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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy. Comedians including Mark Thomas and Tom Wrigglesworth alongside classic shows such as Just A Minute and Ed Reardon.


Just A Minute  

Just A Minute is 50 years old this year! Nicholas Parsons has been hosting since day one, and kicks off the first episode of the new series with a cracking line-up: Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth, Andy Hamilton and Sue Perkins. Hayley Sterling blows the whistle and it was produced by Victoria Lloyd. Just A Minute is a BBC Studios production.

Funny from the Fringe  

A bonus edition of the Comedy of the Week podcast presented by Phil Ellis from the Edinburgh Fringe. Phil presides masterfully over an interview with previous Edinburgh Best Newcomers Jayde Adams and Phil Wang, we get a top tip from Will Seaward, and Cariad Lloyd and Ian Smith play the very first game of the very successful game Chain of Fools.

Kieran Hodgson's Earworms - Wagner  

Critically-acclaimed comedian Kieran Hodgson is joined by Harry Enfield and Colin Hoult, in the first of a new series of comedy intros to the great composers. Can self-described 'music educator and inspiration' Ralph Lewis, the man behind 'Mozart's Mowing Masterclass' and 'How Clean is your Strauss', persuade self-confessed 'enemy of culture' Paul, that Wagner's worth a listen, and not just music for Nazis? Written and starring Kieran Hodgson With Colin Hoult and Harry Enfield Producer: Sam Ward A BBC Studios Production.

Chain Reaction: Adam Buxton talks to Reece Shearsmith  

Chain Reaction is Radio 4's long running hostless chat show where last week's interviewee becomes this week's interviewer. In the first episode of the series comedian, actor, technophile and one half of 'Adam and Joe', Adam Buxton talks to the co-creator and star of The League of Gentlemen, Psychoville and Inside No. 9, Reece Shearsmith. Producer ... Charlie Perkins.

Daphne Sounds Expensive plus interview  

Daphne (aka. Jason, Phil and George) chat to Cariad Lloyd about their failed music careers, Mr Blobby and their favourite American sitcom character. After Phil blows a fortune on a spanking new time machine, the Daphne boys must use it to embark on a treacherous adventure in a desperate attempt to recoup their losses. Join critically-acclaimed sketch trio, Daphne, as they pull out all the stops in a dazzling array of peculiar characters, whacky scenarios, dodgy remarks, curious observations, minor altercations and major peacemaking - served on a bed of catchy little numbers with a live nine-piece band. Written by and starring: Jason Forbes, Phil Wang & George Fouracres with Lewis Mcleod, Elizabeth Tan and Sir Willard White Original music composed by Jeff Carpenter Orchestrator: Simon Nathan The live band were the London Musical Theatre Orchestra: Musical Director - Freddie Tapner Violin - Debs White Cello - Nick Squires Trumpet - Michael Maddocks Trombone - Elliot Pooley Tenor Sax - Joe Atkin Reeves Drum Kit - Ben Hartley Percussion - Ben Burton Piano - Jon Ranger Bass - Jack Cherry The Production Coordinator was Hayley Sterling It was produced by Matt Stronge and was a BBC Studios production.

The Pin plus interview  

Comedy double act The Pin chat to Cariad Lloyd about how to pitch bad ideas, being put together X-Factor style and weird dogs. "The most exciting new comedy duo working today" - David Walliams Their hugely successful second series won critical acclaim and a slew of awards. Now double-act The Pin are back with more of their trademark offbeat nonsense. In this episode, in a desperate bid not to be cut, Alex and Ben are determined to prove they can be educational... "One of the smartest, punchiest new comedy duos to have appeared in a while...had me laughing out loud on my own in an empty room" The Guardian "Exquisitely silly and very funny...makes you feel as though you might be hearing the next Mitchell and Webb" The Times "Genuine moments of hilarity and a real breath of comedic fresh air" RadioTimes Written and performed by Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen. Featuring Steve Brody and Jo Enright. Produced by Sam Bryant. A BBC Studios Production.

