CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)


CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events.


CNN10 - 05/26/2017  

Today on CNN 10: a complex agreement within NATO, a prediction about the upcoming hurricane season, and a look at future possibilities when it comes to driving.

CNN10 - 05/25/2017  

A community comes together after a terrorist attack, President Trump meets with Pope Francis, and a Dutch inventor takes on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

CNN10 - 05/24/2017  

Today's special edition of CNN 10 examines the dangers of distracted driving -- and how technology could play a role as a potential solution to the problem.

CNN10 - 05/23/2017  

A deadly incident at a British arena, a breach at the "Doomsday Vault," President Trump's visit to Israel, and the history of the barcode are today's topics.

CNN10 - 05/22/2017  

Our week begins with reports on President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, the discovery of "flammable ice," the challenge of tax reform, and a CNN Hero.

CNN10 - 05/19/2017  

The plight of detainees in North Korea, the upcoming trip of the U.S. president, the success of Myron Rolle, and the "anti-drone ray gun" are featured today.

CNN10 - 05/18/17  

Explained today: a controversy concerning the U.S. president and the FBI, a look at Israeli surveillance in the Golan Heights, and warnings about caffeine.

CNN10 - 05/17/17  

A debate concerning the U.S. president, sensitive intelligence, and Russia is our first story today, and it's followed by a report on Iran's upcoming election.

CNN10 - 05/16/17  

A new Ebola outbreak, a doctor who helped fight the virus, a North Korean missile launch, and the teamwork of two CNN Heroes are our stories this Tuesday.

CNN10 - 05/15/17  

With reports on an international cyberattack, an upcoming solar eclipse, and the psychology behind smartphone addiction, today's show is all about science.

CNN10 - 05/12/17  

Today, we report on a tunnel collapse at a nuclear waste site, media perspectives from North Korea, and how tennis helped empower a Florida woman with autism.

CNN10 - 05/11/17  

U.S. leaders mull sending more troops to Afghanistan, we visit a pristine caldera in the Philippines, and we introduce "BOTUS" and our all-time pun record.

CNN10 - 05/10/17  

The head of the FBI is fired, South Korea elects a new leader, liberated civilians describe life under ISIS, and we look at how the elevator changed skylines.

CNN10 - 05/09/17  

Unrest in Venezuela, an evacuation in Germany, a secret U.S. space plane, and the role of drones in prison contraband are some of our stories this Tuesday.

CNN10 - 05/08/17  

French voters elect a new president, dozens of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are freed, U.S. malls struggle to stay open, and we report on a new CNN Hero.

CNN10 - 05/05/17  

The U.S. House passes a health care plan, the U.S. president signs a new executive order, and Britain's Prince Philip announces his retirement from public life.

CNN10 - 05/04/17  

Peace in the Middle East, debt in Puerto Rico, the history of emoji, and a Guinness World Record involving a basketball and a guitar are all featured today.

CNN10 - 05/03/17  

Today, we show you what it's like to resupply frontline troops, what's behind a controversial plan in Venezuela, and what life is like in part of North Korea.

CNN10 - 05/02/17  

International events in the Middle East and Asia, sports trivia, the production process for a famous ball, and the advent of "napercise" are all featured today.

CNN10 - 05/01/17  

A U.S. president's rally, a U.S. correspondents' dinner, and a U.S.-organized march begin this show, followed by reports on violent weather and a new CNN Hero.

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