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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini


Comic Con Kung Fu Bonus Ep  

Graham and Chris talk to Ric Meyers and Neil T. Weakley about what new action nd martial art films are coming out. Ric has been inspired by WellGo USA regarding the future of martial art and Kung Fu films. 

Ep 378 - War For The Planet Of The Apes - Jason Love  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, CARS 3, THE BIG SICK, A WRINKLE IN TIME, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON*  Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Jason Love into ATC bunker. Jason and Graham both liked War for Planet of The Apes. Chris was not as excited as his kids about Cars 3. Jason had a good time watching The Big Sick. Wrinkle in Time trailer looks good. While Birth Of The Dragon could be too much hollywoodery. An episode from the sands of time. 

Spoiler Ep 59 - Spiderman: Homecoming - Jud Meyers & Scott Tipton  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guests from Blastoff Comics, Scott Tipton and Jud Meyers. They talk about the history of Spider-Man comic books and how it related to the new film. Three of them liked it more than one. Listen and find out. 

Ep 377 - Spiderman: Homecoming - Ben Acker & Ben Blacker  

*FILMS DUSCUSSED: SPIDER-MAN, GEOSTORM, DAVE MADE A MAZE, FATE OF THE FURIOUS* Chris and Graham welcome back Ben Acker and Ben Blacker to talk films! The two Ben's discuss putting Thrilling Adventure Hour on hiatus and writing comics. Everyone liked the new Spider-Man film. A debate on whether Geostorm will be fun bad or just bad. This episode is like asking the Hulk to not punch you in the face for $50. 

Spoiler Ep 58 - Baby Driver  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham, Chris and Aaron talk about what they liked and didn't like for Baby Driver.

Spoiler Ep 57 - War Machine - Jimmy Dore  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome comedian and political commentator, Jimmy Dore. They didn't agree about everything in War Machine, but all said it was a good topic for Netflix to put out. Good film and episode to learn more about why we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan 16 years later. 

Ep 376 - Transformers: The Last Knight - David F. Sandberg  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: TRANSFORMERS, ROUGH NIGHT, THE BAD BATCH, PATERSON, BEATRIZ AT DINNER, BATTLE OF THE SEXES, ANNABELLE: CREATION* Graham and Chris welcome the director of Lights Out and Annabelle, David F. Sandberg, into the ATC studio. Chris expectations of Transformers were very low and still not met. Graham is glad woman can now make lame comedies like men have. David liked the visuals of The Bad Batch. Chris was happy with the simplicity of Paterson. Graham still isn't sure about Beatriz at Dinner. David talks about the making of Annabelle. This  episode is like a Battle of The Sexes for films! 

Ep 375 - The Hero - Nikki Glaser  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE HERO, TICKLED, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, SNATCHED, FLATLINERS, GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Nikki Glaser, into the ATC magic castle. Graham felt a little let down by The Hero. Nikki was captivated by the doc Tickled. Chris found Justice League Dark to be uneven. Nikki had some great insight about a rough cut of Snatched. Flatliner's trailer looks silly. Goodbye Christopher Robin trailer is hard to figure out. DVDs are Transforming you to see The Big Sick in theaters. An episode that even a cranky Batman will enjoy. 

Spoiler Ep 56 - The Mummy  

*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris, Graham and Aaron talk about why The Mummy is a horrible mistake from start to finish.

Ep 374 - The Mummy - Mick Garris  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE MUMMY, IT COMES AT NIGHT, BLACK PANTHER, CARS 3* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and filmmaker, Mick Garris. Mick talks about the two Mummy projects that he was involved in that never got made. Chris and Graham both hated Mummy and are excited to tell you about it. Mick wants people to know about the indie horror film, It Comes At Night. Everyone is excited by the Black Panther teaser. Decent DVDs and in theaters! This ep will make Bette Davis scream like a Mexican horse! 

Spoiler Ep 55 - Wonder Woman  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome back Kimberly Browning to discuss why they all loved Wonder Woman! 

Ep 373 - Wonder Woman - Laura Swisher  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: WONDER WOMAN, MINDHORN, AMERICAN MADE, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Laura Swisher. Everyone liked Wonder Woman and glad it was made. Chris was disappointed with Midhorn. Laura will see American Made rather than the bad accent train murder film. Everyone is kinda curious about Mummy Impossible and for cocaine season to start. This episode will not let you tell it what to do! 

