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Spotlight On Embro: Travel Like A Pro with the Walk Pro  

Join Jessica Rickards for an exciting Spotlight with Ronit Williams, Head of Global Sales and Marketing for Embro, makers of the Walk Pro, WalkX, and the Keller Sight. Ronit explains how this company is developing products for a variety of abilities, from vision impairment to hearing and speech disabilities. A more in-depth discussion is explored […]

CBT Live! Partying it up with the Braille Sense Polaris  

In this interview, Rachel Feinberg speaks with Dave Wilkinson from HIMS about the brand-new BrailleSensePolaris. this product was just launched, and Dave takes us through some of the spectacular features this Braille and Android tablet has to offer. However, he throws in a bonus at the end and shows us some of his own hidden […]

VIP: Getting Back to Work  

This week Joel is joined by Leo and Nelson to discuss the latest happenings in Accessible Tech. The Cool Blind Tech team has some great fun discussing the news and how to keep cool in this summer heat. Make sure to download this latest episode or press play to listen along! Support Actiview! Discussed in […]

Artificial Intelligence and Text Recognition unite in Microsoft’s latest iPhone App, for free  

Not a month has gone by since We posted an article on Narrator including AI-driven image tags and Microsoft is back at it yet again, though with an older project which finally has made public fruition. Introduced at Build 2016, this project had a goal of bringing powerful image recognition technology which could be used […]

Cool Picks: July 12, 2017  

In this weeks Cool Picks, James, Jessica, and Nelson bring us some of the top technology from the AT world. Cool Picks Alexa Dungeon Adventure Skill Jessica goes old-school gaming with the latest tech. Listen as she demos a Dungeon and Dragons style game on an Amazon Echo device. MXL 770 Condenser Microphone As a […]

Spotlight ON Right-Hear: Indoor Navigation Made Accessible One Spot At a Time  

Join Jessica Rickards for an exclusive spotlight interview with Idan Meir, co-founder and CEO of Right-Hear, an Israel-based company focused on providing an auditory indoor navigation solution to the blind and visually impaired. Right-Hear is a free iOS app and is also available free on the Google Play Store. Users are able to obtain information […]

CBT Live! Giving People Information with Innovative Products That Change Lives Every Day  

Rachel chats with Dan Gardner, CEO of ViewPlus Technologies. For the past 18 years ViewPlus have been giving people access to information through innovative products that change lives every day. Innovations such as color and black ink with Braille, talking tactile graphics, fully accessible math, powerful graphics editing and translation software have provided access to […]

CBT Live! Megastore for the Blind and Low Vision  

Rachel talks with Cody Mitchell, from Irie-AT. Irie-AT could possibly be the Amazon for the blind and low-vision with a long list of products such as: Braille and Tactile Graphics Magnifiers and Readers Computer Access Daily Living Aids Video Magnifiers Index Braille embossers Braille Embossers Braille Notetakers SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader Tactile Graphics Document […]

CBT Live! Talking Between the Sheets with Distinctive Beddings  

Rachel is live at ACB 17 interviewing Ruby Russell and Louie Scheel, co-founders of Distinctive Beddings. Listen in as they give us advice on what to do in the bed. Get intimate with Distinctive Beddings on FaceBook here.

VIP: Drawing the Short Straw  

In this informative VIP, James, Jessica, and Nelson bring us some of the top stories from the CBT website. They also give us their Cool Picks for the week, and answer some fan feedback. Top Stories Portable Speaker is the First Speaker That Turns Your iPhone Into a Conference System Rayz Rally is a pocket-sized […]

Unboxing and Setting up the Aira Glasses for the Visually Impaired  

In this episode, James Oates takes us through an unboxing of the Aira glasses. He describes everything that come with the glasses. He also shows us how to set them up and make a call using the Aira app on an iPhone.

Cool Picks: July 5,2017  

Join the CBT Team as they explore this week’s latest Cool Picks. Cool Picks Actiview App Dolphin EasyReader for iOS Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Spotlight On Computers for the Blind: Nobody Should Go Without Access To Technology  

Join Jessica Rickards for an exclusive spotlight with David Jeppson, executive director of Computers for the blind, a Texas-based organization providing computers to blind and visually impaired individuals across the United States regardless of circumstance. computers for the blind accepts refurbished windows computers and is run by volunteers. This organization is open to volunteer opportunities […]

VIP: Let’s Go To the Movies!  

Join Jessica, Tomi, and Rachel for another exciting VIP as they explore this week’s latest in technology. This week, it’s all about movies, and the devices you watch them on. Check out these exciting stories. Show highlights Amazon announces half-price Prime memberships for families in the U.S. Receiving assistance and announces the availability of Audio […]

Cool Picks: June 28, 2017  

Join CBT this week as they talk about their favourite Cool Picks. Cool Picks As Joel is the audio master on the CBT team, his pick of choice is the app he uses to do all his audio magic. Reaper Since Jessica is the traveling ninja, she wants to tell us all about this new […]

Accessibility Settings in iOS 11 Beta  

In this podcast, James Oates takes a look at the new accessibility settings in iOS 11 Beta. Join us as he uncovers some exciting new features for VoiceOver and braille users.

Spotlight with Stephen Ewell: Executive Director of the CTA Foundation  

In this Spotlight Interview, James Oates sits down with Stephen Ewell, the executive director of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation. The CTA Foundation, a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, was launched in 2012 with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. The […]

Now Available In Narrator! AI-tagged Image Descriptions  

If there was a word which is to define the era that dominates this early 21st century, it no doubt would be the cloud. Everything has moved to incorporating some cloud-based feature or another. Whilst screen reading has done OCR and other image recognition prior, this too was relegated to locally performed magic, rather than […]

Introduction to TwBlue  

There are many twitter clients that are available for Windows, but very few are designed to work with screen readers. In this podcast, Leonid demonstrates the interface, as well as several useful features on TwBlue, a free, open source twitter client. Let us know what you think in the comments!

VIP: Let Me See You Work It!  

This week, the team is quite active! Join Joel, Jessica, and Rachel, as they discuss topics from a 9-month National Fitness Challenge, to the Ecobee4 Thermostat, to the Amazon Echo stepping into the communication market. A 9-Month Fitness Challenge? Students from the Georgia Blind Sports Association along with the United Association of Blind Athletes and […]

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