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (Series 67, Ep 1)  

The 67th series of Radio 4's multi award-winning 'antidote to panel games' promises yet more quality, desk-based entertainment for all the family. The series starts its run at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford where regulars Barry Cryer and Tim Brooke-Taylor are joined on the panel Andy Hamilton and Jo Brand, with Jack Dee as the programme's reluctant chairman. Regular listeners will know to expect inspired nonsense, pointless revelry and Colin Sell at the piano. Producer - Jon Naismith. It is a BBC Studios production.

It's a Fair Cop (Series 3, Ep 1)  

Serving police officer and stand-up comic Alfie Moore returns with a new series of this hugely popular series in which he asks his audience what decisions they'd have made in a real life case that he has dealt with. After swearing in his audience as police officers for one day only, he takes them through one case as it unfolded and asks them what they'd have done in his shoes. Along the way he spills the beans on what it's really like to be one of Britain's finest, tells us some great anecdotes about law breakers and makers that he's come across and gets his studio audience to divulge secrets about their own, sometimes less than strictly law-abiding lives. In this first episode, Barry the Burglar, what seems like an open and shut case of breaking, entering and stealing becomes something else entirely. Presenter Alfie Moore. Script Editor Will Ing Producer Alison Vernon-Smith A BBC Studios Production.

Austentatious plus interview  

Alongside the show, Cariad Lloyd chats to fellow Austentatious cast members Charlotte Gittins and Rachel Parris about their love for Jane Austen, improvisation and bonnet research nights. The world premiere of an incredible lost Jane Austen novel, full of wit, flirtation and dastardly behaviour - and cooked up completely on the spot by the UK's finest improv troupe. All the cast know is that they will perform a story in the style of Jane Austen, based on a title suggested by the studio audience. Be prepared for anything from Strictly Come Darcy to Mansfield Shark. Austentatious are Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Graham Dickson, Charlotte Gittins, Cariad Lloyd, Joseph Morpurgo, Andrew Hunter Murray, Rachel Parris and Daniel Nils Roberts, with violin by Oliver Izod. Produced by Jon Harvey A Hat Trick production for BBC Radio 4.

The Damien Slash Mixtape plus interview  

This week, alongside his show, Cariad Lloyd chats to Damien Slash about his route to the recording studio. Multi-character YouTube star Damien Slash makes the move from online to Radio 4, in this new fast-paced, one-man sketch comedy show. From the surreal to the satirical, from the zeitgeist to the absurd, Damien serves up a range of high octane characters, all from his own voice. Adverts, actors, hipsters, trolls - no aspect of modern life is left un-skewered. Written by and starring Damien Slash (aka Daniel Barker). Additional material by Robin Morgan. Produced by Sam Bryant. A BBC Studios production.

Alex Edelman's Peer Group plus interview  

Alongside his stand-up, Cariad Lloyd speaks to Alex Edelman about the highs and lows of being a Millennial. The so-called Millennial generation - those born between 1982 and 1994 - has been much maligned in the press for being lazy, entitled, vain, venal, self-involved, easily offended little emperors. But Alex Edelman thinks these criticisms are baseless. So in "Alex Edelman'S Peer Group" he seeks to redress the balance. In this episode he discusses Millennials' attitude to work and institutions. Written and presented by Alex Edelman Producer: Sam Michell A BBC Studios Production.

Small Scenes (Series 3, Episode 1)  

Award-winning sketch series starring Daniel Rigby, Mike Wozniak, Cariad Lloyd, Henry Paker and Jessica Ransom. Featuring more overblown, melodramatic scenes from modern life, such as a woman who uncovers the conspiracy behind cryptic crosswords, a saxophonist who is tortured by his inability to play the solo from Baker Street and what happens if you buy Chris de Burgh's old house. Written by Benjamin Partridge, Henry Paker and Mike Wozniak, with additional material from the cast. Produced by Simon Mayhew-Archer.

John Cleese Presents, Series 1 Episode 3  

In today's show, John has booked the wonderful Eddie Izzard as a guest. Well, he hopes he has. It would be terrible if Eddie were stuck on a train. Starring John Cleese, Harriet Carmichael and Eddie Izzard, and written by John Cleese and James Peak. The extracts used in this programme are taken from John's audiobook of his autobiography So Anyway. Producers: James Peak and Andre Jacquemin A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Just A Minute  

Just A Minute is 50 years old this year! Nicholas Parsons has been hosting since day one, and kicks off the first episode of the new series with a cracking line-up: Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence, Graham Norton and Stephen Fry. The panel have to talk on a given subject for sixty seconds without repetition, hesitation or deviation. Graham tells us how he lets off steam, Paul informs us about Charles Darwin, Josie tells us what she thinks of low hanging fruit, and Stephen gets stuck into selfie sticks. Hayley Sterling blows the whistle and it was produced by Matt Stronge. Just A Minute is a BBC Studios production.

