Chill Out Session

Chill Out Session


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Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 199  

1.Eskadet - Translation 2.For Found Future - Dream Your Dreams (Dreamscape Mix) 3.Ki Mi - Citysoul 4.Enrico Donner - Don't Be Stranger 5.Moondiver - Underwater 6.Don Gorda Project - Mild and Quiet 7.Neil Burgess - Devils Water 8.Road. Terry Callier - Walk Away 9.Steen Thottrup - Lunar Landscape 10.Five Seasons feat. Jane Maximova - Fleeting Moments 11.Beach Hoppers - Keep Dreaming (Eskadet Moonlight Version) 12.Michiko - Fly Away with You 13.Brock - Summertime Dreaming (PROMO) 14.Brock - These Nights I Spend Thinking of You (PROMO) 15.MICA feat. LODENT & Margaret Knapp - Lin (PROMO) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 198  

1.Brass - Gange 2.Placid Larry - The Snow 3.Channel Two - S'posed to Be (Deja-Move's Handsome Remix) 4.Man In A Room - Marveland 5.Dee C'rell feat. Richelle Claiborne - Silent 6.Vermos - Lolitopia 7.Roberto Sol - Nube De Agua 8.Yonta - Something Charming 9.Ganga - Hi-Fi Love 10.Openzone Bar - Retro Outfit 11.Kasi Madhu - Elnath 12.Stray Theories - Hopeful 13.Beach Hoppers - Calm 14.St Project - Gibilterra Sea 15.The Sura Quintet - Linda Tarde © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 197  

Cover: El Capitan, California, U.S. Picture Source: Tracklist 1.Andrew Cash - The Sound of Eternity 2.Openzone Bar - Night on Park Rouge 3.Pascheba - Why (Electronic Sphere Mix) 4.Eskadet - Immersion 5.Brass - Infinity 6.Alexandra Hampton - Eastern Treasure 7.Blue Wave - No Matter What 8.Goloka - Give Me Loving 9.Jane Maximova - A Straw 10.Nu Café Cinematique - Travalon 11.Jaz:N - Altea Sunset 12.Jean Mare - Deep in Thoughts (Mystic Moments Mix) 13.Max Freegrant & Jerome Isma-Ae - Thrill Me (Marsbeing Remix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 196  

Cover: Harare, Zimbabwe Picture Source: Tracklist 1.Man In A Room feat. Civilian - Night Mail 2.Sound Carpets - Clouds 3.Five Seasons - Time to Go Back 4.Metropolitan Poets - Go On 5.Kaxamalka - You Take My Breath Away 6.Derrick - Call Me 7.Gushi & Raffunk - Find Me 8.Fragile State - Every Day a Story 9.Chris LeBlanc - Shiva and the Sea (Sunset Ashram Mix) 10.Collective Sound Members - Mysterious World 11.Lyrik Lounge - Lass Mich Zu Deinen Fiiljen Liegen 12.FXU - Flytopia 13.S.W. - Humans and Gods 14.Brass - Delhi Nights © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 195  

Cover: Vientiane, Laos Picure Source: (link) Tracklist 1.Airily - Shinjiru 2.The Magical Corner - Laguna 3.DegreeZero - Rashana 4.Project Blue Sun - Naked 5.Yantra Mantra - Balance and Harmony 6.Rey Salinero - Nada Mas 7.Vladi Strecker - Shaman Wisdom (Mystic Mountain Mix) 8.Persia Beatz - Forsaken Dune (Punjabi Mix) 9.Solarstone & Hannah Magenta - Swansong 10.SoulAvenue - Stronger By Me (Kerala Beach Mix) 11.Baghira - Garden Lullaby 12.Project Blue Sun - Shining Star © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 194  

