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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini


Ep 348 - Moana - Cecily Knobler  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOANA, ALLIED, SILENCE, THE MUMMY, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2* Frist time guest Cecily Knobler joins the lads in the CFN t-shirt cabana. Chris and Cecily liked Moana. Graham and Cecily both found Allied to be a C+ at best.  Silence and The Mummy look like ridiculous nonsense while GOTG 2 is going to be awesome! Only one logical DVD choice this week and three solid films in theaters! This episode is the Fastest and Mummiest of all shows!

Spoiler Ep 50 - Doctor Strange  

*SPOILER ALTER! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Jackie Kashian brings her extensive knowledge of all things Marvel to talk about Doctor Strange. 

Ep 347 - Fantastic Beasts - Chris and Graham  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, FANTASTIC BEASTS, BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, GHOST IN THE SHELL* Chris and Graham are locked alone in the nerd garage to talk films. Graham liked Arrival even with Chris pointing out some accent issues. Chris was glad Fantastic Beasts was made and fits into the Harry Potter world. Graham was 100% disappointed in Billy Lynn. It's a really slow week for new trailers, DVDs and in theaters. This ep is a perfect holiday compliment to your meal.

Ep 346 - Wrestling Films - Colt Cabana  

*THEMED EPISODE! WRESTLING FILMS AND PRO WRESTLERS WHO WERE IN FILMS* First time guest and pro wrestler, Colt Cabana talks about being a comedy pro wrestler and some of his favorite films. Chris shares his childhood love of pro wrestling and all three talk about their favorite wrestling films and more! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ep 345 - Arrival - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, TROLLS, MIDDLE SCHOOL, NAPA FILM FEST MOIVES: STICKY NOTES, SWIM TEAM, LITTLE BOXES, GOOD BUSINESS* Chris and Graham welcome back Stefanie Wilder-Taylor to talk movies and the election. Chris was let down by Arrival. Stefanie and her kids were surprised by how much they liked Trolls and Middle School. Graham saw some great films at Napa Valley Film Fest last week. Sticky Notes, Little Boxes, Swim Team and Good Business are all films to look out for. 

Ep 344 - Doctor Strange - Kevin Pollak  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: DOCTOR STRANGE, 13TH, THE LATE BLOOMER, RADIOACTIVE VETERAN* Kevin Pollak is back to talk movies with the gents. Chris and Graham both liked Doctor Strange while Kevin gives his comic film rant. Graham was moved by the prison doc 13th. Kevin talks about the film he directed, The Late Bloomer. A nice list of trailers to discuss, which is good since DVDs are lame. Good Veterans Day movie and book along with two good films coming out in theaters. Let's hope this episode isn't rigged! 

Ep 343 - The Accountant - Cathy Ladman  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHIN GODZILLA, IN THE VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, THE ACCOUNTANT, SWISS ARMY MAN* Chris and Graham welcome long time comic friend and first time guest, Cathy Ladman. Cathy talks about being on a new Showtime series called, "I'm dying up here." Chris was let down by Shin Godzilla. Cathy and Chris split on The Accountant. Graham enjoyed the bizarre nature of Swiss Army Man. Cathy expected a little more than In The Valley Of Violence delivered. Some Ok DVD choices and then a Strange Doctor comes to a cinema near you! An episode that is like getting a Romanian Salt Mine for Christmas. 

Ep 342 - Live from LA Podfest - Will Wheaton & Cecil Baldwin  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: BOO: A MADEA HALLOWEEN, ROUGE ONE, PASSENGERS, JACK REACHER, COLLATERAL BEAUTY, KIDNAP* Live from 2016 LA Podcast Festival. First time guests Wil Wheaton and Cecil Baldwin talk about a wide range of films coming out in the fall/winter. Welcome to the next generation of CFN live shows!

Ep 341 - Gril On The Train - Denise Gossett  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: GIRL ON THE TRAIN, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, BATMAN BAD BLOOD, JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2* Chris and Graham welcome Denise Gossett for her first full episode in the gargoyle garage. Graham was disappointed in Girl On The Train. Chris found Hunt for The Wilderpeople to be uniquely interesting. Animated Batman was a let down for Chris. Denise talks about the 16 years that she has been producing Shriekfest and how indie horror films are evolving with better scripts and the use of technology. A good selection of  DVDs and theatrical premiers this week. This ep will wake the dead!

Ep 340 - Magnificent 7 - Karen Rontowski  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MAGNIFICENT 7, MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN, JACKIE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Karen Rontowski, into the t-shirt/box fort. Chris and Graham split on Magnificent 7. Chris found Miss Peregrine's to be better than the book. Karen talks about being a ghost hunter and what are the best and worst paranormal films. Then Karen does a Tarot card reading for CFN. Will they ever make it out of the garage? Listen and find out! 