Cracking Up (Series 1, Ep 1) plus Beef and Dairy Network interview  

In a Comedy of the Week podcast first, Cariad Lloyd chats to Beef and Dairy Network's Benjamin Partridge about his surreal bovine-themed comedy. But first, Cariad introduces this week's comedy pick... Cracking Up (Series 1, Episode 1: Let's Talk About Sex) Psychotherapist Spencer finds an uncomfortable conversation with daughter Tilly leads him to an inappropriate outburst outside the school gates. Meanwhile, ex-wife Tina is struggling to get teenager Dylan out of the door in the absence of his lucky pants. Spencer has an awkward moment with a man on a tube train and decides to make himself feel better by taking Tilly (and bagfuls of his clothes) to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there's a misunderstanding with the owner that results in Spencer shouting a lot about cancer and smashing a door down - but Police eventually let him off with a caution. Tina's boyfriend Owen's motorbike has been vandalised with a magic marker and Tilly's curious as to why Spencer's hands have got ink all over them. A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

Rum Bunch (Series 1, Ep 1)  

Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc and Dave Mounfield have been invited by the Mayor of seaside town World's End on Sea to perform a hair raising tribute to Houdini. Justin has invited the "nicest woman in showbiz", Rebecca Front, to join them. Little does he know of the history between Mel and Rebecca, dating back to an appearance they both made on Celebrity Supermarket Sweep. It turns out that Justin also doesn't know much about Houdini - believing him to be an Italian woman. Luckily Dave, fearing the show may be a disaster causing him to miss out on the free lighter promised by the Mayor, is on hand to rewrite the play. Mel persuades Rebecca to perform a radio first, a recreation of one of Houdini's most daring stunts. But will the truth of what really happened on Supermarket Sweep ever be revealed? Will the show restore the fortunes of the once fashionable seaside town? Will Dave get his free lighter? The Rum Bunch is Justin Edwards (The Consultants, The Odd Half Hour, Newsjack, Sorry I've Got No Head, The Thick of It), Mel Giedroyc (Mel and Sue, Bake Off, Let It Shine) and Dave Mounfield (Count Arthur Strong, This Is Jinsy). The house band is Jason Hazeley and David Reed - The Penny Dreadfuls. Produced by Jim North A Top Dog production for BBC Radio 4.

Rob Newman's Neuropolis (Series 1, Ep 1)  

One of Britain's finest comedians, Rob Newman, is our guide on a unique audio odyssey of the brain, taking in everything from love and guilt to robot co-workers and the unlikely importance of prehistoric trousers. It's a witty, fact-packed series mixing stand-up and sketches, challenging notions of neuroscience with a new theory that's equal parts enlightening and hilarious. Rob offers an alternative to some of the more bizarre claims in modern popular science, as well as rejigging theories of our brains in light of what we know about nature, artificial intelligence and Belinda Carlisle. Created by the award-winning team behind Robert Newman's Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution. Written by and starring Rob Newman Co-starring Claire Price and Richard McCabe Producer: Jon Harvey Executive Producer: Richard Wilson A Hat Trick production for BBC Radio 4.

Kevin Eldon Will See You Now (Series 3, Ep 1)  

Comedy's best kept secret ingredient returns with another series of his own sketch show. In this episode, more thrilling adventures of Commander Topper Hargreaves and his faithful dog Duke, a sneak preview of a new opera with extra wine gums, and of course some vitreous castanets. Kevin Eldon is a comedy phenomenon. He's been in virtually every major comedy show in the last fifteen years, but not content with working with the likes of Chris Morris, Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, Stewart Lee, Julia Davis and Graham Linehan, he's also created his own comedy series for BBC Radio 4. After all the waiting - Kevin Eldon Will See You Now. Also starring Amelia Bullmore (I'm Alan Partridge, Scott & Bailey), Julia Davis (Nighty Night), Paul Putner (Little Britain), Justin Edwards (The Thick Of It), David Reed (The Penny Dreadfuls) and Rosie Cavaliero (Alan Partridge, Harry and Paul). Written by Kevin Eldon with additional material by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris (A Touch Of Cloth and, yes, those modern Ladybird books) Original music by Martin Bird Produced and directed by David Tyler A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4.

