Tim League - Ep93  

Alamo Drafthouse Theater Founder Tim League talks about how a simple idea started a movie-going revolution. Hear the small steps that Tim took that made all the difference in going from "failure" to "gamechanger." Every entrepreneur would be wise to listen!

Vince Young - Ep92  

Austin's favorite son (and former NFL quarterback) Vince Young owns one of John Resig's fav eateries in the city (Vince Young's Steakhouse), knows a thing or two about Southern hospitality, has his own holiday, started his football career as a defensive player, was committed to 7 different universities before deciding on UT, and played in one of the most legendary games in the history of college football - UT vs USC.

Michael Chiklis - Ep91  

"The Commish," Michael Chiklis, is in the house... but he's bringing more than just his stellar acting chops to this episode! He's sharing his incredible new album, "Influence," his love of David Bowie, and what he remembers about his first live gig at the Sundance Film Festival! He's also got an unbelievable story about Burt Reynolds literally saving his acting career, and he's revealing his favorite nickname, the reason why he almost quit on day 2 of filming Marvel's "Fantastic Four," and the dirty little secret about Hollywood that no actor can publicly share!

Dolph Lundgren - Ep90  

How did Dolph Lundgren become Dolph Lundgren?? Hear about his humble beginnings as a rocket scientist in Stockholm, Sweden (true story) to his meteoric rise to action superstar film icon! He's also talking about the day he almost killed Sylvester Stallone, along with a chance encounter with Christopher Walken on the set of his first film that forever changed his life.

The NFL, Today's TV, and Friendsgiving - Ep89  

With John Resig out on business, Bob and Doug discuss what's wrong with the NFL today. Then the smart, talented Shelbie joins to confirm (or maybe deny) the guys' claim that being "short" is like female kryptonite. There's also discussion about the best new shows on TV, and what everyone thinks about "Friendsgiving."

Adam Carolla on theChive Podcast - Ep88  

Adam tells us what laws he'd enact "tomorrow," if he were President, to help get this country off the schneid. We also learn what Adam thinks is the secret to making a success of your own life (and the answer just might catch you by surprise). Wisdom is shared and hilarity ensues in this special podcast, recorded in front of a live audience at the Lucky Lounge in Austin, Tx!

Cubs and John & Bob on theChive Podcast - Ep87  

John talks about attending the Cubs World Series game four with the Murray Brothers. And John and Bob discuss the early days of theChive living in Chicago.

Bert Kreischer on theChive Podcast - Ep86  

Bert Kreischer is "The Machine" and he has a Showtime special to prove it (airing 11/11). He's also sharing some hilarious stories about showing up Houston Rockets guard Ralph Sampson, his relationship with the Russian mafia, and how one trip to Amsterdam effectively changed his life (think #1 Party Animal and flying dildos). And Bert breaks down the best amusement park rides and food. What more do you need?

Sasha Grey on theChive Podcast - Ep85  

She's as intelligent as she is hot, and views porn as "performance art." Sasha Grey shares her unconventional story from adult film star to Hollywood actress, author ("The Juliette Society"), and DJ. She takes us on the set of "The Girlfriend Experience," and details what it was like working with director Steven Soderbergh. Plus, Sasha has tales and trivia from her turn on the last season of HBO's "Entourage."

Ghost stories, Halloween fever, & Adam Carolla on theChive Podcast - Ep84  

John & Bob tell true ghost stories, discuss the pros & cons of the Fall/Halloween season, and have a special phone interview with Adam Carolla about what he had to sell in order to purchase Paul Newman's famous '79 Porsche for $4.4 million. Plus, Halloween horror tales are told, favorite scary movies are debated, & we finally weigh in on this terrifying clown epidemic.

Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Jimmy Feigen on theChive Podcast - Ep83  

Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Jimmy Feigen explains the insane process it takes to qualify for the Olympic Games, what it was like being named to the 4x100-meter relay team, and he clears up ALL the confusion surrounding the Ryan Lochte media storm involving the Rio bathroom stop & being "held at gunpoint."

Bruce Campbell on theChive Podcast - Ep82  

Acting legend Bruce Campbell regales with stories from the set of films like "Evil Dead" & "Army of Darkness." He tells tales about meeting Sam Raimi, flying to FOBs in Afghanistan, and interacting with his most crazed fans.

Edward Norton on theChive Podcast - Ep81  

Edward Norton tells classic stories from the set of his most iconic films: Fight Club, Primal Fear, Birdman, Sausage Party, and more!! He also explains how his creation of Crowdrise, is not only the perfect charity social network, but also a place Chive Nation can kickstart a change the world needs.

Dysfunctional Relationships on theChive Podcast - Ep80  

John and Bob bring on the heartbreak kids - three stunningly, gorgeous gals (who also happen to work for theChive) - to share their take on what (or maybe, who) is to blame for the dysfunction they suffered in their past relationships. They reveal their craziest stories in the hopes of enlightening and helping others (okay, so maybe it's just to entertain you).

Paul Reiser on theChive Podcast - Ep79  

Paul Reiser loves being a dick...at least on his new Amazon show "Red Oaks." He also ad-libbed a very famous line in "Beverly Hills Cop," and asked his real-life wife's permission to cast Helen Hunt as his on-screen wife in "Mad About You." And he explains how a piano-playing, music major in college ended up as a stand-up comic, actor & writer in life.

The Olympics, Stranger Things, & Chivers Q&A on theChive Podcast - Ep78  

This Podcast goes out to all the Chivers out there. John & Bob answer your ridiculous questions, talk of the Olympic frenzy and their reactions thus far, and even dabble into a little 'Stranger Things' dialogue.

Jeff Bridges & Chris Pine on theChive Podcast - Ep77  

Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine tell how they got their respective starts in acting and offer some tips to ensure a successful audition. Plus, Jeff reveals his most prized possession in the whole world!

Jeff Garlin on theChive Podcast - Ep76  

Jeff Garlin shares insight into the mind of Larry David and the new season of 'Curb.' And Jeff, a married man himself, doesn't believe marriage should last forever. And he's got a point.

Danny Trejo on theChive Podcast - Ep75  

Iconic badass actor, and real-life sweetheart, Danny Trejo, has epic tales from major movie sets, award-winning death scenes, and a very funny moment with the Muppets. Hear how he went from a troubled youth who bounced in and out of prison to leading man with credits in some 300 movies! His story will inspire you!

Jim Breuer on theChive Podcast - Ep74  

Jim Breuer's tales from the set of "Half Baked" are stuff of legend, as are his highs/lows from his time on "Saturday Night Live," and his explanation of those pesky SNL politics that go on behind the scenes.

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