Chrissie, Sam & Browny

Chrissie, Sam & Browny


Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Melbourne's Nova 100.


Friday 21 October 2016  

Massive show today!

Sam's Diary gave us a look inside his dark, cold heart; Donna Hay brought us breakfast and a sneak peek of her new book; Tony Martin read us his SPAM emails; Chrissie dug up some dirt on the guys, and Browny was also here!

Thursday 20 October 2016  

What an actual Thursday!

Today you asked Browny his stripper name, we caught up with Helen Kapalos about her new documentary 'A Life Of Its Own', and she also took the #FinalWord challenge!

Show BFF Joel Creasey came by, and you told us your eBay horror stories!

Wednesday 19 October 2016  

Today's #BumpDay show was MASSIVE.

It was so juicy! Speaking of juicy, Chrissie made the guys leave the booth when she talked about ladies get their 'bits and pieces puffed', so there's a treat for you!

We also caught up with comedy legend Glenn Robbins, and spoke to Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson about his new show on the ABC!

You tried to make Sam laugh on Jokes Aren't Funny, and Browny's Dance Floor Fillerz had Chrissie in stitches!

Tuesday 18 October 2016  

It was a high energy, high impact, fun-packed episode today, with Constance Hall, a Leading Teams workshop of pure, unadulterated feedback, and a visit from Andy & Ben from The Block!

Listen back to every great bit!

Monday 17 October 2016  

Garfield hates them, but we really love Mondays, because we actually totally miss each other over the weekend.

Not even kidding.

Today you stumped Browny on #AskBrowny, Joel & Scott Selwood came in and told us about their new kids' book, and one of the best soccer players to ever come out of Australia, Tim Cahill too the #KnowYourStefanovic challenge!

It was epic!

Friday 14 October 2016  

It seems as if Friday really came quickly this week, don't you think?

Today we caught up with Shannon Noll about his new single, Joel Creasey came by with a Star Wars related bombshell for Sam, Tony Martin told us the scenes he finds most annoying in classic films, and Ange Postecoglou told us about his new book!

Also in this epsiode, Deano's Pitch, Sam's Diary and Livin' with the Chippy!

Thursday 13 October 2016  


It is Thursday, and you know what that means? #AskBrowny is back!

We also caught up with jockey Jim Cassidy about his new book 'Pumper', and Man vs. Food host Adam Richman told us about his 'Burger Blue' sliced Blue Cheese!

Browny challenged Adam to the #FinalWord and Chrissie debuted a new segment featuring Jacky The Lackey called 'Soz Bout It / All Bout It'. It was the actual best.

Wednesday 12 October 2016  

Day 2 of Browny being back from holidays and everything is back to normal...

Deano's new segment 'Know Your Stefanovic' was a hit, Sam invited Santo Cilauro to take part in 'Jokes Aren't Funny' and it really wasn't...

We spoke to Sasha and Julia from The Block, and Jess Mauboy sang live in our studio, and it was absolutely amazing.

Tuesday 11 October 2016  

Browny's back!

Today we presented Jimmy Bartel with a trophy and a slab of Carlton Draught for his win on #FootyMastermind, and he was  so excited about the beer he broke the trophy!

We also spoke to Celia Pacquola about her new TV show Rosehaven, which is on ABC.

Massive show! Listen up...

Monday 10 October 2016  

Browny's last day of holidays is here, and Tony Martin is back in the big fella's chair!

Today we rocked out to more Floor Fillerz with DJ Chrissie, and Tony dissected the lyrics of the Macarena.

We also caught up with AFL legend Dane Swan, you asked Tony your questions in #AskTony, and Dylan Lewis came by to offer an expert's perspective on Sam's Star Wars rant.

Oh, and we won three ACRAs, how exciting!

Friday 7 October 2016  

Thank Gerald it's FriWow, am I right?

It's been a long week. So many guest co-hosts, but we thought we'd wrap up with Tony Martin filling in for Browny, and what a show it was!

We caught up with Natalie Bassingthwaighte about her new mini-series 'Brock', Deano's Pitch was back (and killing it), Sam's Diary was amazing, and Chrissie caught a conversation between Star Wars nerds Sam Pang and Tony Martin that happened off air, but she just had to play it for you...

