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Stay hacker-free on vacation: Go 'electronically naked'  

From airports, hotels and that cute cafe you found, a cybersecurity slip-up could turn into a summer nightmare.

Rocket Lab makes first rocket launch from private pad, and New Zealand  

The private space race took a leap forward today with the successful launch of Rocket Lab's Electron rocket, the first from a private pad. The company plans to send small satellites into space on a 72-hour rotation.

Zuck tells Harvard grads: Don't be afraid to make mistakes  

Facebook CEO challenges his fellow millennials to do big things not just to create progress, but for purpose too.

Tesla Model 3 details leak online  

A chart that could be a sales brochure pits the Tesla Model 3 against the Model S.

Mars 2020 rover gets updated concept art  

A third rover is headed to Mars in 2020, and it's got some upgrades onboard.

Mark Zuckerberg gives Facebook a live tour of his old dorm room  

Facebook's founder visited his old Harvard dorm room for the first time since he left 13 years ago.

Mysterious star ends its strange dimming event  

There's still no solid explanation on why "Tabby's Star" varied in brightness over the past few days. It could have been a planet or some kind of alien structure for all we know.

Spider-Drake! Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake in the 'Uncharted' film  

Sony wants to build a franchise around the popular video game series, and has cast Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

New 'Terminator' to reunite Schwarzenegger and Cameron  

Arnold talks about plans to make a new "Terminator" movie and a sequel to "Twins."

Ford gets a new CEO with self-driving car experience  

Ford replaces Mark Fields with Jim Hackett, who was previously the head of Ford's Smart Mobility, which handles the automaker's investments in new mobility ventures and autonomous cars.

FCC votes to start net neutrality rollback  

A preliminary vote passed in favor of killing off the existing regulations.

New Google tools will power Star Wars VR high-end mobile experiences  

At Google I/O, the company announced a partnership with ILM to use Google's Seurat software tools to build more cinematic, mobile Star Wars VR experiences.

Google's got VR. Next it's diving into AR  

Tango phones and impressive new apps show Google's ambitions for augmented reality in classrooms and homes, and how it'll work with VR, too.

At Google I/O, big ideas come in mini demos  

CNET's Scott Stein checks out various demos on display in machine learning, VR and AI.

Google unveils standalone VR headsets  

Google announces new VR headsets with positional tracking. The company is partnering with HTC and Lenovo on the new headsets.

Google wants to make your job search easier  

Google shows new AI and machine-learning software that helps users organize job listings.

YouTube Super Chat: Pay up to trigger real-life events  

YouTube is opening a virtual 'tip jar', so developers can program automated triggers for something to happen in real life during the broadcast.

See Google Assistant on Android TV in action  

Streaming boxes and televisions running Android TV will soon have the ability to turn on lights, operate other smart home gadgets and better respond to voice commands.

Google Home packed with new features, including hands-free calling  

Google Home gets a slew of new features, including hands-free calling, support for Spotify and HBO Now, and integration with your TV.

Watch and control YouTube 360 videos on the big screen  

The updated YouTube app on Android TV will let you manipulate 360 video for your television screen.

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