Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance


Every episode we blast anyone who gets in our way. We bring critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes us mad. It’s skeptical, it’s political and there is no welcome mat.


Episode 322: Ishmael Brown  

Ken Ham: Christians Who Believe In Evolution Follow A ‘Pagan Religion’ & Invite God’s Judgment Pastor kills himself after mistakenly sending his nude photos intended for his mistress to church members instead Birmingham street preacher guilty of abusing woman over 'tight jeans' Ted Cruz Tries To Justify Trump Endorsement To A Furious Glenn Beck Jesse Lee Peterson: 'Any Man Who Has Anger Is A Woman' Angry black rant:

Episode 321: Modest Needs  

Jim Bakker: Supporters Of The Constitution Are Mysteriously Dying Tom DeLay And J.D. Hayworth Worry Internet Transition Will Be Used To Hack The Election Rep. Louie Gohmert: Democrats Rely On Votes Of 'Them Who Have No Regard For The Law,' 'People That Can’t Speak English' Gordon Klingenschmitt: Demonic Spirits At ABC Are 'Bringing Sodomy' Upon America   Modest Needs: Scathing Atheist:

Episode 320: What Would JT Do?  

  Catholic Church’s top exorcist passes away before ridding the world of Harry Potter. Bryan Fischer: Diversity And Multiculturalism Are God's Curse Upon America Because We Have Become Utterly Evil Jesse Lee Peterson: Intellectuals Are 'Absolute Nutcases' Robert Maginnis: Witches 'Advise The Senior Leadership Of The Country'   JT’s Bog:   Tactical advice from the Dami Lama:   Thanks to Joseph for this image.  And a big thanks to Mike for creating this amazing illustration of The Donald as a dental doll bobble head in reference to our previous episode with Chris Matheson. 

Episode 319: Vulgarity for Charity 2  

Thanks to Noah, Heath and Eli  and the Scibabe for joining us. Thanks to Chris Matheson, author of the Story of God.   Scibabe:   Edinburgh Meetup: Glasgow Meetup: Story of God on Amazon:

Episode 318: Phone a Jew  

Right-Wing Outlet: Donald Trump May Be A Messiah Bryan Fischer Says 'There's No Question' That Hillary Clinton 'Has Opened Her Life Up To Demonic Influence' God Tells Jim Bakker Not To Believe The Polls Showing Trump Losing Trump To Attend Ohio Pastors' Meeting Hosted By Tsunami-Stopping Prophet Bryan Fischer Decries Name-Calling, One Day After Calling LGBT Activists 'Bigots' And 'Haters' Joseph Farah: Hillary Clinton's Election Will Lead To God's Judgment On America

Episode 317: Vulgarity for Charity - Part 1  

Rush Limbaugh warns that federally paid 'lesbian farmers' could invade your town Dave Daubenmire: Video Of Hillary Clinton Stumbling While Ill Really Shows Her Being Arrested Vulgarity for charity: @MichaelAWoodJr

Episode 316: José Can You Sí...  

Phil Robertson Offers To Baptize Trump On TV So 'We Would Know We Have God On Our Side' Louie Gohmert: I Was Right That Hate Crimes Law Would Be 'Used Against Christians' (He Wasn't) Donald Trump Imagines An America Where Everyone Lives 'Under One God' KY Gov. Matt Bevin: Election Of Hillary Clinton May Call For Shedding Blood Of 'Tyrants' And 'Patriots' Steve Quayle: Louisiana Flooding Was The Work Of 'A Weather Weapon' Rick Joyner: 'There Is Much More Freedom Of Religion In Russia Than There Is In America' Trump: Scalia Will Be 'The Ultimate Example' Of My Supreme Court Picks

Episode 315: Faithless Feminist Karen Garst  

  A mother beat her 7-year-old son with a coat hanger and used religious freedom as an excuse David Duke: Trump Has Sent 'A Very Implicit, Almost Explicit' Message To White Nationalists

Episode 314: Opening Arguments  

Jim Bakker: People Are Trying To Kill Me For Believing The Bible Stewart Rhodes Urges 'Real Men' To 'Go Armed To Church' To Fight ISIS   Please take the survey:

