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Color Full Lives #8: Paying It Forward  

On the final episode of our limited series, Angela Yee, Fran and Tatiana King Jones answer questions from you, the Color Full Lives listeners.

CFL 7: I Love My SELF!  

The ladies talk about self. Self esteem, self image, self confidence and self care. Representation matters – discussion about how important it is to see people that look like you in prominent roles – in the media, politics, tech, sports and everywhere else.

CFL 6: Health is Wealth  

CFL 6: Health Is Wealth! Angela, Fran and Tatiana talk health, wellness and finding the proper balance in your life. Topics discussed include: Taking your health seriously Setting boundaries Are naps good or bad? The importance of nutrition, fitness and getting enough sleep!

Color Full Lives 5: Girls Run The World  

On this episode of Color Full Lives, we talk about the ways you can see the world without killing your bank account. We discuss where we see ourselves settling down some day the best times of year to go away the importance of frequent flier miles hotels versus hostels versus timeshares versus airbnb we discuss our ideal travel companions the most romantic places to go with your boo advice for learning a new language And we talk about our travel “bucket lists”

Color Full Lives: Call to Action  

Help us help you! Call or text us and let us know what questions you have about taking your life, career or relationship to the next level. We may answer them on an upcoming episode of Color Full Lives!

Color Full Lives 4: Diversity in Tech  

We talk about how Google, Twitter and other tech giants looking to change their complexion and how they’re going about doing that. We also talk about the lack of opportunities for women of color in technology and how to invest in yourself and build the skillset to carve out your own lane and get ahead. Talking points: - Learning to code back in the Myspace days - What google is doing to aid in their hiring efforts - How Angela’s not a techie at all yet her brother’s the complete opposite - The opportunities that were available for women/women of color in tech then versus now - Can you really control what information comes up about you on Google? - Black girls code - Angela Yee, Fran and Tatiana talk about the lack of diversity in technology and the ways in which the complexion of Silicon Valley is finally beginning to change. -We also break down how you can use technology to get ahead in business and in life. - HBCUs versus PWIs - Where we went to college and why - When it is and isn't appropriate to use certain emojis - How a guidance counselor (and of course, tech) changed the course of Tatiana's life

Color Full Lives 3: #Blessed and Unbothered  

The ladies of Loud Speakers talk about dating, relationships and what they look for in a significant other. We also touch on touchy subjects like when you should ask your significant other about their credit score, dating older versus dating younger and what time is "right" to have kids. Plus, how to navigate meeting with business partners of the opposite sex, dating co-workers and which famous couples are our #RelationshipGoals. Make sure to use the hashtag #LiveColorFull to let us know what you think of the show and to answer our question of the week: would you rather date a "dad" or a "son"?

Color Full Lives #2: Essence and Empowerment  

Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club, Lip Service), Fran (HeyFranHey, The Friend Zone) and Tatiana King-Jones (Fan Bros) are back to bring you more Color Full Lives. Hear Angela and Tatiana talk all about their time down in New Orleans for Essence 2016 and the gems dropped by our special guests. Bilal talked to us all about his Prince tribute at the BET Awards and we had Tank tell us about his new artist Siya on WeTV’s Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. The ladies of Loud Speakers talk about social media do’s and don’ts like how memes are actually good for your brand and what you should and shouldn’t put online. Also, is it better to be independent or sign to a major in 2016? Angela, Fran and Tatiana break down some of the best tools for independent artists and content creators to get their work out and get paid. Fran talks about the wake-up call that made her start watching her money closer. Tatiana suggests tool to make money management easier and to organize all your expenses. Plus, we hear from the Color Full Lives listeners about their favorite parts of Essence 2016.

Color Full Lives #1: Meet the Hosts  

Join stars Angela Yee (Lip Service, The Breakfast Club), Francheska (The Friend Zone, YouTube “Hey Fran Hey”) and Tatiana King-Jones (Fan Bros) for an in depth discussion on being an African-American woman in media and the wider work force. Each week the ladies of Loud Speakers will share tips and insights on how to get the most out of life when it comes to work, friendship, health and love. #LiveColorFull Topics discussed this episode include: * Angela explains the importance of networking and internships * Angela’s trick for negotiating a better salary and how to ask for a raise, a skill many women struggle with * Fran and Tatiana talk about tips for success in the digital age * Fran’s tip to grow your team overnight without spending a dime * Plus, a story you've gotta hear about how Jay Z stressed Angela out before a big job interview. Color Full Lives is a Loud Speakers Studios production. Producer: Matt Raz Executive Producer Chris Morrow: Editor and Engineer: Dwayne Crawford

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