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Talking sport and having a laugh with three Australian guys. Covering AFL, MMA, motorsport, cricket and whatever else takes our focus at the time. Fighting to have a David Boon class added to all airlines.


#156 - AFL Round 21 Wrapped  

We go through all the events of round 21 of the AFL 2017 Season!

#155 - AFL Round 20 Wrapped  

We thought this was going to be a short one, as we stated at the start of the podcast, turns out there are interesting things to discuss about the shit games that made constituted round 20! We go through the results and the surprises and disappointments of round 20, as well as all the off field action, whether it be tribunal, coaches being sacked, or playing being re-signed. We also take a look at the run home for the teams vying for finals contention. Also our highlights of the week, and a preview of round 21. All that and more in this episode!

#154 - AFL Round 19 Wrapped  

Round 19 of the AFL season all wrapped up!

#153 - AFL Round 18 Wrapped  

Round 18 of the 2017 AFL season all wrapped up.

#152 - AFL Round 17 Wrapped  

All the action from round 17 of the AFL Season. Also we forgot to mention in this episode that we're no longer uploading to Soundcloud. But since you're reading this, guess you're not listening to us on Soundcloud either so...hi!

#151 - AFL Round 16 Wrapped  

Another week, another round get wrapped up, with the fight for finals spots far from over. We go through all the action of round 16 of the AFL season, as well as our highlights (or lowlights) of the week, a preview of next round and a whole lot more, all in this episode!

#150 - AFL Round 15 Wrapped  

Well there was some footy played on the weekend, Melbourne let their parents and all of Victoria down when it lost to Sydney. It wasn't a close encounter with the scoreboard not telling the whole story, but when Sydney kick like a cock-eyed Cloke and still win, you know you had shite game. And Bugg punched someone but hey, we'll go through that. West Coast only just managed to close out the game against the Bulldogs after falling asleep in the 3rd quarter, while Adelaide barely take flight against the Blues. Gold Coast are the latest to kick the Kangaroos in the pouch with a win at Metricon. With external pressure mounting to uproot from the thriving suburb that is North Melbourne and into the perineum of Australia that is Tasmania, this could be an important time in the clubs history. GWS and Geelong draw in what surely should have gone to a sudden victory round, so never leave it in the hands of the judges kids. Port Adelaide invented a rivalry out of nothing, just as Richmond invented a victory out of nothing as a six goal streak sees the Tigers down a powerless Port! Brisbane once again give Essendon a reason to complain about being Richmond supporters while the Hawks and the Magpies create a rivalry dubbed battle of who gives a scheisse as both teams try to f*ck themselves out of draft picks at the MCG. Ah Im done, Freo played St Kilda, who gives a shite.

#149 - AFL Round 14 Wrapped  

Probably one of the most exciting rounds of footy is in the bag, with close finishes and controversy galore we go through the events of round 14. Hawthorn give a glimpse of potential with a four quarter effort to beat the Crows at Adelaide oval, while Gary Rohan does it again for the Swans as Essendon lose an unloseable game. In one game that did go as predicted, Port Adelaide bested the Pies at the MCG with little in the way of surprises. GWS take the honours agaist the Lions as the Bulldogs make hard work of the strong finishing Kangaroos. Melbourne hang on to a bi win over the Eagles in the West while on Sunday Geelong deliver Freo a heartbreaking loss, and Carlton let the Tigers get away with one. Oh yah, St Kilda played Gold Coast too. We go through our highlight of the week, our preview of neext week and whole lot more in this episode!

#148 - AFL Round 13 Wrapped  

In this episode we meander through the last of the bye rounds as week 13 of the AFL season comes to an end. West Coast brought the Cats back down to Earth with a comprehensive win in the west, at Etihad North and the Saints played a game of football, a very turdy game of football though. Sydney and Richmond built up their rivalry with another thriller at the MCG, while Port put the sword to a very spirited Brisbane Lions at Adelaide oval. Gold Coast almost snuck a win against Carlton with Gibbs having a blinder, and Melbourne gave the Bulldogs a lesson on the Sunday. We go through our highlights of the week, Brenton remembers his beer of the week, and we send out a special request for help from our Tigers fans as we're looking to get a match ball used in the 1980 Grand Final authenticated. If you can help out, please get in touch! All that and more in this episode!

#147 - AFL Round 12 Wrapped  

We're just about done with the bye rounds, and for a weekend of pretty poor quality footy, each game was surprisingly entertaining in its own right! We explain why in this episode! Sydney take a W over the under performing Bulldogs in a wet SCG round opener, as Adelaide go through the motions against a spirited St Kilda side. Gold Coast close out a game against the Hawks at the MCG with a great display of grit and determination, in lieu of skill. Brisbane Lions looked re-energised on the back of resigning Scache, with a dominant display of inside footy against a very lack-luster Fremantle. Essendon give Port a right rogering to keep the top 8 spots alive for all, as Carlton provide an upset of the season so far with a thrilling victory over a greedy GWS. Melbourne and Collingwood put on another spectacular marque match With a gritty Queens birthday clash that rounded out a hard fought 5 days of footy. Plus we go through our highlights of the round, a preview of next round and Josh attempts statistics. All that and more in this episode!

