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From industry news to techy trends to newsmaker interviews, no technology angle is too small or obscure to explore. Our reporters take you there in this video series that aims to bring you even closer to the tech news you find daily on CNET News.


J.J. Abrams becomes the new director for 'Star Wars: Episode IX'  

Lucasfilm says Abrams will return to write and direct the final movie in the new trilogy, after the departure of "Jurassic World" director Colin Trevorrow.

Steve Jobs' vision for new Apple campus now reality  

It's been six years since the company's late CEO laid out his plans for a huge, new Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Apple is set unveil its latest iPhone there on Tuesday in the Steve Jobs Theater. Mariel Myers

Google Drive is dying -- time to update  

The desktop program for backing up files to Google's cloud is changing. Get to know the new system now.

Equifax breach: Were you one of the 143 million affected?  

How to check if your information has been accessed by hackers and what you can do.

Lyft offers free rides in its self-driving cars  

The company takes its driverless cars for a test run on the streets of San Francisco.

Star Wars and Marvel heading to Disney's new video service  

Disney CEO Bob Iger clarifies what you can expect on the company's upcoming video service. Spoiler: Skywalkers and Avengers.

Dolby wants to give your senses superpowers  

To make more immersive movies, Dolby is turning to neuroscience to trick your brain and body into feeling what's onscreen.

Zuckerberg to Dreamers: We're going to stand with you  

In live chat with three Dreamers, Facebook CEO criticizes Trump administration for rescinding DACA.

Power grids around the world infiltrated by hackers  

The operation reportedly involved malware and phishing emails, and may put power grids in multiple countries at risk for future attacks.

T-Mobile's latest perk: free Netflix  

The freebie is only for customers with two T-Mobile One unlimited plans. This isn't the only streaming video freebie from a wireless company.

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