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CNET Update (HD)

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The Internet is having a bad day after massive cyberattack  

The entire Web seemed to be broken Friday for users in the United States, with many major sites suffering outages.

Today's Tesla cars will become tomorrow's self-driving cars  

The electric-car maker is putting self-driving hardware into all cars made now, and plans to push out software to activate it when the technology is ready.

Nintendo Switch's twist on portable is something we've seen before  

The upcoming game console can also be played on the go as a tablet. Nintendo is emphasizing multiplayer possibilities, but the design has some familiar features.

Apple's future MacBooks may have e-ink keyboards  

New MacBooks are expected to be unveiled on October 27. Reports say the updated laptops will have a touchscreen strip and fingerprint reader. But the next round of Macs could be even more unique.

Got Prime? Share Amazon's unlimited photo storage with family  

Amazon expands Prime Photos with the Family Vault. Meanwhile, Amazon also releases a Kindle for Manga fans, and eBay gets chatty with the ShopBot on Facebook Messenger.

Tesla's big surprise? Musk delays news by two days  

CEO Elon Musk pushes back his mystery Tesla announcement to Wednesday. Some think it could be about Autopilot. Meanwhile, Tesla will announce some solar news next week.

Tick, tock, Apple Watch: Google's new watches may land early 2017  

As the Nike+ Apple Watch hits stores this month, a report says Google's new smartwatches are coming next year with the updated Android Wear 2.0 operating system.

Note 7 fallout: Stick with Samsung, get $100  

Loyal customers are rewarded after the second recall for the Galaxy Note 7, whereas refund seekers are promised $25. But returning the fire-prone phone can be a hassle.

Amazon expands into subscription music...and meat?  

It's similar to Spotify, but Amazon Music Unlimited has a low-price hook for Echo owners. Meanwhile, Amazon may also be looking to build its own grocery stores.

Death of Samsung's Note 7 leaves unanswered questions  

If Samsung wants to win back consumer trust, it needs to first answer questions about why its phone is prone to catching fire.

Microsoft Paint just got a new coat of cool with 3D tools  

Leaked videos show new 3D features in the ancient Paint default program. They're likely to be unveiled at Microsoft's event later this month.

Toxic Galaxy Note 7 can't be trusted, production suspended  

With reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire, multiple carriers will no longer sell Samsung's risky phone.

This is how you'll chat with friends in virtual reality  

At the Oculus Connect Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows off the social side to VR with animated avatars.

Samsung's exploding Note 7 nightmare continues with replacement phones  

The safety of replacement Note 7 phones is under question after a reportedly new model caught fire aboard a Southwest Airlines plane, leading to the evacuation of the flight.

Time to quit Yahoo? Site reportedly spied on emails for US government  

An unsettling report says Yahoo complied with government requests to scan all incoming user emails, and even wrote a special program to do so. Between this news and the massive data breach, how can consumers trust Yahoo with their privacy?

With Pixel and Home, Google gets serious about hardware  

Google wants to rule your pocket and your living room with a suite of new gadgets, stuffed with the improved Google Assistant. Bridget Carey rounds up all the company's newly announced gadgets and discusses how Google is targeting Apple and Amazon.

Meet Kirobo Mini, the baby robot best friend of your dreams  

Toyota's companion robot makes small talk, reads your emotions, and gets scared if you leave him in the car.

Facebook Marketplace attempts to take on Craigslist (again)  

A new hub for buying and selling used items launches on Facebook's mobile app. But this isn't the first time the network has tried to launch a classifieds section.

Google takes on Uber with its own cheaper ride-sharing app  

Waze Rider is expanding as an alternative to Uber and Lyft. It's less expensive than its rivals, but there's a limit to how much you can use it.

Exploding washing machines are Samsung's latest woe  

Certain models of washing machines are breaking apart, sending parts flying mid-cycle. And Samsung's recall headache continues as some "safe" Note 7 phones reportedly still have battery problems.

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