CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)


CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events.


CNN10 - 04/25/17  

Workers are freed from alleged exploitation in Brazil, another U.S. retailer says it's closing its stores, and a U.S. astronaut sets another record in space.

CNN10 - 04/24/17  

France moves toward electing a new leader, Russia unveils a military base in the Arctic, we report on Earth Day, and we introduce the nominators of CNN Heroes.

CNN10 - 04/21/17  

An attacker targets police in France, China keeps a wary eye on the Korean Peninsula, "portals" connect people worldwide, and we give diet tips for longevity.

CNN10 - 04/20/17  

Unrest swells in Venezuela, the debt ceiling debate returns to the U.S., mummies are unearthed in Egypt, and we explain the rise and potential fall of the Euro.

CNN10 - 04/19/17  

Britain's leader calls for an early election, America's leader signs a new executive order, and we look at the health impacts of loneliness.

CNN10 - 04/18/17  

A U.S. leader's visit to the Demilitarized Zone, a vote in Turkey, a history of running records, and an examination of solar power are today's topics on CNN 10.

CNN10 - 04/17/17  

Welcome to a special, "star wars" edition of CNN 10. You'll learn what would constitute a potential war in space and what's being done to guard against it.

CNN10 - 04/14/17  

Hear what Syria's leader says about a recent chemical attack, learn what it's like to see North Korea's leader in person, and visit the Great Barrier Reef.

CNN10 - 04/13/17  

An upcoming vote could change Turkey's government, tensions concerning North Korea doesn't worry many in Seoul, and we examine hydrogen as a fuel source.

CNN10 - 04/12/17  

American and Russian tensions over Syria, a U.S. state's plan to offer free college tuition, and the health benefits of unplugging are all featured today.

CNN10 - 04/11/17  

A U.S. aircraft carrier heads for waters near the Korean Peninsula, an asteroid heads for an Earth "fly-by," and we explore the life of a junior SCOTUS justice.

CNN10 - 04/10/17  

Parts of Africa and Europe are struck by terrorist attacks, the U.S. military targets a Syrian airbase, and a CNN Hero helps students with hearing loss.

CNN10 - 04/07/17  

We're reporting on the history and significance of the Senate's nuclear option, a sweep of severe weather across the U.S., and the use of "robirds" in airports.

CNN10 - 04/06/17  

The U.S. and Chinese leaders prepare for a meeting in Florida, a Saturn mission nears its end, and we read into the health benefits of picking up a book.

CNN10 - 04/05/17  

War, politics, science and nature are today's subjects. We're explaining an apparent chemical attack in Syria and a potential rule change in the U.S. Senate.

CNN10 - 04/04/17  

An apparent terrorist attack in Russia, the risk for pandemic disease, home buying in the U.S., and new uses for thermochromic ink are all covered this Tuesday.

CNN10 - 04/03/17  

A mudslide in Colombia, the impact of vending machines in Japan, new hope for manatees, and a firefighting mask that could save lives are all featured today.

CNN10 - 03/31/17  

Today's topics: Britain's historic exit from the EU, researchers' reconstruction of a medieval face, and the role of technology in restoring and uncovering art.

CNN10 - 03/30/17  

Featured this Thursday: U.S. troops in the Middle East, the debate over "sanctuary cities," and one engineer's quest for a concert hall with perfect sound.

CNN10 - 03/29/17  

An executive order concerning the environment, a settlement concerning a U.S. city's water crisis, and a potentially protective type of gel are featured today.

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