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Meitu blazing up the app store charts, but the code makes us nervous  

The photo filter app makes a big splash on social media, but some digital forensics experts point out some concerning code behavior and permissions.

Samsung may finally explain Note 7 failure on Monday  

The results of the company's internal investigation could be announced January 23, according to a report. The Note 7 nightmare continues to linger as thousands of Verizon customers are still using the dangerous phone.

Tracking your feelings as you shop? Retailers explore new tech  

What if a store could tell if a product made you happy or sad? Bridget Carey explores new technology that may be coming soon to a retailer near you, including a machine that can knit a custom sweater in under an hour.

3D TV might finally be dead  

LG and Sony will not support 3D in any of their televisions for 2017. The companies join Samsung and Vizio in dropping the third dimension of viewing.

MacBooks may grow more powerful this year  

According to an analyst known for accurate predictions, Apple will refresh its MacBook line with more processing power and more RAM.

Did Samsung just leak the Galaxy S8?  

Two new videos from Samsung's display division show off a new phone that might be the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Nintendo debuts all-in-one gaming console Switch  

The Switch, revealed at a Tokyo press conference, is a hybrid handheld system with detachable gaming controllers so you can also play on a TV or tablet.

Finally! Android Nougat coming to Galaxy S7, S7 Edge  

After five months, the latest Android OS is rolling out to Samsung's flagship phones.

'Limited' Nintendo Switch preorders available in NYC  

We hope you're already in line. If not, you'll probably need a time machine so you can get in line yesterday.

FCC: AT&T and Verizon's free data programs violate net neutrality rules  

AT&T and've got some 'splaining to do (or maybe not).

It's inevitable: Samsung will build a phone with a foldable display  

Yet another report says Samsung will introduce a phone that can fold out into a 7-inch tablet. The company has said it is working on such a device in the past, so it's just a matter of time.

New 'Game of Thrones' book may arrive this year  

Winter could be coming in 2017, says author George R.R. Martin, but even he's not certain.

Emojis and hashtags could be the new Monopoly game tokens  

An online vote could kick out the classic thimble and top hat gamepieces for a cellphone and computer.

Image shows highest concentration of supermassive black holes ever  

NASA's Chandra X-Ray observatory releases an image that looks like a bunch of colorful dots, but that image will help researchers understand how black holes grew billions of years ago.

Future Homes do more while you have to do less  

Our homes of the future will have robots that can greet you when you get home and appliances that you control with your voice, at least according to the technology on display at this year's CES.'s Kara Tsuboi reports from Las Vegas on the ways our kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms are getting more hi tech and smarter.

Cars roll into CES with holograms, voice controls and autonomous features  

The cars of the future won't just be self-driving. At CES 2017, CNET's Kara Tsuboi shows us how car makers are envisioning a future where our cars talk to our homes and controls hover in the air.

CES's wackier side  

You can always count on CES for gigantic televisions and cool concept cars. But once you step away from the big brand names and flashy booths, there's all sorts of weird and wacky tech to be found. CNET's Kara Tsuboi gives us a look at some of the cool, the crazy and the quirky.

Apple's Tim Cook gets a pay cut  

Due to Apple's declining sales figures, Tim Cook's wallet isn't as fat as it was in previous years.

Thin is in, for TVs at CES at least  

The next generation of TVs has debuted at CES in Las Vegas. This year's crop don't boast gimmicks like 3D glasses, instead showing off bright, clear pictures and incredible thinness -- one is just millimeters thick. CNET's Kara Tsuboi has more from the annual technology show.

Comcast announces all-in-one home Wi-Fi service and hardware at CES 2017  

Comcast wants its customers to use its products and software to connect to the internet, and it's creating an easier, more powerful gateway to entice users.

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