COME TO PAPA with Tom Papa

COME TO PAPA with Tom Papa

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I have been a comedian my entire adult life. I have a hard time taking anything really seriously. What's the point. This is it. This is our shot. There are plenty of people who are living serious lives and building stuff and catching bad guys. Thank you for doing your job. Now I will do my job of trying to make you laugh. Not a bad system.



Time to talk about Erasing Haters, Building Bread Friends and How to Write!!

#351 - Delayed In Paradise  

Time to talk about The Boring Beach, The Excitement of Iguana Island and Pruitt Trying to Kill Us All.


Time to talk about A Failed Load of Bread and Winning At Stuff.

LIVE FROM NYC 2-24-17  

Live with hilarious special guests - Judy Gold, Jon Fisch, Melissa Villasenor, Joe Derosa, Greer Barnes, Dave Juskow and Mr. Paul Morrissey.

#349 - The Winner Is...  

Time to talk about Awards, Failures and Fat Tourists.

#348 - A Slight Concussion  

Time to talk about Bad Teachers, Stupid Volleyball and Clogging the Drain.

#347 - A Visit with Joe Derosa  

A special visit from Joe Derosa.

#346 - Don't Act Like An Idiot  

Time to talk about Being Stanley Kubrick, Travelling to Monkey Island and Getting Rid of Bad People.

#345 - Live with Natasha Leggero, Todd Barry, Matt Braunger, Erin Foley & More  

A Live show with Natasha Leggero, Todd Barry, Erin Foley, Matt Besser, Matt Braunger, Cynthia Koury and Rick Crom. Enjoy

#344 - How Super Is It?  

Time to talk about Super Bowl Sized Leaders, Deaths and Toddlers.

#343 - Extra Love  

Time to talk about Training Sourdough Dogs, Leaving Native Americans Alone and Curing the Common Cold.

#342 - A Visit From Bert Kreischer  

Bert Kreischer stops by with a bag full of tricks.

#341 - Man Vs. Moth  

Time to talk about Pantry Moths, Playground Bullies and Festival Tap Dancers.


Time to talk about New Resolutions, New Dogs and New Ways To Live Shorter Lives.

Come To Papa Christmas 2016  

Merry Christmas To All - Here's a Live Show For You!


Time to help you get through the holidays.


Time to talk about Mustard on Pretzels, Me on TV and Paul on The Road.


Time to talk about Christmas Specials, The Human Mule Epix Special and the Ghost of Xmas Present.

#336 Thanksgiving Special  

Live From the Village Underground with Dave Hill, Gary Gulman, Ryan Hamilton, Rick Crom and more!


Time to talk about the ghost in my tub, what's in the stuffing and who's in 7/11.

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