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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini


Ep 357 - I Am Not Your Negro - Laura House  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: FIFTY SHADES DARKER, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, GHOST IN THE SHELL, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES* Laura House is back talking about her new meditation podcast. Chris did not like Fifty Shades but Laura knew he wouldn't because it was not for him. Graham thinks I Am Not Your Negro is a great doc that America doesn't want to see. Ghost in the Shell keeps getting worse. Laura wants to see Javier Bardem as an ugly pirate. DVDs for every movie need and more movies to avoid while you are getting caught up on oscar films. You will need a spanking after listening to this ep. 

Ep 356 - Hell or High Water - Nate Gowtham  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: HELL OR HIGH WATER, LIFE ANIMATED, BATMAN RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS, MISS SHARON JONES, LOGAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and documentarian Nate Gowtham. They talk about meeting at the Napa Valley Film Fest and how every party had wine. Chris finally saw Hell or High Water and loved it. Nate enjoyed Life Animated. Chris liked new Batman animated film but his kids did not. Graham wants everyone to know about Miss Sharon Jones. Nate talks about his doc, Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life. Three doc filmmakers talking about the process and some of the oscar nominations in the doc category. Logan and GOTG trailer look great! A couple of interesting DVDs and weirdness in theaters. This ep will make you want to start a solo career. 

Spoiler Ep 52 - 13th  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest John Opdycke. John is president of Open Primaries and talks about how 13th shows what needs to be fixed in American politics. This film and episode are very informative and helpful to understand the history of Americas problems and how to fix them. 

Ep 355 - Resident Evil - Bert Kreischer  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: RESIDENT EVIL, REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM, HIDDEN FIGURES, LADY IN THE WATER, CATFIGHT, WILSON* It's another first time guest! Bert Kreischer joins Chris and Graham in the nerd cave. Bert talks about why podcasts are so great. Chris had fun at Resident Evil until he heard about the accidents. Graham enjoyed and was informed by Noam Chomsky's Requiem For The American Dream. Chris had good things to say about Hidden Figures. Bert comes out of the M. Night closet and talks about Lady In The Water. Catfight is the best trailer out right now! Some good DVDs and new releases. This ep will make you cry on a plane!

Ep 354 - Lion - Mary Lynn Rajskub  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: TRESSPASS AGAINST US, JACKIE, THE FOUNDER, LION, LOGAN, POWER RANGERS* Chris and Graham welcome back Mary Lynn Rajskub into Nerd central. She talks about not playing Zoe in the new 24. Chris didn't like Trespass, Mary Lynn liked Natalie Portman in Jackie but the rest fell flat. Graham and Chris split on The Founder. Graham explains how good Lion is. Oscar nominations came out. Logan trailer looks good and Power Rangers is cat nip for boys. Weird DVD assortment and don't see A Dog's Purpose. This ep will make you want to live like a British Hillbilly. 

Ep 353 - Hidden Figures - Matt Fulchiron  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOONLIGHT, SILENCE, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, PATRIOTS DAY, HIDDEN FIGURES, CHIPS, I AM MICHEAL* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Matt Fulchiron into the box cave. Matt talks about The Full Charge Podcast and seeing two movies in a day. Chris liked Moonlight but had some questions. Graham and Matt were a little split on Silence. Matt got what he expected for Patriots Day. Graham got his space nerd fix in Hidden Figures. A lot of dudes being dudes in the new trailers. Go to the movies this week so you can eat fries on a motorcycle with multiple personalities as a modern woman. ONLY ONE DVD FOR YOU TO BUY THIS WEEK...EAR BUDS! 

Ep 352 - Fences - Annabelle DiSisto  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, I'M NOT YOUR GURU, FENCES, RESIDENT EVIL* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Annabelle DiSisto into the nerd HQ. They talk about the Golden Globes and Annabelle having to pay money to work at a Hooters. Chris liked Captain Fantastic. Graham and Annabelle tell Chris about Casey Affleck's horrible behavior after he says he liked Manchester by The Sea. Annabelle was inspired by the Tony Robbins doc. Graham thought Fences had great performances. Everyone is happy that Resident Evil is still going. Real tough DVD choices and fake beards and haircuts in theaters. This ep will make you want to teach finance classes in a theater! 

Ep 351 - Passengers & Year End Thank You  

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Chris and Graham talk about why Passengers failed. Then they do their year end thank you to everyone in CFN land that helps make it all happen. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING EVERYTHING WE DO! 

Spoiler Ep 51 - Rogue One  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF MOVIE WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Mike Schmidt joins Chris and Graham in the nerd garage to discuss Rogue One and why all three loved it.

Spoiler Ep 52 - Passengers  

*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome fan and kickstarter backer Joe Hummel to discuss Passengers. Listen and learn why you should save your money. 

