Chrissie, Sam & Browny

Chrissie, Sam & Browny


Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Melbourne's Nova 100.


Friday 2 December 2016  

Well, that's it for us for 2016.

Listen up for the next couple of weeks for a #BESTOF show with Deano, so you don't miss us too much!

Today we caught up with the brilliant Myf Warhurst, and she brought in her Dancefloor Fillers for DJ Chrissie.

We also spoke to Shane Warne about his 'Warniemojis', Sam read us his final Diary for the year, and Browny summed it all up beautifully...

See you next year, people!

Thursday 1 December 2016  

Thursday has arrived, and that means it's time for the Throwbacks!

We premiered a video on our Facebook page this morning that is blowing everyone's minds - check it out:

Today we caught up with Gary Mehigan, Dylan Lewis took the Final Word challenge, and Sam brought Chrissie his dacenfloor fillers!

Wednesday 30 November 2016  

Live shave down of professional cricketer!

Now that I've got your attention, that is actually something we did today.

Aaron Finch brought in his sweet movember mo, and Browny shaved it off. Wanna see it? Watch it at our Facebook!

We also caught up with show BFF Joel Creasey, you tried to make Sam laugh, and Chrissie reminded us of Flossy Dickie's hundred-year old sass.

Listen up!

Tuesday 29 November 2016  

So much intrigue!

Today we caught up with Mark Colvin, who told us of his new book about his father who was a spy for MI6!

We also spoke to Ray Martin, and asked him if he knew his Stefanovics!

Finally, Didier Cohen came by with some killer floor fillers!

It was awesome. All this and more on today's podcast...

Monday 28 November 2016  

It's our last Monday for the year, people. Even though we get to sleep in next week, rest assured we will miss you very much.

Today we caught up with Stephen Quartermain and Guy Sebastian. Deano got pooped on, Sam summed up the weekend, and, not to be outdone, Browny summed up the year.

Listen up!

Friday 25 November 2016  

Friday just never gets here quickly enough does it.

But it's here now, so quit your complaining.

Today Deano's Pitch was all about High Court, and Peter Hitchener was presiding judge.

Sam's Diary exposed the innermost thoughts of our boss, the esteemed Rohan Brown.

Tony Martin talked movies, and we asked Ray Meagher (Gold Logie Winner) how he learns his lines...

Not to mention Andrew Gaze, the NBL legend calling in for a chat!

Thursday 24 November 2016  

Today we surprised Sam with the chance to meet the Director of one of his most favourite films, Weekend at Bernie's. Ted Kotcheff was nice enough to come by, but what Sam didn't realise is that he also directed Rambo: First Blood.

It's safe to say we were all completely enamoured with the great man, and didn't want him to leave!

Speaking of Bernies, Bernie Vince came by and showed Sam his 'moustache', which is barely one at all.

Chrissie lost her mind at more comments, and you called to #AskBrowny your questions!

Wednesday 23 November 2016  

Today we spoke to Jo Hall about the lamest news items she's had to read in Chrissie's new segment 'That's not news!'

Santo Cilauro also came in to tell us all about the new animated series from Working Dog, 'Pacific Heat', and he helped Sam out on today's still brutal #JokesArentFunny.

What a show!

Tuesday 22 November 2016  

Well the weather turned evil overnight, and everyone got wheezy, but we're here if you need, people!

Today Tom Ballard came by and told us about his stand up special, Megan Gale went into the Cone of Silence with Browny and Sam and blushed from one of Sam's questions!

We also tried to facilitate a patch up in the rocky relationship between Dr Chris Brown and Sam after last night's Have You Been Paying Attention got personal...

Listen up, don't you think?

Monday 21 November 2016  

Monday, Monday... doo doo dooooo...

Anyway, Mamas & the Papas aside, we had a great show this morning!

Tom Gleisner came by to play another round of radio's favourite TV spinoff, Have You Been Paying Attention?: Radio Edition.

Peter Fitzsimons gave us some insight into his incredible health kick, what life's like at home with Lisa Wilkinson, and what it means if he calls you 'puddin'.

Chrissie lost a controversial round of the Final Word against Browny.

Sam was also here. 

It was great.