Cover: Yerevan, Armenia Tracklist 1.Dreamweavers - Till the End of Time 2.Sonica - Walk on Water (Deep Blue Sea Mix) 3.Enigmatic Obsession - Farewell to the Moon 4.Nitrous Oxide - Amnesia (Chill Out Mix) 5.Sphere - Breathe 6.Lemongrass - Satellite (Ambient Version) 7.Stratus - Solstice 8.Lustral - The Price We Pay for Love 9.Gurban Abbasli & Juliet Lyons - Together (Chillout Mix) 10.Beach Hoppers - Keep Dreaming (Lemongrass Angel Mix) 11.Magic Mike - Sai 12.T2'n - 3 Minutes Avant Le Grand Saut 13.The Angel Flies In The Sky - Wellness (Tim Angrave Optimum Remix) 14.Evadez - Exist © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 193  

Cover: San Salvador, El Salvador Tracklist 1.Placid Larry feat. Franky Flowerz - Subroutine 2.Corrado Saija - L'ultimo sole 3.Eric Knight - Keep Control (New Fragrance Mix) 4.Weathertunes - Wait 5.Kusuma Orchestra - A Glittering Mosaic 6.Loop Fruit Split - Rain Reason 7.Nitin Sawhney - Homelands 8.El Nicoya - Linea Vaga 9.In Credo - Merry Go Round (Beat Cut) 10.Gushi & Raffunk - Sound of You (Five Seasons Remix) 11.Solarsoul - Walking a Dream (Chill Ambient Mix) 12.A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VI 13.Thomas Lemmer - Different World 14.Eskadet - Meander 15.Peter Pearson - Ride With the Tide © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 192  

Cover: Mount Fuji, Japan Tracklist 1.Castlebed - Automatic Words 2.Tom Furse - Ocean Is Teacher 3.Sannan - A Memoir of Love 4.Taburet - Thoughts 5.Chambers Of Dream - Love Theme 6.Phonotronic - Trans-Electrics (Synthesis Mix) 7.Cocogroove - Blue Mantra (Lunatico Mix) 8.Persia Beatz - Sarani (Asian Cut) 9.Frank Borell - Modulate Colors (Buddha Deluxe Mix) 10.PNFA - Modules 11.Steen Thottrup - Missing U (A Tribute to the Sun) 12.Leon Ard - Misty Morning 13.Manoa - Before Sunrise (Solaris Mix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 191  

Cover: The Bosphorus, Turkey Tracklist 1.Satin Sound System - Flashback Oasis (Del Mar Mix) 2.Djibooti - Shadows and Voices (Tom Tom Mix) 3.Meanone - Planet MK31 4.Mahoroba - Enter the Underworld (Cool Meditation Mix) 5.Arrojas - Occidente 6.Deco' - Slow Motion 7.Persia Beatz - Princess of Persia (Miracle Mixxx) 8.Eskadet - La Repara 9.Alexandra Hampton - Eastern Treasure 10.Logophilia - Tongues of Wind 11.Mirage Of Deep - The Breath of Ganges 12.Zina Rao feat. Chillwalker - Spiritual Dreams (Mystic Vocal Mix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 190 (Tim Angrave Special Mix)  

21 Tracks ... mixed/compilated by: Zoltan Biro © Tim Angrave / All Rights Reserved Tracklist Tim Angrave - Endless Horizons Tim Angrave - Wings Tim Angrave - Sunshine Tim Angrave - Nightvision Tim Angrave feat. Gushi - Bellissimo Angelo Klangstein - One (Tim Angrave Mix) Tim Angrave - Emotions Tim Angrave - Refined Interjection Tim Angrave - The Art of Choice Tim Angrave - Meditating Groove Tim Angrave - Belief Tim Angrave - Ultraviolet Tim Angrave - Midnight Waves Tim Angrave - Faith in You Tim Angrave - Good Vibrations Tim Angrave - Positivism Tim Angrave - A Midsummer Morning Ryan Farish - Life in Stereo (Tim Angrave Remix) Synapsis - 6 A.m. (Tim Angrave Ambient Edition) Ryan Farish - Round and Round (Tim Angrave Ambient Remix) The Angel Flies In The Sky - Wellness (Tim Angrave Optimum Remix)

