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Chips with Everything is our digital culture and technology podcast discussing what happens when people and tech collide. It's hosted by @leighalexander and @ollymann

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Inside Hillary Clinton's social media campaign for the White House – tech podcast  

Hillary Clinton’s former deputy social media director, Emmy Bengtson, opens up about her experience working for the Clinton camp, including the how the infamous ‘ Delete your account’ tweet came to be

State of surveillance: privacy in Donald Trump's America – tech podcast  

With Barack Obama’s presidency coming to a close, Ewen MacAskill, the Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent, helps us explore what mass surveillance in America might look like under Donald Trump

Future thinking: will artificial intelligence overtake humans? – tech podcast  

With technology developing at an increasingly rapid pace, as we head into 2017, we ask: will AI machines surpass the human race?

Constructed reality: are we living in a computer simulation? – tech podcast  

Elon Musk says the likelihood that we are not actually all living in a simulated world is ‘one in billions’. In this episode of Chips with Everything, philosopher and cognitive scientist Dr David Chalmers weighs in to explore those odds

Being Siri: meet the woman behind Apple's personal assistant – tech podcast  

Imagine waking up one day to find that your voice is programmed into tens of millions of mobile phones without your prior knowledge. For voiceover artist Susan Bennett, in 2011, that was her reality

Codes of love: romance in the digital age – tech podcast  

With an estimated 50 million users on Tinder, how are digital platforms like this changing the way we date? And the way we think about love? Leah Green reaches out to Moira Weigel and Dr Jenny Bristow in search of answers

Twitter's 140 characters: a blessing or a curse? – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Earlier this year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s announcement to relax the platform’s 140-character limit was met with uproar. Matt Shore and guests Dhiraj Murthy and Laurie Rice discuss the reasons people love it

Beirut: Lebanon's very own Silicon Valley – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Recently described as the ‘tech gateway to the Middle East’, we explore the inner workings of Beirut, the world’s unlikeliest of tech hubs

'Help! My doctor's a robot!': the future of medical tech – Chips with Everything podcast  

From 3D printed organs to the world’s first full-body transplant, we explore the future of tech in medicine with TV presenter and GP Dr Hilary Jones

Report from Web Summit tech conference – Chips with Everything podcast  

In this episode of Chips with Everything we attend 2016’s Web Summit in Lisbon to explore the future of all things tech, business and creativity

Email hacking and the US presidential election – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

In the latest surprise of the 2016 US presidential election, the email of the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked, pushing thousands of personal messages into the public sphere. We speak to the Guardian’s Washington correspondent David Smith about the implications of email hacking on the 2016 race and elections to come

YouTube star Hannah Hart interview – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Host Leigh Alexander chats with popular YouTube star Hannah Hart about the challenges and implications of internet celebrity and putting your life online for all to see

Magical thinking, superstitions and technology – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

We uncover the rituals and superstitious habits that we perform on our technology and gadgets

VR porn and teledildonics: exploring sex and tech - Chips with Everything podcast  

From virtual reality pornography to ‘teledildonics’, we investigate what we can expect from sex technology WARNING: sexually explicit content

Weapons of math destruction: how big data and algorithms affect our lives - podcast  

In this special collaboration between the Guardian’s Science Weekly and Chips with Everything podcasts, we explore how big data and algorithms affect our lives - for better and worse

Ping! The psychology of tech compulsions - Chips with Everything tech podcast  

We explore how our addiction to notifications and alerts influences how we use technology and go about our everyday lives WARNING: explicit language

Wink, wink, heart emoji. The future of love and tech - Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Be still, my beating algorithm. We speak to FutureFest 2016’s Ghislaine Boddington, Rob Morgan and Marie Horner about what the future of love might look like

Facebook after death: memorialising your profile – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Death, meet the 21st century. Here’s an inside look at how you can have your social media profile managed after you die with Facebook’s memorialisation service

Inside Liftblr: when blogging meets shoplifting – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

They steal, they blog, they repeat. Welcome to Liftblr, the quasi-anarchist portion of Tumblr. Chips with Everything talks to journalist Tasbeeh Herwees, who has reported on Liftblr, and Dr Elizabeth Yardley, a criminologist who focuses on social media connections

Live from Edinburgh International Television Festival – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Chips with Everything presenter Olly Mann travels north to the Scottish capital to investigate what the future of TV looks like

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