Ep 350 - Rogue One - Samm Levine  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ROGUE ONE, COLLATERAL BEAUTY, LA LA LAND, DUNKIRK, BLADE RUNNER 2049* Graham and Chris welcome back Samm Levine into the CFN Santa workshop. Samm and Graham bury some hatchets. Chris and Graham liked Rogue One. Samm and Graham had to do a mini spoiler about how bad Collateral Beauty was. Chris had fun at LA LA Land. Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049 trailers look great! Samm tells a Inglorious story. Ok DVDs and a bunch of business in theaters. This ep will make you want to sit on the aisles so you don't see the answers. 

Ep 349 - LA LA Land - Chip Chinery  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, LA LA LAND, TE FOUNDER, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING, FAST AND FURIOUS 8, WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and money expert, Chip Chinery. Chris found Office Christmas Party to be a by the numbers comedy that was not great. Chip and Graham liked the throw back nature of LA LA Land. Chip's enjoyment of biopics made The Founder a good watch. Three trailers that make next summer look fun and more! I think some kind of spaceship film is coming out this weekend but not sure...

Ep 348 - Moana - Cecily Knobler  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOANA, ALLIED, SILENCE, THE MUMMY, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2* Frist time guest Cecily Knobler joins the lads in the CFN t-shirt cabana. Chris and Cecily liked Moana. Graham and Cecily both found Allied to be a C+ at best.  Silence and The Mummy look like ridiculous nonsense while GOTG 2 is going to be awesome! Only one logical DVD choice this week and three solid films in theaters! This episode is the Fastest and Mummiest of all shows!

Spoiler Ep 50 - Doctor Strange  

*SPOILER ALTER! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Jackie Kashian brings her extensive knowledge of all things Marvel to talk about Doctor Strange. 

Ep 347 - Fantastic Beasts - Chris and Graham  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, FANTASTIC BEASTS, BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, GHOST IN THE SHELL* Chris and Graham are locked alone in the nerd garage to talk films. Graham liked Arrival even with Chris pointing out some accent issues. Chris was glad Fantastic Beasts was made and fits into the Harry Potter world. Graham was 100% disappointed in Billy Lynn. It's a really slow week for new trailers, DVDs and in theaters. This ep is a perfect holiday compliment to your meal.

Ep 346 - Wrestling Films - Colt Cabana  

*THEMED EPISODE! WRESTLING FILMS AND PRO WRESTLERS WHO WERE IN FILMS* First time guest and pro wrestler, Colt Cabana talks about being a comedy pro wrestler and some of his favorite films. Chris shares his childhood love of pro wrestling and all three talk about their favorite wrestling films and more! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ep 345 - Arrival - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, TROLLS, MIDDLE SCHOOL, NAPA FILM FEST MOIVES: STICKY NOTES, SWIM TEAM, LITTLE BOXES, GOOD BUSINESS* Chris and Graham welcome back Stefanie Wilder-Taylor to talk movies and the election. Chris was let down by Arrival. Stefanie and her kids were surprised by how much they liked Trolls and Middle School. Graham saw some great films at Napa Valley Film Fest last week. Sticky Notes, Little Boxes, Swim Team and Good Business are all films to look out for. 

Ep 344 - Doctor Strange - Kevin Pollak  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: DOCTOR STRANGE, 13TH, THE LATE BLOOMER, RADIOACTIVE VETERAN* Kevin Pollak is back to talk movies with the gents. Chris and Graham both liked Doctor Strange while Kevin gives his comic film rant. Graham was moved by the prison doc 13th. Kevin talks about the film he directed, The Late Bloomer. A nice list of trailers to discuss, which is good since DVDs are lame. Good Veterans Day movie and book along with two good films coming out in theaters. Let's hope this episode isn't rigged! 

Ep 343 - The Accountant - Cathy Ladman  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHIN GODZILLA, IN THE VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, THE ACCOUNTANT, SWISS ARMY MAN* Chris and Graham welcome long time comic friend and first time guest, Cathy Ladman. Cathy talks about being on a new Showtime series called, "I'm dying up here." Chris was let down by Shin Godzilla. Cathy and Chris split on The Accountant. Graham enjoyed the bizarre nature of Swiss Army Man. Cathy expected a little more than In The Valley Of Violence delivered. Some Ok DVD choices and then a Strange Doctor comes to a cinema near you! An episode that is like getting a Romanian Salt Mine for Christmas. 

Ep 342 - Live from LA Podfest - Will Wheaton & Cecil Baldwin  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: BOO: A MADEA HALLOWEEN, ROUGE ONE, PASSENGERS, JACK REACHER, COLLATERAL BEAUTY, KIDNAP* Live from 2016 LA Podcast Festival. First time guests Wil Wheaton and Cecil Baldwin talk about a wide range of films coming out in the fall/winter. Welcome to the next generation of CFN live shows!

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