Ep 372 - Pirates Of The Caribbean - Erik Griffin  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, KING ARTHUR, WAR MACHINE, CHRISTINE (2016), MERRY KISSMAS, EMOJI MOVIE* Graham and Chris welcome back Erik Griffin. Erik talks about his new gig on Showtime, I'm Dying Up Here. Chris was disappointed with Pirates. Erik had low expectations with King Arthur which made it ok. Chris found War Machine uneven. Graham liked some things about Christine but it was too slow until he got lost in nextflix Christmas movies. Emoji is another kid film that will do well. Ok DVDs and then will DC finally get it right with Wonder Woman?? An episode for the ages. 

Ep 371 - Alien: Covenant - Amy Miller  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ALIEN: COVENANT, SNATCHED, MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMURAI, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST ASSHOLES, THE GLASS CASTLE* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Amy Miller into ATC HQ. Graham and Chris split on Alien. Amy thinks Snatched is a fine film with wine. Graham nerded out on the Mifune doc. Transformers trailer is longer than the film. Glass Castle is an odd choice. Several good films out on DVD and a horrible weekend for new films. This is the best episode for an off brand Megan Fox. 

Ep 370 - King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword - Steve Gillespie  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: KING ARTHUR, SLEIGHT, THE RED TURTLE, CHASING THE LOTUS, WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, WONDER WOMAN* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Steve Gillespie into the ATC dungeon. Steve talks about his new stand-up comedy album, Alive on State Street and how King Arthur left him bored. Graham found Sleight to be Dope light. Chris liked the animated poetry of The Red Turtle. Surfing doc, Chasing The Lotus, is great for surfers like Graham but maybe not everyone else. New Planet Of The Apes trailer looks good while everyone is not sure about Wonder Woman. Will Alien be any good or does Wimpy Kid stay in an attic and watch his family. This ep is the final chapter!

Spoiler Ep 54 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2  - Jackie Kashian  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM, INCLUDING ENDING, WILL BE DISCUSSED* Resident Marvel expert, Jackie Kashian, joins Graham and Chris to discuss why Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is so great! 

Ep 369 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - David Huntsberger  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, RUBY RIDGE, THE DARK TOWER, BLADE RUNNER 2049* David Huntsberger is back to talk about his new(ish) podcast and comedy album! Graham and Chris both really liked Guardians 2. David wants people to see Nocturnal Animals. Graham found a good PBS doc about Ruby Ridge. Dark Tower trailer left all three wondering if the film will be any good. Blade Runner 2049 full trailer raised many questions. This ep will make you want to ride a horse with a show saddle! 

Ep 368 - The Circle - Steve Byrne  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE CIRCLE, BOSS BABY, SANDY WEXLER, 47 METERS DOWN, ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Steve Byrne into ATC Studios! Graham was not a fan of The Circle. Steve and his kid loved Boss Baby. Chris needed 3 days to watch Sandy Wexler. 47 Meters down is either a great wink at shark terror films or a disaster. Once Upon A Time In Venice might be suffering from bad trailer disease. Some good films out on DVD if you missed them. Even Chuck is going to see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 this weekend! This episode is really America's Julia Roberts. 

Ep 367 - The Promise - Faith Choyce  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: FREE FIRE, THE PROMISE, THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER, THE SEVEN FIVE, DRONE, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Faith Choyce into the ATC studios. Faith talks about why Free Fire was better than she expected. Chris liked first time director Oz Perkins film, The Blackcoat's Daughter. Graham talks about the politics surrounding The Promise and why it should be seen. If you like corrupt cop docs like Graham then you will like The Seven Five. Drone trailer gives away too much. New Kingsman film might be better than first. Dancing and fighting are in new DVDs while a Latin Circle enters the theater.

Ep 366 - The Fate Of The Furious - Troy Conrad  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, COLOSSAL, POWER RANGERS, STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI, DETROIT, THE FOUNDER, PUNCHING HENRY* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Troy Conrad into ATC studios. Troy talks about his unique show, Set List. Graham and Chris loved the dumb fun of Fast 8. Chris finally saw Power Rangers and found it to be all over the place. Troy didn't like Colossal until the end. Everyone is pumped for some Last Jedi. Detroit appears to be another solid film from Kathryn Bigelow. Punching Henry rounds out a good DVD list which makes the awful new releases not sting so much. This episode will have you realize that it's all about family...14 times. 

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