Chips with Everything

Chips with Everything

United Kingdom

Chips with Everything is our digital culture and technology podcast discussing what happens when people and tech collide. It's hosted by @leighalexander and @ollymann

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Making art out of Crossrail – tech podcast  

Navine G Khan-Dossos’s work explores the shared geometric and algorithmic language of Islamic art and the internet

One artist's deep dive into the online 'manosphere' – tech podcast  

Angela Washko tells us how she immersed herself in men’s rights communities and made a dating simulator about pickup artists

A memory box for the digital age – tech podcast  

Kumbu is a service to preserve your digital memories – but how do you decide which of our mountain of data to keep?

How smart cities can create their own poetry – tech podcast  

Artist Naho Matsuda has harnessed real-time smart city data in Manchester to create live poetry displays reflecting on what’s happening in real time

How to free yourself from your smartphone – tech podcast  

Binky is a spoof social media app suggesting the real reason we use our phones has less to do with keeping in touch, and more to do with compulsive behaviour

Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language? – tech podcast  

Dr Vyvyan Evans on the first emoji terror threat and what the future holds for non text-based communication

What would you put in a virtual museum? – tech podcast  

Artist Pippin Barr explores a virtual world where computer game visuals meet the work of artists Donald Judd and Gregor Schneider

How natural language tech is changing interactive gaming: tech podcast  

Socially intelligent design is changing how writers approach interactive story-telling

Why the free content era has to end – tech podcast  

Author Tim Wu on how the early utopian potential of the internet gave way to naked capitalism

The 'alt-right' approach to disrupting the media – tech podcast  

A new report takes a nuanced look at some of the behaviours and cultural norms surrounding the nascent Internet-based far-right group

Dating revolutionised by big data and memes – tech podcast  

Dr Steve Carter, chief scientist at eHarmony, talks about the company’s use of algorithms and memes to make real-world dating more successful

Tech as a creative instrument for music – tech podcast  

Sound artist Kathy Hinde and computer artist Matthew Olden AKA I Am The Mighty Jungulator talk about creative ways of using tech as a musical tool

Tracking the 'render ghosts' – tech podcast  

Artist James Bridle reveals his quest to trace the anonymous faces appearing on hoardings around our cities

The quest to crack and preserve vintage Apple II software – tech podcast  

Why circumventing 1980s copy protection is the first step in saving part of tech history

What would an AI make you for dinner? – tech podcast  

Training neural networks to create recipes, jokes, and Doctor Who episodes

Can a neural network compose music you want to hear? – Tech podcast  

The AI composers that are helping people make their own personal soundtracks

What can we learn from naked mole rats and eusocial living? – tech podcast  

Julie Freeman is an artist who creates forms, animations, and soundscapes from tracking data. She created a multifaceted installation – A Naked Mole Rat Eutopia – at London’s Somerset House, featuring kinetic sculptures, an animation and a visualisation, all using live data from the naked mole rat community

How tech can help asylum claims, homelessness ... and parking fines - tech podcast  

The app that helps the homeless find government housing and asylum seekers avoid legal delays with their claims

What's behind the Russian hacking allegations? – tech podcast  

Are we facing a new cyber cold war, or is there more behind allegations of Russian hacking in the US?

Making viral art out of hardware – tech podcast  

Interrupting the march of technology through art

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