Cookies: A Basketball Podcast

Cookies: A Basketball Podcast


COOKIES, a new podcast on VICE Sports, covers basketball and the culture surrounding it. Tune in for discussions that range from breaking news to advanced statistical analysis to the celebration of Anthony Mason's haircuts. Hosted by Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli, COOKIES will feature guests from the worlds of sports, music, art, film, and comedy.


Jayson Williams Talks Basketball, Booze, and Bullets: COOKIES 029  

​Jayson Williams, former NBA All-Star with the New Jersey Nets, joins COOKIES with hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli. Topics include Manute Bol's manhood, the culture of 90s basketball, Williams' time in prison, and the continuing ramifications of a fatal shooting in 2002. ​

Which Cleveland Cavalier Celebrated the Hardest? (Besides J.R. Smith): COOKIES 028 with Nick Catchdubs and Andrew Kuo  

Nick Catchdubs of Fool's Gold Records and artist Andrew Kuo join COOKIES to discuss the Finals' incredible Game 7, the celebrations of J.R. Smith, the most colorful names in the NBA draft, and the benefits of the Dat Piff app.

Making 'OJ: Made in America': Behind the Scenes with Director Ezra Edelman on COOKIES 027  

​Ezra Edelman, director of ESPN's OJ: Made in America, joins COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss the making of his acclaimed new documentary, the NBA Finals, Allen Iverson, and Big East rivalries.​

Mike D of the Beastie Boys Recruits Kevin Durant to the Knicks on COOKIES 026  

Mike D of the Beastie Boys joins COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss the NBA Finals, the threat of the Zika virus on Olympic athletes, and making a mixtape with Kevin Durant if he joins the New York Knicks as a free agent.

Can the Cavs Actually Beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals?: COOKIES 025  

Hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli discuss the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, plus the Oklahoma City Thunder's monumental collapse, new hacking rules, and trade rumors involving the Philadelphia 76ers' Nerlens Noel.

Are the Warriors Really Doomed? COOKIES 024 with Ari Marcopoulos and Prince SAMO  

​Photographer Ari Marcopoulos and musician Prince SAMO, of World's Fair, join hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss the desperate Golden State Warriors, the brutality of Tyson Chandler hand-checks, and the boneheaded shooting at Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert.

Are LeBron and the Cavs Really This Good?: COOKIES 023 with Tim Hoey and Moses Archuleta  

​Tim Hoey (Cut Copy) and Moses Archuleta (Deerhunter) join COOKIES to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers' historic dominance in the Eastern Conference Finals, Kobe Studios, Dwight Howard's media barrage, and which NBA players could succeed at cricket. 

How We Learned to Like Kevin Love: COOKIES 022 with Comedian Dan Soder  

Comedian Dan Soder (Billions, Comedy Central's Not Special) joins COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss Steph Curry's triumphant return, sympathy for Kevin Love, the comedy pickup ball circuit, and impressions of Nick Nolte in Blue Chips.

The Knicks and Lakers Coaching Rumor Mills: COOKIES 021 with John Barrett and Andrew Kuo  

​John Barrett, of the band Bass Drum of Death, and artist Andrew Kuo join COOKIES to discuss devastating playoff injuries, coaching rumors in New York and Los Angeles, and playing against Monta Ellis in high school.​

Harriet Tubman $20s and the Most Fashionable NBA Players: COOKIES 020 with Blu Jemz and Judnikki  

Musician Blu Jemz and writer/producer Judnikki join COOKIES to talk about the disappointing first round of the playoffs, Harriet Tubman on the $20, the most fashionable NBA players, and the New York Knicks' glory days.

The NBA Peaked This Week, On to the Playoffs: COOKIES 019 with Real Estate's Jackson Pollis and Corban Goble  

Jackson Pollis, of the band Real Estate, and journalist Corban Goble join COOKIES to discuss Kobe's bizarre and fulfilling finale, the omnipresent Crying Jordan Face, the end of Process-Trusting in Philly, and NBA playoff predictions.

Shaq, Allen Iverson, and Basketball Legacies: COOKIES 018 with Eric Elms and Felipe Delerme  

Artist Eric Elms and Felipe Delerme, of Kinfolk, join COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli. Topics include new Hall of Fame class with Shaq, Allen Iverson, Yao Ming, and Sheryl Swoopes; Golden State versus Scottie Pippen; end of year awards; and the week's sordid social media action.

Send the Bulls to the Slaughterhouse: COOKIES 017 with Cut Copy's Tim Hoey  

Tim Hoey from Cut Copy joins COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to talk about the betrayal of Swaggy P, the questionable Australian pride of Ben Simmons, Western Conference playoff hopefuls, and the price of J.R. Smith-supplied asphyxiation.

Remembering Phife Dawg. COOKIES 16 with Moses Archuleta and Jesse Miller-Gordon.  

Moses Archuleta of Deerhunter and Jesse Miller-Gordon of Sick Feeling join hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli on COOKIES. Topics of discussion include Phife Dawg, LeBron's social media strategy, the intersection of basketball and pro wrestling, and stories about David Letterman.

Are There Enough Villains in the NBA? COOKIES 015 with Jesse Cohen  

Jesse Cohen of the band Tanlines joins hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss the NBA's lack of true villains, the darkness of being a converted Brooklyn Nets fan, and the impact of infamous party cities on road teams.

Can the Knicks Be Fixed? COOKIES 014 with ​Alex Frankel and Andrew Kuo  

​Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost and artist Andrew Kuo join host Ben Detrick on the latest edition of COOKIES. Topics of the day include a cornucopia of Knicks rumors, the shifting nature of the traditional center, and spiteful old timers and the mythology of hand-checking​.

Pioneering Rap Radio and Streetball: COOKIES 013 with Bobbito Garcia  

Bobbito Garcia, the filmmaker and DJ, joins COOKIES hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli to discuss his hip-hop documentary Stretch & Bobbito and New York playground basketball. Other topics include Steph Curry's supernatural play, the Cavs' struggles, and the Academy Awards.

How Lakers Fans Are Ruining LA's Comedy Scene: COOKIES 12 with Ari Shaffir  

​On the latest episode of Cookies, hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli are joined by comedian Ari Shaffir, of Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening. Discussions include playing basketball with a yarmulke, how frontrunning Lakers fans ruin comedy in Los Angeles, Kurt Rambis's X-rated Twitter profile, and the NBA's fringe playoff contenders. ​

Balling with Durant, Rapping with Nas: COOKIES 011 with Dave East  

On this week's COOKIES, hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli are joined by Harlem rapper Dave East of Mass Appeal Records. Their discussion covers the NBA All-Star festivities, Dave's own renowned basketball ability, whether rappers or athletes get superior groupies, and Kevin Durant's beat-making.

Good Riddance to Derek Fisher: COOKIES 010 with Your Old Droog  

On this episode of COOKIES, hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli are joined by Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog. Topics of conversation include the firing of Knicks coach Derek Fisher, struggling teams in Sacramento and Chicago, the beautiful weirdness of ballers from Coney Island, and the arcane hoops references in Droog's record Basketball & Seinfeld.

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