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Chilling Tales: The Podcast is bringing audio theater back from the dead, as the weekly drama series combines storytelling and mystery for a riveting listening experience. Narrated by Master Broadcaster and host of the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival, Steve Taylor, the podcast features adaptations and collections of tales told by a full-cast, with a captivating sound experience sure to leave you looking over your shoulder and double-checking your doors and windows. Professional voice actors, sound effects and custom musical scores bring never-before-heard tales from both published and unpublished authors - and your nightmares - to life. Whether they be suspense, drama or science-fiction, the program's immersive, thrilling productions are guaranteed to give you the shivers. So what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights, and turn on the dark. To access the entire Chilling Tales: The Podcast archive, go to


Plutonion Shores - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E35  

The Roman God Pluto, formerly known by the Greek name of Hades, breeds a connotation of negativity from our modern sensibilities... But to the ancients, he was ruler of the Underworld and a much more ambiguous character whose abode of darkness housed the seeds for all life to sprout from... For this episode, we visit two poetic stories from past centuries whose darkness also house seeds of life... And that life blossoms well within the world of Chilling Tales. These tales, whose rhyme and meter have brought dark, cynical visions to people across the years, have lost none of their power over the unfolding of many years. That former master of the subterranean would feel right at home with these stories and like him will live and echo forever upon Plutonion Shores... If you like Chilling Tales, then check out PodcastOne's newest drama - Telling Stories, the podcast.

Farewell to Summer - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E34  

We here in the Northern Hemisphere are coming to our next leg of the journey around the sun. Soon our portion of the globe will tilt away and things will be a bit darker for a bit longer... Summer, unfortunately, is coming to an end. It will no longer be a time for hikes, swims at the nearby lake and camping trips ... and inevitably that ever ambiguously fickle beast of a beauty, Mother Nature, gets a bit darker for a bit longer as well. So listener, we intend that by this episode's conclusion, you'll be thoroughly grateful that fall and winter drive you inside, where there's a better chance to be safe... If you like Chilling Tales, then check out PodcastOne's newest drama - Telling Stories, the podcast.

Journeys into Perturbation - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E33  

We here at Chilling Tales are always looking for ways to take our listeners with us to haunting sights and environments full of anxiety, but the old saying goes that "it's about the journey, not the destination," especially when that journey may be the last thing you'll ever do. This tends to be the case for many people when they go on one of our Journeys into Perturbation... If you like Chilling Tales, then check out PodcastOne's newest drama - Telling Stories, the podcast.

FRESH MEAT - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E32  

Join Guest Host, Jesse Cornett in an effort to introduce brand new productions from Chilling Tales. Evil Idol is Chilling Tales very own fan chosen talent competition. We've had many incredible entries, but the competition has stepped up and we will be highlighting some of the competitors that the voting has closed on to give you a taste... So please join us as we invite you to sit down at the table and give us a hand in sampling the Fresh Meat... If you like Chilling Tales, then check out PodcastOne's newest drama - Telling Stories, the podcast.

BEWARE: Children at Play - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E31  

It is common that concerned adults fear for children, but what Chilling Tales has found is that it may be much wiser to have fear of them... Their disarming, perceived innocence can hide much darker workings of the immature mind. Often undisciplined, their emotions can be visceral and animalistic in their rage and reprisal and their naivety can be the perfect gateway for malevolent forces... We share three stories with you that bring you into the unsettling world of terrifying tots and they have a message for anyone who wants to listen ...and that message is - Beware: Children at Play... If you like Chilling Tales, then check out PodcastOne's newest drama - Telling Stories, the podcast.

Urban Nightmares - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E30  

Oh, the city life, with all the dangerous traffic, the cacophonous noise and crowded areas filled with strangers ready to push you over for a nickel... That constant fear of an escalated crime rate... Nosebleed height buildings...The stress, the high costs of living... It's enough to make you wonder how anyone could ever find the time to fear the paranormal while living in the big city. We've wondered too, that is until we find ourselves in the midst of these Urban Nightmares...

The Trap Is Set - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E29  

Our stories featured in this episode explore obliviousness and how some people walk blindly into danger. For your consideration, we offer up these somewhat cautionary tales of how distraction, naivety and gullibility, can lead to a painful fall... It is never a good idea to let your guard down in the world of Chilling Tales. Our poor protagonists may have no idea that The Trap is Set...