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 189  

Cover: Pisa, Italy Tracklist 1.Darren Tate - Daylight Blinds Me (DT8 Project Chilled Mix) 2.Miroslav Vrlik - Pyramid Peaks (Sylvermay's Chill Mix) 3.Overflow - Purest Dream 4.Synapsis - Alluring Forces (Five Seasons Deep Chill Remix) 5.Stan B - The Road We Take 6.Peter Pearson - Ride with the Tide 7.Michael E - Serenity 8.Groove Addix - I Know You, I Live You (The Squeeze Lounge Edit) 9.Light in Color - Double Waves 10.Brucho - Dreaming (Rysh Paprota Remix 2) 11.CJ Peeton - White Sand (Cj Peeton 2012 Mix) 12.Aleksey Kovalenko - Autumn Rain 13.Cafe del Mar - Abrazame (Smoking Love Mix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 188  

Cover: Schwangau, Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany Tracklist 1.Artifact - Deep Inside 2.Mar Abella - Bye Bye Uoh Oh (Victor Gonzalez Remix) 3.Richard Bonnee - Morning Sitar (Atmosphere Mix) 4.Sofa Groovers - Voyageur (French Mix) 5.Man In A Room - Brave This Moment 6.Third Floor - Three For Each 7.Ephedrix - Prototype (Sacral Reason Remix) 8.Data Wave - Sheen 9.M.I.L.K. and C.A.N.D.Y. - Exhale (Read All About People, Hell and Angels Cut) 10.Olexa - Wanderer 11.Ganga - Gaia 12.Coastline - Adriatic Sea © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 187  

Cover: Isla Contoy, Mexico © Norbert Ujhelyi Tracklist 1.Blank & Jones with Janek Vogler - Sehnsucht (Relax Mix) 2.Lounge Hours - Ibiza Wind 3.Subimpact vs Sergey Shabanov - Lotus of The Nile (Sergey Shabanov Chillout Mix) 4.Jens Buchert - Wellenreiter 5.Lukas Termena - Before You Go 6.Proxy Brides - Everything (Late Night Mix) 7.Mizar B - Message From The Outside 8.Eleron - Guitar 9.Blank & Jones with Zoe Dee - Diamonds & Pearls 10.Blank & Jones with Boney M. - Sunny (Summer Vibe Mix) 11.Changer - Sunrise Breeze (Chill Out Mix) 12.Harley & Muscle, Duquee Braun - Change The World (Fragment Orchestra 'there's A Spirit Here' Remix) 13.Rory Gallagher - Luigi Palagano 14.Headstrong feat. Signe G - Let Me Be The One (Zetandel Chillout Mix) 15.BK Duke - Did You Know (Ibiza Chillout Mix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 186  

Cover: Malé, Republic of Maldives Tracklist 1.Lunars - Light & Airy 2.Zoom - Secrets Of Empire 3.Submersion - Fondness 4.Zyce & Flegma - Submersion (Spinney Lainey feat Zyce & Flegma Remix) 5.Cloudwalker & Sergey Shabanov - Naiads 6.Raynold - Biosphere 7.Tafubar - Paradise Reconquered 8.Pascheba - Laroom (Deep Chillout Cut) 9.Lebensart - Eastern Sunset (World Colours Mix) 10.Steen Thottrup - I Feel 11.Dreamweavers - 7th Heaven 12.Lo Tide - Quietly Here © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 185  

Cover: Mont-Saint-Michel, France Tracklist 1.Blank & Jones with Coralie Clément - C'est Beau La Vie 2.Steen Thottrup - El Alba 3.Project Blue Sun - Save Me 4.Klangstein - Eclipse 5.Guardians of Secret - Gregorian Temple (Nu Artenovum Mix) 6.Dutchman Delight - Melancholic People (Bargrooves Mix) 7.Dharma Frequency - Space Karma 8.Nightview - Space Meets Earth (Space Night Mix) 9.Lebensart - Atmo Chant (Voices from Nowhere Mix) 10.Thomas Lemmer - Juno 11.Tigerforest - Aqua Marine 12.Promid - Dependent Heart 13.The Diventa Project - First Date © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 184  

