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Comedy And Everything Else...

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Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano


episode #173 Tony Camin  

From The Marijuana-logues its hilarious comedian Tony Camin who cracks us up for 45minutes!  Plus phone calls from Bill Orielly!

episode #172 Fred Stoller  

Fred Stoller  is a great comedian, actor and writer. He was seen on HBO's 13thYoung Comedian Special and  wrote on "Sienfeld"  for a year and has a new book about it, "My Seinfeld Year", its actually a "Kindle SIngle", enjoy! Plus Mike MacRae treats us with phone calls from Mel Gibson and Mitt Romney!

ep.# 171  

Lizz Winstead, creator of "The Daily Show" is our guest, along with Frank Conniff & Steve Rosenfield. An Imam calls into to teach us to interperet the Koran through the prism of modern alternative comedy.

episode #170 Steve Skrovan  

Steve Skrovan, writer for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond explains how the world works!  Plus Steve tells us all about what it is like  working with Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld,  and what its like to finance and  direct  a documentary film about my favorite American Ralph Nader.  Steve is producking  a benefit stand up show for "Public Citizen" sunday april 29th with Ray Romano,  Dana Gould, Marc Maron and more.   

Episode #169 Kelly Carlin  

Kelly Carlin, yes that Carlin,  tells us everything we want to know about growing up with the funniest dad in the world , and her new show "Carlin Home Companion".  Mike MacRae does Rip Torn's Hollywood DRunk tank Oscar Edition and more!

episode #168  

Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher and the false equivalencies examined, plus BestOfTheLeft caller makes a big mistake and another False Equivalency.  with Kieth Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor

episode #167  

Hilarious comedian and star of her own Comedy Central Special, Becky Pedigo, has written a book about traveling the country and doing comedy.  Heather Peters sued Honda and WON!  The host of Drem Tweet, Jonathan Corbett sits in for the episode. 

episode #166-Sound Fixed-  Jon Dore and Abby Londer  

Dore on Dore! Jon Dore is our guest, he is a comedian, his last name is Dore, he is hilarious, but he is Canadian!   Abby Londer is organizing the first comedy festival in LA and she tells us about, plus  Jon Corbett joins us for the entire show!

episode #165  

Todd "came out" and it was a surprise, plus Jonathan Corbett the host of Dream Tweet sits in to talk about THE BACHELOR! and its the primary season, so we talk a little about the latest gaffs from Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Episode # 164  

Jonathan Corbett and Adam Spiegleman have a new hilarious game show podcast called "Dream Tweet", the "game Show to Go!" its a  15 minute game show  podcast.  Plus Jesse Ventura calls in  and we talk with Jerry Sandusky and his Lawyer!!! 

episode #163  Lee Camp  

UC Davis police get a phone call from Jimmy and it makes us yell and laugh. Comedian Lee Camp is our guest and he has lots to say. Plus Mayor Bloomberg calls in, And Rip Torn's Hollywood Drunk tank! With Mike Macrae

episode #162 CHristian Finnegan & Rip Torn's "Hollywood Drunk Tank!"  

Christian Finnegan has been seen on VH1'a Best Week Ever, his own Comedy Central Special, The Chapelle Show, and a regular guest on Countdown w/ Kieth Olberman plus lots lots more. We also have a phone call from Herman Cain,  and Rip Torn's "Hollywood Drunk Tank!"

episode #161 Allan Havey  

Allan Havey  has had a career most comedians dream of, a regular perfomer  on David Letterman along with  two HBO specials and his own show on Comedy Central for three years.  He has done lots more and has lots of great stories and advice for young comedians and anyone intersted in getting the most out of life.

episode #160 Ted Alexandro, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Gilmartin  

Ted ALexandro, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Gilmartin have all been to the Occupy Wall Street protests and they report what they have seen. Plus Lots of hilarious phone calls from Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick PErry & Bill Oreilley

Episode #159 Ian Bagg with Ed Salazar  

Iann Bagg stars in his own Hour Special on Showtime, originally from the tipy top of Canada, now big time comedian in Los Angeles. Ed Salazar sits in for a great conversation about Comedy and Occupy Wall Street and what it means

Episode 158 hosts of "My picker is Broken" Todd Sawyer and Pamela Georgette  

The hosts of "My Pcker is Broken"  Comedian Todd Sawyer and therapist Pamela Georegette talk about sex and stuff and sex. Rick Perry & Gov. Chirs Christie call in . With  Mike MacRae

Episode #157 Bill Burr, Eddie Pepitone, David Feldman Matt Mira  

9-11 coverage made us sick, we take a critical look at the lack of proper reflection, and what you didn't hear in the main stream media about the real consequences of 9-11. With Bill Burr, Eddie Pepitone, David Feldman, Matt Mira

Episode #156 Henry Phillips and Mike MaCrae  

Henry Philips, star of "Punching the Clown" wows us with his hilarious songs and Mike MaCrae sits in and cracks us up with his impression of Gov. Chris Christie.

Comedy & Everything Else Ep #155  

Bill Burr tells us whats wrong with everything on this special "Best Of" episode. Enjoy your summer!

ep. #154  

Rory scoval stops by to talk about his unique and hilarious recent appearence on the Conan O'Brien show. WIth Rory Scoval and Paul Morrisey

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