17th April 17: The Missing Hancocks (Series 3, Ep 5)  

The Missing Hancocks recreates those episodes of the classic Radio Show Hancock's Half Hour that have been wiped or lost from the archive. Not heard since then, this is a real piece of comedy history. The first modern sitcom, Hancock's Half Hour made stars of Tony Hancock, Sid James and Kenneth Williams and launched Ray Galton and Alan Simpson on one of the most successful comedy-writing partnerships in history. But 20 episodes of the show are missing from the BBC archives. Now, after two highly successful series, another five of those episodes have been lovingly re-recorded in front of a live audience at the BBC Radio Theatre. Tonight's episode: The Three Sons. This modern morality tale tells the story of old Ebidiah Hancock and his three sons, all of whom are played by Hancock Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, and with the classic score newly recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra, the show stars Andy Secombe, Kevin Eldon, Simon Greenall, Robin Sebastian and Susy Kane. The Three Sons was first broadcast on the 21st June, 1955. Produced by Neil Pearson & Paul Sheehan. Written by Ray Galton & Simpson Kevin McNally - Tony Hancock Andy Secombe – Harry Secombe Kevin Eldon - Bill Kerr Simon Greenall - Sid James Robin Sebastian - Kenneth Williams Susy Kane - Andree Melly Music recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Levon Parikian. A BBC Studios Production

10th April 17: A Normal Life & Tom Parry's Fancy Dressed Life (Ep 1)  

A Normal Life Part two in an occasional series in which Henry Normal uses poetry, storytelling and comedy to explore life’s big questions. Last year Henry brought us his acclaimed show - ‘A Normal Family’, which centred around his son, Johnny, who was diagnosed with "mildly severe” autism. In this profound, funny and moving show, Henry explored what this meant for his family. This time Henry brings us his new show, ‘A Normal Life’. Drawing on his experiences bringing up a child with autism, Henry investigates where edges are, and how we are connected. As well as his trademark humour, the show tackles the subjects of life, death, loneliness, loss, human frailty and other classic conversation stoppers. Henry Normal is a multi-award winning writer, producer and poet. Co-writer of award winning TV programmes such as The Royle Family, The Mrs Merton Show, Coogan’s Run and Paul Calf, and producer of, amongst many others, Oscar-Nominated Philomena, Gavin and Stacey and Alan Partridge. He has published several volumes of poetry, including The Dream Ticket, Nude Modelling for the Afterlife and Staring Directly at the Eclipse. His last Radio 4 series was 1997's Encyclopaedia Poetica. Written and performed by - Henry Normal Producer - Carl Cooper Production Coordinator - Steve Lanham This is a BBC Studios Production Tom Parry's Fancy Dressed Life Episode 1: Rules. Tom needs to lay down the law and explain his four golden rules of Fancy Dress. Listen carefully, fancy dress might seem like a bit of fun to you but for Tom it's something altogether more serious. But still fun. For this week's costume party, Tom is off to help warm the house of his friends Marko and Rosie. Tom wants to make sure that he has the best costume and looks good in front of Jill, a girl he's recently been "chirpsing", but Tom's cousin and fancy dress nemesis Gagsy is on hand to make sure that things don't run smoothly. Tom Parry is an award winning comedian, writer and actor whose credits include Miranda, Phone Shop and Drunk History among many others. As a stand up, he most recently gained critical acclaim and an Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nomination for his debut hour ‘Yellow T-Shirt’. For more than a decade he has been part of the multi-award winning sketch team Pappy's. Together they have performed 6 sell out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, completed 4 national tours, gigged all over the world, and created, written and starred in the sitcom ‘Badults’ for BBC3. Cast: Tom Parry, Ben Clarke, Celeste Dring, Gareth Pierce Producer: Richard Morris A BBC Studios Production

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