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Comedy 365

Latest shows from award nominated podcasters Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby. "Fluent twaddle" RADIO TIMES. "Very funny" TIME OUT


Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 37]  

Fish in sandals. Plus, tea picked by virgins, hog curling, a tax on lady gardens and a squatty, potty stool. 

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 36]  

Watching a puddle. Plus, do koala bears make good drinking partners, dating Disney characters, racoons washing candyfloss and the long awaited return of banana facts. Also, Georgina turns into Miss Marple and Brian turns off several radiators.

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 35]  

Brian and Georgina gather around their Christmas tree in leafy Crouch End to record their traditional festive podcast. Featuring egg nog, Brussels sprouts, gifts, scented candles, ghostly chickens, pantomimes and a stalking Yule cat. Plus, Georgina puts an onion in her sock and Brian throws a poo log on the fire. 

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 34]  

Wombat pulled alive from dog. Plus, farting goat flavoured crisps, fondue sets, iKettles, pigs in blankets and Wrinkles the Clown. Also, Brian has a problem with his socks. 

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 33]  

How to unboil an egg. Plus, Britain's booziest duck, the mouse and the python, a painting of a kitten with a weird underbite and the sound of no nuts falling. Also, how Carpetright got it so carpet wrong.

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 32]  

An elephant on a trampoline. Plus, square babies from the 16th century, making sandwiches on the toilet, typing with your nose, 11 duvets and a 20 year old condom.   

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 31]  

Things that look like other things, cauliflowers that creak and a stowaway French mouse. Plus, Brian throws his belt out of the window and Georgina puts a brick in the sink

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 30]  

A special bumper episode to celebrate 10 years of Sowerby & Luff podcasts. Featuring flashbacks from 2005 when it all began, and a bucket load of curious clips from B&G's podcasting travels.

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 29]  

Would you have plastic surgery to look like William Shakespeare? Plus, sheep joining in with Swan Lake, mushrooms that look like little men,  mice singing Billy Joel songs, and a dog smoking a pipe. 

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 28]  

You can’t give lettuce to a duck. Plus, International Pie Day freezing your hair, when seagulls attack, a translation device for cats, and getting glassed by a basilisk on a Friday night.

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 27]  

Cats attacking bananas. Plus, photographs of people coughing, Redhead Awareness Day  and vegetables that begin with the letter D. Also, Brian wears Georgina on his head and a man in his pants jumps into the snow in Boston.

Sowerby and Luff's Big Thing [Ep 26]  

Does eating eggs make you more generous? Plus, kangaroos serving in McDonalds, a penguin with a cat on its head and the Loch Ness Monster in a soup pan.

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