Chrissie, Sam & Browny

Chrissie, Sam & Browny


Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Melbourne's Nova 100.


Jun 23 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Tony Martin also auditioned for Smooth  

Will he get the gig? We also helped Quarters with his weather jokes, and introduced Chrissie to Kouta!

Tony Martin's Smooth FM audition  

Seeing an opening after Sam's failed attempt to move stations, Tone also put an audition together...

Cheat Sheet of the Week '17: Week #22  

What a week! Here's the super fast version...

June 22 2017 - FULL PODCAST - Is Sam planning to leave our show?  

What the hell? Cameron Daddo has something to answer for here. Also, Adam Richard came by!

Sam auditions for Cameron Daddo at smoothfm  

Sam's no fool. He knows you need to think of the future, and he's already lining up gigs for when this whole gig goes south...

Sam caught up with Cameron Daddo to see if he has what it takes.

June 21 2017 - Bernie Vince has an 'indiscretion', Jimeoin meets Jerry Seinfeld  

What a Wednesday! You couldn't make Sam laugh, but Jimeoin did.

What's the best joke Jimeoin heard from a stranger?  

He's living his own personal version of 'Jokes Aren't Funny', but it's not all a bummer like Sam's whole life, apparently.

Here's our full chat with Jimeoin!

What does Chris Rock think of Sam's Creed Hat?  

And why did we ask him that question? Listen to the full chat right here!

June 20 2017 - Chris Rock gets nervous too  

What a Tuesday! We spoke to comedy legend Chris Rock, Keira Maguire got cancelled, and Chrissie got a perfect score on Dead or Alive. Sam's watching the golf, but mainly for the awkward. Browny did not join a gang, despite what Deano says.

June 19 2017 - Hopefully Sam is OK. We don't know, though.  

Tony Martin was filling in for Sam, who was last seen with Browny at a pub chatting with some 'ex-cons'. Browny didn't seem too concerned, though. We also caught up with Shark Tank's Naomi Simson and Mad as Hell's Shaun Micallef!

June 16 2017 - What's the best bit of The Nanny theme?  

Tony Martin! Bernie Vince! Who are we chasing now on Celebrity Chase? What can get for an egg?

Have you followed us on Instagram? You should get on that ASAP!

Sam's Diary - The Twenty-First Week  

Dive into the mind of a bitter, sad and lonely little man, won't you?

June 15 2017 - Dannii Minogue's schoolyard confession  

We spoke to the Aussie legend about St Kilda Mums, and asked her what the naughtiest thing she's ever done is. Sam's hat caused 'Creed' confusion, Browny wanted to know Johnny Di Francesco's (Gradi) pizza tips, and Chrissie sang. A lot.

How long did it take Lawrence Leung to grow his sweet beard?  

Sam really wanted to know, one Asian dude to another...

Which 'Creed' do you think of when you see Sam's hat?  

Sam's new 'CREED' hat is causing confusion around the office, Chrissie thinks of the 90s Christian band 'Creed', where Sam feels it actually is a tribute to legendary Rocky film character 'Apollo Creed'. We asked our callers what they thought.

Ronny Chieng's Arts Degree is very useful  

Listen to our full chat with Ronny Chieng! Jun 13 2017

What's the weird language The Veronicas recorded in?  

Listen to our full chat with The Veronicas!

June 14 2017 - The Veronicas confess to Sam  

What a Wednesday! You couldn't make Sam laugh, Liam Picken dropped by, Ronny Chieng told us about his new show and Browny backed one out.

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