CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)


CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events.


CNN 10 - 01/23/17  

This Monday's special edition of CNN 10 reports on the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump and brings you an overview of related weekend events.

CNN 10 - 01/20/17  

This Inauguration Day, join CNN 10 for an in-depth look at the 35 words that officially transition a U.S. president-elect to the title of U.S. president.

CNN 10 - 01/19/17  

President Obama's last news conference as U.S. leader, the World Economic Forum, and what might've been the warmest year on record are three of today's topics.

CNN 10 - 01/18/17  

The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is suspended, U.S. troops are on the move in Eastern Europe, and we take a historic look at inaugural traditions.

CNN 10 - 01/17/17  

Today, we're featuring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the process of "pollution-proofing" a home, and the end of an era for a famous American circus.

CNN 10 - 01/13/17  

Storms ease California's drought but bring flooding, Britain approves a controversial tunnel under Stonehenge, and we look back at U.S. inauguration speeches.

CNN 10 - 01/12/17  

The U.S. makes a large military deployment to Europe, President Obama delivers his farewell address, and we show you what moving day is like at the White House.

CNN 10 - 01/11/17  

Featured this Wednesday on CNN 10: the struggles of Venezuela's economy, the effects of coral bleaching, and the rise and fall of Yahoo Internet company.

CNN TEN - 01/10/17  

Today, we explain the U.S. position on a potential North Korean threat, how the Senate confirmation process works, and where airplanes make their last landing.

CNN 10 - 01/09/17  

U.S. intelligence concerning Russia, wicked winter weather concerning the U.S., and mixed signs concerning the economy are three of today's topics on CNN 10.

CNN 10 - 01/06/17  

Today on CNN 10: air pollution in China, some forces that drive Russia's leader, vanishing bees, and the history of why a ball is dropped on New Year's Eve.

CNN 10 - 01/05/17  

Welcome to our inaugural production of CNN 10! Today, we're explaining global tensions, a type of echo chamber, and what it's like to be a freshman in Congress.

'Survivor' winner reveals tragic loss  

Newly crowned "Survivor" champion, Adam Klein, talked about losing his mother to lung cancer just hours after he returned from the competition.

CNN Student News - 12/16/16  

Our last show of 2016 details an evacuation in Aleppo, the potential threat posed by North Korea, and a recently announced hack of the Yahoo technology company.

CNN Student News - 12/15/16  

Today, we're examining the challenges faced by Turkey, the interest rate hike by the Fed, a dinosaur discovery, and new uses for motion-capture cameras.

CNN Student News - 12/14/16  

An arctic air mass spills across the U.S., President-Elect Trump names two more Cabinet nominees, and we examine the decline of giraffe and frog populations.

CNN Student News - 12/13/16  

The White House orders a review of election-related hacking, politically uncertain South Korea keeps a wary eye on the North, and we name the CNN Hero of 2016.

CNN Student News - 12/12/16  

In today's special edition of CNN Student News, we're showing you how one of the most remote places in the world became one of the hardest-hit by pollution.

CNN Student News - 12/09/16  

Today, we're covering the passing of U.S. astronaut John Glenn, the importance of the Syrian city of Aleppo, and the scientific potential for swarm technology.

CNN Student News - 12/08/16  

Today's topics include an earthquake in Indonesia, the Pacific Ring of Fire, the history of the Cold War, the Zika virus, and a unique soccer training device.

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