by Magda SzubanskiNatural Born Keller by Amanda KellerWhere the bodies are buried by Patrick Badden Keefe via The NewyorkerThe Living Room by Diane Weipert via Love + Radio66 Classic dance routines cut together wi
Ep 27: Flora's fancy  

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Secret diaries are revealed in this episode. What happens when the things you wrote thirty years ago see the light of day. Would anyone want to read it? Would anyone want to publish it? Plus Crabb and Sales tell us about their favourite horror films and books.

ShownotesSecond Half First by Drusilla ModjeskaRichard III found in a car park via ABC NewsReality TV series based on the fabulous adventures of Richard III's bones by Annabel Crabb via The Sydney Morning HeraldBorn to Rule: The unauthorised biography of Malcolm Turnbull by Paddy ManningMrs Dalloway by Virginia WoolfMaster of None starring Aziz AnsariGermaine Greer's 30000-word love letter to Martin Amis via The GuardianThe Book Club with Leigh SalesA Little Life by Hanya YanagiharaThe Child in Time by Ian McEwanMisery starring James Caan and Kathy BatesWolf Creek starring John Jarratt

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