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Driverless cars to become a reality in Michigan  

Michigan passed the first law allowing the use and future purchase of truly driverless autonomous vehicles on the roads.

Samsung's Note 7 refuses to die on Verizon  

The company announced a final software update to kill remaining Note 7 devices, but Verizon won't get on board for safety reasons.

Feathered dinosaur tail found preserved in amber  

A find in Myanmar turns out to contain at least eight vertebrae and well-preserved feathers of a dinosaur.

RIP home button? Galaxy S8 may have all-screen design  

A new report says Samsung's Galaxy S8 will ditch a physical home button and have a design that's all-screen in front, without a typical frame around the edge.

Starbucks catches Pokemon Go fever, turns stores into Gyms  

The mobile game phenonom is now in Frappuccino form, with Starbucks stores partnering with the mobile game.

Pokemon Go to partner with Sprint, introduce new monsters  

Game developer Niantic has struck a deal with Sprint that will turn its stores into PokeStops and gyms. Also, new Pokemon will arrive Monday.

Google's new app lets people know if you're safe  

The app is called Trusted Contacts and it can let loved ones know where you are.

Fitbit officially buys Pebble  

Pebble announces details of the deal that will see Fitbit pick up parts of the smartwatch maker.

Samsung wins in Supreme Court battle against Apple  

The ruling says that Samsung doesn't have to pay all its profits from sales of devices based on copied designs.

This jumping robot opens doors for cyborg ninjas  

Roboticists at UC Berkeley develop a cute little robot that springs off walls better and longer than even seasoned parkour pros.

Galaxy Note 7 fires may be to blame on tight battery  

An independent engineering consultancy firm says Samsung was too aggressive in the design of the Note 7, taking design risks that led to the phones overheating.

HyperDrive adapter saves you from MacBook Pro dongle hell  

An accessory seeking funding on Kickstarter could solve the biggest problem with Apple's new MacBook Pro.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube take on terrorist propaganda  

The social media giants are creating a shared database to combat the use of their services as platforms for terrorist messaging.

Amazon Go imagines the future of grocery stores  

Amazon is expanding its grocery services into the real world with a grab-and-go store that will make cash registers obsolete.

Lenovo commits to 12 Moto Mods per year  

Motorola's modular phone should have a healthy future with its parent company producing more snap-on accessories in 2017.

Fake Apple chargers fail safety tests  

Beware of buying a counterfeit Apple charger online. A UK investigation found hundreds of fake chargers dangerous, failing basic safety tests. petition for Electoral College to pick Clinton is largest ever  

The election isn't technically over yet. A record petition urges the Electoral College to cast ballots for Clinton over Trump.

Over a million Google accounts compromised by malware  

According to a security firm, the malware "Gooligan" could give an attacker access to your Google life under certain circumstances.

As president, Donald Trump could send unblockable texts  

People are getting concerned that an alert system designed for emergencies will be accessible by the frequent Twitter user.

AT&T debuts DirectTV Now live-streaming service  

DirecTV Now will stream live television through packages that range from $35 for more than 60 channels to $70 for more than 120 channels. There's also a promo offer -- more than 100 channels for $35 -- which a price cut on a package that normally will cost $60.

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