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At Cornerstone Chapel, it is our desire that you see the love of Jesus Christ reflected through the systematic, verse by verse teaching of the Bible and through heart-felt, contemporary worship lifted up to God.


Satan & Suffering  

Suffering is a real part of life. Many people will experience trials and difficulties to one degree or another in the course of a lifetime. What role, if any, does Satan play in our suffering? Pastor Gary answers that in today's introduction to the book of Job and the overarching question of "Why do people suffer?"

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of 1 Corinthians 1.

Election Day Sermon  

In keeping with the example of American pastors for the first few hundred years of our country's history, Pastor Gary delivers an "Election Day Sermon". How should Christians be involved in the political process, especially in view of the current climate with questionable candidates? Pastor Gary offers some options and responsibilities for us to consider as citizens of this great land and as ambassadors for Christ.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 15-16.

The End Times  

In the closing chapters of the book that bears his name, Daniel receives a final vision from the Lord. It concerns End Times events. An angel is sent to explain the vision that Daniel has seen, and in the course of the explanation we find references to the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Rapture, and the Judgment of the World. But the most hopeful verse in the midst of the gloomy end of the Age is in Daniel 12:1 - "everyone whose name is found written in the book-will be delivered." Find out in today's study about End Times events and how to be sure that your name is written in God's Book of Life!

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 14.

What Hinders Prayer?  

Have you ever prayed and felt like your prayers were bouncing off the ceiling? Or have you ever wondered why you don't seem to get answers to prayer? The Bible tells us that there are several things that can hinder our prayers. One of those things is found in Daniel 10 when Daniel had been faithfully praying for something for 21 days before he got an answer. In today's study, Pastor Gary starts with Daniel 10 and shares 7 things that the Bible teaches can hinder our prayers.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 13.

The 1st & 2nd Coming Of Jesus  

When Daniel gets a visit from the angel Gabriel, he receives instruction about the coming of the Anointed One--Jesus--500 years before Jesus was born. Unfortunately, the Jewish people "did not recognize the time of God's coming to them" (Luke 19:44) despite the fact that Daniel had prophesied the coming of Christ to the very day! The Bible says that Jesus is coming again. Let us be ready for His 2nd Coming and recognize the "signs of the times." In today's study, Pastor Gary shares 3 important points about how to discern the season of Christ's second coming.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 12:3-21.

The Rise And Fall Of The Antichrist  

The last half of the book of Daniel (Ch.7-12) is a prophetic journal of visions and dreams that Daniel receives from God concerning the End Times. Specifically, in chapters 7-8 we are introduced to a charismatic, political leader who will emerge to rule the world, known elsewhere in the Bible as "the Antichrist." His leadership will come from a 10-Nation Confederation which will yield power to the Antichrist as a world dictator. At first he will be a man of "peace" and even help the Jews to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem with a 7-year peace agreement. But half-way into that peace agreement, the Antichrist will reveal himself for who he truly is-a man empowered by Satan who will oppose God and everyone associated with him. In fact, whoever does not worship the Antichrist will be killed. Join us for today's Bible Study as Pastor Gary shares about the future Mission, Motive, and Misfortune of the Antichrist.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of 2 Chronicles 20.

Making Wise Decisions  

Too often we make decisions that reflect our human nature instead of our faith. Looking into Genesis, we see the value of prayer and counsel when making decisions and the consequences and regret when we don't.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 11:25-12:2.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 11:1-27.

Little Weaknesses Make Great Things Fall  

In Daniel 5, the Babylonian Empire and the great city of Babylon fall in a single night to the Persians. How did a city with walls 300 feet high, and 87 feet thick, and with a wet moat around it so easily and quickly fall to the Persians without a battle? The answer to that question is an important reminder of how vulnerable we are as well! Nothing and no one is invincible and the sooner we learn our dependence on the Lord for our strength, the better we will stand.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 9:16-10:21.

Midweek Service  

An in depth study of Romans 8:28-9:16.

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