Listen up!

Thursday 6 October 2016  

It's Thursday, Browny is on holiday, and Melbourne comedy legend Dave O'Neil came by!

He chose this morning's Floor Fillerz from the year of 1982, which coincidentally is the year his book, The Summer of '82' is all about!

We also spoke to Nath Valvo, Georgia Love didn't let slip who won her heart on The Bachelorette, no matter how hard we tried, and we learned how Dave's Dad got out of a speeding fine!

Wednesday 5 October 2016  

Well, with Browny still on holidays, it made perfect to ask Tony Martin to come back and keep his chair warm!

Today we also caught up with Wil Anderson, asked you if you think Chrissie is 'half crackers' and you once again tried to make Sam laugh!

Tuesday 4 October 2016  

Day 2 of Browny's holiday and, sure, we're missing him and everything, but it was great to have Masterchef host and major legend Matt Preston in the big chair!

We spoke to Socceroo and Victory Manager Kevin Muscat, we got serious about ducks in #AskMattPreston, and Chrissie heard about a skeleton that was found after 20 years!

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Monday 3 October 2016  

What a Monday!

Browny is taking a well-deserved post-footy season holiday, so today comedy legend Tony Martin came by to hang out!

We also caught up with Brian Lake and Browny about the Grand Final, X Factor host Jason Dundas came by, and Jessica Mauboy took the #FinalWord challenge!

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BONUS PODCAST: Sam Pang. Not Even Close. The Complete Collection.  

It's been described as the 'most recent sportsumentary about Sam Pang to hit the Nova 100 airwaves', as well as 'a bit dry, but ultimately factually correct.'

Relive every gripping moment of this brilliant look into the 'almost career' of Sam Pang, from starting his career as a local young gun, to the glitzy lure of regional football, to ending his career a whole lot earlier than he might have liked.

With guests such as Mike Sheahan, Michael Scicluna, Wayne 'The Dominator' Johnston, and Leigh Matthews, this is the only podcast that ties the whole thrilling story together.

With a special 'bonus' at the end, we chat to Jonathan 'Browny' Brown about his career highlights playing in multiple AFL Grand Finals.

Bit of a difference, career-wise, don't you think? But look where they are now...


Thursday 29 September 2016  

What a show it was today!

Not only were we LIVE from The Glasshouse for our super special Grand Final Breakfast, we had guests galore!

Brian Lake, Bernie Vince, Alex Rance, James Pennycuik, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (and his beautiful bulldog, Matilda), Tony Martin and Bulldogs Banner Man, Danny McGinlay!

We also featured the final, thrilling chapter of the documentary, Sam Pang - Not Even Close. It was epic. Like, massive.

Speaking of epic, and like massive, we also GAVE AWAY A FREAKING SKODA! That's right, Sam kicked a goal to win listener Bree a brand new car!

It was a massive, massive show, and we loved every minute.

Wednesday 28 September 2016  

This week is flying by so fast, and we're counting down to our special Grand Final Breakfast!

Today we caught up with Jessica Marais from 'The Wrong Girl', we spoke to comedian Wil Anderson, and met Georgia Love, who is this year's Aussie Bachelorette!

Most importantly of all, we premiered the third instalment in what is fast becoming the most noticed sportsumentary about someone who'll never be called as 'has been', because he simply never was. It's Part Three of Sam Pang: Not Even Close. You're welcome.

Tuesday 27 September 2016  

What a show!

Today we caught up with Jen Hawkins, Dan Murphy's Store Manager Ian Wolfe came by (for some reason), Dilruk Jayasinha popped in and Brad Johnson was in!

We also spoke to Kylie Brown about all the post-show analysis from the Brownlow.

Listen up!

Monday 26 September 2016  

We're back after a week off, folks, did you miss us?

Did you check out the special BONUS PODCAST of Jokes Aren't Funny? It's well worth checking out...

Today we caught up with Conner, who was booted off Survivor, Brian Lake came by, Tom Gleisner played 'Have You Been Paying Attention' with us, and we premiered the brand new, in depth, no holds barred sports documentary 'Sam Pang: Not Even Close'.

Listen up!

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