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At Cornerstone Chapel, it is our desire that you see the love of Jesus Christ reflected through the systematic, verse by verse teaching of the Bible and through heart-felt, contemporary worship lifted up to God.


The Goodness & Love Of God  

A big objection to Christianity that some people have concerns the goodness and love of God. Their skepticism is posed in a question like this--"How could a good and loving God allow such heartache and suffering in the world?" And yet, the psalmist tells us in Psalm 107 that "the Lord is good; his love endures forever." How do we reconcile those things? Join Pastor Gary in today's study on the "Goodness and Love of God."

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 11:16-13:14.

God's Faithfulness, Our Forgetfulness  

All of us can be forgetful at times. But the most serious type of forgetfulness is when we forget God—how good He is and how mighty are His deeds. Israel was guilty of this in Psalm 106. They became discontent, dissatisfied, and disobedient toward God, which are all forms of forgetfulness. Still, God was merciful, loving, and compassionate toward them. He continued to pursue them, love them, care for them, and forgive them. We need this reminder in our own lives for the times that we, like the Israelites, will fail God. Join Pastor Gary for today’s study in Psalm 106.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 10:7-11:15.

A Blameless Life  

In Psalm 101 David expresses his desire to lead a blameless life before God. But who can really lead a blameless life since none of us is perfect? The Hebrew word can be translated as "sincere, complete, whole, with integrity." So even though we have faults, we too can lead a blameless life before God as long as we are intentional about living a sincere, whole-hearted life of integrity before God. Noah had his faults; so did Abraham. But both these men we called "blameless" in Scripture. Join Pastor Gary for today's study on "A Blameless Life".

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 8:16-10:5.

Word Problems  

Is it possible that a communication problem is just an indicator of a heart problem? In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul urges Christians to remember the example of Jesus and communicate with others in mind.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of Matthew 14:22-41.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 7-9.

Angels On Assignment  

In Psalm 91 we read about how God dispatches angels on our behalf - to protect us and guard us from harm. Much has been written and discussed about angels over the centuries. People have a fascination with them. We have even named cakes and baseball teams after them! But exactly who are angels? What are their duties? They are mentioned more than 300 times in the Bible and they present sometimes as warriors and sometimes as ordinary people. Join Pastor Gary for today's study entitled, "Angels on Assignment."

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 6.

Journey Through The Valley  

Life is a journey. It will have its share of joys and sorrows along the way until we all stand one day before God in heaven. In the meantime, Psalm 84 teaches us some life lessons on how to handle the dark valleys we will sometimes pass through along this journey of life. The psalmist points out three different principles, which if practiced, will bring blessing from God. The word "blessed" is from a Hebrew word that means, "O how happy!" God will turn our valleys into places where we experience His happiness if we would worship Him, lean on Him, and trust Him. Join Pastor Gary in today's study as he takes us through Psalm 84.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 5:1-21.

When Life Is Good, Don't Forget God  

A crisis usually drives us to God; trouble in our lives tends to move us toward Him. But what about when life is good? What happens when things are going well? The natural tendency is to forget God when life is good. In fact, the good life is a threat to a godly life. But it doesn't have to be that way. We can learn to enjoy the goodness and blessings of God and still live a godly life. Learn from the mistakes of the Israelites in today's study from Psalm 78.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 3.

When Life Seems Unfair  

Have you ever felt that life seemed unfair? Or that bad things happen to good people? Or that followers of the Lord don't seem to have it any better in life than those who don't? If you've ever wondered such things, you are not alone. A man in the Bible by the name of Asaph—an accomplished musician and priest in the Temple of God—thought such things. And we have a psalm that reveals his innermost struggles about how he wrestled with the justice of God and the apparent unfairness of life. But a pivotal event happens in his life to help him reconcile these things and the lessons he learns are shared for us in Psalm 73. Join us as Pastor Gary takes us through this encouraging chapter.

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:17.

The Resurrection Of Jesus – Historical, Powerful, & Personal  

According to a recent survey, while 67% of Americans identify Easter as a "religious holiday", only 42% of Americans identify it with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Less than half of all Americans understand the true meaning of Easter. In today's teaching, Pastor Gary shares how the resurrection of Jesus is historical, powerful, and personal. Join us for today's service as we join with millions of others around the world to celebrate a 2,000-year old story that has eternal significance!

Midweek Service  

An in-depth study of Exodus 12.

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