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Mike Falzone and Steve Zaragoza love many things together and separately. One of those things happens to be the mystery that surrounds the 'Cloverfield' movie franchise. Whether they're figuring out what really happened with Tagruato Oil Rig in 2008 or debating about why John Goodman looks like he's been 57 since for thirty years, one thing is for sure - we're all about to catch some Cloverfeels. Pull your first generation ipod up to 10 Cloverfield Lane. I bet you can't listen to just 6!


Episode 18 - Cloverfield Commentary w/JJ ABRAMS!  

Steve and Mike sit down with the prolific JJ ABRAMS to do some commentary alongside this original Cloverfield film.

Episode 17 - You Wanna Play Favorites?  

The podcast may be coming to a close, but that's ok. All good things come to an end, especially this podcast. There are still a few episodes left so come laugh with us while you can and go ahead and pick a favorite.

Episode 16 - ARE YOU LEAVING?!  

Mike and Steve debate the future of Cloverfeels and tie up some loose ends. After a sudden unexpected turn of events, the podcast audience is left to decide "what could possibly happen next?"

Episode 15 - Our FIRST Ever Bonus Episode  

10 Cloverfield Ln is out and we're talking about it! HARD! Welcome to our FIRST EVER BONUS EPISODE. Time for Tween'n Queeshion!

Episode 14 - Live Q&A w/Dan Trachtenberg  

Leel intro; followed by a leel disclaimer, followed by our LIVE Q&A with 10 Cloverfield Ln. director Dan Trachtenberg after the LA premiere of the movie. Enjoy!

Episode 13 - SPOILER FREE Review of 10 Cloverfield Ln  

We hosted a screening of 10 Cloverfield Ln at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood with director Dan Trachtenberg! This is our spoiler free review of the film! Enjoy! Live Q&A coming soon. #FreeTeeShirts

Episode 12 - Absolutely NO Bits  

I seriously have no idea what to write for the description of this episode. We may have completely lost our minds. In two days we host a secret screening of the 10 Cloverfield Ln movie and we couldn't be more excited. Please enjoy.

Episode 11 - Mike's back and IMAX poster talk!  

Mike was lost, but now is found! We dig into your TWEETSN'QUEESTIONs and MOAR ARG stuffs!

Episode 10 - A LEEL-SODE! Ft. ARG Drama!  

Steve reads your TWEETS'N-QUESTIONS, gets into the recent ARG drama, and JJ's confirmation that there's NO MGP in 10 Cloverfield Lane!

Episode 9 - Your Heart Is In-Game  

JJ Abrams says there's a Cloverfield 3 in the works!?! 10 Cloverfield Lane is coming out VERY soon!?! A NEW LEEL IN-GAME SURVIVAL GAME!?!

Episode 8 - Actual Buried Treasure  

Mike and Steve delve deep into some ACTUAL buried treasure and new 10 Cloverfield Ln theories.

Episode 7 - Insane ARG Scavenger Hunt & John Goodman's Face  

BONUS EPISODE: Insane secret 10 Cloverfield Ln ARG scavenger hunt update, tweets & queeestions, as well as the world premiere of John Goodman’s Face (the band we are all in together)!

Episode 6 - Two Bits, One Podcast  

Steve & Mike cover the new "walking dead" teaser, answer your TWEETS.....n'questions, and work in at least two solid bits!

Episode 5 - Super Bowl Trailer, RadioMan70 & Bug Out Bags  

Mike and Steve discuss the 10 Cloverfield Ln trailer that aired during the super bowl and the new message from RadioMan70. #JohnGoodmansFace

Episode 4 - Too Inside w/LadyMcGee  

We interview our friend LadyMcGee who actually worked on the first Cloverfield ARG! Some real interesting, real dorky, and real inside stuff. Also, we are sick so don't kiss us.

Episode 3 - FunAndPrettyThings  

Mike and Steve finally share a Swamp Pop, discuss some of YOUR theories, and uncover the mysterious We'd also like to take this leel opportunity to congratulate our favorite EOTM Howard "RadioMan70" Stambler. Mmmm. Satsuma Fizz

Episode 2 - Selfish Mike vs. Angry Steve  

GAME ON! The bois continue to argue (hard) about Swamp Pop, the new Tarugato emails, and how incredibly selfish Mike is for drinking swamp pop by himself! #Cloverfeels YOU MADE US #23 ON THE iTUNES COMEDY CHARTS! Thank you for listening, rating and reviewing!

Episode 1 - The Story So Far...  

On the first episode of Cloverfeels our crack team of Cloverbois catches everyone up on what we know so far... not much! Mike and Steve go over the ARG surrounding the first film, what you should know about the upcoming '10 Cloverfield Lane' movie, and theories about the mysterious (but probably delicious) Swamp Pop.

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