CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)


CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-minute, commercial-free program encourages student participation and provides classes with context for understanding current events.


CNN Student News - 12/09/16  

Today, we're covering the passing of U.S. astronaut John Glenn, the importance of the Syrian city of Aleppo, and the scientific potential for swarm technology.

CNN Student News - 12/08/16  

Today's topics include an earthquake in Indonesia, the Pacific Ring of Fire, the history of the Cold War, the Zika virus, and a unique soccer training device.

CNN Student News - 12/07/16  

This December 7, we're bringing you the memories of a Pearl Harbor Attack survivor, and we're examining how bacteria could become a common source of light.

CNN Student News - 12/06/16  

Results come in from an Italian vote, we look at the complex relationship between China and Taiwan, and we explain how a dangerous type of cyberattack works.

CNN Student News - 12/05/16  

Italians vote on whether to change their Constitution, smog grounds flights and travelers in part of China, and we examine the extensive preps of pro Santas.

CNN Student News - 12/02/16  

The U.N. announces new sanctions against North Korea, Carrier announces it's keeping jobs in Indiana, and football promoters hope to score touchdowns in China.

CNN Student News - 12/01/16  

U.S. Marines take part in training exercises near Norway's border with Russia, and we look at the incoming U.S. Senate with regard to potential filibusters.

CNN Student News - 11/30/16  

A plane crash in Colombia, a look at wildfires in Tennessee, a protest over the U.S. minimum wage, and a potential space weapon are all covered today.

CNN Student News - 11/29/16  

An attack at Ohio State University, the Cabinet choices of the U.S. president-elect, and a look at how war could be waged in space are all covered this Tuesday.

CNN Student News - 11/28/16  

Reaction to the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a push to recount votes in several U.S. states, and the reinvention of the wheel are all featured today.

CNN Student News - 11/22/16  

On our last show before Thanksgiving: Tensions rise between China and Hong Kong, we examine the plight of Iraq's Christians, and the Dead Sea shrinks further.

CNN Student News - 11/21/16  

The growing problem of "fake news," the landslides occurring in New Zealand, America's newest weather satellite, and Black Friday sales are all explored today.

CNN Student News - 11/18/16  

In the U.S. Congress, some things change; some stay the same. Japan's leader meets with the U.S. president-elect, and we explain the history of NAFTA.

CNN Student News - 11/17/16  

Featured today: catastrophe in the Syrian city of Aleppo, reports on blood pressure and air quality, a call for noisier cars, and the history of the keyboard.

CNN Student News - 11/16/16  

President Obama begins his last overseas trip while in office, we take an in-depth look America's longest-ever war, and movie theaters hope 4-D fills seats.

CNN Student News - 11/15/16  

A CNN reporter in Iraq survives being trapped in a battle, a sudden currency switch causes problems in India, and the U.S. president-elect builds his team.

CNN Student News - 11/14/16  

A major earthquake strikes New Zealand, an international loan could bring some relief to Egypt's economy, and a drought fuels wildfires in Appalachia.

CNN Student News - 11/11/16  

Today's show covers a meeting between the U.S. president and the president-elect, and we pay tribute to the sacrifices of American veterans and their families.

CNN Student News - 11/10/16  

Democrats and Republicans deliver speeches calling for unity, and international leaders and markets react to the U.S. election.

CNN Student News 11/09/16  

Watch today's show for U.S. presidential election results, part of President-Elect Donald Trump's speech, and an explainer on how CNN makes projections.

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