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iPad bomb plot could be to blame for latest travel ban  

Terrorists were reportedly planning to smuggle explosives inside a tablet.

Samsung has plans to bring back the Note 7  

Samsung's toxic phone may rise from the ashes as a refurbished phone, as part of an environmentally responsible plan to deal with millions of recalled units.

Robots are delivering food to your door  

Burritos! Sandwiches! Salads! DoorDash is now delivering food using Starship delivery robots in Redwood City, California.

Apple is at the center of alleged WikiLeaks hacks  

The latest documents published on WikiLeaks reveal some of the tools allegedly used by the CIA to hack into iPhones and Macs.

New emojis let you throw shade with style  

The next batch of likely emoji icons is getting attention, thanks to concept art from Emojipedia.

Apple patent application points to iPhone-powered laptop  

A filing comes to light that shows a plan for marrying an iPhone to a laptop-like accessory.

Android O will make your battery last longer  

Google's released the details on its next version of Android. Want better battery life? You got it. But what does Android O stand for?

All of Apple's new hardware announcements  

Apple replaces the iPad Air with a new tablet. And we're getting a red iPhone that raises money to fight HIV/AIDS.

US bans most electronics from cabin of flights from 8 Middle East countries  

Devices larger than a phone will have to be checked on airlines flying from 10 airports in Middle Eastern and African countries to the US, the Department of Homeland Security has ruled.‚Äč

Apple Clips makes it simple to craft viral videos  

A new iOS app helps you create square videos with special effects and captions, designed for sharing on social media.

Apple's AR world could be getting closer  

New reports suggest the Cupertino giant has assembled a team of augmented reality experts and engineers to work on a phone and headset.

Samsung's Bixby voice assistant will reach beyond Galaxy S8  

The company confirms its AI assistant will have its own side button on the S8. Eventually, you'll be able to boss it around on more than just a phone.

Your new Monopoly landlord: T. Rex  

Hasbro announced three new game pieces headed to the board game including a dinosaur because why not?

US nuclear test films restored and declassified  

Experts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are working to preserve archival footage of the above-ground nuclear tests they have conducted in the past. By analyzing the restored footage, the team hopes to provide new data that ensures the stockpile continues to serve as an effective deterrent to the use of nuclear weapons.

T-Mobile trying to solve 911 'ghost call' mystery  

A so-called "ghost-call" technology glitch in the emergency call system in Dallas may have caused the death of a six-month-old baby after a caregiver using T-Mobile cell phone service was unable to reach 911 dispatchers.

Overkill: $3M missile destroys $200 drone  

A US ally took on an adversary using small quadcopter drones by firing a surface-to-air missile.

Staging Cirque du Soleil: The technology behind 'O'  

One of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas, "O" by Cirque du Soleil is a marvel of choreography and technical detail. But what goes into putting a show onstage when that stage is a 1.5-million galloon pool of water?

Google Tango will change how you shop  

Lowes is testing an augmented reality experience which uses Google's Tango technology to help you find things faster in stores.

DOJ charges Russian spies with Yahoo hack  

The US Department of Justice indicts four men for the second-largest online hack in history.

'The Matrix' may get a reboot  

Deja vu? The iconic 1999 movie could be reloaded. Some may say it is an inevitability.

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