CiTR -- The Saturday Edge

CiTR -- The Saturday Edge


Now in its 31st year on CiTR, The Saturday Edge is my personal guide to world & roots music, with African, Latin and European music in the first half, followed by Celtic, Blues, Songwriters, Cajun and whatever else fits!


Come On You Reds!  

New releases from the latest fRoots magazine sampler. Some Swedish tunes cos I'm heading there tomorrow for the Europa League Final (United! Come On The lads!) Previews of Richard Thompson (Saltspring), Chris Ronald, David Lindley. And songs for the UK election. And more.

Sleepwalking For 30 Years  

New local CD releases, LIVE cuts recorded at Rogue Folk shows over the past 30 years, concert previews, etc.

Transmission Blues  

Mothers Day, Elections, New Releases, Live specials, all sorts of fun and games on here, but only available for the most part on podcast. Huge thanks to Scott for fixing the stream!!

Sandy Denny tribute / new releases / concert previews  

New releases, notably Les Amazones d'Afrique and The Eisenhauers. Plus lots of artists just announced for this year's 40th annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival, a tribute to remarkable English singer Sandy Denny who died 39 years ago this week, and a couple of May songs to welcome in "the summer'!

Easter / Vaisakhi / Passover  

Easter / Vaisakhi / Passover Special, plus new releases and local concert previews galore


Coming Soon ...

Paddy's Day / new music from fRoots magazine  

New releases inspired by the latest issue of English folk magazine fRoots. Plus Celtic music for St. Patrick's Day / Weekend. And the brand new CD by Sharon Shannon

Fundrive Edition  

Some of my favourite songs from the past 32 years of The Saturday Edge on CiTR - and a lot of "spruiking". Big thanks to the volunteers for answering the phones, and to the listeners for making them ring! I hope we raised enough money ... More to come online, I hope. Please donate to and mention The Saturday Edge if you do!

From Kansas to Maui to Vancouver and beyond: the state of the world - and how The Rogue can save it!  

Back in the saddle again at CiTR! Features on Festival du Bois, Christine Tassan et les Imposteures, Lydia Hol, and some searing political commentary from Leonard Cohen, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Billy Bragg, Martyn Joseph, Eliza Gilkyson and more. Also plenty of refugees. We are all immigrants and we need all the compassion we can get.

F Is For Folk  

Guest Host Paul Norton from CiTR's Code Blue show (Saturdays 3pm - 5pm) plays his own brand of folk music today, heavy on previews of upcoming concerts, but with other interesting goodies as well.

Mardi Gras, We Are All Immigrants, Fraser & Haas, Gonzalo Bergara, Old Man Luedecke etc.  

Music by Syrian immigrants, Italians philosophizing about us all being immigrants, songs for Mardi Gras / Pancake Tuesday, features on Old Man Luedecke, Gonzalo Bergara & Leah Zeger, and Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas (including a World Exclusive first broadcast of a track from their 5th CD which comes out next week!) Plus some new releases from Laura Cortese, Imar, Eliza Carthy, and more!

Black History Month / New Eliza Carthy & Wayward Band CD / Upcoming Rogues  

Late start due to snow and lack of ploughs. Late finish due to next DJ unable to get a bus in the snow. Featured lots of music for Black History Month, plus features on Cajun Country Revival, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Gonzalo Bergara, and the new CD by Eliza Carthy & the Wayward Band

Of Walls, Oil, War, ... and Hope  

Songs about walls, oil, war, ... and hope. New releases from Putumayo, a great new CD by young Celtic quintet Imar from Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland and England, features on Banda Magda, Jesse Lege & Joel Savoy, Anna & Elizabeth, and a preview of this evening's Leonard Cohen Tribute concert at The Rogue

Democracy comes to the USA  

Democracy comes to the USA, plus some new music from the British Isles, and more!

Nostradamus / End Of The World? Or it just a preview of the end of the winter?  

This week's show featured some music recently acquired by Vancouver writer Tony Montague at the WOMEX Conference in Galicia, plus Al Stewart's monumental Nostradamus and associated prophecies of doom and sadness at the end of Obama's Presidency and the beginning of Drumpf's (is this the end of all things? Or just the end of all things decent?)

Winter Concert Previews  

This week's show featured lots of concert previews for the Rogue Folk winter season in Vancouver ( plus a lament for the passing of psychedelic gypsy surfing' fiddler Willie Royal (Willie & Lobo) and some new releases which got "shelved" during the more seasonal shows of the past couple of weeks.

NY Eve Special  

My special show for New Year's Eve, featuring some of my favourite songs and albums of 2016 and a few New Year's songs too.

Christmas Eve Special  

It's not often I get a chance to broadcast on Christmas Eve, so this was a special Christmas edition of The Edge On Folk, starting with a few Spanish / Latin American track, then getting a bit Cajun, a bit Bluesy, and mostly Christmas themes - plus a little bit of Hanukkah for "balance"!

Waiting For Snow with New Music to Warm the Soul  

New Releases, the latest samplers from fRoots magazine, some Cool Yule gypsy jazz, and plenty of uplifting tunes and songs to warm a winter's day when all of Canada is colder than Mars!

Two Hour Limited Show  

Preempted for Special Programming at 10am. All-Canadian show for SOCAN week.

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