Cover: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Source: Tracklist 1.Blugazer - Over The Past 2.Bryan Milton - Don't Try to Love Me (Bryan Milton Chillout Remix) 3.Sunsplorer - Winter 4.Futurewife - It Gets Better (Roma Remix) 5.Tilt - The World Doesn't Know (Charm & Strange Downtempo Mix) 6.Faruk Sabanci, Jaren - Discover (Zetandel Chillout Mix) 7.Roman Messer feat. Lj Ayrten - Break The Ice (UltraNova Chillout Remix) 8.Donna De Lory - The Unchanging (Atom Smith Chill Yoga Flow Remix) 9.Vargo - Awakening (Original Chorus Mix) 10.PrOmid feat. Josie - Leave It All Behind (Promid Remix) 11.Frost & Maron - Mute Your Mind (Chillout Mix) 12.Ana Criado - Can't Hold Back The Rain (Dark Matters Original) 13.Chris LeBlanc - Left Without a Kiss 14.Ficci - Let Me Touch Your Lips © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 183  

Cover: Lyon, France Tracklist 1.Future Loop Foundation - Sur La Mer 2.StereOMantra - True Experiences 3.Goddess - Leave It All Behind 4.Blank & Jones with Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Relax Mix) 5.Gushi & Raffunk - On My Way 6.Ticane - Deep Sea Diver 7.Glady Gowans - Finding Myself 8.Artenovum - Lanibia Dreams (7 Stars Mix) 9.Slava Shkoda - Ocean World Part 1 10.Shambala Networks - Varj Meg Egy Kicsit 11.Blank & Jones - Interstellar 12.Arrojas - Around the Sun 13.Yantra Mantra - Early Morning Fog © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 182  

Cover: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Tracklist 1.Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas - Sink The Lighthouse 2.Airform - Mechanical Forest (Spherical Mix) 3.Project Blue Sun - Torn Apart 4.Roman Messer feat. Eric Lumiere - Closer (Zetandel Chillout Remix) 5.Tony Sit - Space Guitar 6.TrancEye - In The Shadows (TrancEye pres. Audiopassion Remix) 7.Kerry Leva - Proud 8.Eva Pacifico - Caliente (Lenny Ibizarre Remix) 9.Conjure One - Miscreant 10.ASP Project feat. Tom Tyler - See The Sun (Vocal Mix) 11.Edward Maya - Angel of Compassion 12.Chimea - Let Go 13.Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight (Chill Out Mix) © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 181  

Cover: Istanbul, Turkey Tracklist 1.Jean Mare & Newton - By My Side (Have a Nice Dream Mix) 2.Lazy Hammock - Spirals in Time 3.So Phistry - Lounge Me 4.Steen Thottrup - In the Palm of Your Hand 5.PNFA - Temple Monkey 6.Juventa - Rainsteps 7.Surfgreenstrat - Look into the Sky (White Beach Mix) 8.Swoan Mayer - Borderline Disturb (Chillout Mix) 9.Openzone Bar - Seven Seas 10.Blue Lagoona - Autopilot (Hands Free Mind Mix) 11.Justy Puck - Crumpled 12.Light in Color - Lovely Shelters 13.SoundLift - Savage Islands © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 180 (Eddie Silverton Special Mix)  

20+ years experience within the music industry 150+ Singels 8+ Albums 80+ Remixes 500+ Compilation Appearances Numerous branding/sync licenses © All Rights Reserved to Eddie Silverton Tracklist 1.Eddie Silverton - Confusing and Chaotic 2.Eddie Silverton - Coincidences 3.Eddie Silverton - Literary 4.Eddie Silverton - Dreams 5.Eddie Silverton - My Balcony 6.Eddie Silverton - Whispers 7.Eddie Silverton - High Flyers 8.Eddie Silverton - Groovy Babylon 9.Eddie Silverton - Cooling Aims 10.Eddie Silverton feat. Yota Yota - Lost Faces 11.Eddie Silverton feat. Ida - Everytime 12.Eddie Silverton - Two Specialists 13.Eddie Silverton - Aperitif 14.Eddie Silverton - Mirroing 15.Eddie Silverton - Approaching My Consciousness 16.Eddie Silverton - Your Spring 17.Eddie Silverton - Traveller 18.Eddie Silverton - The Answer 19.Eddie Silverton - Elegance © All Rights Reserved to the artists!

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