Episode 313: Exposing Pseudoastronomy  

Kevin Swanson: 'It's Amazing That God Has Not Judged America' For Gay Rights & Legal Abortion Kevin Swanson Warns Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg & Mark Twain Are All Under The Control Of The Devil Jim Bakker: Atomic Strike 'Wouldn't Do Any More Damage That What Abortion Has Done' - Frank Pavone: Legal Abortion 'Like Several Atomic Bombs Have Already Gone Off On Our Own Soil' Alveda King: Hillary Clinton Wants To 'Usher In The Antichrist' Alveda King: Terrorists 'Pray' That We Have Abortions   Please take the survey:   Tickets for Lagunitas Ethical Drinking EventL   Job Description:   Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast -

Episode 312: Faith Hall of Fame  

Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Is A Devil Worshipper Who Must Be Put To Death David Barton: Christians Who Refuse To Vote For Donald Trump Will Have To Answer To God Lance Wallnau: Trump's Wall 'Isn't About Mexico,' It's About Biblical Prophecy Bill O’Reilly to Donald Trump on Chicago Cops: "You can’t beat people up!"   Tickets for Lagunitas Ethical Drinking EventL   Job Description:   Opening Arguments Podcast:

Episode 311: Rock It Awake  

Rudy Giuliani: No Terrorist Attacks Occurred During The Bush Administration Anti-Abortion Group Wants To Accost Clinton With 'Actual Unborn Children' At Campaign Events Donald Trump Floats 'Second Amendment' Remedies To Stop Hillary Clinton Donald Trump: Vote For Me To Help Me Get Into Heaven Trump: Church Attendance Will Rise When I'm President

Episode 310: Michael A. Wood Jr.  

This episode we don’t cover any stories. Instead we talk for 90 minutes about law enforcement and the second amendment with Michael A. Wood Jr. And do a David Icke segment.

Episode 309: Ark Encounter  

Glenn Beck Unloads On 'GOP, RNC Idiots' Who 'Don't Know Your Ass From Your Elbow'   Special thanks to AJ Chalom

Episode 308: Say Super PAC!  

Trump Rally Closes In Prayer Asking Him To Stand Firm Against Satan GOP Lawmaker Dick Black: Hillary Clinton's Immigration Policy Is 'Ethnic Cleansing' Former KKK Leader David Duke Is Running For Senate Because Donald Trump Is Championing His Issues Michael Savage: Hillary Clinton 'Looks Like Stalin's Housekeeper'

Episode 307: Tacit Disapproval  

GOP chair wrongly claims 'facts' show children do better with straight parents   Saudi woman ‘denied Caesarean because husband not present’   Brother of Pakistan's Qandeel Baloch: I'm 'proud' of strangling my sister   Gun-packing pastor threatens to pump anyone who threatens cops with ’20 rounds of pure brutality’ Mychal Massie: Black Lives Matter 'Worse Than The KKK'

Episode 306.5: Concealed Carry Breakfast Club  

No stories - just us talking.

Episode 306: Juggle my Poké Balls  

  We transfer link: Baker Rejects Customer’s Birthday Cake Order After Learning She’s Gay — From Her Facebook Profile Bryan Fischer: 'It's Not Okay For Christians To Have Diverse Opinions' Ray Comfort: ‘You Can’t Trust An Atheist In A Position Of Authority’ Rick Wiles: Satan Using Pokémon Go To Spawn 'Demonic Powers' And Murder Christians

Episode 305: It’s Very Regal  

  Alex Jones: George Soros Engineered Dallas Attack To Launch A Race War   GOP leaders alarmed by Trump’s ‘devastating’ fundraising start   Secular, Christian worlds collide at ark   Killer Robot Used by Dallas Police Opens Ethical Debate   The Dallas Shootings: What We Know J. Christian Adams Compares Obama Administration To Dallas Police Assailant

Episode 304: That’s a Miracle  

Michele Bachmann: Obama And Hillary Have Switched Sides And Support Islamic Terrorism David Barton: Christians Must Accept That Trump Is 'God's Guy' In This Election Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Offers Weird ‘Proof’ Of Jesus During Latest Public Freak-Out Session Five Right-Wing Predictions About Marriage Equality That Still Haven't Come True Sandy Rios: Trump Supporters Need AR-15s To Defend Themselves

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