Chrissie, Sam & Browny

Chrissie, Sam & Browny


Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Melbourne's Nova 100.


August 17 - FULL PODCAST - We peek into the Brown's bedroom...  

We chat to Rhys Darby, Leah from The Bachelor drops a bombshell and we offer you a tidbit.

Bedtime with the Browns: Part Three  

Peek behind the scenes into the Brown's Boudoir... get inside Kylie's saucy book and Browny's deepest thoughts...

Leah from The Bachelor drops a bombshell on air  

Well, we wanted to chat to her all morning, and when we finally got to speak to us, she definitely left us wanting more! But what is the major change is Leah's life, post-Bachelor?

August 16 2017 - FULL PODCAST - We play Hard Quiz: Radio Edition  

Tom Gleeson came by to bring us his quiz, Luke Beveridge told us about footy post-Bob Murphy, Deano played FIFA with Tim Cahill, Ben & Andy from The Block Hit The Post, Chrissie told us what you have to say, you couldn't make Sam laugh and Browny turned up a touch underdressed.

Deano finally takes on Tim Cahill at FIFA!  

And it was epic. But who is the winner?

Can Luke Beveridge make Sam Pang laugh?  

We chat to Bevo about life post-Bob, and he brings a joke to Wednesday morning to see if he can win the cash...

August 1 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Tim Cahill smells amazing  

We caught up with the football star about the Tim Cahill Academy, Josh & Elyse from The Block dropped by, and it was time for another round of Dead or Alive - all this and more on the Chrissie, Sam & Browny podcast!

August 14 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Titus O'Reily brings in a cheese board  

Chrissie Swan sticks up for Lisa Wilkinson, Jonathan Brown has a reunion, Deano takes Leo under his wing.

Titus O'Reily talks face-kicking, Matt Okine defends his insta faux pas, and who takes out today's Final Word?

#CelebStuff - Chrissie sticks up for Lisa Wilkinson  

You don't want to mess with either of these women. Back off.

August 11 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Melissa George was 'raised right'  

She was also a rollerskating superstar Craig Bellamy gives Browny and Sam a second chance, Bernie Vince offers us a 'titbed' and Chrissie's had a few beers, bigfella.

Cheat Sheet of the Week '17: Week #27  

What a week! Listen back, won't you?

August 10 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Browny jumped a fence and ended up in hospital  

We asked Matt Preston the secret of a cheese toastie, Eddie McGuire addresses the rumours about his desire to get the Footy Show back, and our boss' kid taught us how to rhyme like a pro.

May Matt Preston offer you a tidbit?  

Yes he may. He also offered us some cheese toasties that were actually incredible. Oh man. It was amazing.

PART TWO: Hollywood Jack & Martin Pike  

What do they have in common? What does Sam think about this chat?

August 9 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Can Rick Davies Hit The Post?  

Can you make Sam laugh? Can Chrissie's boobs get her a discounted meal? Can get hold of Plugger? Does Jordan Lewis have an image problem?

August 8 2017 - FULL PODCAST - A perfect score for Chrissie  

She nailed 'Dead or Alive' today! Browny asked Sam some 'follow up' questions about his favourite songs, Bill Shorten told us about the government fail around marriage equality that happened yesterday, Hollywood Jack met Martin Pike, and Danielle MacDonald told us the secret to her accent.

What do Hollywood Jack and Martin Pike have in common?  

Sam wanted to know, so he set it up for them to hang out...

Aussie actress Danielle MacDonald has hit Hollywood  

We catch up with the star of Patti Cake$

August 7 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Sam Pang's rap debut  

Dannii Minogue gets Sam to rap, Chrissie offers Kitty Flanagan a tidbit, and Browny follows up on some songs with a few questions... Titus O'Reily just made it, and we all had the best time ever.

August 4 2017 - FULL PODCAST - What did Jack Riewoldt bring us?  

Sam was not impressed. Chrissie called Sam Frost out for her lack of cooking skills, Browny tried his hand at acting, and Sam read us his diary! What a Friday!

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