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Download Netflix shows to watch offline  

No Internet needed to binge your favorite Netflix shows. Meanwhile, there's news to share about this CNET show.

Amazon's next Echo said to come with a screen  

A high-end smart speaker is in the works with a 7-inch touchscreen, according to a Bloomberg report.

Curved iPhone 8? Apple said to be exploring OLED screens  

A report from The Wall Street Journal says Apple is testing more than 10 different prototypes for the next iPhone, and parts suppliers are being asked to increase production of thinner, high-resolution screens.

Black Friday and other turkey traditions are evolving  

Amazon is changing the rules for the sales holiday, Butterball adds texting to its hotline, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade reaches new heights on YouTube.

Facebook drone accident under investigation  

The social network's mission to connect more people to the internet via drones has hit a snag, right as the broadband space race is heating up.

Facebook needs you to fight fake news  

Mark Zuckerberg has a few ideas on how to stop false stories from spreading -- including making it easier for people to report fake news, and possibly putting alerts next to stories flagged as false. (That is, if it even shows up in your feed's closed-off bubble.)

Airbnb wants to be your travel agent  

As a way to expand beyond home rentals, the Airbnb site is adding ways to book tours and activities during your trip.

Wait, how fast can Qualcomm charge a phone?  

Charging won't be a chore with some of next year's phones. New Quick Charge 4 technology claims five hours of battery in a five-minute charge, while avoiding overheating problems.

Snapchat may be worth $30 billion with IPO filing  

The parent company of the popular messaging app appears ready to go public on the stock market. Bridget Carey "filters" through the reports.

Nintendo puts a price on Super Mario Run (and the Switch?)  

The company's first smartphone game is coming to iOS on December 15 and it won't be totally free. Fans are also wondering if a retailer just spilled the beans on the price of the upcoming Switch console.

Google's PhotoScan saves your printed photos without glare  

Snapping pics of printed photos never looks good. But Google's new app can eliminate the glare and crop it correctly. New features in Google Photos can also help you with editing.

Exposed: AdultFriendFinder network hacked, 400 million accounts stolen  

Blame it on dirty security practices. Hackers easily crack passwords on adult dating and porn sites -- and even deleted account info was grabbed in the data breach.

Facebook says don't blame us for Trump  

After facing criticism for spreading fake news about the candidates, Facebook's CEO speaks out.

This Samsung foldable phone may become reality in February  

The Korean company has filed a patent application for a phone that bends down the middle. This new take on the flip phone is reportedly coming next year, possibly revealed at the Mobile World Congress trade show.

GoPro recalls Karma drones due to power problems  

Less than three weeks after going on sale, GoPro's first drone is pulled as the company offers refunds and searches for a fix.

Snapchat 'World Lenses' warp your reality  

This augmented-reality effect animates the world around you. Snapchat's update also includes support for their Spectacles glasses.

Digital ways to follow Election Day, or just chill with cute animals  

Follow the nail-biting drama of Election Day with streaming coverage from all angles. Or run away from the stress and ease your nerves with a Red Panda cam. Whichever suits you.

Samsung's 'Bixby' assistant may have its own button on Galaxy S8  

Reports suggest that Samsung could reveal is own AI in the upcoming Galaxy S8 phone -- although that phone may be delayed, considering the troubles with the Note 7.

2.8 million Samsung washing machines recalled  

After receiving over 700 reports of faulty machines, Samsung is formally recalling millions of top-loaders.

Microsoft Teams' tricks should make Slack nervous  

If your workplace uses Office 365, then you may soon be chatting with your colleagues on Teams, an alternative to email for collaborating on projects. It's designed as a direct competitor to Slack.

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