CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)


CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events.


CNN10 - 02/24/17  

The Trump Administration changes Obama-era guidelines concerning bathroom use in public schools, and researchers look to asteroids for resources of the future.

CNN10 - 02/23/17  

A night of riots fuels a debate in Sweden, a distant discovery has astronomers hunting for signs of life, and we delve into the risky sport of freediving.

CNN10 - 02/22/17  

Our stories this Wednesday include drones in warfare, drones in commerce, a dinosaur discovery, and a look at potential pros and cons of genetic engineering.

CNN10 - 02/21/17  

Violence in South Sudan, the proposed "two-state solution" for the Middle East, flooding in California, and a rocket launch in Florida are today's topics.

CNN10 - 02/17/17  

This Friday: The issue of immigration in the U.S., a rare look inside North Korea, and an uplifting report on a martial arts studio for special needs students.

CNN10 - 02/16/17  

Relations between the U.S. and Israel, some history about international walls, and a type of "wrestling diplomacy" in Iran are our main stories this Thursday.

CNN10 - 02/15/17  

The U.S. national security adviser resigns, we examine the relationship between North Korea and China, and we look at a new weapon in the fight against malaria.

CNN10 - 02/14/17  

Erosion near a California dam leads to mass evacuations, part of Kentucky sees a spike in heroin overdoses, and pilot whales become stranded in New Zealand.

CNN10 - 02/13/17  

A North Korean missile test, a U.S. appeals court ruling, an effort to protect great white sharks, and a program to care for tiger cubs are today's topics.

CNN10 - 02/10/17  

A major snowstorm strikes the U.S. Northeast, crowdsourcing technology helps farmers overcome challenges, and DNA evidence is used to save a dog's life.

CNN10 - 02/09/17  

South Korea prepares for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Louisiana recovers from a series of tornadoes, and we examine both sides of the debate over U.S. health law.

CNN10 - 02/08/17  

Featured today: disputed islands in the East China Sea and South China Sea, a historic vote in the U.S. Senate, and the hype of virtual reality technology.

CNN10 - 02/07/17  

Featured in today's show are legal developments concerning a U.S. immigration order, conflict in Ukraine, a possible "lost continent," and a peak in flu season.

CNN10 - 02/06/17  

Today's special edition of CNN 10 is focusing exclusively on space: The costs, the vehicles, and the effects on the human body are all part of the program.

CNN10 - 02/03/17  

A missile launch deepens tensions between Iran and the U.S., we examine earthquakes in depth, and we show you how tackle football isn't just a sport for men.

CNN10 - 02/02/17  

The U.S. Supreme Court nomination process, the tensions surrounding North Korea, and the history of Groundhog Day are three of our main stories this Thursday.

CNN10 - 02/01/17  

The close relationship between the U.S. and the U.K., the replacement of the acting U.S. attorney general, and a plan to remove "space junk" are today's topics.

CNN10 - 01/31/17  

Featured today: the significance of NATO, an attack on a Canadian mosque, relief for California's drought, and the new tech that's changing an old-school sport.

CNN10 - 01/30/17  

Today, we explore both sides of the debate over a controversial executive order concerning travel to America, and we discuss the U.S. Supreme Court.

CNN10 - 01/27/17  

One foreign leader arrives in the U.S. while another cancels his trip, one holiday triggers a massive migration, and one superlative mountain might've shrunk.

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