#146 - AFL Round 11 Wrapped  

In our latest AFL Wrapped podcast we go through the big wins and the soft losses that made up round 11 of the AFL season. Hawthorn get a demoralising thrashing, with the scoreboard really not doing justice to the slaughter at Adelaide Oval. Geelong throw their hat in the ring as it looks to be now a 3 way fight between themselves, GWS and Adelaide for finals glory, as Gold Coast show that they are above tanking for picks, West Coast? Not so much... GWS get the honors over a nearly flawless Essendon, but sometimes doing your best just isn't enough. North Melbourne do their best to raise the price on Dusty, with an adventurous overbidding of their own price, while Collingwood take the points over Freo at a huge cost. We go through our highlights of the week, a preview of next week and a whole lot more all in this episode!

#145 - AFL Round 10 Wrapped  

It's time for us to wrap up round 10 of the AFL season, with a few close games that made the rather awful quality of football palatable. It's indigenous round which always adds another aspect of rivalry and excitement, with the Thursday night kick off between the Dogs and Port being and entertaining and controversial match. In the masters league we saw old foes Sydney and Hawthorn do battle, with the decline of both teams keeping this game interesting, with the Bulldogs and Saints game resembling end to end kicks at lunch time. Gold Coast had the accuracy to give Melbourne a scare for a half, while dreamtime at the G provided an entertaining contest. Adelaide gave Freo what they deserved, the Pies were happy with a win and continued form of their midfield while North made sure we kept interested in their match. GWS and West Coast gave us an entertaining finale to the round that was all about paying respect to our indigenous owners of this great land. We go through our highlights of the week, a preview of the next round and a whole lot more all in this episode!

#144 - AFL Round 9 Wrapped  

It is time once again to go through the latest round of AFL action, with something for everybody over the weekend. The first of the bye rounds ment Gold Coast could walk out of work Friday arvo without fear of the Monday morning blues, and the same could be said for Port fans if they had jobs. Geelong and the Bulldogs put on a show in front of the new Skilled Stadium stand, but did they get the naming of it right? Sydney find some form with a return trip to the docklands, while the Tigers put in a Titanic performance against GWS, crash and sinking despite the odds. Brisbane and Adelaide played a game, while Collingwood get one up by kicking the Hawks when they're down. Essendon turn it up against the Eagles while the same couldn't be said for the North Melbourne/Melbourne match. And Fremantle and Carlton did indeed play a game as well. As always we go through our highlights of the week, a preview of next round, all that and more in this episode!

#143 - AFL Round 8 Wrapped  

The competition continues to destroy tipping comps and even itself out with some big upsets and some ugly performances, so we go through the trash and the treasure of round 8! We make a case for North moving out to Doreen, Brenton proves he is king at Chinese whispers, and does anyone have any idea who will finish in the top 8 this year? We also go through our highlights of the week and preview the round to come, all that and more in this episode!

#142 - AFL Round 7 Wrapped  

Sorry about all the issues with the previous episode being late to iTunes - events beyond our control sadly. But I made some shocking calls in that episode (Like North won't get passed Adelaide's first quarter score!) so if you missed it then great! But here we are, back on track and timely again, giving you the good news on all that was round 7 of AFL footy.

#141 - AFL Round 6 Wrapped  

I've always said that it takes 6 rounds before the ladder actually makes sense, and we've got a clearer picture of it now. Are there really only 3 contenders for the flag this year? Are Sydney the best 0-6 team of all time? And can tanking when you have no first round draft pick be the way to win a flag in the VFL? All that and more here - and visit us on Facebook, buy a t-shirt!

#140 - AFL Round 5 Wrapped  

ANZAC Round got the respect it deserved, and plenty of gritty, hard nosed footy was on offer. Enjoyable round, you know save for the belting Port gave Carlton.

#139  -AFL Round 4 Wrapped  

Round 4 didn't really live up to expectations in terms of quality footy, but it did give us plenty to talk about. Joining us this week is human punching bag Ritchie, who's all worked up about the Tiger's 4-0 start to the season. We talk about that a lot, and also are the Swans the best 0-4 team ever, and who is going to stop a rampaging Adelaide?

#138 - Gambling Stories Part 4  

Since it's a long weekend, thought it was time to revisit some stories from the felt. Donk Dunc joins us once more, as we go through poker stories and how to catch casino cheats, and why/how dealers try to scam other dealers.

#137 - AFL Round 3 Wrapped  

So how was your tips this week? Yep, ours sucked too, as the upsets flowed. We have a look at the round that was and wonder what is in store for round 4.

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