Not Meant to Hear - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E28  

For our latest broadcast we will look into the limits of human perception and whether those limits are a cursed weakness or a true blessing in disguise... There could be visions and sensations that are part of the fabric of reality that we are blissfully ignorant to ... And to suddenly be aware of those things, well listeners, that could snuff out your fragile feelings of peace and security. Alas, that is the world of Chilling Tales. Where we experience those things that we were "not meant to hear"...

Summer of Love-Craft - Part Two - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E27  

This week we continue our story ...Previously, the Whatley family had lost most of its members, but their infernal work had been done. Unless Dr. Armitage and company can successfully intervene in time, the community of Dunwich (Dunnich) will pay a mortal price. - Listener Discretion is Advised...

Summer of Love-Craft - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E26  

To cross the threshold of our first midseason with you, our beloved and weirdly twisted audience, we're bringing you a truly epic story from one of the twentieth century's monoliths of horror fiction, as well as one of its most controversial figures... Providence Rhode Island's own H. P. Lovecraft and one of his most successful stories, "The Dunwich Horror," as we celebrate the "Summer of Love-Craft." This special episode will be featured in two parts - serialized if you will, so make sure to join us next week for the second half of our presentation.... Also, we must initiate a trigger warning before we begin, as this tale contains concepts and language that may be offensive to some - Listener Discretion is Advised...

Into the Underworld - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E25  

Some people either can't make it in a law-abiding society or they actively reject it, much to the peril of the rest of us... They make it through life doing things that the average citizen would be afraid to do, but not half as afraid as the criminals in these stories become when their lifestyles put them in touch with the world of Chilling Tales...Join us as we take a journey "Into the Underworld"...

Point of No Return - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E24  

This week, it's time for us to go exploring... Bring your sense of adventure, your curiosity and your will to survive... But don't bother bringing any hope along... There's no need for hope in the world of Chilling Tales, it would only weigh you down... One explorer takes us to the darkest reaches of the mind, while the other we will follow into the most isolated parts of the swamp... Just pray you leave only footprints behind on our nature hike into nothingness. Prepare yourself as we journey to the "Point of No Return" ...

Creepers - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E23  

This episode's stories are written centuries apart, but both will show how little people's weaknesses have changed over the years. Greed and sadism born of insecurity will always be with us, especially on this episode we call "Creepers"...

Beyond Help - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E22  

This episode's stories are tales of people that have gotten themselves in dire situations. Situations they have no hope of getting themselves out of... But as they soon learn and are willing to tell you, things can always get much, much worse in the world of Chilling Tales. In fact, no one can lend assistance, for today's subjects are Beyond Help...

Doomed Dreams - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E21  

We will present to you two timeless classics from a set of brooding, unintentional masters of horror. These are stories of people who get what they desire through the actions of supernatural forces or through chance - that fickle hand of fate. But, in the world of Chilling Tales, neither the supernatural nor the 3 fates are generous without wanting something in return... especially when it comes to those Doomed Dreams...

That Accursed Place - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E20  

Unlike the majority of our episodes, this time we'll be bringing you a single, epic feature length presentation to really immerse yourself in. At a bridge in a small town, an evil presence lives on long after the man that spawned it. This town is like any other town and this bridge is like any other bridge. But one man's life will intersect with this bridge, where an evil can be unleashed by the most innocent of urban legend rituals... and what occurs will haunt him for the rest of his life...

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Dread-Time Stories - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E19  

We will break from our usual lineup to bring you 3, that's right 3 terrifying tales that will be plenty of nightmare fuel for your hungry minds...We have compiled the following stories in the spirit of helping you slip into an uneasy sleep... Prepare yourself as we tuck you in tightly, oh and you might want to say your prayers...

Feast by Night - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E18  

Join us as we take a tour of the night and meet some of its best known and most feared undead occupants. Whatever you might have heard about vampires in popular culture lately, don't worry... The stories in this week's show are just chomping at the bit to be feared again.

Terrors from the Sea  - Chilling Tales: The Podcast S1E17  

We will present for you, a pair of nautical nightmares straight from the murky depths. Davey Jones' locker is much more serious than modern motion capture mythology would have you believe...

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