Ep 339 - Magnificent 7 - Steele Saunders  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MAGNIFICENT 7, KICKBOXER VENGEANCE, STAR TREK III, FOR THE LOVE OF SPOK, THE PREQUELS STRIKES BACK* Chris and Graham welcome back Steele Saunders into the t-shirt labyrinth. All three talk about some of their favorite moments from 2016 LA Podfest. Chris set a low bar for Kickboxer: Vengeance and it still wasn't met. Steele had fun watching Magnificent 7. Graham watched Spok doc and ST3 to have a full Star Trek week. Steele suggests the Prequel doc to help see the other side of the Star Wars Prequels. Not great DVDs or in theaters so just buy the LA Podfest live stream. 

Ep 338 - Snowden - Stephen Sajdak  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: SNOWDEN, CARTEL LAND, BLAIR WITCH, MISS SLOANE, FIFTY SHADES DARKER* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Stephen Sajdak. Stephen talks about his We Hate Movies podcast and The Anaconda museum. Graham liked Snowden even with #JGL doing a weird voice. Stephen and Chris were really disappointed with Blair Witch. Cartel Land gave Graham some sobering information as a good doc can. Miss Sloane looks good and why in sweet Christmas is there a Fifty Shades sequel?  This ep tastes better than a freshly baked Romanian Molly!

Ep 337 - Sully - Chris Gore  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: SULLY, FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK, STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, SKIPTRACE* Chris and Graham welcome back Chris Gore in the the weight bench hut. Graham and Gore really liked Sully and Clint Eastwood. Mancini found For The Love Of Spock to be a nice doc about Leonard Nimoy. Graham saw Wrath of Khan on the big screen and it started a big discussion about why the JJ Abrams Star Treks fall short. Mancini was dumbfounded by Skiptrace. Some good trailers and DVD's then cover up your webcam's cause Snowden comes to town! An episode that is best served cold!

Spoiler Ep 49 - Morgan  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris go to the movies with fan and Kickstarter backer Pam Myers. Pam wanted to pick a bad film because they are better to make fun of.  She was correct!

Ep 336 Morgan-Cash Levy  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MORGAN, CARLOS, HELL OR HIGH WATER, MASCOTS, MAX STEEL* Chris and Graham welcome back Cash Levy into the CFN HQ. Cash talks about doing his podcast with TJ Miller, Cashing In With TJ Miller, at LA Podfest. Graham and Chris had fun watching a move as bad as Morgan. Graham liked Carlos but found it a little long. Mascots and Max Steel don't look great and neither do some new DVDs. Sully lands (get it?) in theaters and more! This episode will make you want to sneak into the Super Bowl.

Ep 335 Bad Moms - Shawn Marek  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE SEA OF TREES, BAD MOMS, HANDS OF STONE, THE HOLLARS, KILLING JOKE* Chris and Graham welcome back former CFN intern Shawn Marek. Chris found The Sea Of Trees to be ok until the dumb ending. Graham had some laugh out loud moments during Bad Moms. Shawn found The Hollars to be adequate. Graham was pleasantly surprised by Hands of Stone. One silly horror film trailer then Shawn talks about the LA Podfest preview night at the Hollywood Improv September 22 and more! This ep will make you walk the desert without shoes looking for comic books. 

Ep 334 - Kubo and the Two Strings - Julia Prescott  

*MOVIES DISCUSSED: WAR DOGS, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, SAUSAGE PARTY, ARRIVAL, BAD SANTA 2* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Julia Prescott.  Julia talks about her Everything's Coming Up Podcast, about the Simpsons and being in LA Podfest. Julia then talks about the by-the-numbers disappointment of War Dogs. Graham and Chris really liked Kubo which reminded Julia that she didn't like Sausage Party. Everyone is excited about the Arrival trailer and more! If family members are trying to take your eyes, then this ep might help.

Ep 333 - Pete's Dragon - Samuel Prime  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: PETE'S DRAGON, HELL OR HIGH WATER, THE SHALLOWS, CAFE SOCIETY, NERVE, ROGUE ONE, DUNKIRK* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Samuel Prime into the nerd garage. Samuel talks about doing film restoration and the detective work involved. Chris found Pete's Dragon to be a by-the-numbers kids film. Graham liked Hell or High Water. Samuel thought The Shallows was good summer fun. Cafe Society was just ok for Chris. Samuel enjoyed Nerve even with a weird audience demographic when he saw it. Two really good trailers came out with Rogue One and Dunkirk, which is good since new DVDs are useless. Bizarre lineup getting released in theaters this week. This episode is like playing a video game while being chased by a shark.

Ep 332 - Suicide Squad - Jackie Kashian  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: JASON BOURNE, SUICIDE SQUAD, GHOSTBUSTERS, THE GREAT WALL, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY* Chris and Graham are lucky Jackie Kashian lives close! Graham found Jason Bourne to be a serviceable food movie. Chris thought Suicide  Squad was a mess and Jackie brought some DC comics that would make a better movie. Graham found Ghostbusters to be funny and didn't understand why people got mad. Bad DVDs and many options to see rather than Suicide Squad. This ep is Lord of The Bourne!

Spoiler Ep 48 - Star Trek Beyond  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham discuss why they liked Beyond as an action film but not as a Star Trek film. Enjoy.

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