COME TO PAPA with Tom Papa

COME TO PAPA with Tom Papa

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I have been a comedian my entire adult life. I have a hard time taking anything really seriously. What's the point. This is it. This is our shot. There are plenty of people who are living serious lives and building stuff and catching bad guys. Thank you for doing your job. Now I will do my job of trying to make you laugh. Not a bad system.


#376 - Tsunami Beach House  

Time to talk about Bill Martin's Urinal, Bad Nazis and Beach Blanket Bingo.

#375 Live at the Village Underground  

Live with special guests Colin Quinn, Phil Hanley, Paul Morrissey, Melissa Villasenor, Keith Robinson & Gregg Rogell.

#374 - Hot Lips and Space Poop  

Time to talk about Getting New Lips, Hanging Out on Laurel Canyon and Catching Space Poop.

#373 - Long Live The Gnome  

Time to talk about A Dog's Day, A Winner's Life and A Gnome's Ending,

#372 - New York Yogis  

Time to talk about Angry Yoga, Crazy Big Gulps and Zen Coffee.

#371 Get The Hell Off The Beach!  

Time to talk about The Jersey Shore, The Hollywood Bowl and The Land Down Under.

#370 - Live At The Village Underground  

Live from the Village Underground with Judy Gold, Dave Hill, Greg Fitzsimmons, Carmen Lynch, and more! Enjoy.

#369 The Comedy Cellar w Robert Kelly  

Time to talk about with Robert Kelly at The Comedy Cellar Before the Live Show.

#368 - Dead & Alive  

Time to talk about Dead Bands, Living Alter Egos and LA Funerals.

#367 Paul Takes Yoga  

Time to talk about Downward Facing Paul, Confused John McCain and Bellies Full of Beer.

#366 Summer Movie Spectacular  

Time to talk about A Wonderful Woman, A Traveling Band, an Evasive Beer Company.

#365 - Live Come To Papa 05 - 23 - 17  

Live in NYC with Paul Morrissey, Mark Normand, Sam Morril, Marina Franklin, Dave Juskow, Bob Dibuono and Rick Crom1

#364 - Head  Cheese  

Time to talk about Tiger in the Woods, Cheese in the Meat and Heroes In My Phone.

#363 - Get On The Bus  

Time to talk about VW Bugs, Subway Rats and Runaway Rabbits.


Time to talk about Big Fat Lies, The Big Fat Book. and Paul's Skinny Workout Mode.

#361 - Chicken Fingers  

Time to talk about Little Italy, Big Breads and Zero Golf.

Come to Papa Live at the Underground  

Live from the Village Underground! with Nick Griffin, Dave Hill, Paul Morrissey Judy Gold, Mike Vecchione, Emily Macnamara, Rick Crom & more!

#360 - The Ghost is Back!  

Time to talk about Wearing a Cone, Seeing Another Ghost and Catching a Scammer.

#359 - Too Much Free Time  

Time to talk about Artificial Intelligence, Fake Weapons and Real Flying Cars.

#358 - Big Sugar  

Time to talk about Swedish Fish, Korean Haircuts and Cleveland Live on Facebook.

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