Friday 18 November 2016  

Tee Gee Eye Eff, am I right??

Today Deano pitched us some brilliant, jazz-filled ideas.

Sam's Diary went as far back as Chrissie's Big Brother days, but did he go too far? Did he not go too far enough? YOU DECIDE.

Browny took the kids to the zoo to watch the horses run around the track, and Tony Martin replied to SPAM emails!

Thursday 17 November 2016  

Full on show this morning, but boy oh boy did we enjoy listening to Sam pull part Jacky the Lackey's interview with pop starlet Zara Larsson!

You called with your questions from #AskBrowny, and Chrissie dug back into some old RSVP messages she received, back in 'the day'.

Jimmy Bartel played #KnowYourSelwoodBrothers and absolutely nailed it.

Fun show!

Wednesday 16 November 2016  

What a Bump Day!

Sam was in fine form in another brutal round of Jokes Aren't Funny, and even a warmed up Browny couldn't get him to laugh!

Browny gave it his all in this morning's renactment of that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally, and it got a little steamy...

We caught up with BBQ King Jim Johnson, Tracy Grimshaw Knew Her Stefanovics, and Gina Liano brought her dog!

Tuesday 15 November 2016  

Don't know if you could tell, but it was a super fast-paced, busy show today!

We had an absolute blast!

Pop Superstar (or should we say 'Ghetto Superstar'?) Mya came in, and told us about her time on Dancing with the Stars, as well as bringing some bangin' floor fillerz for DJ Chrissie!

Our old mate Rosso, Tim Ross, came by to chat about his new show, but mainly gave Sam crap about his 'networking' skills.

Listen to the whole thing here!

Monday 14 November 2016  

We're back after a great weekend, the weather is awful, and we've got your laughs right here.

We caught up with comedy legend Shaun Micallef and his oft-comedy counterpart Francis Greenslade about their new show at the MTC, The Odd Couple.

We also had a chat to The Block winners, Karlie & Will about their massive cash haul! Chrissie had some advice about how they should best spend their cash, and Sam weighed in as well...

Good show, really.

Friday 11 November 2016  

It was like this weekend would NEVER arrive, don't you think?

Today Chrissie attempted to tell the story about her Mum's tussle with her own reflection without laughing, but she couldn't do it. She just couldn't.

We also caught up with former Real Housewife Chyka Keebaugh, Tony Martin brought in his best Trump gags, and Sam read us his diary.

Oh, and ahead of Browny's triumphant return to Warrnambool, we made sure the Mayor was ready for the fall out...

Thursday 10 November 2016  

It was a weird, post-election, pre-Trump Thursday in studio this morning.

We spoke to Drex, an old friend of Chrissie's, who works in Canada and is getting ready for the influx of Trump-fearing Americans!

We also caught up with Dami Im, oh, and not to mention we spoke to Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn!

That's right, Gold Hawn!!

What a show.

Wednesday 9 November 2016  

Today went by so fast, because we were all having so much fun. Also, Sam was here.

We caught up with the hilarious Ryan Shelton, and he took on Chrissie in the #FinalWord. It was quick.

We spoke to Olympic hero Mack Horton about his run in the City2Sea on November 20!

We also challenged The Veronicas to play 'Know Your Veronica', a clever spin on Deano's hit radio game 'Know Your Stefanovic'. They bloody nailed it.

You called in with your jokes for #JokesArentFunny, but could you make Sam laugh? What do you think?

Tuesday 8 November 2016  

You saw us THIS Tuesday.

Today we caught up with the hilarious Josh Thomas about the new series of 'Please Like Me', Jamie Durie told us what Oprah's house smells like, and Zoe Foster Blake confessed she'd never been to Eastland.

It was so great.

Listen up.

Monday 7 November  

What a weekend! What a Monday!

What a show!

Chrissie took us back to 1991 with her Dancefloor Fillerz, Sam talked us through his weekend that was, and you called to #AskBrowny your questions!

Tom Gleisner brought us another classic episode of Have You Been Paying Attention (Radio Edition), and Tiff Hall launched her new program TIFFXO live on air, complete with a 'strength test' for the guys! (Watch the video on our Facebook page!)

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